Childhood memories jinci

浙江体彩61 Childhood memories Jinci Jinci castle was originally a small town, it is built in the Ming Jingtai first year (1450).It was the Taiyuan magistrate Liu Min Yuan remnants and anti-intrusion barbarian built.At that time has “nine battalions, eighteen Walled twenty Sanbao”. Jinci according hanging urn Hill built a side street north and south winds.Length of 1500 m and a width of 250 m.Standing hanging urn hill and looked down, it was like a waves of boat.It has Sanbao, four.Sanbao are: North Fort, Fort in south Fort.Four: North Gate said: “chengen”; third is the east there were “pillow flow”, “Wang Fen”, “close the door”; Simon had second is: “Kagekiyo”, “Green Hope”; South Gate said “welcome like”.Outside the South, saying there is a “mountain climbing together”, it is trimmed with gravel into long Danlei Cheng, looks like a common archway.After climbing close Nansha River, a few Nansha River, not far south there is a temple together, called “white together”. White plastic bonded name suggests there is known inside the white snake and green snake Snake.Now there are ruins, but only in the hall, rooms on both sides of what has not, and now there are nuns living inside.Fairly strong incense, lay nearby residents are. I originally white, the yard is spacious, rooms on both sides there are five things the size of the house is very spacious.Think about that time the white together, how strong incense. White together, ride north to south, closing the door on both sides of the bell tower, clock tower west is like the east tower.West no stairs, did not go up too.A door to the east to east stepped a brick.To be on the roof of the east wing, hour, and that is our childhood often a place to play.In particular the fall in the yard there are two large and lush cypress.Ilex pine cone, to split, pine nuts and jumped out of the yard on the roof, we will eat just picked up.It was a fun childhood.Closing the door on the east side of a doorway, doorway below, is a road, it is now just removed the doorway, a wider road.Above the doorway of the building is fit, from east wing roof can last.A clock tower in the ladder, and then turn north, to the east wing before the roof. Together in front of the west there is a grind, it might fit within the past for surface grinding with rice.I was a kid, there are no so many people together, and only one to see the temple of people.Now moved to settle the North Temple.Grind that has become our people outside the South rice grind the surface dedicated. A child to eat rice mill of his own.They often have to grind the surface of the rice.Brothers and sisters at home, grind also many.In addition to my brother is the biggest, so these things often do.And I had motion sickness, feeling like a wok does not turn on the water, the fire that burned gas Griddle, very sick.When not any way to escape, sometimes too uncomfortable, will excuse the toilet, hiding in the belfry above the lazy.Toilet into a lockable door west. Then, after the close of white also left behind a dilapidated damaged the stage.White Snake said to have sung on stage, suddenly a white snake flew vacated during.after that.Together on the decline.Now, courtyard, only in the main hall, the other, torn down during the Cultural Revolution, now, there is a small courtyard in the past half, the other half, became a private yard. Now the yard to the west and built a one room, there are nuns living in.February 19 will be outside the South, sometimes singing now, you take a table in front of the temple, you can sing a few days.This year only percussion, Liu three carts, and so on show. White jinci together in just a district-level cultural relics, not attractions. March 26, 2017

