Common low-calorie foods they want to eat to lose weight

浙江体彩61 Common low-calorie foods to lose weight and who understand the calories consumed know for sure is a very important part of weight loss, and less intake of calories is equally important。
So want to lose weight, then you have to eat low-calorie foods。
Following small for everyone to recommend a few common low-calorie foods, eat them want to lose weight!Common low-calorie food calorie cherry tomatoes 22 kcal / 100 g, cherry tomatoes are rich in acidic juice can help you balance the skin PH value, lycopene may protect the body from cigarettes and car exhausts carcinogenic toxins infringement, and can improve the body's sunscreen。
Malic acid or citric acid contained in them, helps gastric digestion of fat and protein。
Asparagus heat 19 kcal / 100 g, low cholesterol, low saturated fatty acid, vitamin C, potassium-rich。
Can promote metabolism, promote consumption of calories the body, strengthening the immune system and is fat burning foods。
Because of its drainage capacity, and therefore can lose weight eating asparagus。 Carrot heat 25 kcal / 100 g edible part of a carrot is about 120 grams Carrots are rich in vitamins and carotenoids, can enhance the body's metabolism and promote calorie consumption。 Celery heat 12 kcal / 100g, celery high iron content, is Vegetable iron deficiency anemia can also reduce the accumulation of moisture in the lower body。 Low calorie tuna common food calories 198 kcal / 100 g, protein content up to 20% tuna, but the fat content is very low, commonly known undersea chicken, high nutritional value。
Fatty acids in fish are mostly unsaturated fatty acids, amino acids contained complete the required eight amino acids the human body which are included in。 Whole wheat bread calories 65 kcal / flakes, whole wheat bread is the bread the lowest in calories, it is recommended that you eat for breakfast slices of whole wheat bread to fill their stomachs。
Potatoes heat 145 kcal / month, French fries and potato chips only weight gain, and boiled potatoes is different, there will be a slimming effect, use it instead of staple food, seasoned with salt and black pepper, the taste is good, Give it a try。 For more information, please visit Health 6681 health network!。

Sino-US trade war?Counting with Trump

  Trump government announced up to 60 billion tariff barriers with China, Sino-US trade war。
CCTV reporter in North America, CGTN anchor crown recently in a series of reports in the United States with "just T account," the facts and the truth, one by one analyzes the major reason behind the US China trade war if tenable。
The report also cited economic data and the principles of international trade global authority asked: the assembled parts in China "intermediate goods" worth the whole Chinese head count is fair?Use of global distribution chain and profit of US companies outsourcing low-end processing of picking up cheap Chinese back to bite back?Why Washington never mentioned services surplus with China the world's first?Why hang on "Cold War mentality" and does not solve the deficit will be high-tech controls relaxed?  The first T account, the US service sector surplus with China the world's first。
It reported that in 2016 the US trade deficit with China of $ 347 billion though, but the service trade surplus of $ 37 billion, the United States is the world's largest service sector surplus。 Trade between the two countries both in trade of goods such as clothing, shoes and hats ,, mobile phones, aircraft, also trade in services such as tourism, education and intellectual property rights。 According to China's Ministry of Commerce in 2016, Chinese tourists spent per capita of about US $ 50 million tourists spend far more than other countries in the United States。 In education, China contributed about $ 15.9 billion in revenue for the United States in the United States and 300,000 foreign students by 2016。   The second document accounts, remove 44% of intermediate goods trade deficit with the United States and halved。
Most of China's foreign trade is processing trade, that is imported from other countries for the assembly of finished parts, re-export after processing to the rest of the world, Chinese exports to the US products have up to 44% of the "intermediate product"。
If the "intermediate goods" value removed, the US trade deficit will be reduced by 50%。   The third T account, the United States is a huge beneficiary of the global industrial chain layout。 The United States is the use of the global industrial chain layout of beneficiaries。
US manufacturing output reached a record high in mid-2017, because American companies will aerospace, munitions, software and other industries with high value-added R & D and marketing and other aspects remain in the United States, low value-added sectors such as processing and assembly are outsourced to China's relatively cheap labor and other places。
Oxford University announced last year heavy data showed that US manufacturing output growth fastest of the four major industries ranked first in the computer and electronic products, transportation machinery second, fourth and machinery manufacturing is the most import growth from China fast three industries。
  Fourth T account, 88% of US jobs being replaced by mechanization rather than China。 US President Trump has accused China stole US manufacturing jobs, the Associated Press quoted the Ball State University, Indiana, USA statistics showed that 88 percent of US manufacturing jobs are lost due to mechanization。 From 2010-2015, the US manufacturing growth of imports from China, manufacturing employment also increased rather than decreased。   Fifth T account, the United States people buy Chinese goods to $ 850 per family per year Province。 Report quoted the Oxford Center for Economic Research data indicate that buy Chinese goods to help American families save $ 850 per year。
  Sixth T account: the Cold War mentality + control to increase high-tech trade deficit。 Report, the reporter quoted the crown Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Foundation report in April 2017, saying that if the US exports to China fell to the level of the degree of control to the French, can be reduced up to 34%; if the United States drops with Brazil level, it can be reduced by 24%。
  Seventh T account: China is now the 33 states of the top three export markets of goods。 China is the United States soybeans, aircraft of the largest export market, China or the United States automobile ,, the second largest export market。 Over the past 10 years, US exports to the global growth of only 4%, while China's export growth of 11%。 China is now the top three US goods export market for 33 states, the top five markets in 13 states。
United States increasingly dependent on Chinese market。 The Chinese provoke anxious, we can either reduce the field of procurement or set up barriers at the top and take counter-measures。 In addition, Chinese investment throughout the United States 535 of 425 constituencies。 China does not want a trade war but also not afraid to fight!。

