that box quite heavy, be careful not to hit the feet.”

浙江体彩61   Shen Yu put away the box, suddenly remembered a few days ago after drinking Shen Xiao said those remarks, so they ventured to ask Uncle Li, “my brother said I was in high school, he had time to drink, put my feet injured, and this is something I can not quite remember how?”
  Uncle Li frowning thought, said: “What times?I did not impressed.”
  Shen Yu stare, shot after a clean hands, quickly said: “I would not say he said at the time, was later found you, you gave me to the hospital.”
  Uncle Li confused, said: “What with what, I do not remember how it happened, he was drunk, illusions, right??”
  Shen Yu face while plainer, also followed a heart sank.
  That night, Xiao Shen was not drunk, he himself admitted in.
  So he was talking about those remarks, deliberately edited out, as to why he made out the case, she should want广州桑拿 to cheat it.
  At that time he said, she is skeptical, but he later moved out of Uncle Li, she believed, would follow in his words, may never expected him those remarks, in fact, it is a trap!
  Shen Xiao is not already discovered what??But if what really found it a few days later, the two still sweet as usual, his attitude towards her, it did not change, which is why??Could it be in anything, she carefully observed it??
  Shen Yu really can not think down.
  If let him know that he wore the original owners of the skin, Pianchipianhe even, finally feeling cheated!He would not angrily, she will lock up some beaten?
  How should we do now that she?Shen Xiao directly to the showdown, or pretend to know nothing?
  Uncle Li remained until finish dinner to go back, but failed to meet Shen Xiao, thought he was there to socialize tonight.
 北京夜生活 Shen Yu few days has been to Shen Xiao and other doors, but before each door and so on, the mood is carries a hint of sweetHoney and expectations, both men busy day, at night it a little alone time, regardless of do something, as long as tired together, you will feel happy

on thing very cunning, so hand goods such leaves home ladies of all ages.

  People in the world live longer, and are rolling across a lonely splendor was, it will become smart and indifferent.Others called sub shop “Ye family jewelry shop”, he gladly accepted, anyway, he is relying on leaves home for dinner.
  He also has a more proud of things, that is to persuade his wife leaves home each year a large high pressure sum annual fee here, can not lose.
  Have the money, leaves home to see up and down like jewelry, took direct billing, ladies would be happy to facilitate, are so over so man深圳桑拿网y years, five young master leaves home could not know the rules.
  This time he paid an additional maximum of one silver dollar face value, so this little girl ran all the way to send.
  What does this?His line of thinking businessman effortlessly think much deliberation are circling, will eventually fall back into the eyes of the Soviet Union pour white face.
  Just pick a good pour Su bracelet, thin fingers bit counter.Young old man looked down and was surprised.
  Ya small eyes really poison, pick this, just this group is one of his most satisfying work.
  He will take that bracelet from the glass case out carefully on the velvet cushions, ramble wrapped for her: “the most generous and elegant look, the right to send their elders, their own wear more chic, the whole town can not find the same guarantee of.”
  Su pour heard not北京夜网 listen do not know, looking for just that Luan birds wings.
  Like, I really like.
  Across time and geography, in this different world, she appeared on I will never forget the style, but it is no longer in his mouth Lawan, but the white pearl.
  ”Miss Su, you’ve worked hard trip.”Young old man to see her innocent, but fortunately coax her in the end, the revenue in the silver egg box, symbolically looking for her a couple of coppers, done that, kindly laughed,” you look like this cupboard which I sending you a.”
  People not only take the initiative, how can he not rec

chun tugged at the sleeves, tidy clothes,” how they fit your dad I wear?”

