British media: Kim Jong-un is the Manchester United Red Devils fans repeatedly called for national broadcast competition

浙江体彩61 "ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 18 reported: Italian media, "Italian football" reported recently that the Italian politician Antonio – Lacy said in an interview that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was a big fan of Inter Milan, while he was a Juve fans。As everyone knows, Inter Milan and Juventus in Italy is a sworn enemy, the relationship between the fans of both teams is not very harmonious, therefore Lacy said he would not talk about anything in front of Juve's Kim Jong-un, his heart has a "world ideal for peace "。Lacy is an Italian politician, who had also served as prime minister in the Berlusconi government served。Recently, Lacy said in an interview with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, he also talked about some interesting Kim Jong-un and football: "In 2011, when Kim Jong-un became North Korea's supreme leader, we all know that Kim Jong-un in Bern I read the book, seen also came to Milan Milan derby。"" He was very fond of Italian football, enjoy Italian football tactics。He was a die-hard fan of Inter Milan, Juventus and I am a supporter of。Between Kim Jong-un and I never talked about Serie A, Inter Milan and Juventus to know the bitter rivals, I do not want to stir up trouble for themselves。World peace is the most important thing is not it?"Lacy said.。It is worth mentioning that a few months ago, the British media broke the news of Kim Jong-un who was also a Manchester United fan, he likes watching the Premier League a few years ago, ordered, requiring many domestic broadcast Manchester United。

Have Stereotype?Mourinho: Bo Geba show offensive force but the ball is oolong

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 17: French team in the World Cup opener in a 2-1 victory over Australia to win, Gallic rooster in front of Boge Ba scored the winning goal for the team to win the set Tougong。After the game, Bo Geba in Manchester United's coach Jose Mourinho and talked about Boge Ba's performance, he believes show the versatile midfielder Bo Geba offensive strength in the race, but for that of the intake Boge Ba ball, bird t think this is an own goal, should not be counted in the scoring Boge Ba。Bo Geba in Manchester United last season highs, especially in the second half of the league, it is highly questionable, Mourinho crazy mass media have reservations for Boge Ba。And after Bo Geba to help the team beat the opponent is France into the winning goal, Mourinho also talked about the French team's performance interview, talked about the focus and Boge Ba。"Most French players played too safe, risk-averse, or not confident enough to try a variety of ways to attack。I think Muba Pei did not play well, Dembele and also did not play well Gelieziman。French midfielder played a strong sense of place, Bo Geba and not too much involved in the attack, but he made a number eight player should do。This is what we call the versatile midfielder, scored to show him as a versatile midfielder's offensive strength。"Although Boge Ba praised, but Mourinho believes that the goal is not simply to Boge Ba, the same time that the ball is an own goal, can not be considered in Boge Ba's body:" Boge Ba that the goal is not simply, but that goal has brought three points for the French。But for me, the important thing is not the goal, this is an own goal, should not be counted in Bo Geba head。I pay attention to the action, is determined to make the attack occurred。"Although the French team to win, but to play in the game in general, coach Didier Deschamps ability to command also been questioned, which Mourinho said:" I like the French team to play the way their last three players have a very free of space, but I think they lack the No. 9 center is not ideal, the team's running offense。"