What prostatitis folk remedies treatment method to teach you

What comes to prostatitis folk remedies, I believe it is very male friends fear, because it is a very common disease in men, then what prostatitis folk remedies together and small series to see what prostatitis folk remedies the introduction of it!What prostatitis folk remedies Stasis sanjie Tongli soup Drug] l0g10g10g castor seed Peel 10 g 10 g 10 g Qumai each l0g Malva verticillata Plantago 10 grams 15 grams of drugs pangolin 6 Kewu Shi Wei [Usage] 20 g water Oral fried, 1, 6 weeks 1 day course of treatment。
Bai Wuzi know Tom [Drug] Treats 10 grams heterophylla 10 Kewu Mei l0g10g Jinyingzi l0g10g Sichuan off 10g15g treating diabetes 15 grams, 15 grams medlar 15 grams oyster parasitic 15g15g Zhimu 6g12g12g earthworm 12 grams of safflower 12 grams Usage ] decoction taken orally, 1, 1, day 7 for a course。
Licorice powder milk talc What prostatitis folk remedies [Drug] 3 g talc powder 05 grams of licorice。
The boiling milk, into the 2 herbs。
Prostatitis prostate gland is a male-specific, comparative anatomy of the prostate perfect, it is generally not prone to oral infections have drink clear fire, Tonglin effect。 Patients can be happy with the treatment left Finland for the treatment of acute and chronic prostatitis。 Croaker otoliths angelica soup Drug] croaker otoliths 15G, Angelica 15G, a total of decoction, sooner or later doses, has anti-inflammatory Tonglin, suitable for acute and chronic prostatitis taking。
Heat Tonglin。

