Family education for Korean mothers

浙江体彩61 My classmate Mei Zi went to South Korea for development a few years ago, and now he has established himself in a foreign country. This time he returned to his hometown, and the family of four all returned home for New Year’s Day, specially inviting a few girlfriends to narrate the story.. Not seen for many years, we had a very happy chat. What impressed me most was my Korean mother’s tutor, which opened my eyes and gave me a lot of insight..   Plum married a genuine Korean husband, had a son and a woman, and lived with her in – laws. The daughter is thirteen years old, she has entered middle school, and the son is nine years old, and she is in primary school. The two children are very clever and sensible. When we go, we are all busy serving tea and water, which is very polite. Plum and husband met at work, and the husband and wife got along well with each other. Both husband and wife work in a large-scale enterprise and enjoy favorable economic conditions. But when she got home, she became a housewife, cooking and tidying up the house. After doing the housework, I hold a book in my hand and enjoy a person’s world quietly, while the children go back to the room to do their homework by themselves..   Plum said, ” What kind of person do you want your child to be, first of all, you should set an example yourself.”. Under the influence of mother, both children love reading and have excellent academic results. If a mother only knows how important it is to play and educate her children to read, it is obviously not true.. The child’s study does not take a lot of time to urge, but to stimulate his inner desire for study. Only when he has motivation and interest can he consciously study.. The subtle influence of parents is very important. When parents are successful in their career, children will have envy and admiration in their hearts, thus encouraging them to learn from their parents. It is wrong for some women to give up their careers for their children after they get married. Career and family are equally important.   I asked Mei Zi, do Korean children also have a reverse period? When children are young, they tend to be obedient. In their teens, they often love to confront their parents and do not love to communicate with them.. Plum asked me, why don’t children love to communicate with adults? Because of the generation gap. The reason why the generation gap arises is that your knowledge and opinions are behind the times, and your child does not keep up with the times and the pace of growth, and the child feels that it is meaningless to communicate with you.. Therefore, parents should continue to learn to be good parents and accompany their children to grow up while doing a good job in their career and housework.. The process itself is also pleasant.   Learning to communicate with children is also a skill. In daily life, we should be good at observing children’s learning, life and psychological dynamics. Good at catching the bright spots and interests of children. On the other hand, help them to solve problems in time.. First of all, we must find a relaxed environment and a suitable opportunity for our children to take out their heart’s words. We just need to listen carefully and give some instructive suggestions.. Children will feel that their parents really care for him and attach importance to him instead of perfunctory and giving up him.. Children can feel the energy flow of love and thus establish a close relationship with you in their heart.. The next time you encounter a problem, you will be happy to exchange views with you.   Plum’s adopted son gave me a thorough brain wash. Having such a successful mother is bound to educate a successful child.. It seems that Korean mothers are not simple either. Mothers are the leaders of children’s lives. Only when they follow the right people will they choose the right life path and lead a successful life..     2 015.01. 27