Beauty War next month Zuiwo

Muyan transitory man, blinking stars, the sky's the Galaxy, came a sad。A pot of liquor, two lines of Tears, heartbreak for whom beauty?  Who said, Zuiwo next month will certainly be wandering hero?Look, that under the moonlight, long hair fluttering, tearful Meimou fingertips of his mouth glass, is it not that eternal beauty?  Meimou swallowed their anger, who had made her high spirits, and who is now her tearful drink alone, exudes, intense hatred, but who can say that this is purely bitterly, no, this hate inside, there is a deep thoughts and unwilling?! oast for months, Yi Mei fluttering, facial color that is so blatantly, she was dancing her weak waist, it seems like a fairy demon, heart and soul charming, captivating, however, the most intoxicating heart, most people heartbreaking not her gentle figure, but that the body wrapped in deep sorrow?! reeze, Dangqi wisp of melancholy, that once in the depths of the soul with the beautiful melody, has gone with the wind, slender fingers, could not carry, this endless sadness?! ink lips slightly open, cold glass, and write how many melancholy?Leila beautiful face, rolling, not heart-breaking, not far from the often, but when it turned away the hurt feelings of sadness that?! ight dance under the moon, skirt posture sway in the wind, in the silence of the night sky, draw the Jisi of Love?That is not dancing past each other happy when snuggle arc, when the Iraqis not to miss the fine weave of thick Acacia net, but when the Nama lonely back disappeared around the corner, the hearts that deep scars?! oonlight strands wind dissipated Meimou slightly open, away tears shining in the moonlight, soft moonlight, sown layers melancholy?That palm beating jump for joy when their minds are not looking forward to a letter from the Iraqi people, while not getting open letter in the hands of excited feelings, but as the years went by, spring water to the east, Meimou wistfully, heading for the lonely only when the phantom Bluebird?! habana flower fly, falling to the season and, in the moonlight, holding a falling sentimental, sake has long been in the hands of Bei Bei empty, tears on the wasted face but no dry, pale dawn worry territory, strands of hair have been infected with a trail white dots, hearts beating only endless flustered, only sake, can we make it disappear temporarily, the only moon in order to make her feel at ease wire?! creen transition, although the heavy Phantom Blue Bird, Iraqis already loopback, Meimou circulation, skirts and hands, running in the direction of where the Iraqis, but she did not know is that this, she is destined heartbroken?! igh horse, a mighty clothing, brilliance, his face with, or endless tenderness and love, she desperately cries, she desperately waving, just, get is silence?! er crazy as he ran, finally, settled, he stayed at the house door, her face wet with tears, mouth is with a happy smile?! t turns out, but Iraqis toward the opposite direction with her, he gets gentle, is no longer her hands, gaze, no longer her beautiful eyes, holding in her hand, is no longer her smile, and yes, he belongs to another stand her?! he sky is still clear, her world had dark, full of hope had come to nothing original, happy smile on his face stiff……  Under the moonlight, her fingers clutching clear cup, holding out her hand and grabbed at superficial bits and pieces, hair gently across the face, gently close Meimou, fragrant red raw silk off, Softly the gossamer spring pavilion every now and then, tears become War?! uiwo beauty, next month Rouchang, love hate sea, Who is she an endless spectrum of hurt feelings?Moonlight spilled, it is still paved with a touch of sadness Chouhen!

Six health tea to help you fall bother addition to dry (1)

  Autumn has been almost a month, we obviously can feel is that sooner or later drop in temperature。
Autumn weather is very dry, easy to make people irritable life, tired of emotions, you do not know where the nearest is not very easy to get angry gratuitous, this is the impact of climate。Do not worry, today recommended several health for everyone, help your health through this very easily upset Fall?! hinese medicine believes that autumn easy irritability, getting into the autumn, the weather convergence purges, dry climate, air moisture reduction, dry and more violations of human evil from the nose and mouth into the room, resulting in dry condition outside。
Traditional Chinese medicine at this time is an important method of conditioning regimen, focusing on the stomach conditioning heat, dampness, spleen, so that body heat evil is discharged from the urine, stomach function to promote the recovery of。The following six Recommended regimen: Chrysanthemum Ginseng contains ginseng saponins and vitamins, having a good regulation of the nervous system, the immune system can be improved, effectively get rid of fatigue, and chrysanthemum fragrant, has the effect of pathogenic fire, eyesight, The two combined can be refreshing, off the lack of autumn。But for some people, high blood pressure, ginseng is not suitable for their use, and ginseng is best not to and leaves, radish and coffee taken with food?! ose mint human emotions in the transfer of the season prone to volatility, while roses are often loved by women in the office, with blood stasis, soothing mood, peppermint can get rid of fatigue, people feel brand new, pure and sweet fragrance of roses can dilute the bitter taste of mint, serve two purposes。
  Lotus leaf lotus leaf with flowers, leaves and fruit of the lotus made, not only refreshing, as well as to improve the complexion and slimming effect。
Lotus leaf tea used for some time, love of food will naturally change and become not eat greasy food the?! olong Oolong is a semi-fermented tea, almost no vitamin C, but rich in iron, calcium and minerals, enzymes promote digestion and contain a component decomposition of fat, can inhibit the absorption of fat, and the extra sugar difficult to transform into fat。As a result, people are given the reputation of oolong tea "negative-calorie drinks," the。
Persistent drinking can not only lower cholesterol, and helps people lose weight and fitness?! utta gutta In ancient times, our country has been regarded as a famous tea, because it can reduce the body's neutral fat to achieve weight loss inevitable。In addition, extraordinary ingredients contained in Eucommia can effectively promote the metabolism and calorie consumption of the body, so as to achieve a significant reduction in the effectiveness of body fat。In addition, it also has a preventive effect of aging and physical fitness。
  An iron Goddess of Mercy Iron Goddess of Mercy is a green, fragrant high pure taste, is a natural health care tea。Tieguanyin containing iron, manganese, fluorine, and potassium, sodium and other elements has beauty, lose weight, and so on to greasy digestion。Fall drink Tieguanyin not only make people feel cool smooth feel, as well as the efficacy of anti-cancer puzzle。
  How prevention Qiuzao?  1, can be more hour of sleep, to maintain adequate sleep。Increasing sleep for an hour, let us keep the spirit, energy can be saved before the onset of winter, recharge your batteries。
  2, pay attention to proper diet prevent "Qiuzao"。Autumn weather is dry, there will be such as skin tight, from the skin desquamation, dry hair, dry lips and other phenomena Qiuzao。
Drink plenty of water, more porridge, eating heat and soothe the nerves of food it is a good way to prevent Qiuzao。To eat or not eat spicy fried and other hot foods, more food will help dry Shangyin, aggravated Qiuzao?! ?, less open fan, close the window to sleep。The temperature difference between day and night fall, pneumonia, asthma and other respiratory diseases easy to attack, blowing fan, it might lead to frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis, gout and other illnesses。Therefore, less subject to "cold stimulation"。But also to protect the navel, disease prevention。Weather becoming cooler, the navel of the thinnest skin, especially sensitive to external stimuli。
To timely add clothing, cover the abdomen during sleep, but also massage the navel, the navel of the cold disperse?! ?, fall to exercise, but not excessive。
Fall autumn, suitable for outdoor sports。Therefore, we should be based on individual physical, get proper physical exercise。But not excessive movement, so as not to increase the degree of lack of autumn?! ?, add clothing to avoid premature。
Autumn larger temperature difference between day and night, the weather is changeable, too much too soon add clothes, once the temperature rose, after sweating hair, easy to colds。Thus clothes to be gradually added, not too fast too early。