  Chaos in the brain of Pei Yang Qing quickly captured the keyword: “Dad, no, why do you wear school uniform?”
  ”do not you know?”Pei Naochun also asked,” Today is the interactive home-school days, your teacher i南宁桑拿nvited us parents together into the campus and student life you experience one day, and today I’m going to class with you.”
  ”Oh, this is ah.And so on, Dad, what did you say?”Pei Yang Qing stunned,” go to class?”
  At his father’s calm attitude, Pei Yang Qing feeling that he fell into a deeper and deeper darkness, no, can not do this, he find a way –
  Pei Yang Qing about to sit up in bed, still surrounded by darkness, fluorescent pointer alarm clock on the bedside, he looked in the past, it is now four ten, sinking just want him to be tied tightly heart a little relaxed , so weak of him lying on the bed, can clearly feel his whole body sweat, which made a dream, than run ten laps step is also terrible, the key is this dream, too scary, right?
  But Huanguo Lai, he could not help but smile, probably the most fr杭州桑拿ightening is that this dream is not all false.
  Such as his father, really joined his family, very popular, I heard the patriarch also going to let him do the elders; father another example, this time hair color, hair style is changed several, although not a dream in so exaggerated, it has exaggerated the degree; there is the father of the space, with the assistance of family members that are growing in the fire, now sinking by visitors trees grow, have a lot of anti-than he; and..His father now, and indeed often exposed suddenly lost face, he reads out his former often published in the space of sad words.
  He even a few days ago, paranoid, afraid from his father, had a bubble and girlfriend my age, after all, the father of space where every day is not lost you lose half of my heart; you are the apple, and sweet and crisp; you are an angel, as I come.Who do not misunders

of criticism.

  ”No ah.”Pei Naochun somewhat blankly looked over, and quickly carrying, sigh loudly,” I did not come across, just occasionally, I hope, raised his head, was a 45 degree angle, looking up at the sky, let the sun was shining and sad, gently sprinkle on my face, 都市兔兔at that time, my tears will not shed.”
  ”.”Pei Pei Yang Qing looked Naochun appearance, heart badly, like being crumpled and release, this acid cool, difficult implicit, like this sentence, are weekdays, often quoted in the essay of between students, the teacher also from time to time about how good a style of writing, but when my father read out of that moment, Pei Yang Qing actually give birth to the impulse of sudden death in situ.
  To see his son did not join in, Pei Naochun sighed again, continue up: “Yang Qing, you are my most important son, if someone hurt my son, I will destroy his whole heaven!Let him be only a feather!”
  ”.it is good.”Pei Yang Qing feel they face the greatest challenges in life, clapping his hands stiffly, thank you, my dear father.
  ”Yes, I have not dressed, you wait for me two minutes.”Pei Naochun hand and glanced at his son with Casio digital watches, suddenly react, he got up and went into the room, leaving only a little confused son.
  Strange, father today, how not to get another hair change clothes?But too late organs, he took a deep breath, ready to slow slow to meet the impact from the father, after al北京夜网l, the father of fashion, has evolved into what hole pants, harem pants, fringed clothes, and he did not dare to wear clothes, father dared, even piercing pattern.
  Do no amount of mental preparation are not resist the father out of that moment of impact, Pei Yang Qing stood, almost prostrate dishes: “Dad, how you wear my school uniform?”Pei Naochun body, it is the heart of a child school clothes, and his son as wide size, and even change a good trouser hem no difference.
  ”It’s not yours, which I boughtPressing your style to go to school outside of change.”Pei Nao

oin th都市体验网e family, even the name of the group business cards, but also together into a startled Ai ‖ Chris, the group of people I was not aware that this lovely “Spring Spring” has is the uncle of the young thirties, weekdays and all sisters, brother, brother’s bustling, his father peeping over a communication tool, and the other family, other people’s relationships, has been far more than their own.

  It is because of this reason, this time, my father actually is not so dependent on what he asked affairs, to learn to come back, they are not subject to Pei Yang Qing control, more and more strange, and even a lot of things, he unheard , never seen before.
  Such as this.Own avatar to shoot the issue, Pei Yang Qing not want, in the future they know that friends saw the pictures of the father as an avatar.
  ”Really I do not?I looks very good, it is also good to do spatial context!”Pei Naochun con北京桑拿tinue to sell and son, very warm.
  ”No, Dad, I do not like to use these Avatar!”Pei Yang Qing must be rejected if one day, someone really ask, where’s his head, he can not and they said it is his own father shot杭州桑拿洗浴?
  ”okay then.”Pei Naochun sighed, revealing some of the lost look, it should be a tight geocentric subconsciously Pei Yang Qing, followed by a sense of guilt swept, the rational control of his promise was about to say the idea of discourse, he must not be so easy to throw in the towel to my father.
  Pei Yang Qing tried to change the subject: “Yes, Dad, how are you today?I feel how you’re feeling is not very good, is not the company, what happened?”
  All in all, this time, he was most worried about, or the father of the company, after all, he grew up in my father around monasteries, how many understand, my father’s company, and those who do not dare to be listed companies compared to the number of weekdays in both entertainment Jiuzhuo there, you can see who wore this style, he suspected father in the end you can talk down to business?Dad because they feared what the subject

hese?”Do not know day from the beginning, my father long gone weekdays majesty, but very affectionate, like a classmate Pei Yang Qing around, I saw Pei Naochun to just being a mirror shine down, revealing the whole picture.