Children’s Fun Report of Granddaughter

Child interest, lovely, innocent.   Innocent, it is without crooked brains and evil intentions, but it does not exclude children’s articulate and intelligent turn.. When my daughter eiko was in kindergarten, her daughter sugar candy ( born on August 1, 2009 ), she would make a phone call every three or five minutes to tell us the story of sugar candy children, which often made us laugh. Eiko called, most of them started like this” Dad, you see sugar candy is really interesting”. I remember the ” really interesting” ones several times.   One sugar candy asked her father to give him an arithmetic lesson, and her father agreed.   So she invited her mother, her grandmother, her uncle and her to attend the class together, and they all agreed. During the class, her father asked the sugar candy ” how much is two plus two?”, the sugar candy stood up and replied ” four”, and her father asked ” how much is four plus three”? The sugar candy replied loudly,’ equal to seven’, and after answering the question, her father went on to ask,’ how much is seven plus five?? ”. Sugar blinked and couldn’t answer. But when she turned her head, she immediately said,’ Teacher, isn’t it time for other students to answer the questions? ‘ so, we all laughed.   When sleeping at night, eiko asked candy” why don’t you answer? ‘ Sugar said,” Mom, I really can’t do that.’,’ You little prick, no, you said no, why do you say that”, Sugar giggled and embarrassed..[ Author’s Commentary: The little head turned quickly, covering up his embarrassment. However, the mother did not appreciate the slippery head, but taught the child to be honest and face the dinner of the second night. The eiko filled a bowl of porridge with sugar and sugar on the table, and she took a gulp of it on the table because she was a bit hot and then spit it out..   Sugar didn’t cry or lose his temper, but immediately sent a macro – comment to her mother.’ mom, don’t you know sugar is afraid of scalding? Sugar is the most afraid of being scalded. For you, it may not be scalded. For me, it is very scalded. Where can I stand it? ‘ small mouth sharp – toothed, eloquent.   The eiko said,’ why are you drinking so much? you are not careful. you can try it first? ‘ Sugar said,” but I’m so hungry.”. Eiko said again,’ If you are hungry, can you not be careful? Why don’t you think about what you did right and how do you just blame your mother? ‘ Sugar and sugar were speechless, knowing that they were also wrong and could not all blame their mother.[ Author’s Commentary: The child has a macro theory and two rhetorical questions. The language structure is complex and the expression is wonderful. He is not praised but criticized because in his mother’s eyes, it is more important to be strict with oneself than sharp – tongued..[ Original ]Third, my wife called Yingzi, and sugar candy knew it was Grandma’s phone, so she grabbed the microphone and shouted’ Grandma, sugar candy loves you’ at the other end. Her wife said’ Sugar candy, grandma also loves you. ‘ My wife said.” Sugar sugar, who else do you love? Sugar said,’ I still love my father, mother and grandfather’. My wife teased her again.’ Sugar candy, Mom and Dad, who do you love more? ‘ Sugar without thinking, said seriously.” Grandma, I love Dad more.” Wife said,” Sugar, your mother is right beside you. Why do you say you love Dad more?? Sugar said,’ because my father is ill and in poor health. ‘ Mother said.” Oh, well, sugar candy is really a sensible good child. ‘ Sugar said,” Granny, really, I love Dad more.”.   Yingzi said that before this, there was one more thing: I was going on a business trip, and sugar-coated grandma and a relative took her to Xiamen, and when the elevator went downstairs, the relative said,’ As soon as we left, her father was alone at home. Hearing this, the sugar candy immediately said to grandma,’ I’m not going to Xiamen, my father is lonely at home, and I want to stay with my father.” she said, dragging her suitcase to go home.. These two sugar candy really touched her father’s tears.[ Author’s Commentary: A little girl, so delicate and considerate to her father, really gave birth to a man and a woman. At the beginning of the fourth year, Yingzi came to stay with sugar candy for a few days. When she left, sugar candy said that she liked her grandmother’s red quilt and insisted on taking it away. Since her granddaughter liked it, her wife packed it and let her take it away.. When she came home in summer, her wife took out a nice little towel blanket for sugar candy. she asked,’ sugar candy, do you like this quilt? Yes, I like it very much. ‘ sugar and smiling said to grandma.   ‘ I’ll give it to you if I like, and you’ll take it away when I go back. ‘ Sugar and sugar happily asked in a consultative tone.” Mom, what do you say? ‘ eiko didn’t speak, but ruthlessly stared her one eye. Sugar sugar small head a turn, said’ then listen to grandma’s’. The next morning, when she got up, sugar and sugar folded the towel neatly and tried to fit it into her own suitcase. eiko told her to put it on the bed first and take it when she left.. When he left, I forgot sugar and sugar. I didn’t bring it back to her home in Quanzhou. She opened the suitcase and didn’t see the towel quilt. She asked eiko to say,’ Mom, the towel quilt hasn’t been brought back. Why don’t you remind me. ‘ eiko said.” not mom doesn’t remind you that you can’t always get things from grandma’s house.Do you understand? Last winter, sugar candy asked eiko to cover her with a red quilt. eiko asked her where the red quilt came from. she had already forgotten that eiko said you brought it from grandma’s house. this story suddenly reminded her of the small towel quilt and said,’ oh, grandma’s house still has a beautiful small towel quilt. grandma said it was for me, mom, I can’t listen to you. next time I go to grandma’s house, I must bring the towel back.. ”[ Author’s Commentary: All say girls dominate the family. I think this has nothing to do with the family. It is the aesthetic judgment of the granddaughter that likes the flower quilt.”. The fifth sugar candy just went to school this autumn. Because of carelessness, it was very frustrating that it failed to get full marks in the first two math tests.. After getting 100 points in the last two exams, eiko called her wife, reported the good news first, and then continued to talk about her business at the canton fair.. When sugar candy finished her homework, she cried out at the end of the phone as soon as she heard the phone call from grandma.’ grandma, I got 100 marks in math,’ my wife said,’ yes, I should be praised.” sugar candy said,” the teacher praised me. However, when the teacher memorized my name, my heart jumped up and down and my face was red.’ My wife said,’ very excited, isn’t it? ‘ Sugar said.” I’m very happy. ‘ My wife and eiko continued to chat. After a while, the childlike child voice of sugar and sugar came from the other end of the phone. Her name was high.” Grandma, I got 100 marks in math test.. ‘ My wife said.” Grandma knows. ‘ Kid is really interesting, so I said to my granddaughter.” Sugar sugar, you just went to school again and scored 100 points? ‘ The sugar candy at the other end of the phone was speechless at the moment. After a while, she reacted, ” Bad grandpa, you are bad grandpa.”. ‘ I heard eiko say to sugar candy.” can’t scold grandpa, grandpa means if you don’t score another 100 points, don’t say it again, because you have already said it, grandpa and grandma all know it. ‘ I asked sugar candy.” I always said that I got 100 points in the exam. Is it a little proud?? No, I’m happy. I said,’ Everyone has been happy for you. Your happiness can be put in your heart. You don’t have to talk about it all the time, you know? I know, otherwise, people will tell me how beautiful I am. My wife continued to chat with eiko for a long time. sugar and sugar didn’t interrupt any more. it seems that she already knows to suppress her impulse of joy..[ Author’s Commentary: Appreciation Education thinks that good children are boastful. I think it is not enough to boast, teaching is indispensable, and must not be absent[ Original ]

Autumn rain lingering

The weekend is still a good day, but it started raining on Tuesday, and it has been raining for two days, which can be described as continuous and continuous. This time of year, it rains like this, but it doesn’t always rain like that. It is not like the summer rain that comes and stops, like a hot young man, but the autumn rain is like a shy young girl. She sings more often than not, thinking about people’s voices, and occasionally feels sad and touching..     Because it rained for two days, I didn’t go out after class. I have always been a fool in my own house and didn’t buy vegetables. Fortunately, the vegetables I bought last week, though not very good, can still be handled, just a few potatoes and chili pepper tomatoes.. These days remind me of the situation when I was transferred to a primary school in a leading area a few years ago. There were only four or five teachers in that school, and they all went home at night. Because I was far away, I was the only one who lived there. There was no family around that school, and I was afraid of living there. But she went back at night, where to stay away from the city and eat and buy things was a problem. However, it was the female colleague in the same room who returned to me every time she cooked a meal, and sometimes looked at it clearly.. I remember that I went to that school for a week or two at this time of the year. I took a sixth-grade Chinese class. I never handed in a Chinese class, but the students there were especially good. One day I was late for class, but I heard the birds in the classroom were silent outside. How can the quality of the current students compare with those of the students?? If the teacher had not been in the classroom, it would have been a mess, maybe he would have opened it! So I said that the students and teachers there are really the purest, as clean as a newborn baby. Although nearly ten years have passed, I still can’t forget that I have collected several diaries there, but I will never forget them. I wonder if the teacher is all right now? Today is Teacher’s Day and I hope that teacher will be happy.     It’s getting dark, so I like this night. I can write my favorite words while listening to the song. I don’t have to worry about anything else I haven’t finished, especially when my mother always shouts at the back of my hometown about not washing clothes and cooking meals for my children.. The mind is also the quietest time, and can live in its own world and say whatever it wants. In fact, this is the day I have been longing for, creating in a quiet small room..     Today’s mood is still good, sending a message to my dear, and making a phone call. His attitude is still good. Every time I call him, if he has time, he will come back soon. Judging from the speed of his call back, he still loves me, not as I thought, he doesn’t love empathy anymore, and men don’t love empathy so much. After all, I’m not old, and we are old friends for decades.. The most important thing is that he took the initiative to be good with me, not that I stuck to him. Love is like this, first the man attacked, but then the man was not so enthusiastic, and the woman ran after the man in reverse, because her heart could not hold the man at all..     In this autumn rain lingering day, how I wish to be with him, I remember a poem that said I hope people will live for a long time and live together in thousands of miles. I hope we can stay so forever..