Catcher memories

_________________________________________________________________ afternoon, loosen the soil in the garden, for soil, weeding, not that there is any need to show the mood, I want to make it look clean and tidy, and not like Tao Qian bow, looked up look between Nanshan ah!When soil replacement, I thought of autumn.    At that time the village, the wind plow the land of silence, a blink of an eye that is dissipated in laughter in the mountains, in a busy, land cover is opened, exposing the fresh and fertile.Wheat sowing dug out of the earth’s atmosphere, like telling us: If winter comes!Those wheat snorkel general puffed breath, a Mengzi headlong into the winter, until they float out of barley grass is green children.    Has been next to guarding, I knew that they would float out, certainly will.Wanted to know, you want to talk about it headlong into the land of winter wheat to give the silent heart of how broad, deep plunge of those whose lives and how to swim with green hard winter?Even malt emerged gently, do not look, but also the perception of those who sneak into winter wheat.Under cover gray magpies, sparrows, mountain crow, appeared in the mist, light foot light hand waiting for me to come to the scene, a speech Catcher return to life.Yes!Wheat speak, reveals a warm impression of wheat.    I tried listening Barley tell, there we fell into the footsteps of the field, singing; there are trees falling birds, leaves sigh; there are things monologue leading edge of dust, sound causal growth; and a voice Barley breathing.Also need to describe the depths of the earth you?Power sound out from Barley, feel the earth rich, deep, hidden life.I always thought the sound of the past buried in the ground, will not germinate when brought out a large green barley grass, will see to those lost, disappearing, buried voice will still germinate, grow, led to Barley Neck, such as fish cruising in the stream of time.    The original here, sometimes I suddenly hear my voice yesterday, swimming in the jungle, fields, wheat fields, the sky, occasionally to see when the time is hidden on some contingent things.Accompanied by the growth of wheat seedlings, mature, and if then the seeds out in the fields, paved winter wheat for the coming year diving dream bed.    Ok!Over the winter cold, Catcher in March set off waves of waves, golden memories of my wheat field.Wheat, warm wheat.Warm waves spill over wheat fields, flowing without requiring modification smile.Wheat, your image, your waves inundated the person you stop.    This is a late autumn afternoon, the sun was shining on my branches, and if then water into the pot after changing earth.    Note 2016.11.3

Broken beautiful snow – wrote twentieth birthday

1, spirituality snow falling on the ground, sniffing the soil mellow aromatic, long thought to precipitate recall of care.We are looking for anymore time or bemoaned years of consultations mound.The eyes of the hexagonal lattice wrong very badly, crazy dance of elegant leisurely rhythm.Ask yourself: is it the emotional chaos lint-free?This day can reach some of the long-lost feeling.Both familiar and unfamiliar feelings Oh, is thick release is not short.This stems from twenty years ago, my life began swirling in the predicament the world.    2, my mother said, I bring snow from the far horizon of.That snowflakes Sasa, is a white world, the courtyard of the pear jelly nobody off point with pity for it deposited tie.At the beginning of life, the soul of pear on the transfer note to me.I came to this world in the icy cold of winter, but fortunately there are mother’s warmth makes me feel the warmth of the world as well as.Withstand years of suffering, wading through a river of tears, turned just embarked on a difficult road line of text.Zi writing history with sweat and tears.Looking back, though naive text contorted vulgar, after all, which ended with the end of the line had a fixed distance, with the trend towards shorter.    3, a birthday day, I took the winter monsoon to stray.So, would only my unique gift with Qiongyin wandering blown Sanctuary of the Heart.Look across the moon than half of the cold sky, standing above the crowd a taste of melancholy.Indulge thoughts, imagination.Share share of loneliness and sorrow moon Chang E.Advantages and Disadvantages of the clear autumn night, cool breezes brought a virginity dream, fantasy Nalv elegant swing throughout the night.    4, days away from home is very lonely, very anxious.However, with the share of broken beautiful snow would never sentimental.Barren soul nourishing, fragrant an open heart.Broken snow, some enchanted beauty.    5, each face a pale thin dense dusk, various residual feeling regret a lake Autumn Love corrective action.With superimposed years, sophisticated blood is too transparent excessive occupation, each platelet are filled sophistication.Juvenile Feeling silly season came wrapped in a calm appearance, susceptible minds sometimes too fragile to make the mind of the bonds, had to tell some of the sad events of the past.In fact, volatility may not be the beginning of bad luck.Separated from secular life trajectory punctuate, how could life colorful.So, from that white crystal day, I had a worldly man, he has been despised vulgar life.    As shown in Figure 6, in addition to the beautiful share precious pieces of snow, I have Bianshen secular as I hit the mark, bring them, is a testament to all that I have happiness and sorrow of my Pei.    7, when the life boat swing in the watershed birthday, and have lost this does not exist.So, no longer hesitate.Share of the business activities of swing to the already beautiful fragrance overflowing, whether it is now or whether belongs to the past.    Written in the lunar calendar 1997 December 28 [Editor: Yi children]

