Men lung bad lung bad how conditioning performance

浙江体彩61 Men lung poor performance which?Our lung is a very important organ, the lungs are bad people who will have a lot of harm, then you know that men lung underperforming what are you?The following night on the net to tell you that men lung poor performance。
Men lung poor performance dull, dry skin if too many toxins deposited in the lungs, it will show the condition of the skin which。There may be skin dry, dry, dull situation。When the vigorous growth of body hair when the lungs of toxins too, will become long black hairs, especially around the lips and limbs, if recently found body hair increases, consider whether you want to pay attention to see the rows of lung toxicity。Abnormal bowel movements in traditional Chinese medicine theory, the lungs and large intestine is a system, therefore, when the lungs of toxins exuberant, can also cause poor bowel large intestine, causing constipation, relative, often repeated constipation, will cause the removal of toxins from the body impeded, abnormal deposition of toxins, would affect the health of the lungs, caught in a vicious circle。Men lung bad lung performance yam yam what good is not good lungs and food, usually also can eat。It can be done with yam porridge or fried yam, such are possible。
Not suitable for matching with food and other。This we all know pears, pears water is used for clearing the lungs, the lungs。So, in terms of pears for the lung is a good thing, because more water, good digestion。
The best way of eating is, soup made pear, pear or water, add sugar, pear meat soup, like。