Endless memories

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com I always like to sit on the balcony and watch the sunset fall little by little and fall into deep reverie. I don’t know whether I’m remembering the warmth of the past or fantasizing about the glory of tomorrow’s fortune.?     Quoting the agreement that my family moved from the countryside to the city to settle down in the third grade of primary school, I naturally moved to the city to continue my studies..     I was transferred to a strange class, and because I came from the countryside, I was careful in everything I said and did, for fear that I would not be able to make friends if I said something wrong.. Juan appeared in front of me and changed me from now on..     At that time, the class did not take the initiative to approach me, except for her, the happy elf. She was the first person to take the initiative to speak to me, to greet me and to study with me.. At that time, I was shy and shy, self-abased and taciturn. It was not exaggeration to say that she enlightened me.. She is optimistic and lively, and she is confident in ghosts. She enlightened me step by step.. I changed from a person who did not even dare to look at the teacher’s eyes in class to a person who spoke enthusiastically in class. I became friends from a person who did not even dare to say ” hello” to classmates. I became full of jokes from a man who did not dare to speak loudly. She taught me too much and too much.     At that time, we were very naive and naive. We thought we would always be together, even imagined going to work in the same city, living in the same house, being bridesmaids of each other and godmothers of each other’s children. We vowed to be good sisters for the rest of our lives.. However, fate has made me a positive, independent and confident sophomore, and she is already a single mother of two children of several years old.. Juan, you changed me, but why don’t you stick to our dream?     I remember hearing a friend say that she seemed to have come back from running away from home. I rushed out of the house and ran to your house. When I finally adjusted my mood and knocked on your house, a strange face appeared. The man told me that your family had moved away from here long ago.. Finally, many years of missing broke out and I cried in front of a stranger. I didn’t even have the only way to find you..     If fate favors, I can still see you again. I will hold your hand and shout to heaven. I have not forgotten our agreement. We are still good sisters all our lives, no matter what role we are now, that agreement has always existed..     The old machine returned home in summer to tidy up the house and sort out a lot of old things. Suddenly, a old, gray machine caught my attention among these things. What a strange thing. Ask my mother where this thing came from. My mother said this is the repeater that I bought to learn English, because it has changed from white to gray over time.. This really surprised me. This is my first electronic product.     I remember that in order to learn my favorite English, I pestered my mother to buy this repetition machine. It would be very exciting to buy it. I got up early every morning to read English with tapes. I was very unhappy.. However, I did things by enthusiasm, and soon abandoned it. Later, there were MP3, mobile phone and other products. Who still used this backward thing.     Repeatedly stroking this machine can’t help but lament how time flies. How simple and contented the childhood array is, a small repetition machine can satisfy the young of us. Happiness in childhood is simple. Happiness is simple when you grow up.. I don’t know whether we have become too fast or whether society has developed too fast. Today’s people pursue all kinds of material enjoyment and never know how to satisfy them, chasing the apple generation after four generations. On the one hand, he recalled all that year and complained about the cruelty of today’s society.. However, popularity will become nostalgia, but now even nostalgia has become popular, and people often comfort themselves in the nostalgia of the night and succumb to the reality again and again in the daytime..     In fact, it is simple and simple. The ambition of a lifetime is to be satisfied. The old saying goes that contentment is always happy..     Outside the Changting” Outside the Changting, along the ancient road, the grass is green and blue …’ Every time we hear this song, we will always remember the high school days when we couldn’t go back. Teachers said that high school was the most pure time and the most unforgettable time, so let’s cherish it well.. At that time, I was only absorbed in reading and dealing with the college entrance examination. I did not savor this beautiful time carefully. Now I really understand this sentence only when I am in college..     In high school, we were pure, only knowing the philosophy of ” young people don’t work hard, old people grieve”, so we buried our heads and books all day looking for our Yan Ruyu and golden house. However, we are in a tragedy in the university. All day long we are empty and boring. How many college students lament that they can’t find the fullness of high school by wasting their time in the game network: ” Time ah, I would like to make a living and go back to the past.”! Once again, listening to the Changting Regulations gives me not only the pain of parting in the graduation season, but also a spiritual relay and a continuation of perseverance.. For me, what continues is the tireless pursuit of knowledge, the unremitting pursuit of enriching the spiritual world, and the disposition not to forget friendship even if I leave.     There are many things in this world, and you think you can continue tomorrow. There are many people, you think you can meet again tomorrow. However, once, when you let go and turn around, some things changed completely.. I have always warned myself that remembering the past is only for the better to cherish the present.   – Postscript

Don’t want to miss it

After the meal, I always like to go out for a walk. As I walk, I watch to see if there is a new grass growing there and if there are more flowers growing there … Ah, the man jokingly said,’ Like an old garbage picker,’ ” and looked at him puzzled..     He gave a funny explanation again.’ Look to the left and to the right, are you looking at the roadside for garbage that can be retrieved! With a chuckle, where am I looking for garbage? I am looking for some small joy! Even if it is the joy of a grass, a wild flower, a fallen leaf . Ah, you see a bud, a bud, a stone, a drop of rain, a gust of wind . Ah, they all hide a surprise! A joy! A good one!     Sometimes I always think, I this person is very strange.     Walking on the road, I always like to look at the gravel pile on the roadside, see a few vigorous grass sprouting up there, look at a few happy eyes, and walk happily . look at a few yellow unknown flowers in the wild grass on the side of the road, see her swaying freely, swaying her fragrance, her beautiful life, swaying to my heart . look at the little old woman, look at her blue flower petals, small but beautiful, and always make me move my eyes blind . look at the wind blowing through the dandelion hairy seeds, and see it swaying gently in the wind, but I don’t want to leave.!     Always don’t want to miss every good thing in this life, don’t want to miss every joy in this life!

