An unforgettable lesson

浙江体彩61 One day in June, our company arranged a training course on corporate culture and hired a famous teacher to give us a speech. I checked in to the training room in advance and chose a favorable position. Many people are playing with their mobile phones. I also took out my mobile phones and went online by myself.. I didn’t pay attention to when the teacher started the class, didn’t pay attention to the teacher’s self – introduction, and didn’t know the professional teacher’s name and where he came from..   I don’t know when, the noisy training room began to slowly become quiet. I looked around and looked at the teacher again and found that it was different from other teaching methods in the past.. I saw our teacher walk to the middle and back of the training room while talking about corporate culture and explain deeply with a forceful voice.. He didn’t teach from the platform. He walked back and forth around us, combining his affinity to give us knowledge.. I was attracted by his actions. I looked at the young lecture teacher carefully, wearing a suit, shirt and tie inside, neat and solemn but not publicity.. On hot days like this, it is not difficult to see how prepared he is, how much he attaches importance to this lesson, and how seriously he takes his work or life seriously.. I found that he and many of us have formed a great contrast. We have become accustomed to a perfunctory attitude towards work and life and a cynical attitude.. His actions aroused strong resonance in my heart. The mobile phone was turned off and put away unconsciously, and the eyes began to swim back and forth between the teacher’s figure and the projection screen. Every time something wonderful came into my mind and took notes..   What impressed me most was his earnest and persistent manner of teaching without standing on the platform and sitting on the chair. A laptop computer was quietly placed on the platform, with a microphone in one hand and a remote control computer slide in the other. Another is that the teacher’s slides are concise and dynamic, with prominent themes and various cases interspersed among them, which makes people remember clearly and vividly.. He is active in the classroom, walking around the students, teaching us knowledge with fluent language and wonderful words, infecting us with actions, and touching our hearts with forceful voice.. Everyone is listening attentively and all eyes are moving with him. This is a very charming lesson. How can I miss it.   Through this study, we realized how important corporate culture is to a company and how important and urgent it is for a company and an enterprise to change from material culture to behavioral culture and turn institutional culture into a spiritual culture.. An enterprise needs its own unique cultural concept, and an appropriate cultural concept can make the enterprise full of vitality. However, to build a 100 – year – old enterprise, its unique cultural concept is not enough, and it needs a strong spiritual and cultural force to support it. Because the cultural concept is not completely equivalent to the corporate culture, we need to sublimate our cultural concept into a culture recognized by everyone in the enterprise and a corporate culture and cultural spirit that supports the whole enterprise.. The process of upgrading is arduous and long – term, and needs our concerted efforts to complete it. It needs to spread and spread this cultural force in the enterprise and gradually form a strong spiritual and cultural force..   I’m glad to have the opportunity to attend this training class and I’m glad to hear the teacher’s speech. He not only taught me knowledge, but also taught me the truth of being a person by his actions, making me understand that I should face life positively. Do everything meticulously; Sometimes, although a small detail can also touch others, like the butterfly effect, it resonates in the inner world and gives people unlimited spiritual strength.. In the era of material desires, people feel more and more empty, either indulging in the illusion of the Internet or wasting their time in a negative life.. I think not only enterprises need the support of spiritual culture, but also people need the support of spiritual culture. Only the rich life of spiritual food will be positive and bright, and talents will have a wonderful and meaningful life.. This wonderful speech led me to infinite thoughts, such as enlightening the real master and instantly realizing that material wealth is not the source of happiness, and spiritual wealth is the source of happiness.   One morning passed quickly. At the end of the class, the teacher embellished the whole course with the president’s Chinese dream. As a Chinese, realizing China’s great rejuvenation is every Chinese’s greatest dream.. As an ordinary employee, it is our dream to expect our company to become an enterprise for 100 years. It is my small dream to face life actively, be optimistic and do everything with all my heart, hoping to live a happy and happy life. I hope to have his teaching, my feeling and realize this small wish..     This is a wonderful speech, which made me understand some of the truth of life. I wrote a note for it, but I didn’t even know the teacher’s name after writing it, and I always felt a little regret. I asked my colleagues later that the professional lecturer was Cai teacher, director of a company in Shenzhen..