Argentine prisoners on hunger strike to watch the World Cup in this country the president himself 12 days holiday

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">(Original title: a kind of weakness called 'people company', how many people this World Cup welfare envy) watching other people's welfare, the heart is no love。World Cup again, for the Chinese fans, which in turn was a "black and white upside down" days。But always some companies, especially friendly to the fans of their own employees, the introduction of various welfare measures, as many people in "other people's company."。The company has to take care of the fans stay up late to postpone working hours, the company has launched a prize quiz activities, as well as company employees free to have a drink please watch……But, after all, Chinese fans just the World Cup, "spectators", leave benefits compared with the number of participating countries, but unambitious。World Cup year, there will be introduced welfare。Take care of the fans, to postpone work hobby does not affect the work is universal law, but in the face of such a feast of football World Cup, some companies prefer to make concessions。According to "Chongqing Evening News" report, a local real estate company introduced the policy: Time to go to work an hour later。Online streaming company announcement shows that during the World Cup, in the case to ensure eight hours of work, working hours important race day delay to 10:00, in order to take care of employees who stay up all night watching。The company's manpower department said that the introduction of this notice is given to employees to achieve a better balance between work and watching, we have a more high spirits at the ball, in order to have a more abundant work state of mind。In addition, other ways to meet the World Cup, there are many companies。For instance, some company owners will ask the employees to drink beer in the important events of the ball, there are companies in the office to create a TV, snacks, beverages "watch room", and even the company launched the "Everything,"。Guess the results of the competition, guess the score, but guess the reward is also numerous, either directly sent to Russia to watch the air tickets, accommodation, tickets "spree", some guess you can get a half-hour holiday, by its own top class boss……Delay notify users work map。Argentina sent prisoners to watch a hunger strike during the World Cup of welfare cases has long been。During the 2014 World Cup, "Chongqing Morning Post" reported on a local company policy: working time to adjust to 12:00 to 17:30 during the World Cup; if you encounter your favorite team can be days off。If you support the team won the championship, also free to send "Thailand Flying 6th Tour"。According to Xinhua reports, in Changsha, Guangzhou and other places, have introduced the benefits, working hours or postpone, or allow employees to stay up late watching the World Cup apply for leave, and the company also organized watch activity, and ready to send buses staff home。There are also users on the Internet posted a notice to the company's World Cup welfare: In addition to postpone the work, quiz held outside Brazil every match day free drink company organized to watch the game, if Brazil win the whole company please eat buffet。Easy to see that this company is the owner of a properly properly Brazil fans……Unfortunately for those employees in the company no welfare policy to work, the difficulty might be watching a lot of great, but if it is true the fans, even late at night proudly dark circles expense。Even prisoners who are in prison, and to watch the World Cup tried every means。According to the French radio station RMC Sport reported that the Argentine Patagonia in prison on the occasion of the upcoming World Cup TV was faulty, and therefore prisoners organized a hunger strike。The prisoners also sent a letter to the management, requirements within three days to fix the TV "(watching) Cable television is all the people have been deprived of the right to freedom of indispensable。"Front row from left to Sall。President give yourself a holiday 12 days there are many units to fans willing to send staff welfare in China as the World Cup, "spectators", a number of participating countries is even more "intensified" the。As early as in the World Cup when Brazil, Argentina, a consulting company for domestic 168 conducted the survey, the results of nearly ninety percent of the company said it would install a TV in the office area, allowing employees to watch the World Cup live during office。Jinliang Cheng said the company is willing to adjust office hours。And during the current World Cup in Russia, according to Brazilian media reports, the Brazilian government announced that the Brazilian team played between government agencies can work flexible hours。About three percent of Brazilian companies to prepare a holiday directly on race day。After a lapse of 36 years to return to the World Cup in Peru, the domestic atmosphere is very high。According to the new network reported preliminary results from the survey point of view, Peru has over half of companies plan to buy a TV for employees to watch the game, the three companies are willing to provide holiday days off or even directly。But the most shocking, I'm afraid Senegal。Senegal World Cup this year is the first time in 16 years to return to the World Cup, according to the French "Equipe" reported that the President of Senegal Macky Sall directly giving himself a 12-day "holiday", fought in Russia follow the team。Another source said that Senegal will leave the country on June 12 days, although still unconfirmed, but I am afraid that the domestic authorities Senegal enterprises vacation days off to take care of the fans and ultimately policy。Way back in the 2002 World Cup, the domestic large number of school students are collectively organize spectators, and even some social enterprises "acquiescence" of the national football competition concerns employees during working hours, and now the country compared to other World Cup, also decline to leeward。When Chinese football in order to reproduce such a grand occasion, to see whether the national football again live up to expectations of a。