Bitter cauliflower open

Seems to be inadvertently, the little flowers all over the place, and fields, Gully Ling Ling, as long as the place in full bloom.Even the gap in the stone street, next to hurry.    ”Bitter cauliflower open, golden flash, blossoming flowers greet the sun.”I do not know when it was born in memory from the beginning of the movie, this simple flowers, from the war years has been in full bloom now; I do not know when it will have become a food to feed their families, memories or from the beginning of the movie, which bitter flowers, from the war in which we have enjoyed up to now.    In our hometown, also known as bitter herbs goose dishes Aberdeen, Rabbit dishes, some places also a judge and “poor food”, “life-saving food,” it should be those special era, most people give it the appropriate name of it.Whenever called wild vegetables, it seems to be used to enjoy.The wild bitter herbs should be the best in it, but because it is a non-rainy day in the spring of fresh poultry, and people also know it as well as clearing away heat effect, so the dry spring, many become bitter herbs in the wild choice on the table.    Bitter herbs very common, even to eat, but also simple.We here are generally eaten raw, if too bitter taste, just miso dip, then a delicious and refreshing.After drying, you can also drink tea, all year round.However, we do not want to eat “bitter” people who fear no blessing enjoyed.    Of course, there are big wild bitter taste, which is called the bitter herbs of whether such deep with more liquid it?In terms of boundaries Gan and bitter division of happiness, grief bitter herbs it is clearly a role.But even so, it will “wind into the sky, landing place that is life,” and all four seasons of reincarnation coexistence, harmony accompanied the final but also the attitude of a flower in full bloom bright sun in the blue sky.    Seems to understand what is meant by “devoted themselves”.Then hope those or yellow or white, Mimizaza, to uphold bloom in the silence of the Flowers in the Mountains, actually read the secrets of spring, the secret of life.”Who said that tea bitter, Gan such as water chestnut that”.And life does?Not also ups and downs, stumbling, stepping bitter all the way, step by step toward that “flower gesture” it?    So like bitter herbs because it’s more than just a “delicious”?But also because it is simple and not vulgar, not sexy and elegant, warm and understated quality.And do not choose the environment, vitality, delicate in its own kind of stubborn, for many years people have not been forgotten in the hands of a shovel, still it will catch on at the time of the arrival of spring full of mountains.    Perhaps tired of vanity and cliches of modern society, but also look tired or greenhouse flowers gaudy feminine, Whenever I see a bloom in the street or mountain wildflowers, could not help but eyebrows, could not help but give birth to a reverence, especially to us beauty and nutrition, as well as warm memories of the bitter cauliflower.

Beautiful sadness

Early summer night, the quiet, mysterious.  Foreign Languages College graduation party had ended, singing away, belonging to the hustle and bustle of noisy during the day also gone together, China and the US have to spare under the night sky dazzling lanterns.Four years time, wish lanterns with all drifting into the distance, when everyone is amazed at the beauty of the lanterns, I was not quite happy, hastily glanced at two left to fall back on their own narrow world I’m not a sad person, however, the face of this parting, somewhat melancholy, a few days later that our College held graduation party, right!Perhaps too late to see, however, I was looking for, even though the party seen countless times in the past four years, despite more than a year out of school soon, come back to this still feel warm, still I think we are the best College.Miss the West Campus, you miss the days of laughter, miss everything here, I was reluctant to look past, leaving the city, perhaps in the future, you will never come back to see, do not want to see, is afraid to look, I fear memories, memories are painful thing.  Late at night, this night there are frogs, there are insects, there are dog barking in the distance, this night, there are always quiet, summer, tranquil, nostalgia, memories, beautiful memories of sadness!