Winter children what to eat winter diet of children

Winter children what to eat winter, many parents fear their children cold, so the body will always do some warm food for children to eat, what to eat with kids in winter and winter nights network to see what the children are introduced to eat it!After the children what to eat into the winter the winter, many of the baby's appetite will increase as temperatures drop, the parents give the baby to arrange a reasonable diet!Do you know what kind of food will help the baby is healthy for you, give the baby to make full preparations to spend the winter, here's a look at the night food web have prepared it for the baby!1, let the children adequate intake of vitamin-rich foods, they effectively enhance the body's immune function, prevent children have respiratory infections。
2, high dietary fiber-containing foods can regulate the body's absorption and excretion, keep stool, which is very beneficial for the body to digest children。
3, algae food rich in essential trace elements and constants, helping to increase children's resistance and enhance the overall quality of the body, winter can let the children eat these foods。
4, winter and dry, moistening can let the children eat some food, the child's health benefits。
Such as: carrots, melon, mushrooms, white fungus, etc.。
5, children's gastrointestinal function is weak, particularly in winter porridge to the children help children absorb calories and nutrients。Such as: rice porridge, mung bean porridge, mountain ones, minced meat porridge, rice porridge jujube lily, etc.。
Winter children what to eat to help your baby grow high five food believe that every parent wants their baby can grow taller now, but the baby's growth and diet are inseparable oh!Want a tall child must be reasonable arrangements for the baby's diet long, then what the baby to eat only what a president does not know how to increase the baby's parents quickly take a look at these common sense nights website describes it!How to choose the "long a meal" to the children。

Why would these factors also affect motion sickness motion sickness

Why?Daily life in the lake some people motion sickness, then you know why you?Why would you carsick?Xiao Bian today to tell you why motion sickness, motion sickness as well as those factors will affect。 Why motion sickness 1.Related to motion sickness and motion sickness ear when accompanied by nausea, vomiting, so many of us are mistaken, motion sickness is a psychological effect, and others are poor physical fitness, in fact, only incentives for these reasons, but the real reason, but it is a , and the closely related mainly with the ear ear vestibulocochlear organ, bony labyrinth in the inner ear and labyrinth membrane is the main component, also a substantial part of the feeling。
Regulates the body's ability to balance position, and the vestibular cochlear vestibular nerve is connected with the central nervous and when we travel by car, boat, airplane, the body will encounter some irregular body position changes, that is shaking, the shaking of the senses stimulate the inner ear vestibular cochlear nerve impulses generated, through neuromodulation produces a reaction of some kind of motion sickness, this is actually a whole more normal physiological phenomenon, but for people with poor stamina, motion sickness would be more intense reaction。 2.Chinese medicine, motion sickness, vertigo belongs to the category of motion sickness is going to be top-heavy, the mind is not clear, and accompanied by stomach discomfort, and in terms of Chinese medicine, motion sickness attributed to the category of vertigo, because in theory of Chinese medicine, motion sickness is the liver and kidney lack of refined gas, mainly in the main deficiency of internal injuries, he said the "Yellow Emperor": "all the wind out of dizzy, all belonging to the liver," Chinese also believe that blood deficiency, kidney essence, the brain and bone marrow dystrophy caused motion sickness。 Why motion sickness also said the "Yellow Emperor": "Out of gas on the brain whom dissatisfaction, whom suffered ear Ming, whom suffered head tilt, eye whom dizzy," so not only with motion sickness or lack of refined gas blood Xu Zheng related to long-term depression, poor emotional and so also has a close relationship, and the reason will be accompanied by symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort, and weakness associated with gastrointestinal。 These factors also affect motion sickness 1.Poor quality of sleep or lack of sleep, and excessive mental and physical exhaustion when the car, may have symptoms of motion sickness。
2.When we're hungry, the secretion of gastric juice will be a lot of, if not replenish energy, there will be too low blood sugar, hypoglycemia symptoms, coupled with intense shaking, motion sickness will exacerbate the physiological phenomenon, on the contrary, eat too full, sudden rise in blood sugar reaction will aggravate motion sickness。