3 people also spend money on things not to do?Luo served!Willing to spend 18.8 million Euro trouble

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 21 reported: the Champions League final to win three consecutive World Cup sweep two games four goals, C Luo play on the pitch too bright, but in the pitch, C Lo is troubled。First, wage demands could not be met, while the poor progress on suspicion of tax evasion lawsuit, and as of to date, C Luo in case the tax treatment has been used three different lawyers, but?Luo is still dissatisfied with the work of lawyers。 ?Luo's case regarding the alleged tax evasion was disclosed in late 2016, followed in the summer of last year, C Luo also participated in the courtroom of the case。For the issue of tax evasion, C Luo's very firm attitude at first, he said he did not tax evasion, also refused to pay fines。In order to litigation, C Luo first hired Alonso, president of the Madrid Bar Association, but soon after, C-turn lawyer to replace Santos。In the long ago, C Lo has invited a former judge Antonio as his attorney tax evasion case。Although the replacement of three lawyers, but the "Daily Sport newspaper," said the lawyer failed to help him solve the tax problem。It is said that after the incident the case adamant?Romania currently has some loose, he might have reached a settlement and the Spanish Ministry of Finance, pleaded guilty, and to pay a fine of 18.8 million Euro。Obviously, this does not help with lawyers?Luo winning the lawsuit have a great relationship。

China "shrinking city": resident population year after year decrease necessarily a bad thing