Dancing in the Wind and Rain

The previous week was overcast and rainy, but the weekend was really a rare sunny day.   It’s a fine day outside today.   The sun was warm and clouds drifted across the sky. nice.     I was sitting quietly in front of the computer, tapping the keyboard gently, watching my words gradually show up and down on the keyboard, pouring out like running water and making a ding-dong noise..     I don’t seem to have written as long articles in space as I did today for almost a year.. A year passed so quickly. But in this year, so many unexpected things happened . Ah, so I began to like to hide myself and bury all my thoughts in my heart, let her ferment in my heart, and then turned into uncontrollable tears and rushed out.. This is the way it is. A person bears everything silently. No one will know what I have experienced and no one will know what I am thinking. As long as I am smiling, it is as if everything is all right..     In many cases, I think the language is so pale and weak. I often lie prone on the table, holding the pen tightly in my hand, just like holding a lifeline, desperately writing on the paper. Write thoughts that others can’t read and feelings that others can’t understand. After that, he bit his lips tightly and stubbornly refrained from tears. However, after a long time, I began to find that those words were far from describing my mood. That kind of taste, only oneself know.     In this year, I have changed a lot. I don’t know if this is growth. Perhaps the tears washed my heart, or the wind and rain smoothed down my edges and corners. I began to get used to being independent and strong. So, you will see that on a rainy day, I walked calmly in the street, obstinately not opening my umbrella, letting the wind blow my hair at random, and letting the rain gently hit me, because at that moment, my heart was tranquil and peaceful.. I enjoy the natural comforting and settling my heart.     Until one day, I saw one of my favorite words in the book. Life is not waiting or waiting, but learning. It means that life is not waiting for the end of the storm, but learning to dance in the wind and rain.. Then, I thought a lot. I began to feel that everything I experienced was so ordinary, even insignificant..     So I began to learn to laugh with my heart. I began to enjoy everything life brought me, even the pain. Bing Xin said, ” Pain and happiness are mutually reinforcing. In happiness we want to thank life, and in pain we also want to thank life.”. ‘ So, I began to understand that since happiness is a day and pain is a day, it is better to be happy every day.. Life is so short, cherishing the present is creating the future. As long as I live, I will make every day of my life full and make the people I love and love happy.. We can’t predict what will happen in the next second, so we should seize every second of the time..     After that, I began to find that life was so beautiful. Nightmares never exist for a long time, and there must be a good sunny day after the rainstorm.. I spent every second of my life giving me with my heart. Gradually, I realized that life is the most noble gift from heaven and I should cherish it very much.. I should learn to repay others with gratitude and face life with optimism. Learn to let nature take its course and live with it. Learn to be your best self with your heart and build your favorite life with your hands.     In the future, I will not wait for the end of the storm. On the contrary, I will dance the most beautiful dance with the most beautiful posture in the storm.!

Cloud clothes

Today, the weather is gloomy, the sadness of the unknown strikes, can’t be rejected, can’t be relieved in the sad smog, and often when I feel sad, I will think of my grandmother who loves me most, but today, tears haven’t fallen, and I miss her very much.. In fact, when a person is sad, he misses a person because he misses the love or happiness that others cannot give him. At the same time of remembering grandma, it reminds me of a journal I wrote after grandma’s death – cloud clothes. The gloomy weather is accompanied by gloomy thoughts and sad tears. At this time, the dream of wearing a cloud dress is agitated in the heart.. In fact, it is not the desire to have cloud clothes but the desire to bring back the pure fantasy that is restless.. Fantasy will free us from the troubles of the world and lead us to the ideal temple paradise we have conceived. There, although it is a dream of Nanke, it can also let one’s heart soar for a moment and find a moment of happiness – inscription 2013, January 27.     Cloud clothes – Hanmei was made in 1990, 5 and 12 years.     When I was a child, I like to take a small stool out of the house with my grandmother and sit under the tree to enjoy the cool in the summer evening.. Grandma talks with the old people, but I like to see clouds in the sky – pink, red, soft and beautiful.. And I then fantasize that the clouds in the sky float down gently and softly and fall on me. Let me make a dress out of it. Such clothes must make me very beautiful and lovely. Yes, cloud clothes are many illusions in my heart.     I don’t know from which moment, my heart’s desire for cloud clothes has gradually disappeared. Never again did you enjoy the evening clouds after dinner. Is it because of grandma’s passing away that no one took me out of the house? Because I grew up, shouldn’t I have such a pure mood again? However, today, just today, I really want to be able to appreciate the clouds in summer evening again and to wear cloud clothes. But today, the sky is just a pale blue, and there is no memory of the colorful clouds of childhood.. How regretful I am that I have lost so many years of fantasies about the innocence of children. Therefore, how many times have I missed the sunset with clouds – and at this moment, I often yearn for the clothes made by clouds..     Today, there are no clouds in the summer evening, but there will be clouds in the future.. I’ll never miss it again. I’ll never miss it again. Today, the illusion of being there once again came to mind – being able to have a dress made of colorful clouds. Who said that we have grown up and should not have this pure fantasy, as long as we are willing, we will always have a cloud garment fantasy in our hearts.