A pillow of chrysanthemum fragrance

The night was cold and dew, and the west wind was faint in late autumn. Chrysanthemum was as fragrant as gold.. Shui Mu Jiangnan, near the mountain road and on the ridge of the field, stars set off a world with faint chrysanthemum fragrance..     Grandma, I am dreaming day and night, always holding your skirt tightly, looking back at the arms of Jiangnan, everywhere – remembering the autumn mountain chrysanthemums. With your warm hands, you gather autumn full of wild and flowing gold, and in the night of sleepless lights, you sew your heart’s thoughts and cares into this chrysanthemum pillow.     The rustling wind once again turned over the quiet diary that belongs to me, where my memory of you is deeply hidden. Grandma, you said that the chrysanthemum is very fragrant, but it will still wither in winter. You said that some things will be forgotten in the past, while some things will never be forgotten in the rest of your life. What you probably forget is happiness, and what you remember is pain and sadness. You said, no matter how quiet my future life is, you only want me to walk through safely, find someone who loves me and lead an ordinary life..     In those repeated autumn seasons, I was full of melancholy, accompanied by chrysanthemum flowers and wet worries. I did not know what was waiting for me.. Therefore, there is no note or movement in this season, no throb or reverie, only silence and sadness, grandma, because you have left me far away!     Grandma, I believe that you have gone through the vicissitudes of life in the world and have chosen to go to heaven!     The round moon has once again risen slowly in the twilight haze, shining brightly. With the mountain chrysanthemum resting on my head, I listened to the instructions of autumn and chanted a lullaby without wind or rain.. Grandma, you once said that life is uneven and life is not entirely a picture. No matter failure or obstruction, people should be strong. You said that when flowers bloom, they will also fall, but they will still bloom again, so people will also grow strength with hope.. So you want me to be happy without depression. You said, in order to pursue the transcendence of life, we can withstand the ordeal. In order to find the perfect answer, we can suffer suspicion. For the joy of longing for the soul, we can endure misfortune. You said, I hope to see my smiling face and know that I am happy when the moon shines on the mountain chrysanthemum.! However, the sad wind has blown into my heart from the moment you left me, blowing away my calm.     Four seasons of the year, can delay for Qian Shan million water; Wind from any direction will have a familiar rural accent. The wandering night sky is blurred and scattered with chrysanthemum flowers, but I can’t find my lost heart again. Grandma, I just know your sadness once upon a time..     At this time, I only wish to go through the years like autumn wind, to find those colorful dreams and feelings, to fly purple in the blue sky, to listen to the sound of free zither, to sing Shan Ye to capture the fragrance of mountain chrysanthemum, and never feel sad again. What you hold in your hands is the home where I sleep peacefully..     Grandma, the mountain is high and the road is far away. I can’t walk out of your blurred vision. At that time, when light finished the last flower withering, there was only one color left in the season of reincarnation, and when the arduous journey was about to finish the last journey, a grateful heart of love and hope did not sigh and complain at all because of a pillow of chrysanthemum flowers..     Tears flow quietly, accompanied by a pillow of chrysanthemum fragrance.