Autumn yellow [literary] Qintai

[Yellow] in the autumn of this colorful world, can find their favorite color and “faithful” really is not a simple matter.  And I, like so it is lucky, because I know they like autumn, not because of that piece of fallen leaves in autumn gives me fantastic poetry, not because the autumn cold lonely depression that touched his own original sensibility of sinking heart, but because of the fall, there is a yellow.  I have been very fond of yellow color.  Huang, in thousands of years of Chinese civilization has an important position in.Does anyone remember the sons and daughters are not too long to call themselves descendants?That is because, founder of Chinese civilization, there is a people called the Yellow Emperor, since then, the Chinese people and “yellow” With helpless origin.  We generally say that the palace would spend such a magnificent words, why is there such a shock it?Visited the Forbidden City Forbidden City people have seen or read the court building of friends, not difficult to find, the Forbidden City architectural tone is yellow, red-based colors, which, it is to let the Forbidden City in yellow sun under show the dazzling brilliance, so that the whole city even more magnificent atmosphere.  Huang, also has been a symbol of power in ancient China.King was a robe, it is quite “yellow” it!A golden dragon mosaic in yellow robes, the whole world is going to push the gas field, kings, but also because it a “yellow” and become different, people can not become profane, mind only impulse to worship.  Yes, yellow, in my heart I have been giving atmosphere, stable feeling.While immersed in the autumn yellow, it is so intoxicating, people peace of mind.      [Harvest] Look, the fields, which piece of golden rice, fruit trees, a red seeped yellow mouth-watering fruit.They begin to move in the joy of the farmers uncle who, perhaps they know their lives will in this “yellow” ended the moment, they are still happy to be swaying.Because they know that the end of his life, it will be hard to cultivate the happiest moment of their workers, and they are only willing to be his last time to showcase this year’s harvest, brought a good omen for the farmers let them peace of mind, so that they feel the meaning of life.  We often divide life according to the seasons of nature, and when we went to the autumn season, when life is considered “perfect virtue” in mature period of life that has ended a period of the.Maybe we do not want to admit this fact, but it is so time goes by, and which are not in control you regret something, something repent, go left, go silent, as Xu said: “quietly coming and quietly go, wave of the sleeves, do not take a cloud. “.  People always like to look back after missing precious time those feelings once, then do recall some of the useless, then hurt himself and hurt still have time now, and finally come again and again missed the whereabouts.  Like the saying: “You come, I’ll keep you, you’re gone, I when you’ve never”.This is to describe love, but on our way of life is it not so it?Love of youth, since it has, cherish it, until that one day grow old, even if the bar, the youth is gone, our life goes on, smile, big step forward.    [Life] autumn leaf your seat, in fact, a leaf glance a person’s life, why not do?  Finally, a leaf trees in autumn Silue, although still in the air, doing a beautiful final flying, you want to leave something, can eventually falling to the ground in silence, turn to dust.  There are too many people in this life pursuit When a goal to reach the next harvest will want a larger.Of course, this is a good thing, the pursuit of successful people tend to be.But why should we go after those things we should not do it belongs?In the end, the owner of this lost, nor should have been, leaving a man alone “in Lingding foreign sigh Lingding”.In fact, no matter who more than scenery, dead but also a loess, like the leaves, either during his lifetime that you fly more beautiful, will eventually have to turn to dust, disappeared in interpersonal.  Remember the Tang Dynasty generation of Queen’s what attracted worldwide attention?How much scenery during his lifetime, after death, leaving only trace wordless piece of stone Bale.In fact, this is not bad, never mind merits and demerits, which control others mouth the words.  Through life is over, Ye Hao scenery, dull worth mentioning.

Autumn Essay

Seasonal cycle into fall.    As always, this year’s fall is no different, tree leaves are still gradually fall, the air still flying geese fly south in droves font row adult, the only difference is that when the mood to look up the scenery changed, It would have become with peace of mind to face the complex world of.    Previously get together with friends, often lamented their own life experiences they are not so colorful, so many legends did not happen.But this year, entered the fall, but I feel that their own lives are like them full, rich and colorful as.In their own life, full of warmth and caring, I know this is a confidence Faith and Life of life due to.Life is not easy, it can be said to be full of thorns and rough.In this journey through life, I constantly go beyond after setbacks in life, they began to slowly understand the true meaning of life: riding sense life, work conscientiously.    Fruitful, autumn is the harvest season, but also in the bleak autumn wind blowing the autumn festival, which is destined to fall it is bleak, Luo Ji.All times read those depicted in the autumn, with the sad poetry of color, hearts will gush of compassion to mind, but early in the morning woke up and saw out the window for a living and run around the bustling crowd, mind and give birth to countless deep feeling, as they themselves, for the lives of their families and worked hard, they have gone through Cangsang is still persistent, so I’m a bit of respect Dunsheng.The slightest breeze blowing over the side, bring me not cool, but bursts of warm, I feel a natural plain and simple a better life a vigorous, full of vigor and vitality of beauty.    Decades of life experience, although not as experienced as the others vicissitudes, now already understand: Life is the most precious thing is not deliberately to have it all, but should bear the heavy responsibility on the shoulders of efforts to share this responsibility we will make a lifetime of struggle.    Every day, I quietly trying to do the work in the office with colleagues.Autumn is concentrated outside the window, but it is the passage into the heart bursts of warm.I sincerely thank my colleagues, because they have a tacit understanding with their own work to proceed smoothly, with them, the mood is always joy.I know their not getting any younger, but my constant pursuit of the goal of life, for the families and the children look forward to, I will strive front line!