  PEI now has the same Naochun bangs over the eyebrows, it is neatly caught became triangular appearance, sideways blocking half an eye, the other straight confusing Kan Bukan get the road ahead, the other part, supposedly the and as usual, but now they seem particularly “unexpected”, and the father does not know who is asked to makeup tips, use is not clear eyeliner pencil or watercolor, short circle around the eyes, around the black thread, seem the effect of big eyes and bright, some eyes, the black and white, serious look to when, just like eyeball to fall, 北京夜网it was enlarged with a sheet after.
  Stylish yet?Pei Yang Qing heart full of grievances, supposedly this is clearly his weekdays in pursuit of the coolest style, why according to the father’s body, so it is wrong?
  If the face, and my father is actually not old, tidy up, do not look carefully thought it was the twenties and南宁夜生活网 thirties, and they did so this is a huge gap; if the body, and my father has always been fitness, muscle often , even better than his stature; mere copycat if to say, my father than he had the money to have leisure, and what a full set of science, not a drop.
  May in the end is not where it?
  Pei Naochun listen to the voice of his son’s gone, no smile, mouth kept down, coldly explained: “This is the last of the clan who sent me that picture now popular, so be make-up, then close the chin Wang Litou , directed shots, I took a few, do you want to use my pictures do avatar?”His words are strongly recommended, can tone but always cold.
  ”.No, it is not.”Pei Yang Qing reluctantly declined father’s kindness, he felt on his forehead have appeared in a number of small droplets of sweat,” I am the head, very good, really good.”
  Oh 北京风月网yes, he remembered, the father followed him to j

r to the template, there is a kind of mold, you can see how, how feel strange Finally, he readily copied the communication number, but was shocked to information after the jump, and saw that behind a series of numbers, but also friendly with small print marked packet, on top of the word of their loved ones, to the moment he was nervous.

  No way?Certainly will not!Certainly not the case!
  Pei Yang Qing carries a tense mood, open the packet carefully place their loved ones: “aunt, cousin, cousin in.”After the investigation, the results of th苏州夜网e most unlikely, the answer will become.
  It was his father, the kind hundred percent pro.
  Pei Yang Qing head about to drop on the table, issued a crisp sound, the feeling of his heart, his life completely a problem!

Chapter 151 non-mainstream my son (seven)?(nine)
  Has won much of the night outside, cell Wan Lai stillness, only from time to time I do not know where to cats and dogs sounds echoed, most home lights have been shut off, and into all quiet, like a tired day it finally sleep.
  Pei Yang Qing lying in bed tossing and turning, if turned on the light, will be able to under the bright lights, to see him frowning now also maintained the state seems to be in a dream saw something not quite right scene, his hands and feet move along casually, as if trying to break free from the dream.
  Pei Yang Qing just feel unexamined, stupidly forward head, sitting in his father on the front of the table, these days he chose a new model, and now it is purple hair, perm did not forget about it, and perhaps pick a little hair, looks a length not less, an explosion in the state, if have to use what word to describe this hairstyle, and that probably杭州桑拿 only a child read the “Dragon Ball” anime Monkey King and others to express the style, Yes, yes, that is so explosive.
  ”Dad, you face.”Pei Yang Qing swallowed, hard to swallow food put down the bread,” which in the end is what?”He felt an unprecedented sense of headache hit him.
  ”You mean my face t

tell them, this is my son, in order to better understand you!I believe that is acceptable to all!If you can not accept, that need not disturb us!”