‘ Potato” Light

All things, before I was three years old, were completely forgotten, and after I was three years old, some of them were remembered.   My mother and I wound our way around the mountain road and climbed into a vast expanse of sweet potato land against the sun.. In autumn, a piece of golden yellow, sweet potato branches and leaves are sucked by greedy sunshine and feel gaunt. But I was clapping my hands and jumping around happily, because sweet potatoes are finally ripe.. This is part of my memory.   In the plain for many years, climbing a mountain road once in a while is always a complete pastime. On weekdays, she curled up at home, her friends were far apart, and her mother was busy with her pots and pans.. The day is my own, no one shares it with me.   Although this is a plain, the fields of the family are almost all on the mountain. He is in Dongshan, you are in Xishan and I am in the north of Nanshan. They are different from each other.. In order not to walk a little more, the families lived with the fields.   The word’ neighbor’ is not called here because it is not. It is a pity that many villagers have gradually lost contact with each other in this way. However, if this is not the case, the extra road is really long and long!   Every time I went down the mountain to go home, I saw enough of the green sweet potato land, took the baked sweet potato in my hand and gulped it down. At this moment, my mother looked at me stupefied and said nothing.   I know my mother’s heart and trust my happiness to the quiet sweet potato land. I can’t help worrying about it.. But as long as I can remember, my mother has been led by the day and has no time to be free to take care of her children..   ‘ Ah, soon my Bao Er will return to my belly, or grow up quickly, my poor child! ‘ look at the mother’s eyes, couldn’t help thinking of this sentence, mother don’t say, I also understand.   This is my loneliness and unhappiness before I went to school, so my childhood flowed back and forth on the mountain road..     For a few years, most of them traveled through the plain, and even the slightly undulating hillsides rarely climbed, leaving the mountain roads in the fields nowhere to be seen.. Only in the autumn harvest did they miserly step on it and help their mother work for a while.   Every morning, a white bus passes by on time, carrying some people who go to the county to sell goods, relatives and school children.. Of course, there are chicken, duck, food and fruit. Moving, motionless, all stuffed in the container and on the roof, all kinds of noise. At this point, it is time for me to launch my bike, carry my bag and rush out of the house.   For me, that bus, which is not silent, is only a passer – by, never touching it or letting it go for a year..   Mother worked alone on this small land for more than ten years, planting in spring and harvesting in autumn, going round and round in the days, and just filling up her stomach. Although my father works abroad and sends home some money every year, this is just enough for my tuition, and life is still short of money.. So I will never let that door swallow any of my coins and a paper ticket.   Looking at a few rich kids dragging their fat bodies towards the bus and disappearing in the car, the car crashed with a clash. And I, like a large group of school children, rode all the way on my beloved bicycle.   In fact, rich families are rare here. Parents are either village officials or teachers, and nothing else. The vast majority, like my family, barely live. But I am still happy and carefree. Most of the time I spent with my classmates was reserved for fighting and fighting. You chased me. After all, he took off his lonely coat, which was light and always good.   That’s it. I used to eat scallions and cabbages on weekdays, and a sudden meal of braise in soy sauce will surely make me forget everything, and the hard-won happiness will naturally weigh on my studies..   As for my achievements, my mother never asked me, but only did things for me, including what should be done and what should not be done.   When the sun has not hidden the moonlight and starlight, my mother will get up and make breakfast for me, whether in summer or in winter. It was not until my stomach was full of rice and soup and water that I was willing to pick up my bag and rush to the county school. How many times, when she left, her mother would always go to the kitchen and bring two sweet potatoes. She wanted me to bring them, but timidly shrank her hand and took them back..   In my mother’s eyes, my childhood is always holding her guilt and helplessness. I have no toys, no partners and only sweet potato childhood. My mother knows the taste of it better than I do. Even if she cares about me, it is also heart – warming..   I grabbed hot sweet potatoes from my mother’s hand, took a bite hard and said with a smile, ” Mom, I love to eat.”. He flew out of the door with one foot and refused to say ” hello”.   Her eyes were set with tears, her mouth was gnawing at sweet potatoes, and she looked back and saw the mother who had sent me out of the house. She was sad until she slowly receded in class..     The autumn harvest of the year came, and all of their fields except some corn and sorghum were sweet potatoes.. That piece of dead sweet potato seedling, yellow and yellow, obediently stuck to the ground and did not move. Under it, it must be big sweet potatoes that are beautiful and bright, waiting for us to dig.  My mother said to me, ” Sweet potatoes are big and sweet when the seedlings are withered, and green seedlings cannot be considered mature.”. In other words, only one part of life can shine another part. My mother gave me all her love. What did she get while her father was away?   The sun pressed directly on my head. It was unbearable, and my mother was tired. She collapsed and sat down in the field and took out sweet potatoes that were still warm. The fragrance that had remained unchanged for ten years was probably cold and won’t disperse.!   A hill, with both yin and yang sides, is divided into several fields and is also owned by different families. It’s not far to get together.. At this time, they would hold some sweet potatoes and jars full of pickles in their clothes every time, rush to their mother’s place, and then sit around for a long talk..   After all, before the village folks, also only in this few days to meet rarely, each other as cherish very much.   The people here have a common custom that as long as they work in the fields, whether sowing or harvesting in autumn, lunch is settled in this land, or simply picnics.. In this open-air restaurant, their attitude is sometimes helpless and sometimes satisfied.   Sowing in spring, even if the journey is closer and you want to go home again, is not enough. It’s not worth it to drag your legs down the mountain with fatigue.   The villagers’ acquaintance, acquaintance and gathering also had to endure the autumn harvest. The granaries are full, the food is abundant, and the sharing with other people is natural.. In those days, the people in the big restaurant were happy and satisfied no matter what they thought.   I grabbed a sweet potato and rubbed my butt to one side, quietly eating it. The conversation between adults, even if it is not important, should not be interrupted out of politeness. It is better not to even listen to it. I understand this.   Through the wind, I still heard some words slightly, such as children, college students, jobs, benefits and generous benefits, which I screened out from them and were quite interested in..   Holding the soft sweet potato with both hands, he kicked the soil and walked to the center of the field, leaning against the mountain-like sweet potato pile, thinking about these words and looking at his mother.. Once again, that sad feeling came to my mind, like a billow crashing into every nerve of mine, like a needle-punched pain..   I began to seem to realize something, but it was not accurate.   Pigeon gray sky, like being evenly sprinkled with layers of fine sand, slightly cloudy. The sunset glow, which is not protected by the clouds, rose briskly. The blood dyed the sweet potato hill, which was already red, sending out a fiery glow, and all forms were like volcanoes..   It coheres energy that cannot be estimated and begins to move slightly. The top of it is squeezed out of the volcano slurry, and it will soon burst, shaking more and more violently. The light goes up into the sky, and the color of the light is brighter and brighter than ever..   Ah – it broke out!   All the heat released extends to the fields, rivers, mountains, homes and warm areas. From then on, it was warm in winter. The autumn wind is the same, no matter how to wander in the wilderness, it will not be as cold as it is now.   I don’t know if that beautiful day will come, but I just look forward to it, because it’s so long and long, I don’t think about it at the moment, and I don’t care much about it. The bitter pain suddenly spread all over my body and was extremely unbearable..   Mother said she could finish it herself. Want me to go back quickly, see me shivering with cold, must be love dearly not line.   I looked at the small volcano in front of me and glanced back at a few baskets of sweet potatoes. The job was obviously far from over. I turned around and rushed down the mountain, taking advantage of the glow, I went back to fetch some clothes and could work with my mother..   The empty sweet potato field spread out infinitely behind the mother, and the bent body became a black spot in the sunset.   It was dark, like a giant grabbed the land and threw it into hell.   This mountain road has been followed since childhood, and it is often repeated several times. Even after many years of interval, it can find its way back with its eyes closed, and the darkness of the day will not hinder anything.. It’s just that without mother’s company, it’s another kind of mood.   My mother and I went back and forth for six times before the end.   After that, he took a rest.   In the middle of the night ruthlessly devouring the mother’s body. She lay flat and did not dare to move, her eyes closed, and her mouth kept making a whooping sound.. I know that my mother has suffered from leg pain for many years, and it is this season every year, which is related to overwork.. Although the autumn harvest is only a few days long, once it hurts, it will be difficult to get better.   Another year, when the mother’s illness has not fully healed, the autumn harvest of this year will come again.   Mom, what should I do for the love you gave me and for your health? Baskets of sweet potatoes are neatly stacked on top of each other in silent corners without making any noise or noise..   I think it’s time for me to be quiet. After all, happiness is related to silence. Those lessons that have always been trampled and pressed by happiness are best done in silence.. This answer is more accurate than ever.   Since then, I have become quiet, like baskets of sweet potatoes.     One day three years later, I left.Leaving the sweet potato land in my life, I couldn’t take away my favorite mother, and my father was still on the outside, so I wouldn’t say who left..   The letter of admission to the university is the greatest love left to the mother by the children who have lived on this sweet potato field for more than ten years..   Before dawn, when I was sitting in my folks’ convertible, my mother stuffed me with a large bag of freshly baked sweet potatoes and asked me to eat them on the way.   This is the autumn of the year. There is no mother and no small volcano. Only the car is driving carefully on the bumpy road. The cold wind then swishes into my cuffs and trousers. Even if I wear more clothes, it will not reach the cold..   The bag of sweet potatoes around me is not willing to take out and eat, and always wants to give it to the newly enrolled roommates so that they can know and remember a child coming out of the sweet potato field.. But at present it is the only warm thing. After repeated inner struggles, the sweet potato bag was finally untied.   At this point, the sky broke, the light scattered and passed over the hill. I know that my body will be warmer soon.