April flowing in Green Mile

Goes back a number of days of sun like a shy bride in charming chest a dawn clouds slowly lifted the veil “still holds partly concealed spoonbills fence”.Enter April, the temperature gradually increased, a few days ago a pleasant early summer living really made a big show people the beauty of a pass to show the slim figure of addiction.Unexpectedly, suddenly refused to let go of the cold room to kill a Parthian shot, domineering bring people back to the cold early spring.Then, rain, flooding is emotion like the rhythm of the day and night under the next, like the long-awaited lover, smell, devotion, did not intend to leave.Turns warm again the feeling of living in spring wrapped desire warm heart.    There are times when the rain was shelved, was a pile of time in the rain, sitting quietly in the years the window, pick open hazy clouds of rain curtain, some days will be in the rain slowly become tender green start slowly, squeeze dendrite branches spread into the room.Shallow open arms, embrace the lush misty rain that touch the heart, it was full up this green plug up, and the people will float in the green flowing in, pulled fleeting memories hidden in the hearts of thoughts stir in green in dense soaring.    April, who is a long journey, all the way to stumble, to undertake the task of starting the winter, traveled alone in the spring of the tunnel; April, the main theme in green, rich, moist, tender, however comfortable, bright, warm; April this is a cozy warm season, it is tempting poetic moments.”World’s most beautiful April day” Whether literal or poetic interpretation of both profound connotation April.”Willows blowing side is not cold”, April wind, extreme, is to slightly ultimate Zhirou.Slowly glide cheek soft as silk, as the mother gently stroked Rounuan.    In April, you do not need to deliberately plan travel route.You, just one person, just one person, out of the house at random, will certainly reap unexpected surprise.Those weekdays, are you ignore ignore the bit will suddenly fall into your eyes: a tree, a blade of grass, a flower; and even, I heard the birds, a wisp of wind, Yimiyangguang, a shower , floral leaf, wave green wave, a knowing smile; also, the amazing encounter that corner, and everything will make you excited and eyebrows.    If you pay attention a little, you will find that in fact the most beautiful scenery is no longer far away from home, ends of the earth, and on your side: river that was dyed green corridor Yan Liu, winding stretches, wind Fu Liu shake , switchgrass kissed blue water ripples shallow waves.Green, the setting sun bathed the old man on crutches helped each phase, as the smile; the grass, chasing a cat leisurely teasing grasshopper jumped on the next jump, several strains of burning brightly shiny red rhododendron brighter future; an experienced torture winter meridian yellowish leaves tears in her farewell branches, ablation of clouds and rain in the spring; micro “Zhanyi For wet apricot rain,” April showers, very slightly, a little to the micro.Rhythm, Ugetsu Monogatari, laughing like a blossoming flower petals Raindrops crack illusion, layer upon layer, upon layer, like a thick carpet of petals blanket the earth.Wind before, fly like a butterfly limp walk, leaf petals jumped into the water, pull up the water and swim, as the small boat carrying Sinking drifting in the sun.    In April, it is among Huaichun girl, reserved, shy, gentle gestures full, elegant, charming.April sunshine, very soft, is to cotton to soft soft.Kiss nice and warm body every inch of skin, combing the soft, flowing hair.Green, unbridled flow field in the Sam Rainsy.In April, you travel, remember not to go too fast too busy, and song and the line slowly forward.Hillside, trees, flowers flourish, a layer dressed burial clothes canola flower wind surging sparkling, Zhu Zhu enchanting smile peach, like most one girl wearing pink clouds curl joy of spring , Enchanting; wind carry flowers, fresh; not far from the Gulf of green that clear streams, jade belt winding mountain between casual.Standing tall hilltop, overlooking the mountains and streams, all in the foot.If you really can not control their excitement, I can sing a song, and then a big mouth breath.Standing on top of the mountain, hands can hold pieces Lonely; opened it can dance sky, this moment, stand between the earth, the nature of any aura gently scrubbing dust Yang hearts, heart, clear and bright and clean , indifferent and quiet.This moment, you will truly understand “all day capacity, be tolerant to diversity” and the essence of the realm, forgotten and put aside worries troubles between the mundane world, everything seems insignificant fine, clear.Slipped the heart exile in April of time, let the increasingly bleak years of spring and lush plants that spread stretch.    Embrace the fleeting wisp of hair, leisurely in the heart; for some years cut flowers, sweet heart away; a time to skim star piece, blooming vicissitudes.April lean shoulders, shallow sing Inner Voices, life flies, time flies story, in April, whether or not, you can find the chapter in autumn?

