Dream of horses, a really good time for a period of

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com I do not know how many rainy days, suddenly one day in the early morning, the sun broke through the heavy clouds, this is always in Changsha Jin Zhao some “moisture” city of light poured seed.Rare good weather, good times and do not want to spend on this sleepy, simply get up early, thinking to do something meaningful. Returning to the bright mood brings pleasure, simply eating breakfast, put on a dress Mei Mei, then humming a ditty off.Qin slightest air of sweetness, the introduction greedily want to learn a lot more.Since the decision was sudden, this “stay away wandering” is not trivial arrangements.So good, less the shackles of the task, it can not be free of physical and mental.In the footsteps of a little shade stop.Not far away is often an elderly couple in the street surrounding stall bit, they sell some of the traditional local snacks, I’ve eaten a few times, very authentic.Very cute old couple, as if from birth to dislike each other, and ultimately almost every quarrel every day, sometimes severe, it could not persuade others to persuade.Interestingly, however, two people obviously mouth and do not forgive, but the hands will unconsciously into each other on the forehead wipe sweat.Every time Grandpa said, however, and Han Han smile, my grandmother would put on a “turn iron into steel” look, but it does not say that again.Two people quarrelsome met, and a noisy is a lifetime.I think that this kind of love equally enviable.Suddenly I wanted to take a serious look at the scenery of the city.Free to ride on a bus, sitting in the last row window seat position.With the running of the car body rhythmically Qing Huang.Outside the car, a street facade is being renovated.Selected in such a bustling business district, want to come in the future there will be a good income; two cyclists wearing uniforms juvenile slapstick flash, a heavy bag can not hide behind their vivid face; nest in the corner cat, leisurely rest in the crowded stalls side.Everything is so natural and simple.At this point sitting here, watching the score, look sensual publicity, I found that he had missed out on much better along the way. Ashamed to say, only try to prepare for the college entrance examination when I remember in high school, with no distractions.However, he went to college, things more contact, heart qi impetuous but many.Not used to listen to those around, dislike of people or things at any time I can become angry fuse.So Hunhunee shortage of day to day, forget power ever wanted to be admitted to a good university, and forget the original faith.Today, when I’m sitting here, because in front of a bright moment let mind be purified only to find that he did not mention how long “dream” is the word of the eye.Once, before my helpless when most college entrance examination, a dream with me survived countless days and nights tense.I thought when he reached the entrance to this goal when I successfully admitted to the ideal university, I will no longer need to dream to urge me forward.But in fact, I went to college, but inexplicable irritability.I will always fall into endless confusion, Chengri nothing to worry about the unbearable.They would understand, if not a dream, life, there is no direction; no forward momentum, then all efforts will eventually put a torch before.Albert Einstein once said: “Everyone has some dreams, dreams that his efforts and determine directions.Where “So for me now, dream?I had the dream to see too narrow.In fact, as these good things around, as long as you will be impetuous heart precipitation, peel the layers of clouds, those who had owned and forgotten, who cherish and ran aground, it is the dream.It can be a specific goal, it can be abstract belief, in short, it exists.And I have to do, is to regain the dream, and do everything we can to achieve it.More dazzling sunshine after the rain.Prudential can be a really good time, the dream is true.I think myself it’s time to start all over again, Zhang happy wings again, the courage to fly away.Dream of horses, live Shaohua.Carries the dream of all young people would like to be able firm belief, courage to go on.One day, we gather together, to youth without any regrets and proud.If we must set a deadline, then we, just about a really good time for this purpose!