  Young dragon Ying would not have thought, 20 years later, this small town has long been included in Siping City, went so far as a sample, into his study。
But, the study did not focus too much on Stone Mountain prosperity, but with a little sentimental, called "shrinking city"。   In another researcher, Professor Wu Kangfu a list of Capital University of Economics in 2007?Room 2016, China has 84 cities in the "shrink"。 These cities have experienced a reduction of more than three consecutive years or three years of resident population。
He drew a map, a black dot represents a "shrinking city"。
In this map, the black dot northeast region has become even ribbon, black spots Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta region into pieces also appear。   "Rural Hollowing is already a fact widely discussed, but it is hard to find, some medium and small cities have also lost population phenomenon。
"Wu Kang told the China Youth Daily, China Youth Online · reporters, according to city life cycle," These cities are likely to continue to 'shrink' down。 "Long Ying has the same concerns。
2018 Spring Festival he again returned to Stone Mountain, found the town becomes potholed road, had more than two thousand of junior high school and now only 400 people。 In this once vibrant town, he even walked into his life's first "unmanned train station."。   The two researchers believe that many cities have similar situations, we need is another idea of urban planning and urban "growth" mode。 But policy-makers in these cities, the change almost stopped at the first step: no one thinks he is the seat of the management of "contraction" of the city。
  Shrinkage is part of the urbanization of the country, not necessarily a bad thing Long Ying of China was found in "shrink city" inadvertently the。
In 2013, he put his range of space research to the city from Beijing to expand nationwide。
The data on urban life and have a fanatical pursuit of the scholars found, were carried out in 2000 and 2010, fifth and sixth national census, the data are accurate to the township and street office level。   Then Long Ying visiting scholar in England, he almost forgot the time difference, immediately contacted the study of economic geography in the country to do the Wu Kang and doing geospatial data analysis of large Wangjiang Hao。
Soon trio decided to bring the two censuses, the population data of more than 50,000 Chinese towns and subdistrict offices to do comparison, observe what happens。   They did not think twice in the census 10 years, China has a population density of a thousand towns and sub-district offices has declined, and some even become a "hollow Street office"。 They made a map according to the map, representing the blue part of the decline in population density occupies the entire land area of nearly one-third。   Subsequently, the three-person team again more than six hundred cities on the Chinese city administrative sense (jurisdiction) range area, superimposed on this figure, the result of their surprise: between 2000 and 2010, China had 180 the city's population loss。   "The results came out, I could not sleep。
"In a speech last year, Long Ying recalled that experience to the audience the audience, his smile disappearing。
  "Shrinking city is not the other side of urbanization in China?We have been talking about expanding cities, economic growth, and gradually growing population, shrinking city that we do?"In the UK the night, these issues crowding out the dragon Ying's brain。 It is from that day, "shrinking city" he later became one of the most important areas of research。   Wu Kang also put the focus on the "shrinking city" recognition。
He found that the period from the fifth to the sixth census, many Chinese cities have adjusted administrative divisions。 These urban areas into the surrounding urban areas, resulting in a population density decreased, but the city actually did not "shrink"。   He collected around the Statistical Yearbook, excluding the city conducted adjustment of administrative divisions, the final choice of the 694 sample cities。
The results show that, between 2007 and 2016, 84 of these cities have emerged shrinking population。   "International standard" shrink city 'is more recognition that the population size of more than 10,000 people, most areas have lost population in the more than two years, and is undergoing economic transition in some structural crisis characterized by。
"Wu Kang told the China Youth Daily reporter · Youth Online, most of China's 84 cities that meet this 'shrinkage' standard。   This allows him to believe that the contraction part of the city is part of the urbanization of the country, "It's not necessarily a bad thing, but rather an opportunity to kind of transformation。 "Two years ago the fall, Long Ying went to a city northeast of forestry research。 Just under the train and went to the steel industry as a pillar of the region。 He remembers himself not stand the cold, ran a clothing store nearby steel mills to buy clothes。
The boss told him that fewer people now steel, the store is almost no business, the house was cold, "the end of processed goods not done."。   Long Ying and Wu Kang to go there last winter survey, Wu Kang also kept a photograph of that investigation。
There is a local well-known hotel, located in the new district in the city just built a good, wide roads surrounding neat, evening twilight shone on the hotel's sparkling glass curtain wall。
  Research team admitted to the hotel, ask the front desk to learn that they are at this day more than 200 hotel rooms in only three guests。   In urban areas further away from the city center, "shrink" the more obvious。 School of Architecture, Tsinghua University doctoral research at high Shu Qi when a 6-storey residential upstairs to see, in front of several buildings have been covered with a layer of glass grime, many of the windows are hung "This house for sale 'banner。
Walking on a road near a residential area, he found that the road on both sides of the shops are boarded up windows, trash too rickety。
Later, he learned that there was a very busy commercial street。   There, Long Ying has maintained his unique way of recording。
He likes to shoot a fixed exposure time of 10 seconds photograph, after imaging, the object will move within 10 seconds of leaving tracks in the photo, like a Road "shadow"。
He took a photograph of the bus terminal, there is no shadow, only one man against the wall, head down, motionless, looking at mobile phone。   "Shrinking city is one of the factors dilapidated space。
"Long Ying said," Whether the window is broken, crooked poles, or plaster off, this is a run-down urban public space performance。 "In another seat 'shrinking cities' Long Ying and students find every street in 2013 and 2015 Tencent street photo, 50 meters set a point of comparison every。 Some street not included to the Internet, Long Ying went to the field to find the uncle aunt street, ask them, "here two years ago, is not there a trash can, where the walls are not paint brush?"Lung Ying and Wu Kang seems, is the seat of city forestry tall typical 'shrinking cities', 'shrink' is just a stage of development of the city, 'it will happen naturally'。   "Northeast China itself has a high urbanization rate, they have no more rural household population into the city。 "Wu Kang analysts say。