  ”.Oh.”Pei Yang Qing feeling, a last hope in his face a little bit broken off.
  What can save you, my dear father?
  Pei Yang深圳桑拿网 Qing most grateful, is the condition of the home district, direct access to underground car garage, there is a negative one leading to the elevator upstairs, they are not bad luck, but also happens to hear of the elevator nobody, finally received no strange eyes of others the trial, he has maintained a down position, did not feel neck ache, and resolutely refused to see my father one, so after dinner, he is finally able to return to the room, a little relief for a moment.
  He lay in bed, ruffled his hair, he sent did not rolling, and this mood was not eased, and he weekdays general, sat up, ready to take surf the Internet for a while, beating forget their little mood.
  Boarded communication tools, group chat backlog that has a lot of news at the moment mood to see the message, he readily open space, going to brush them today have not苏州夜网hing interesting sentence, to be forwarded log Once inside, they saw With their own message board movement, which is a function of the space available for friends, after the owner will see landing.
  Pei Yang Qing readily point to open, most of the top one, is this afternoon’s reply: [?You are welcome to my space step on a step?] Dazzling also with intervals, stepped words very eye-catching, but this picture is really strange, this is a black and white male avatar, decorate the top with emoticons, also wrote a bunch of people did not know English , and it is marked next to the name: Namida Shu Bu stop flow.
  ”?”Pei Yang Qing some confusion, Who are these?He could not remember how to add their own so personal?But think also, his friends liked the name change, Pei Yang Qing point into the other space, and that space is decorated quite sophisticated, and their use is simila

chun from the rearview mirror to see the green throes of expression, but like a good father like him.Of course not agree to his son’s request.

  He put acting, to put focus on: “I told you before, this is completely different and you, I have thought about it before the masses have to say in our management company, also want to know understand the voices of employees, and when my father, but never you do not control, do not worry Yang Qing, you have to believe my father, no difficulty we can not overcome, I will definitely painful effort, understand that you are now popular things, but also understand you the idea now!I know you are afraid that Dad not happy right?Do not worry, I really feel very good.”
  ”.”Pei Yang Qing looked at my father, his mouth open and shut, while, actually 杭州夜网silent, one can not find any words to respond, no, Dad, not what you can not overcome the difficulties, I, I single watching you this style, think again bring disastrous consequences of all this is me, I felt hopeless, desperate thieves, no longer happy is not up.
  ”Well, we will not discuss this topic.”Pei Naochun mood light, happy people, most of the time is always based on other people’s suffering, to see his son so unhappy, he will feel flattered,” This thing is so laid down, but Next, Dad needs your help so that I can learn as you all-round, in-depth understanding of the idea of you young people.”
  Pei Yang Qing feel their souls have been released into the atmosphere leave, just nodded stupidly, should be significantly better, but in his heart began to roar up, Dad, why do you want?Why in the end you still want?But he also how to persuade, could not persuade, simply could not persuade.
  Pei Yang Qing suddenly had an idea, he immediately raised their hands against: “Dad, can you do, go to the company, I am afraid that people think you are strange.”
  ”This is how what.”Pei Naochun hearty laugh or two,” I remember you and I say it, go its 苏州夜网论坛own way, let people say to forget!If people ask, I

quite a long time, he told me that y’all like it a distinct color, what purple, green, red, orange, the more conspicuous the better.”

  ”No, Dad, can I have this hair is not quite understated yet?I think Brown would have been enough.”Pei Yang Qing tried to dissuade my father Mituzhifan.
  ”You forget, not the last time you and I talked?I say you go to a junior high school students to dye your hair, not decent, do not respect the school rules,苏州夜网 you and I say, you are to respect the school rules before this, no matter if the school you want to dye for sure what a green, yellow, to whom At first glance you can see.”
  Ok.There seems to be such a thing, Pei Yang Qing vaguely dug such a passage from memory, he deeply felt that he simply is shooting itself in the foot.
  Da苏州桑拿d, you are my own father, I am talking about my own hair!I did not say you, do you hear me?I did not say you, what do you dye!
  Of course, these words unspoken Pei Yang Qing, just this time the red light, and my father just looked back at him, he just looked up at my father can see that look in the eyes with dazzling hair: “are very good, very good.”
  Pei Naochun very satisfied: “Dad know you’ve liked, I feel that you and a friend play, came the trend, my head or reference planes that you often play with friends to do, I recommend a hair stylist gave several good, what Mohicans, and shaved his hair style lightning.”
  Enough, enough is enough.Pei Yang Qing Thank God, The feeling my father chose a relatively normal that in many modeling.
  He finally wait any longer, take the initiative sent rejection signal: “Dad, you want me杭州桑拿网 to know what you can say and I direct, I do not know silence, without reserve, do not worry, I will not hide, these do not have it.”He paused, this time, every time my father’s nagging, he is indifferent to the face, or as a direct rebuttal ending, but today, he has suddenly become soft, very kindly and accosted his father, “dad, I know this is your mind, I understand.”
  Pei Pei Yang Nao