Chinese sensor market situation and development trend

  December 2, according to Beijing, held Global Development Forum and intelligent sensor learned the news that, at present, our innovative applications in the field of medical sensors, environmental monitoring, oil and gas pipelines, smart grid, and other wearable devices will become the new hot spot, is expected to create more demand in the future。 Driven market, it is also technology continues to change, progress is。
  Currently, in our country, four sensor applications in industrial, automotive electronic products, electronic communication products, consumer electronics。
Among them, in domestic, industrial and automotive electronics sensors accounted for about 42%, while the fastest growing automotive electronics and communications electronics applications market。
  Sensors domestic and foreign market overview Currently, the global sensor market in 2015 exceeded $ 70 billion, of which China more than 100 billion yuan。 In this forum, director of the Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, sweet leaf spring, director of Research and Development Center Chinese Academy of Sciences pointed out that when the sensor market growth rate of more than 15%, with significant growth potential。
  Today, the domestic sensor is divided into 10 categories, 24 subcategories, more than 6,000 varieties, while the United States about ten thousand kinds of sensors。
Foreign manufacturers Siemens, Honeywell, Omron, and other companies account for a large share of domestic manufacturers Although there has been great progress, but far from being able to keep up with the requirements of the situation。 Thus, the sensor technology and the number of species have a big gap with the technologically advanced countries。
Today, Honeywell and other foreign manufacturers in the domestic market account for a large share of the sensor。
Data for three of sensing technology to improve the current direction, sensor use classification, can be divided into the force sensor, thermal sensors, humidity sensors, magnetic sensors, gas sensors, acceleration sensors, biosensors。 The focus on domestic technology development and innovation in sensor materials, structure and performance improvements are in three directions: the development of sensitive material from a liquid to a semi-solid, solid direction; structure to miniaturization, integrated, modular, intelligent direction; the detection performance of a wide range, high precision, strong anti-interference ability, stable, long life development direction。   Things new requirements sensing technology with the development of the traditional sensing technology has raised new demands, the product is gradually (MEMS) technology, wireless data transmission technology, infrared technology, new materials, micro-electromechanical systems technology to , the direction of nanotechnology, ceramic technology, thin film technology, optical technology, laser technology, the composite sensor technology, the development of fusion interdisciplinary。 An acceleration sensor using MEMS technology products, data in FIG.。

The formation of corns are these bad habits

The formation of corns is very common in our daily lives, streets and alleys have corns treatment shop, a lot of reasons for the formation of corns, corns form then what factors have to look at it together and form a small series of corns We introduce!Corns form 1, incorrect shoes habit incorrect shoes can cause corns habit of symptoms, women like to wear high heels, men like to wear pointed shoes, long time to maintain this habit can also cause symptoms of corns。
2, the shoes do not fit the shoes too tight or too loose can cause corns symptoms due to local discontinuity long-term squeeze, friction will cause the symptoms of corns。 3, with the workers about the long-term operation of mechanical career, a long line of long-standing occupation, if not good foot care, will lead to the emergence of symptoms corns。
Corn treatment often used corns paste, frozen corn excavation technique and other methods, which are more painful, here for everyone to recommend a good way convenient nor suffers, you can use chicken You Ching Yue, soaked with warm water before applying the affected area 15 for 20 minutes, wipe the surface of the crust, can be directly applied。 The affected area can not hand squeeze, scratch。
Not through hard shoes, the usual selection of soft and comfortable shoes。 Ms. try not to wear high heels。 The formation of corns corns harm know the reason of the formation of corns, corns and who is likely to occur, then look, What are the dangers of corns 1, easily lead to foot corns is a skin, cases belong skin keratinocytes proliferation occurs, for people with diabetes, with corn, must be very cautious, and often have to be treated with caution。

Never thought of walking the long-term result is unbelievable

Long-term stay in the office of the people, work pressure, irregular diet……And other reasons, often leads to the emergence of various health problems。
Want to improve, but since there is no time。
In fact, these small problems to solve, just walk on it。Walking really effective walking exercise for a healthy 1, to improve the storage of fat body organs to promote walking exercise burns calories, the body of excess carbohydrates, fats and proteins into energy, reduce。Thus, weight can often walk maintained at normal levels。
World Health Organization also believes that walking is the safest and best way to lose weight。2, tone muscles in walking movements, buttocks, thighs, arms and shoulder muscles are in motion, this can enhance muscle strength, improve resilience muscles, and prevent future injuries and pain。In addition, the walking exercise for quadriceps, triceps muscle and hip muscle coordination is very important to exercise。3, strengthen bones walking exercise can increase calcium deposition source, reduce the loss of calcium, so strong bones。
Compared with running, walking is moderate, not because of pressure and joint pain and discomfort。In addition, walking due to muscle pressure can promote bone formation and bone tissue in order to make updates to adapt。Walking also increases body flexibility and balance, both of capacity is often degrade with age。
Therefore, the walking exercise helps delay, prevent osteoporosis and arthritis。
4, prevention of cervical patient body and head covered only by the cervical spine to the neck muscles are supported, if hunchback or bad posture, scapular muscle burden is too heavy, it is easy to stiff shoulders and cervical pain。And accompanied by upright walking, stretching the neck and shoulder muscle activity, helps to relieve back muscles, ligaments, joints of the neck and shoulder strain caused by long-term desk for the prevention and treatment of cervical disease has a significant effect。Remember walking three, five, seven three principles: each movement walk three kilometers, more than 30 minutes; five: one week at least five times a sports; Seven: Movement in moderation, age, heart rate equal to plus 170, so that the most appropriate。Walking is recognized as the safest and the best way to exercise and lose weight, but also enhance myocardial function, strong bones。
11 good use of your way, every day healthy living!。