I can’t take part in the regulations like the sky

I can’t write like the sky: the pen name of Song Junfeng: Lan Feng opens his sleeping eyes, knocks on the tight door of his heart, picks up the fragments of fate, and puts together a complete life..     There is no attached soul site, floating over life, the spots eroded by wind and rain are the marks carved by years, accompanied by pain, the body has a shape, the life has a contour, and it begins to sense the zero point of temperature, the boiling blood is the energy source of the body, and the places flowing through are like warm currents, with mottled color marks..     We are always wandering in the progress, waiting in the wandering, collecting time as a bargaining chip, clinging to an ideal result, because we are unwilling to be mediocre, because we refuse to sink, we run forward recklessly, despite stumbling and hardships, but never compromise, doing a unique self, deducing the incomparable splendor..     Often looking up at the sky, the blue mark is full of young pupils, sighing at the glow of the sun, so amazing a work, showing the beauty of a wonderful pen and flowers, the warmth of golden light, pouring into the heart, the wind is light and the clouds are light.. I’ve heard such a saying,’ The sky is blue, blue is a bit cold! ‘ inadvertently, this sentence is deeply imprinted in my mind and engraved in my heart. I can’t know what the mood of the person who said this sentence at that time was, but it seems to be a pair of deep eyes, attracting me for a long time.. The flowing clouds have no vestiges and the wind has passed without trace, which is probably the reason for this. People often compare life to a road, but I falsely describe life as the sky, vast and boundless, embracing everything, holding the whole piece of blue alone, sometimes nestling in the sunrise, gradually shining, sometimes dotted with white clouds, and gradually following the beauty of freedom..     Could it be that the sky has long since abandoned the worldly feelings, without worry or melancholy, without waiting for anything. However, we can only yearn for the natural and unrestrained air in the sky. We have feelings of helplessness, emotional entanglements and rich material and spiritual pursuits. Therefore, we cannot help but have some worries and sentimentality. We remember the past, lament the present and look forward to the future..     I can’t be as magnanimous and bold as the sky. With a curious heart, I explored the unknown world, carried a light and simple bag, set foot on strange behavior, walked together with the scenery along the way, walked away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and awakened the bud of pure land sleeping in my heart.. In ancient times, there was Liu Yuxi’s broad-minded mind of’ no chaos of silk and bamboo, no labor for need’ and’ the realm of poetry hao’ is naturally beyond reach, only the small endowment emotional appeal of’ taking a nap with delicate fragrance and turning into light smoke and drinking wind’.     I can’t break away from fate like the sky. There are unexpected events in the sky, and people are in danger of disaster and happiness. What is falling in the eyes, the precipitation of years or the uneasiness of reality. We cannot predict what will happen next, whether it will be happy or sad, or whether it will also be good or bad. At this moment, we are so pale and powerless that we should compete with the so-called fate.? Some people are willing to sink, while others are trying to read the chapter of fate. From time to time, dust will fall into the eyes, lose their eyes and suffer terribly..     I can’t like the sky, wild goose without trace. How can I stop the steps of those people who walk into my life and shine in my life? People who stay here and there constantly change their faces. In front of people, yesterday’s events, today’s and evening’s events, where to find them! I can’t say goodbye to those who play an important role in life, because their existence gives me the opportunity to experience the cold and warm weather of the world, because their existence does not allow me to play a lonely role, because their existence fills the gap in my life….     The place of heaven and earth is round, which is the ancient people’s initial cognition of heaven and earth, round! Nature is also everyone’s most sincere hope, the beauty of second time around and the beauty of the full moon.. Is it the best interpretation of the circle? Although not as beautiful as the sky, I only hope to make my sky more delicate in color..     Blue brocade with wonderful embroidery is my most extravagant pursuit.