An old grasshopper

I saw a grasshopper, in the fall of midday, the figure Shudan vegetable market in cement pavement.    I do not know where it came from, do not know where to go to find it, it is hard to think the wings lifted.100 meters in front, is a Zaoyuan, 100 meters later, when the wind tall trees aspen stand.In addition, no trace of green signs.    Sun is still intense, dry heat abnormal ground.Only old brown grasshopper, traveled crawling on a piece of wilted lettuce, Huzuohuyou, non-directional line.Occasionally, pedestrians hurrying by its side, the car roared from skimming over the leaves, it seems no see no smell, equanimity, just like a practice for many years fearless look.Only could not crawl in from time to time to shake its wings, it seems to fly but could do nothing, they do not seem to occupy the place it had occupied in the surrounding heterogeneous warning.    Only looked lonely old grasshopper, long-hidden innocence suddenly involuntarily in my heart filled with.Once upon a time, the home patch of overgrown offspring Huai, sunflowers, Artemisia, wormwood, green on a boundless flood, every summer season, readily throw a stone, it will be able startled numerous Insects.”A burn bag” is most weak, can not fly a few meters, to draw Caoke, limped four crawling; colored butterfly is the most calm, but a few seconds of silence, she resumed leisurely start of a panic; and the most numerous is the number of grasshopper, boisterous sky, loosed, black purple green and yellow, covered with top of the sky when a sudden, if you wish, just ripped T-shirt, just throw it out, more can not guarantee, eight or ten more than enough.So few on the table when the dinner will have a coveted catches a grasshopper feast.Of course, the “rare”, the grasshopper too much time, one to two to go, few people actually think of using it to feed their appetite.Only worldly children, only in earnest coax grasshopper, grasshopper caught, tied up with a thin rope, let it turn the rattling flying lap, when not to fly, grasshopper’s life would coming to an end.I looked around, no one pay attention to me.They jumped off my bike, squat body, my idea is very simple, to catch and take home, I rented a small courtyard, just a sarong idle, do not know the previous tenant made this stuff is doing and this time, let my curiosity to have a foothold!I slowly reached out and slowly close to the leaves, I want this one old grasshopper, along with its base winning!Early experience tells me to catch grasshoppers, to deal with such a high vigilance and skill particularly agile guy, have to have patience, perseverance, and with it the same wariness job.Thus, despite the burning sun baked the sky, rain and sweat from his face down, I slowly extended hand but calm was like a wooden stick – opportunity yet to come, how to tremble?    However, I soon have to withdraw arm.I found this one in front of a lonely old grasshopper, can no longer be brought back my interest.It not only lost a leg, even a broken wings.Did not jump the thigh, folding wings can not fly, no wonder it is to stick to this small leaves, it is no wonder that pedestrians and vehicles indifferent.I am reminded of the past, for such a grasshopper, we have only one way, throw in front of the chicken, the chicken looked a hundred into the belly.But not just in front of the shadow of a chicken, not to mention chicken, and even the sparrows are very rare.The pace of urbanization has been driven into the freezer the chicken, the sparrows out of the eaves.Of course, it touches on some street cats and dogs, but cats and dogs is no intention to enjoy this delicious.    