Keep blood vessels that support life!Come and learn five tips (1)

  Renowned expert Professor Hu Dayi, said: "A person's arteries how old, how old he had。"This sentence also confirms the famous 19th century French medical doctors Casa Nice – 'Man and vessels with life'?! hese types of vascular injury behavior most bad habits are the enemy of vascular health, including: ■ large oil and big meat, blood vessels easily block people eating too much nutrition, and excess lipids and other nutrients excreted difficult, gathered in the veins。
Aspect of the vessel clogging easily deposited in the vessel wall, on the other hand will lead to increased blood viscosity thrombosis?!  ?Smoking vascular injury, even ten years is difficult to recover much smoke, there will be significant atherosclerosis atherosclerosis 10 years later。
Even quitting smoking, to over 10 years to fully repair the damage of vascular endothelial?!  ?After eating salt and too much sugar, blood vessel walls crumpled like a normal vascular installed a glass of water is very clear, but when people eat too sweet and salty foods, vascular wall cells become wrinkled of。
Not smooth vessel wall more likely to develop high blood pressure, diseases?!  ?family stay up all night, stay up late or vascular injury hormone emotional outbursts, people in long-term stress, continue to secrete adrenaline and other hormones, can cause abnormal blood vessels, blood flow slows, blood vessels that "pressure" great。
  ■ do not exercise, garbage accumulation in the blood vessels if lack of exercise, the blood did not break out waste, excess fat, cholesterol, sugar, etc. will accumulate in the blood, the blood becomes thick dirty, the formation of atherosclerosis in the blood vessels plaques and other "time bomb"?!  ?oral bacterial toxins also hurt the blood vessels produced by oral bacteria can enter the blood circulation, vascular endothelial injury。Therefore, I do not think that small things brushing, morning and evening brushing, mouthwash after meals, scaling every year, everything Less。
  5 Prescription protecting vascular health like a car should always go "4S shop" to do maintenance, like blood vessels requiring regular inspection。Han Hongyan chief physician recommendations, from lifestyle and medication two-pronged approach to implement preventive "action porridge" of five prescriptions – prescription drugs, mental prescription (including sleep management), exercise prescription, nutrition, prescription, prescription quit alcohol limit。
  In daily life, Han Hongyan chief physician to remind the public to eat less high-fat, high-salt, high-sugar "three high" food, eat junk food to clean up blood vessels, such as hawthorn, oats, black fungus, onions and other foods, these foods It can clear the blood vessels, allowing the blood vessel wall to maintain flexibility。Meanwhile, vinegar also soften blood vessels, reducing blood fat foods, but also proper intake in the diet?! it less hyperactivity, make open capillaries, promote blood circulation, reduce the probability of vascular occlusion。In addition, early hours, maintaining emotional stability, allowing the vessel to rest well, stay away from tobacco, allowing less blood vessel injury。
  Han Hongyan chief physician to remind a lot of people because less water is thick blood, sweat, blood concentration caused if the summer, this will be more evident。
But as long as hydration, blood will soon be "thinning"。New version of "Chinese Dietary Guidelines (2016)" published in the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the adult daily recommended amount of water transferred to 1500 from 1200 ml (6 cups)?1700 ml, equivalent to 7-8 glasses of water, which for the prevention of blood is also a great help condensed?! n addition, drinking also pay attention to time, get up early in the morning, one hour before meals, we should pay attention to add water before going to bed at night, and drink to drink boiled water, fruit juice, carbonated beverages and can not bring good results。In addition to morning and evening drinking, a lot of people get up at midnight are more middle of the night to sip warm water is also good。Myocardial infarction occurred around midnight two points, this time to pay is also very important。Best not to drink cool, easy to disperse drowsiness。