Enjoy your own world in peace

The scenery of nature is wonderful, quiet and enjoyable. Early in the morning, I quietly welcomed the sunrise and came to the field to suck the fragrance of the soil and fill my eyes with golden fruits on the ground.. The crystal dewdrops cling to the top of the plant, shining brightly, crushing and walking, wetting the foot surface. In winter, I like to watch the snow in silence, watch the snow fall quietly, fly quietly, and make the sky white all over the ground.. In winter, when the’ six flying flowers enter the house, sit and watch the bamboos turn into cool branches. The snow is three points white, but the snow loses a sweet taste. ‘ all wrote about the cold in winter, adding to the charm of winter. After the’ blowing open the petals of ten thousand pear trees’ snow, I went through the snow and printed the happy notes in a series of footprints..     People’s life is colorful, enjoying life in peace and savoring life. Autumn day, autumn is high and cool, it is the fulfillment of harvest. Find fun in peace, find innocence in peace. I dare not count the years, because in a twinkling of an eye, a group of young people in their prime have turned into middle-aged people who are not confused, and the green silk has quietly turned silver hair and wrinkles have inadvertently spread all over their faces. There is a story in every wrinkle, a vicissitude of life in every story, a nostalgic heart in every vicissitude of life, and a wish in every nostalgic heart: That is to make this friendship last forever.! Listen to a beautiful song, the melodious melody flows quietly, washing away the past heart fatigue, and the throbbing heart will dance with it. So I prefer the calm after the rainstorm, when the sky was deep and clean, the calm after the surge, the torrential rain, a flash of lightning and a command, glared at the washing of all things, brushed off their own exhaustion, washed away human regrets, and cleared the world of ugliness.. Left a beautiful rainbow and threw it into the sky. Staying still in the wet air, I have the heart to dye myself colorful wings to fly.     Years left marks, like a wisp of floating lines on a lake like jade, have passed through it. Looking forward, it’s just a floating dream. But behind him, the years such as the opening and falling of Qinglian provoked a smile and also touched the wound.. More than forty years old, year after year is aftertaste, year after year is happy and sad. I envy the towering mountain, straight cloud. I like the quiet middle mountain, looking at the towering, magnificent, steep and steep mountain.. Look at the clouds that were born in the mountains. Listen to the mountain’s aura and feel the beauty of nature. I admire the vast sea to accommodate all rivers. I had a dream to climb to the top of the mountain and see the world in a glance. I wish I were a coral on the bottom of the sea, intertwined for you and colorful for you. Shu sleeve long dance, I was drunk. I sing with all my heart and soul.. I had yearned for the bottom of the sea and looked broad – mindedly. I wish I were a snow lotus on the top of the mountain, dancing my waist for you and smiling for you. Meteor, is the trace of night, draw the glittering light and shadow; Falling red is the trace of flowers, and the burning and fragrant appearance is shattered. Wild goose shadow is the trace of autumn, flying over Xiao Xiao Han Qing. I can’t leave any trace of myself in the sky, but I did fly by.     Time is like an hourglass, the years flow away between the fingers, the hourglass drops out and there will be another end, but it is another meaning of eternity. But time has no other shore, and everything can’t come back after handstand. I like to watch the sea quietly and watch the waves beat the shore far away, surging and surging, watching the three feet of calm waves splatter away, the tide of nearsighted sea water rising and falling, and the glow of clouds shining brightly.. I like to stand on the roof at night and watch the city lights quiet. As dusk climbed up the window, the noisy city of the day was temporarily quiet, the colorful street lamps shone brilliantly, and the eyes of the cars flickered on the busy roads.. Perhaps the trace is the way the snail climbs, the friction between tenderness and firmness; It is the sky that the goshawk streaks across, and it is the accommodation of ambition and vastness. It is the mud that has been traced, the potholes that fall and stand. What we have, what we have dreamed, what we have chased, what we have persisted in and what we have given up will all be traces. Paper does not add to their appearance, but years will hold them and keep them until we learn to look back, remember and cherish them..     Years leave marks, not to keep time, but to remember myself. Just like a spot on the mottled ancient wall at this time, showing off has also become the gloom of the ruins at that time.. What can’t be left between the fingers will hurt, and what is eternal will only have time. I like quietness, especially enjoying the wonders of the world in quietness. On a busy green day, I will also steal time and leave myself a quiet space to pursue the quiet of light hiding. Even if it is hurt, it will also be sentimentally attached and touched. Because everything can only go forward and live forever. Static is a kind of artistic conception of human beings. In static, we can see the goodness of human beings and the nature of releasing their inner temperament.. Only when you are calm, can you walk into the quiet. Quiet can remove worldly disputes, walk out of the hustle and bustle of the secular world, and walk into the beautiful peach garden where Tao Yuanming is found in the quiet..In spring, a person walks quietly, walking in Shan Ye, looking at the brilliant spots of the mountain flowers in the wilderness, picking a handful of flowers with his hands, and filling his nostrils with natural fragrance.. Stay back and forth intoxicated with the beauty of the static overflow, quietly savouring life in the static. Everywhere I go, I will look for the space and time to live alone and quietly, the unique one that hopes to be quiet all the year round..     Every time a tide rises and a tide flattens, every season flowers bloom and fall, it will be the first and last move. Maybe it is only when white is no longer dyed with our temples as a pure color that we will thank the time and the deep and shallow feet that are sprinkled with laughter and tears on the road of life.. Maybe the meteors will be dim, maybe they will fall red and fade away, maybe the wild goose shadow has become yesterday, but they have been shining, blooming and beautiful all the time. Who can deny that they have ever been here?? It’s like a scar. If you hurt it, you hurt it. If you hurt it, you hurt it. You can’t wipe it off.. The earth could not leave my mark, but I did pass by.