  He told reporters that rely on forestry and mining in the northeastern city, too single industrial structure。 After the 2015 ban on logging of natural forests every year, faced with economic restructuring, GDP experienced negative growth in some years, "problems of employment, the population will flow field。 A city "also subject to the impact of industrial structure adjustment as well as far south。 This had to absorb dense urban migrant workers, but now they are "shrink"。 A city in Zhejiang, by the global economic impact and the impact of the electricity business, one of the most affluent regions in China, the world's largest commodity distribution center have begun to "shrink"。   In the researchers opinion on this new change, each "shrink" the city needs to re-examine their plans for the city draw a new "blueprint"。
  Each city's plan are filled with "growth" is expected to do these cities have done a new master plan。
Long Ying looking for the latest Master Plan "shrinking city" and found information without exception filled with dozens of cities in the next 10 or 20 years of urban population growth is expected to develop a positive。   "General rules of each city's population would predict future growth, expansion of urban areas to be followed。
"Long Ying shook his head and said。   Yichun city's population has begun to shrink from the late 1980s onwards, but the "Yichun City Master Plan (2001 to 2020)" proposed 2005 Urban Domain population to reach 1.33 million in 2020 1.4 million。 In fact, in 2010 sixth national census, the population of only 1.15 million Yichun。
  20-year master plan in Yichun, along with population growth, as well as the area's main city。
The plan had not bordering three divisions for the central city, thereby expanding the scale of the city center。
  High Shu Qi told reporters in the field of urban planning, the general standard is that each corresponds to a million square kilometers of land。
Of the total population increase, increase urban construction land provides the most important reason。   Long Ying participated in some urban planning practice, every other plan will require total population increase, expansion of city size。 "This is years of local government land finance-related, took place in order to make money, in order to increase infrastructure investment。
"There is a message in the designer planning Long Ying article," We have become a tool to legitimize the government land development, meaning not find job。 "Once a city in the southwest, Long Ying participated in the master plan to mobilize。
This is also a limited population growth in the city, but the presiding deputy mayor told here planning and design professionals, the detailed planning work done by the local Planning Institute, "You just need to make up the population of scientific and rational"。
  Not only as "Party A" government can not accept the "shrink", even in the field of urban planning, "shrink" too often planners exclusion。
  "Domestic ideology of urban planning mostly based growth paradigm, which is indeed in line with prevailing trends。
"Long Ying told the China Youth Daily reporter · Youth Online, even in his own coach School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, students have access to knowledge about the 'shrinking cities' relatively limited。
  "Specific areas of urban planning in China, is the lack of methodology do to shrink the city planning scheme。 "Long Ying spread hands, a pause," In other words, even if the city has to admit that he is contracted, may not have much design institute can make a suitable program, because we are missing in this area of education, also a lack of preparation and other support measures。
"" Whether it is policy-makers or designers are blind pursuit of growth, think 'shrink' is a negative word。 "Long Ying sigh。   "The new national urbanization plan (2014-2020 years)" has pointed out the process of urbanization in the "land urbanization" faster than "urban population" problem: some of the city "pie" type expansion, excessive pursuit of wide roads, Grand Place, Metro District, development zones and industrial parks area is too large, the low population density in built-up areas。   The amount of shrinkage does not mean that quality is also contracted fact, the "shrinking city" is not a new concept。
In the 1980s, there have been many developed countries this phenomenon。
  The northeastern United States – gathered in the Great Lakes area Detroit, Youngstown, Pittsburgh and other iron and steel manufacturing-based city, the rapid development of these cities before the middle of the last century, a high degree of industrialization。 But when the United States completed the third economic transformation industry-led, these cities have closed plants。 The idle machine gradually give birth to rust, so the area was a "rust belt"。
  "Rust belt" city contraction than the degree of shrinkage of Chinese cities is much higher。
During Wu Kang America had been to Buffalo, where he remembers the central city has been devastated, "A lot of houses have been abandoned, and only low-income minority population will live there。 "In another city of Youngstown, convenience store alcoholic beverages accounted for 90% of sales, from time to time it was subject to harassment and threats of violence。
People often will suddenly found near his home with an empty house fire。 Most of the time, these are just idle because the people all of a sudden "whim", became one arsonist。
  Faced with this dilemma, the US city selected two different "update policy"。 One is the "re-growth" mode, which attracts the population growth as the key to solving urban decay, planning a large number of projects, the construction of numerous convention centers, stadiums, museums and commercial buildings。   Detroit in the eighties and nineties adopted this strategy to inhibit the contraction of the city。
The short term, the central city of Detroit did a lot of lively than before, but the quality of life of residents did not have much to improve, but increased government spending。
On the previous few years, the city finally complete bankruptcy。
  Another strategy is "smart shrink"。 Youngstown, Ohio, since 2002 began to develop "Youngstown 2010 Plan"。 Youngstown is the first to admit planning a "small city," the mayor told the media that "we are one of the first American cities to accept shrink。 "As one of the four major US steel city, Youngstown population fell from 160,000 in 1960 to 80,000 in 2010。
The city's plan, the transformation of the original industrial waterway for leisure and entertainment for the residents of the Waterfront, renovation waste a lot of idle land for urban green space。
Those have been contaminated or overgrown weeds "brownfield" will also be ecological restoration, transformed into parkland。 Urban planning also divided into several neighborhood groups, seminars from time to time hold some neighborhoods, thereby improving the neighborhood。
  Ready to shrink at the same time, Youngstown also implementing a number of business development projects。
Government to increase investment in education in local universities, led by some technology companies settled in the central business district, bringing revival。
After planning Youngstown, residential land area reduced by 30%, also a corresponding reduction in the entire city area。
  "Amount of shrinkage, does not mean that quality is also shrinking, on the contrary, shrinking urban planning should be more concerned with improving the quality of space and quality of life of urban residents。 "Lung Ying seems, wants to 'shrinking cities' make a real change, there is the concept of the first hurdles to be crossed。