Well, trample it right?It’s easy, just touch them, “pop” sound, grasshopper grasshopper became mud.But I can not bear.Grasshopper has not seen for many years, even back home, back in May, the huge river bank can not find traces of it.Patch of reeds turned into someone I do not know the chicken farm, those sunflowers, bitter wormwood, yellow Artemisia annua those lucky rabbit wild birds, but also a dark and quiet go incognito.Stead large tracts of young wheat, canola flower.Originally, for this type of grasshopper omnivores, it is not to reject any kind of green plants.Helpless, barley grass to weeding, de-worming to rapeseed, and the owner of these young wheat and rapeseed to be brisk.So, in all directions throughout the various drugs.Whether indigenous or far to the grasshopper, which also had only sigh is regrettable that the!I remember a book has been written about the spectacular scene carefully unearthed locusts, locust although not a good thing, but there is no locusts earth really is a good thing to do?I do not know.    I squatted on the ground, staring silently to and fro is still the only non-stop climb the old grasshopper, I would like to ask how it’s going children, know the story of dry mistake?Unfortunately, I did not ask out loud, grasshopper man will not answer.Maybe it is known, for example Flanagan thigh is when and where any reason to jump out of the wings of the bird is lost how to fly, but it does not say, I can only guess.Naughty child?No, that it lived today; grown up fight lover?Nor, it seems grasshopper never jealousy habit; so, like me, had problems difficult to eradicate, can not be tolerated in the crowd and hide themselves away from the familiar world?Grasshopper still come crawling back and forth constantly, there is no response to my guess.    I sighed, stood up and twist the grasshopper.Heart: the outside world, although exciting, but also very helpless.For example, only grasshopper, Zaozaowanwan will not know which foot which only one of the wheels grind to pieces, or a cold, a cold rain, or any accident at all, but it arrived, but the lonely heart irrepressible.In particular, it does not live on a little green concrete pavement, can only rely on one among the leaves wilting time being based on the so-called happiness, but it is a luxury?    I send you a stable or where, although not necessarily the original home to your life, but also passable.I held only brown and lonely old grasshopper, with only you can hear the voice said something.I hope grasshopper can understand my words, of course, it is not necessary thanks to the.However, all the way over, only traveled grasshopper crawling on my hand and my heart is empty, with its barbed tell what Tuizu.But this is what I do not understand.    Zaoyuan to the front, I stop and stand, the only old grasshopper gently placed on a bamboo fence, then waved his hand, said the sentence: Goodbye and good luck!He then step onto a bike, violently straighten a few!    Do not want to, just walked a few steps, ears suddenly sounded a rustling sound beat their wings.Acute back, tears streaming down almost: Barred Plymouth Rock rooster is a waltz leave from where I put the grasshopper!