Charming cheongsam with infinite amorous feelings

[ Guide ]: Qipao is a garment worthy of respect and should not be profaned. In fact, not every woman is suitable for cheongsam, too thin, or too plump, or even obese women are generally difficult to wear the attractive taste of cheongsam.. I think only those mature women who have a certain life experience, both inside and outside, can bring out the best in the cheongsam and really make the cheongsam sway and become a scenery that people can never tire of reading..     Through the time-consuming veil, to read the cheongsam, slowly, many people will surely read the taste of the old days.     Qipao, like an old word, is also like a graceful and restrained poem. Cheongsam, always the best of all beautiful clothes, can stand out from fashion at any time, leading the way.     I can’t say for sure whether the woman interpreted the charm and beauty of the cheongsam or whether the cheongsam fulfilled the graceful and amorous feelings of the woman.. In a word, a woman with elegant temperament, when she wore a graceful cheongsam with clouds and temples, swept away the beauty of moths, dressed lightly in pink and black, and held an oil paper umbrella, the fragrance streamed down and curled up in the misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River, the scene was enough for the whole city to make people can’t help but think and extrapolate … Ah, it can be said that cheongsam is an infinite temptation for every oriental woman, because cheongsam makes the oriental woman’s quiet, elegant, beautiful and incisively and vividly displayed.. The graceful woman in the elegant cheongsam will always be a beautiful scenery wherever she goes..     The cheongsam has perfect flowing lines, classical and beautiful poetry, and a noble painting style that makes people look up to it.. Qipao, let many women have the feelings of water graceful and restrained.     Many times, qipao is sexy, delicate and romantic..     The subtlety of qipao lies in its high stiff collar and proper waist – closing. the women deserve qipao, which is decorated inside and gathered outside, with nice concave and convex, with one collar and one vent and one graceful. it is naturally a romantic affair with more than ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings.?     Most of those who have watched Hong Kong movies to participate in the Mood for Love Regulations will be amazed by the pieces of cheongsam that are made of fine workmanship, and will be deeply moved by the sexy and charming manner that Zhang Manyu reveals..     Zhang Manyu in the film, she deduces the charm and beauty of the cheongsam to its extreme. She raises her hand and throws herself into full swing so that the elegant charm and customs of the cheongsam constantly sway … ah, the cheongsam is worthy of respect and should not be profaned.. In fact, not every woman is suitable for cheongsam, too thin, or too plump, or even obese women are generally difficult to wear the attractive taste of cheongsam.. I think only those mature women who have a certain life experience, both inside and outside, can bring out the best in the cheongsam and really make the cheongsam sway and become a scenery that people can never tire of reading..     Now, I think of, or see, the cheongsam, and I will float in front of my eyes with such pictures: the courtyard is deep, the shadow is horizontal and oblique, the gauze curtain is flying, Tang Wan in pale pinkish purple cheongsam, jade hand fiddle, eyes sad, low eyebrow graceful and restrained, singing softly a Que to participate in the hairpin phoenix regulations …… Old Shanghai, Bailemen, dusty women wearing gorgeous cheongsams, graceful step by step, enchanting step by step, slender fingers with slender smoke, plumes of smoke gradually blinding the face …… Ah Gu Xiang, bluestone is wrapped in blue and white cheongsam.? Who, after reading the Bailemen women’s smoke, is helpless? Who, read the bitterness of clove women’s silence?     The charm of cheongsam is well known to the world, but the story of cheongsam can be known by several people?     When I read the connotation of cheongsam, I went to see the ancient stories of gorgeous and desolate life described by Zhang Ailing, and I had another feeling and feeling in my heart..     All said, almost every woman’s wardrobe is always short of a dress. How I wish that the empty place was reserved for cheongsam.     Qipao, which has long been ahead of the general sense of clothing, can dim the splendor of the streets. Its oriental beauty and oriental charm have become a historical classic and cannot be surpassed..     This life, cheongsam, to me, will always be a silent temptation and a complex that cannot be abandoned.     With the passage of time, the shadow of cheongsam is becoming more and more rare, but in my heart, the charm and customs of cheongsam are more clear, forever, fragrant and beautiful alone..     At this moment, I gently touched my precious blue and white cheongsam, and I saw the bitterness in the rain lane, heard the plaintive piano sound by Shen Yuan, and smelled the scent of gardenia on the old Shanghai beach . Wen \ Yu dance alone QQ 1904223318

An unforgettable lesson

One day in June, our company arranged a training course on corporate culture and hired a famous teacher to give us a speech. I checked in to the training room in advance and chose a favorable position. Many people are playing with their mobile phones. I also took out my mobile phones and went online by myself.. I didn’t pay attention to when the teacher started the class, didn’t pay attention to the teacher’s self – introduction, and didn’t know the professional teacher’s name and where he came from..   I don’t know when, the noisy training room began to slowly become quiet. I looked around and looked at the teacher again and found that it was different from other teaching methods in the past.. I saw our teacher walk to the middle and back of the training room while talking about corporate culture and explain deeply with a forceful voice.. He didn’t teach from the platform. He walked back and forth around us, combining his affinity to give us knowledge.. I was attracted by his actions. I looked at the young lecture teacher carefully, wearing a suit, shirt and tie inside, neat and solemn but not publicity.. On hot days like this, it is not difficult to see how prepared he is, how much he attaches importance to this lesson, and how seriously he takes his work or life seriously.. I found that he and many of us have formed a great contrast. We have become accustomed to a perfunctory attitude towards work and life and a cynical attitude.. His actions aroused strong resonance in my heart. The mobile phone was turned off and put away unconsciously, and the eyes began to swim back and forth between the teacher’s figure and the projection screen. Every time something wonderful came into my mind and took notes..   What impressed me most was his earnest and persistent manner of teaching without standing on the platform and sitting on the chair. A laptop computer was quietly placed on the platform, with a microphone in one hand and a remote control computer slide in the other. Another is that the teacher’s slides are concise and dynamic, with prominent themes and various cases interspersed among them, which makes people remember clearly and vividly.. He is active in the classroom, walking around the students, teaching us knowledge with fluent language and wonderful words, infecting us with actions, and touching our hearts with forceful voice.. Everyone is listening attentively and all eyes are moving with him. This is a very charming lesson. How can I miss it.   Through this study, we realized how important corporate culture is to a company and how important and urgent it is for a company and an enterprise to change from material culture to behavioral culture and turn institutional culture into a spiritual culture.. An enterprise needs its own unique cultural concept, and an appropriate cultural concept can make the enterprise full of vitality. However, to build a 100 – year – old enterprise, its unique cultural concept is not enough, and it needs a strong spiritual and cultural force to support it. Because the cultural concept is not completely equivalent to the corporate culture, we need to sublimate our cultural concept into a culture recognized by everyone in the enterprise and a corporate culture and cultural spirit that supports the whole enterprise.. The process of upgrading is arduous and long – term, and needs our concerted efforts to complete it. It needs to spread and spread this cultural force in the enterprise and gradually form a strong spiritual and cultural force..   I’m glad to have the opportunity to attend this training class and I’m glad to hear the teacher’s speech. He not only taught me knowledge, but also taught me the truth of being a person by his actions, making me understand that I should face life positively. Do everything meticulously; Sometimes, although a small detail can also touch others, like the butterfly effect, it resonates in the inner world and gives people unlimited spiritual strength.. In the era of material desires, people feel more and more empty, either indulging in the illusion of the Internet or wasting their time in a negative life.. I think not only enterprises need the support of spiritual culture, but also people need the support of spiritual culture. Only the rich life of spiritual food will be positive and bright, and talents will have a wonderful and meaningful life.. This wonderful speech led me to infinite thoughts, such as enlightening the real master and instantly realizing that material wealth is not the source of happiness, and spiritual wealth is the source of happiness.   One morning passed quickly. At the end of the class, the teacher embellished the whole course with the president’s Chinese dream. As a Chinese, realizing China’s great rejuvenation is every Chinese’s greatest dream.. As an ordinary employee, it is our dream to expect our company to become an enterprise for 100 years. It is my small dream to face life actively, be optimistic and do everything with all my heart, hoping to live a happy and happy life. I hope to have his teaching, my feeling and realize this small wish..     This is a wonderful speech, which made me understand some of the truth of life. I wrote a note for it, but I didn’t even know the teacher’s name after writing it, and I always felt a little regret. I asked my colleagues later that the professional lecturer was Cai teacher, director of a company in Shenzhen..