Medicine drink coffee do you teach healthy way to drink coffee

Medication drink coffee is a common drink, taste fragrant effect more than。
So, take medicine to drink coffee, please, how is the correct method to drink it together and look at the 6681 Xiaobian to introduce medication can drink coffee do it!Medicine you can drink coffee coffee will affect the efficacy of the drug, you can not drink tea or water orally during treatment。
1 healthy coffee.To have a good time drinking coffee because when people feel tired during exercise or mental, will adenosine as a product of gradual accumulation of energy metabolism in the brain, it gave people a sense of fatigue。 Then if drinking coffee, the caffeine instead of adenosine in the brain attached to the adenosine receptor, people do not feel tired, sleepy and thus prevent。
Nap between drinking coffee, then get a good mental state in 20-30 minutes after。
Human night when melatonin may be in contact factor active oxygen during the day can resist through the coffee polyphenol, to achieve anti-aging effect。 But it notes that excessive caffeine stimulates gastric acid secretion, and thus excess stomach should drink less coffee, but be careful not to drink coffee on an empty stomach。
2.Add a little more smoothly absorb the caffeine to make love coffee drinkers tend to also like coffee brought some bitter and sour, but black coffee, but people feel a little headache, this time, you can put milk and sugar, improve the taste will not affect health properties。 Professionals have pointed out, adding sugar, coffee or milk will not affect the absorption of polyphenols, a spoonful of coffee with about five grams of sugar the basic will not affect blood sugar, does not interfere with the effect of fat burning coffee。 However, if you put too much sugar easily lead to excessive energy intake, it must be noted。 In addition, if the coffee add a small amount of milk, so that the speed can slow the body's absorption of caffeine。 Caffeine is rapidly absorbed easily stimulate excessive secretion of gastric acid, causing heartburn and other symptoms, so children or hyperacidity people drink coffee, it is best to add a little milk。
3.Coffee can not drink too much caffeine because of medical action, if a sharp rise in the blood concentration of caffeine is likely to stimulate the central nervous system, causing dizziness, rapid heartbeat, excitement, anxiety and other psychiatric symptoms。 The concentration of caffeine in the blood exceeds 40 micrograms / ml, regardless of what people are likely to experience arrhythmias, convulsions and other symptoms。
If you drink more than 10 cups in a row, there may be other side effects。 Because caffeine can about the human body remaining five hours, so be careful not to drink coffee drink continuous。 4 coffee drink you take medicine.Nervous should not drink coffee if you drink coffee in a tense, they tend to be more chaos。
Caffeine helps to increase alertness, sensitivity, memory, but a cup of coffee when it will make people nervous anxiety, but played a negative role。 For people tend to anxiety disorders, caffeine can cause palms sweating, heart palpitations, these symptoms worsen。
5.People should not drink coffee caffeine can make people excited, blood pressure rises。
High blood pressure and hypertension itself, coupled with the effects of caffeine, if on a tense mood again, the risk goes up dramatically。
Therefore, the risk of hypertension in particular, should avoid drinking caffeine and other beverages containing caffeine at work stressful times。
Some people perennial habit of drinking coffee, thinking that they have immune effects of caffeine, however, is not the case, one study shows that drinking a cup of coffee, blood pressure time can be up to 12 hours。
Conclusion: The above is small series to introduce the contents of 6681, and we want to help and want to know more about the health of the introduction of common sense do, please continue to focus on 6681 health network Oh!。

