People tiger What dark secret

浙江体彩61 What are the secrets of people unknown?Every character has some hidden in the face, then you know what dark secret people do have a tiger?Following small to talk about what dark secret with you people really do have a tiger。
People tiger What dark secret love Tiger installed generosity of people cheerful, frank, seems interested in nothing, or so he will not be wronged fell, people feel a great degree。
In fact, Tiger is not a person like this, when you say he will not face what he may, but is likely to be playing tricks behind you retaliate。 Therefore, do not think Tiger is really generous person, he was just fitted out, they are bent in front of others also want a good performance, but sometimes the heart is very stingy, generally speaking, they are forthright character will not easily behind someone playing tricks, unless you really angered him, it would be another matter。 Tiger has innate spirituality and wit, which makes them easily recognized concerns with superiors colleagues in the workplace, so as to realize rapid promotion business。
However, the Lunar New Year Tiger impulsive act, do not worry about the consequences, but also very emotional。 People tiger What dark secret they are easy to work into their emotions and feelings with someone accustomed to deciding whether to go to the depth of cooperation, which often lead to unnecessary distress and its loss。 In addition, the Lunar New Year Tiger in love, is a natural "hegemony", will impose their will in the other body, the other side did not feel free, triggering emotional crisis。
People tiger unknown quirks: see other people have possession of a thing, will be caught in the madness of possession。

Men ate men prepare pregnant pregnant prepared food taboos

Men ate prepare pregnant?Prepare pregnant woman is not one thing, the South also needs some attention, then you know men prepare pregnant ate it?Following small to talk about how men prepare pregnant with you ate it。
Preparation of a pregnant male ate, raw Gorgon Gorgon porridge and the amount of wheat bran, fried yellow after the first, each taking 20 g。
Alternatively or glutinous rice 30 g, the casserole 500 ml of water, micro-roller or boiling the mixture gently fry, soup thick porridge and gruel to see the degree of oil。 Daily fasting morning and evening each serving a second, while hot drink。
But should be disabled during a cold or fever in a patient。 There are benefits to poor stool, sputum, chest and abdomen were also not taking full。
2, Rosa laevigata laevigata porridge 15 grams, 200 ml water, 100 ml fry, to slag juice, 100 grams of rice into the rice or, together with 600 ml of water, boiled gruel。
Daily morning and evening hot take 5-7 days for treatment。 But a cold or fever patients should not use。 3, the sub-leek soup first sub slow fire fry leek, Allium each taking 10 grams, 50 grams of rice, fine salt amount, with the casserole into 500 ml of water was added, open simmer cook rice porridge fused to。
Twice a day, eat warm。
But wang yang hyperactivity and usually take bogey。 4, onion beef tenderloin, onion, oyster sauce, sesame oil, flour, meat tenderizer。
The vertical sliced beef was added oyster sauce, salad oil, wine and marinated meat tenderizer little starch and about 15 minutes, onion cut into small pieces standby, put the oil in the pot, steak fry color was added, followed by addition of Stir flavor onion slices, add oyster sauce, sugar, sesame oil pan fry can turn。