A gentleman’s heart is as clear as a mirror

It is said that life is like a play, with makeup on it, as if worldly desires had gone, with makeup removed, all the painful thoughts poured in.. It’s enough to live forever in the play, but people are so complicated, their lives are too long, and they can’t tell the difference between the inside and the outside of the play for too long.. Both sides of the day, a long night licking the wound alone, finally tired and tired, will dare to be an honest person to oneself, so it is said that the older the person, the weaker the heart is, the older the person is, and the younger the person appears hypocritical and superficial..     Take beggars for example. Zhang Ailing does not love beggars, and Bi Shumin does not love beggars. But some people clearly avoid it, but the in the mind always don’t want to admit it. As if to admit, he is a cold, selfish and inhuman villain.. So some people did not show compassion, but gave generously and exchanged their meager alms for temporary pleasure. This is even more ridiculous. If you give him some money, he will bow down to you, and you will get temporary satisfaction with your hard-earned money. He will get your mercy by selling his dignity, but it is also a dirty spiritual transaction to cooperate with the perfect exchange.. They always like to hold themselves high, wear the mask of philanthropist, and greedily enjoy others’ gratitude to themselves.. This kind of person, when it really involves his own vital interests, can’t wait to show his ugly face. The former nobility has disappeared. Climbing up the mountain is not easy to avoid cold weather. Only when you are near the water can you clear your heart. Since you’re not a climber, don’t force yourself to’ the other mountains all appear dwarfs under the sky.’, and it’s not pleasant to be a flower photographer in the water.. Heart like mirror, mirror, net also, non – trace, wrinkle – free, transparent and true, not to cause dust, not to stir, solid will not distort the heart. Hiding hypocrisy is more hypocritical. What you see in your eyes is a beggar who has nothing, but in others’ eyes you are more like a poor wretch who is hungry and hungry and needs to win favor..     Some people say that people should be like copper coins inside the outer circle. I admit that this kind of long-sleeved person is more likely to win others’ favor, but not everyone has an exquisite heart, so the universe is not too monotonous? If you can’t make a smooth pearl, you can make a diamond with sharp edges and corners. Some people may see your dazzling edges and corners, but others notice the flickering on the sharp edges and corners.. We can’t be recognized by everyone without perfect people, but those who recognize and understand our hearts are precious. The gentleman can see this world very well. pearls that are too round are easy to drift with the current and wander far away without knowing where to go.. Sometimes it’s more difficult for small people to do it, bow their heads and bow their heads, lead a careful life, laugh like themselves, lose their original heart and live in deformity.. Which is not a human being who lives in this society, always lives in his own fabricated lies, cannot deceive others, but deceives himself in the end. In the eyes of the world, little people always seem to be as well-rounded and elegant as He Shen, but they can think carefully and are not all right. The reason why little people are small people is not that they are often hit by a wall in real life, crushed to pieces by secular wheels, black and blue all over, and finally have no reason to learn to pander to flattery in order to get the residue left over by people. Such people can only do their best in front of the weak. They are very strong on the surface, and I’m afraid only they know their inner frailty.. Gentleman’s little people have become the former with a firm will and the latter with a fear of death.. For a gentleman, for a villain, only your heart is clear as a mirror.     There is no precise definition of the connotation of a gentleman. We grew up eating all kinds of food and were in the middle of the world. inevitably, we met all kinds of people. we don’t have to take out a gentleman’s suit for those unreasonable and difficult people everywhere. not only playing the piano to cows is more like talking to people in the Jianghu.. A leader often has multiple personalities, and what he says to whom is the alternative. Sometimes it’s not noble but stupid to stick to the principle of a gentleman. Living in society and fighting alone is not feasible. If you don’t cross your own bottom line, it’s necessary to cater appropriately when necessary.. But pay attention to what I said about pandering doesn’t mean flattery, low posture or being able to bend and stretch can be based on society.. Speaking of which, I have to say that I don’t think much of Tao Yuanming personally. ” It’s really regrettable not to bend my waist for five meters”, but it’s not a gentleman’s intention to disregard starving old mother in order to display a gentleman’s spirit. The secluded mountain forest is more like a coward who will only escape. Can everyone bear it if it is only you, a poet, who is precious in integrity?? It seems a bit too much for me to say so, but I just want to say that between bending over and bravado, which one is more important than the other has to be weighed by myself..     How to become a qualified gentleman, you really have to prepare a mirror like that. The ancients said that they were close to the sage, far away from the villain, and that they were close to Zhu Zhechi and black. In fact, the villain was far from enough. If you can’t get out of the mud but don’t dye it after all these years, you can only say that you are an honest hypocrite, at least you can’t stand the ordeal and test of the world.. The difference between a hypocrite and a villain is that the former knows how to hide the latter from or is not good at decorating himself. Sometimes we can see our own shadow on small people, because each person’s heart has a potential dark side. The ancients said that’ people are mirrors, they can be dressed’ and’ this is really useful. The so-called’ self – examination without seeing good people’ is the truth..     In fact, the criterion for judging whether you are suitable to become a gentleman is whether you are physically and mentally exhausted in your efforts to become a gentleman? There is no doubt that there is no lack of a gentleman in the world, but there are always some people who cannot be included in it. Maybe you would like to be such a person, but sometimes people’s character is not only influenced by living environment but also controlled by genes.. Maybe you can’t sleep because someone else still owes you money, and you will lose your temper because you ate a little.. If there is no hope of change, don’t force yourself to feel uncomfortable and upset other people’s hearts. Why not? In some people’s values, a gentleman lives too tired and cares about other people’s feelings everywhere. He is not as good as living for himself smartly. Although he knows that people who are greedy for small and cheap goods will be planted in other people’s hands sooner or later, what can you do if you are happy?? People are living for themselves. At least your cunning has taught others a lesson, and you have made some contribution.!     Since we are not living in Xanadu nor secluded in the mountains, it is extremely difficult to walk in the world and socialize without getting into trouble.. Unless you shut yourself up in a narrow world and don’t know anything about the world. However, we can’t avoid the floating dust in the world, so we can wipe it clean immediately and leave it a bit clear and transparent for ourselves..