Sino-US trade war?Counting with Trump

浙江体彩61   Trump government announced up to 60 billion tariff barriers with China, Sino-US trade war。
CCTV reporter in North America, CGTN anchor crown recently in a series of reports in the United States with "just T account," the facts and the truth, one by one analyzes the major reason behind the US China trade war if tenable。
The report also cited economic data and the principles of international trade global authority asked: the assembled parts in China "intermediate goods" worth the whole Chinese head count is fair?Use of global distribution chain and profit of US companies outsourcing low-end processing of picking up cheap Chinese back to bite back?Why Washington never mentioned services surplus with China the world's first?Why hang on "Cold War mentality" and does not solve the deficit will be high-tech controls relaxed?  The first T account, the US service sector surplus with China the world's first。
It reported that in 2016 the US trade deficit with China of $ 347 billion though, but the service trade surplus of $ 37 billion, the United States is the world's largest service sector surplus。 Trade between the two countries both in trade of goods such as clothing, shoes and hats ,, mobile phones, aircraft, also trade in services such as tourism, education and intellectual property rights。 According to China's Ministry of Commerce in 2016, Chinese tourists spent per capita of about US $ 50 million tourists spend far more than other countries in the United States。 In education, China contributed about $ 15.9 billion in revenue for the United States in the United States and 300,000 foreign students by 2016。   The second document accounts, remove 44% of intermediate goods trade deficit with the United States and halved。
Most of China's foreign trade is processing trade, that is imported from other countries for the assembly of finished parts, re-export after processing to the rest of the world, Chinese exports to the US products have up to 44% of the "intermediate product"。
If the "intermediate goods" value removed, the US trade deficit will be reduced by 50%。   The third T account, the United States is a huge beneficiary of the global industrial chain layout。 The United States is the use of the global industrial chain layout of beneficiaries。
US manufacturing output reached a record high in mid-2017, because American companies will aerospace, munitions, software and other industries with high value-added R & D and marketing and other aspects remain in the United States, low value-added sectors such as processing and assembly are outsourced to China's relatively cheap labor and other places。
Oxford University announced last year heavy data showed that US manufacturing output growth fastest of the four major industries ranked first in the computer and electronic products, transportation machinery second, fourth and machinery manufacturing is the most import growth from China fast three industries。
  Fourth T account, 88% of US jobs being replaced by mechanization rather than China。 US President Trump has accused China stole US manufacturing jobs, the Associated Press quoted the Ball State University, Indiana, USA statistics showed that 88 percent of US manufacturing jobs are lost due to mechanization。 From 2010-2015, the US manufacturing growth of imports from China, manufacturing employment also increased rather than decreased。   Fifth T account, the United States people buy Chinese goods to $ 850 per family per year Province。 Report quoted the Oxford Center for Economic Research data indicate that buy Chinese goods to help American families save $ 850 per year。
  Sixth T account: the Cold War mentality + control to increase high-tech trade deficit。 Report, the reporter quoted the crown Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Foundation report in April 2017, saying that if the US exports to China fell to the level of the degree of control to the French, can be reduced up to 34%; if the United States drops with Brazil level, it can be reduced by 24%。
  Seventh T account: China is now the 33 states of the top three export markets of goods。 China is the United States soybeans, aircraft of the largest export market, China or the United States automobile ,, the second largest export market。 Over the past 10 years, US exports to the global growth of only 4%, while China's export growth of 11%。 China is now the top three US goods export market for 33 states, the top five markets in 13 states。
United States increasingly dependent on Chinese market。 The Chinese provoke anxious, we can either reduce the field of procurement or set up barriers at the top and take counter-measures。 In addition, Chinese investment throughout the United States 535 of 425 constituencies。 China does not want a trade war but also not afraid to fight!。