After the third year era

REVIEW stood by the river, will be heartless in the wind tears, in spite of the people around them a strange look, as a place full of laughter I enjoy the freedom of discordant cry, the original, I really like that people say , thought the college entrance examination to college is into heaven, we did not want to leave paradise and farther away from the entrance end have a lot of days, there are many, many say, has been too lazy to keyboarding, in addition to the online watch some boring idol kill time, I do not know what to do.    The evening of June 6, that uncle died.Then he finished the second day did not sleep a Lanjue hurry back home.Banquet aunt family are Christian, the entire funeral will be like a solemn.But still hear sisters piercing cry, my eyes have been very sluggish, holding the left and right hands of two daughters, her sister, the child is still small, they looked at me excited, this legendary aunt Meng Meng, they grew up in Xinjiang grew up and I first met.They like little adults, and as I tell the story in Xinjiang, I am a little absent-minded.Peas looked bright eyes, listening to Cher happy sounds, I really wonder if I am attending a wedding.    When buried, Cher crying face and tears, Peas but from time to time raised his head to see me: Meng Meng aunt, grandfather is not really the way to heaven?Meng Meng aunt, until I think of my grandfather, I wind up flying about, it is not able to see grandpa in heaven ah?    I looked around the vast wheat fields, golden yellow, as well as several graves scattered on one or two of white cloth floating in the wind.This home makes me feel empty and helpless, there is no basis, and no one can answer their questions for me.I do not believe in Christianity, I do not know if there really is a paradise, is not really allow people to obtain eternal life in there, is it really possible to protect all well-meaning people always safe, is not it just as they expect there will always be a day later the family will come back together again , I’m tired.But my heart still has one thing in mind, I’m going to Qingdao, we need to obtain the consent of my mother.Six months I have not doubt I will be able to convince my mom and hope for half a year, supporting me through high school senior belief that I finished college entrance examination will be able to go to Qingdao, and he was there waiting for me.We have even arranged the itinerary, the arrival of this day devout and cautiously waiting.    The next day, pick a prospective opportunity, take advantage of my mom pretty good mood when I asked if she could let me go to Qingdao.My mother asked, is it to find him?I Enliaoyisheng.Mom is very simple to say that this is probably not.This is the result I expected, of course, like a good strategy, and I asked her why not, she was going to a little bit to dispel concerns and worries.So, I thought she is a lot of worry, I did not expect my mother just say, I do not want you together.    My plan was suddenly disrupted.This is what I have not imagined dialogue, I totally unprepared, always thought my mother liked him, not against us, and suddenly realized it was my mother in order not to affect my mood does not affect my learning was manifested concession, now college entrance examination is over, everything is true attitudes are exposed when the.    Then my mother said a lot.She told me, you do not go to college, you get to college there will be more outstanding boys like you, you can not take the long view was so shallow, and perhaps you simply do not find it inappropriate you.    I said I will not betray.    Mom laughed and said what a betrayal?You’re not his private property, you are free, you have the right to choose their own happiness, how can I say it is a betrayal?    I was silent, then said after a long, anyway, I will not leave him, there may be more good boys, but that is not me, I just want to have a really good for me.Even faithless will not betray the back of the charges, I will blame a lifetime of guilt.    Mom said, yes, I was afraid you feeling after too deep remorse later on the other side of the injury will be deeper.With your condition you have a better choice Why do not you do?Then my mother and put her son had the classic criteria: good-natured, everything got you in the first place, looks normal on the line, but the child must be high, the best can play the piano, not a celebrity, not too my heart rich mother told me his first love and do her best to make me believe that love is never finally be.I began to feel despair, the only idea is to quickly end the conversation.    I told him the result of the conversation, his eyes tone I can understand that he has not only disappointed, there is a little angry.I spoke quietly listening to his own ideas, he did not look forward to, and I feel farther and farther away from him, that my mother never agree with us, and he seemed more desperate than I.He looks scared me.I know that he lived a year at the University of boredom even decadent days, not to make friends, do not touch the girls, I think a lot a lot of time, I know I’m not what he learned at his side have no power, guarding every day waiting for a phone pressing two messages may come, to Saturday afternoon will be eagerly waiting for my call, we came together the day I silently around him, remembering the poor together at Peking University of 8 hours.Today, everything is dire predictions My mother put a curse, what we really should give up?    Also like extraordinary, this is the first love, it stalls the most painful long distance relationship.For us too far to give up, we never bothered to young it.Cowardly abandon those who choose.And I have many times thought about giving up is probably wise choice.What we need is happiness, rather than to each other to bring pain and depression.But the truth eventually let go and I can not go Qingdao has been placed in front of.    Finished has dared to answer, though I know I have tried, I have no regrets, we still have the courage.I want to escape, fled home to escape her mother I guess every text message, escape from this let me do one thing to see every thing will think of his place.I chose Shanghai, with friends, visiting Suzhou and Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuzhen see and enjoy everything away from the hustle.    Stood by the river, it will heartless cry in the wind, in spite of the people around them a strange look, as a place full of laughter I enjoy the freedom of discordant cry, the original, I really like others said, thought went to college entrance examination is finished into heaven, we did not want to leave paradise and farther away gone tomorrow, I look forward to the Yangtze River Delta, dressed in cheongsam ink streamer, that a silent apricot, that a graceful delicate face, that of a gentle whisper soft words put me away, take me to a passionate and unforgiving place, with a Nepenthe, disappeared in damp alley deep, extra-edged paper umbrella that aside, what can it?Rain is in my heart, How Xiaosan can block the world?