Vegetarian can be away from high cholesterol?Experts say that (1)

  In today's rich supplies gradually, people's eating habits has undergone great changes than before, meat and fish everyday life making China the world's most populous country in obesity, diabetes,, obesity fatty liver disease becoming more common these。
To control these chronic diseases, to develop good eating habits is very important。
  Some people think that to stay away, vegetarian is enough。
Vegetarian does help to improve blood lipid abnormalities, but only by a vegetarian, does not necessarily make lipids fall?! egetarian does not mean eating less oil plasma cholesterol, triglycerides and other lipid components exceeded, is considered。The human body's cholesterol synthesis by its own part, about 70%, and the remaining 30% was derived from food。Thus, for insulin resistance, fat metabolism of people, even vegetarian, it may also appear hypercholesterolemia。
  In addition, it does not mean vegetarian eating less oil。Some of the fat content of the food itself is high, such as peanuts, soybeans and other nuts, they are rich in oil can be refined into a variety of vegetable oils; and even some containing little fat vegetarian diet, if by frying the way Cooking, also with a high fat, such as fritters, fried tofu。
  Eating "less meat and more vegetarian" long-time vegetarian, not only stubbornly high lipids may also cause a lack of vitamin B12, calcium, iron and other trace elements, nutritional imbalance will only lead to further glucose and lipid metabolism?! he diet should be "less meat and more vegetarian" principle, the daily diet, intake of poultry meat should not exceed 75 grams, not more than 30 grams of cooking oil。
In addition to eat more vegetables and fruits, the grain intake in half should be whole grains, low-fat milk or skim also try to choose a category。
  High blood fat people should adjust their diet, lipid-lowering does not necessarily completely vegetarian, only nutritionally balanced, in order to achieve the purpose of scientific lipid-lowering?! ow to prevent the most scientific?Prevention is better than cure and reliable。
  1, high-fiber diet how prevention?Eat more high-fiber foods。Dietary fiber in the diet may be combined with a bile acid, an increase in fecal bile excretion, lower serum cholesterol concentrations。
Foods rich in fiber foods are whole grains, cereals, dried beans, vegetables, fruits, etc.。The amount of food intake of fiber per day, preferably to 35 to 45 g。
  2, quit drinking alcohol limit experimental study proved that: all kinds of tea have lower blood lipids, promote fat metabolism, lipid-lowering effect of green tea which is best。Therefore, the elderly hyperlipidemia may wish to tea。Scientific research shows that long-term smoking or alcohol abuse can interfere with lipid metabolism, cholesterol and triglyceride rise。So the elderly is best to quit alcohol limit?! ?, the elderly, low-fat low cholesterol diet hyperlipidemia to strictly control of animal fat or cholesterol intake, cooking oil with vegetable oils rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids based, such as soybean oil, peanut oil, corn oil, eggs no more than a day 1, or 2 to 3 days egg。
  4, limit the total energies of older persons to reduce the basal metabolic rate, low energy requirement than adults。There are more elderly hyperlipidemia should be strictly controlled energy intake, energy intake per person per day to be controlled within 29 kcal / kg body weight, equivalent to not more than 300 grams daily staple food。
Nutritionists recommend to the elderly foods: bread, rice, bread, tofu, soy milk, milk, lean meat, fish and a variety of vegetables, fruits。
  5, how to prevent the most optimized way of life sciences?Hyperlipidemia elderly patients should pay attention to lifestyle to have regularity。Appropriate to participate in sports and recreational activities, maintain a good attitude, try to avoid stress, emotional over-excitement, often stays up late, excessive fatigue, poor mental and spiritual factors such as anxiety or depression have a negative impact on lipid metabolism。