Fall Fall diet to eat what diet common sense

Fall diet to eat what autumn is a season of autumn, the weather is not cold nor hot, a lot of people are very fond of autumn, its diet is also very important, then what is the autumn diet eat together and network the night to see the autumn diet What kind of introduce it!Fall diet what to eat 1, should eat dry grain autumn weather, in order to alleviate the symptoms Qiuzao, in the morning we can eat more food grains, which is a good method of nourishing yin。
There are many types of cereals, grains like wheat,, soybeans are。
We can morning cup of milk or a cup of tablets and drink, so not only delicious, but also can help us dry cured。
2, pomegranate juice drink pomegranate autumn is the large number of listed season, many people like to eat pomegranate seeds pomegranate peel。
In fact, pomegranate can also be pressed into juice drink, it is also very delicious and nutritious。
Pomegranate juice can add a lot of substance and for our body to maintain the delicate and healthy。Often drinking pomegranate juice also helps us from the inside and outside nourishing yin, but also can improve oral health, keeping fresh and natural tone lasting。
Fall diet what to eat 3, eat hot food from summer to autumn, the most obvious change is the temperature constantly fall。Our bodies to adapt to changes in the natural world, little will change physiological metabolism occur。This season, they had better not to eat cold food, which may cause diarrhea and other symptoms。
Fall, we should eat some warm food and warm meals。
Like cold drinks, ice cream, salad these foods, we will try to eat, otherwise it will cause gastrointestinal discomfort aspects。

Immigration: Non-travelers"Parallel-off" From the source to combat the "parallel-off"

Immigration: passengers off from the source of parallel imports of non-combat "parallel-off" || Hong Kong government spokesman said on the 12th, at the end of 2014, a total of 1735 persons arrested are suspected of "parallel" activities, and refused Jovan doubt "parallel-off" entry。 Immigration Department stressed that passengers not equal to "parallel-off", will hit the "parallel-off" problem from the source。 (Immigration) Director of the Immigration Department of the HKSAR Government Chen Guoji held a press conference the same day, review the work of the Immigration Department in the past year。
In 2014, the Immigration Department conducted a total of 13462 against illegal labor action, arrested 6,100 illegal workers and 817 employers。 Since September 2012, the Immigration Department conducted an anti-illegal worker operation codenamed "sand" of。
By the end of 2014, a total Mainland visitors arrested in 1735 on suspicion of "parallel imports" of activities breaching conditions of stay and 14 suspected illegal employment of local employers。
Among them, 200 Mainland visitors have been convicted and sentenced to imprisonment。
In 2014, 60.8 million visitor arrivals, an increase of 12% over 2013。 Mainland visitor arrivals 47 million annual average daily arrivals million, up% from 2013。 Chen Guoji stressed that welcome visitors to Hong Kong for consumption, and "the parallel off" the number of the number of inbound only a handful "And in my experience, 'parallel-off' More than half of Hong Kong people," and therefore "can not and passenger ' parallel-off 'to equate。
"Chen Guoji said that the Immigration Department will continue to combat 'parallel' activities, and to strengthen the fight against illegal employers。
The Immigration Department has developed a "suspect 'parallel-off' watch list 'in different ways entry and exit data analysis, information on the suspect engaged in" parallel imports "activists placed Watch List。 Meanwhile, the Control Point will continue to surprise intercepted or take special action against "parallel-off"。 By the end of 2014, the Immigration Department refused to approximately million people suspected of "parallel" activities of Mainland Entry。
Chen Guoji stressed that immigration officers have professional analytical skills, able to clearly distinguish between passengers and the general "parallel-off"。
(Reporter Lu Zhe)。