Beautiful Red Lion Head Mountain of Altay

The beautiful red lion head mountain crane river in Altay flows into the red pier boundary, and the grand canyon opens the gate to the terminal. The river divides and merges and bends around, leaving patches of beaches, isolated islands, fields and dense woods flowing into lake huoba and disappearing on the way to the Irtysh river. On the other hand, the Red Lion Head Mountain, facing the river, is far from echoing the call of the General Army Mountain and watching the majestic mountains meander eastward.. On Sunday, several colleagues were invited to visit the scenic spot of Hongshitou Mountain on foot.. Walk through the city, go south from the road to Hongdun Town, and come to a vegetable plot. On the ridge of the canal, the red-faced vegetable farmers saw it, pulled out turnips, and spoke enthusiastically to us: ” I see you all look like learned people and feel cordial.”. Please try some fresh food. The water I poured on this land was drawn from the upstream of the sewage station, and it was farmyard manure, and the vegetables it grew were absolutely green.. Thank you! Thank you! The radish is crisp and tasty. The sewage treatment plant has been renovated and upgraded, so can the river be used safely? Yes. Not in the past. In previous years there were no lights, indicating that there was no work.. ‘ Vegetable farmers pointed to the old sewage treatment plant and said, ” Now the whole area of the Crane River is under strict protection, and all industrial and mining production causing river pollution has been stopped, and the people are very satisfied.”. Protecting rivers, lakes and seas is to protect the vitality of the people. In the past, everything looked at money and caused pollution. Now it is not possible to cure it with tens of times of the money earned.! He was very excited to hear us say this: ” I’d rather not have money than pollution.”! Even if rich, eat and drink all don’t rest assured, what’s the point? At present, the system of river length is being implemented to promote the stability of the river and to realize its smooth flow and clean up its banks and green scenery.. In the new era, people have completely realized that they can no longer do things like’ no matter what, as long as they earn money’. We should extend the legal system to the end so that there will be a complete mechanism to restrict the production, sale and use of non-environmental cleaning commodities. Establish a list of banned substances for users, strengthen supervision and publicity and education, and improve the awareness of each individual polluter. Well, that’s right! Farewell to vegetable farmers, walk down the canal ridge, wear grass and cross the river, and walk up the forest village road. An old farmer walked slowly in front of the cart. There are several livestock and poultry farmers in this forest. Cattle carts can wade across the beach and pass through the quagmire. They are the best means of transportation, and their intuition is in harmony with the environment.. At the corner of the bullock cart, colleague Xiao pang and a young man are building a wall with stones – his sister’s house is next to the woods. When we saw it, we said to him admiringly, ” If you work in the Peach Blossom Garden, be careful to become a fairy.”! ‘ Voice did not fall, our own body has been integrated into the clear and transparent glass world, the in the mind for a moment without any dust and steep light. Natural and unrestrained green shade, amiable green shade, clear green shade, you chase me out; The sound of rushing water and stones rolling, the sound of laughing water and willow branches lifting their heads from the water scattering jade beads in the water, the sound of rippling water and leisurely birds, and the sound of the wind walking among the leaves. A grass hid green years in a stone; A few trees were running and ran into each other? Meet again? Separation? Farewell? Confused; The shadows of dandelion and wild flowers were beaten to the left and right by the dense light spots coming through.. Keep walking, feeling better and better. I saw several tourists in the woods on the other side of the river – they got off the road to a pasture, but they could not cross the river and reach Red Lion Head Mountain. Now they are immersed in the glue-like touching with cool and refreshing things they have never had before.. Looking at the red lion head mountain, stepping on the pebbles above the water to cross the river, the heart-pounding sudden heavy smooth light and cheerful, all kinds of feelings are played out like notes by the rising and falling keys.   Red Shitou Mountain is natural and not as lifelike as artificial sculpture. Its imperfection is just a kind of perfection. You can find its imperfection – an open – minded, mature, unbroken and experienced realm; You can find it’s anger – dangerous rocks are towering, ferocious, and blood is stronger than fire. You can find its stubbornness – red and then green and then white and then eternal, liking anger in color or not in color, and its divine bone is stronger in endless tribulations. You can find its affectation – the way up and down, although there are no thousands of rocks and thousands of turns, there are also flowers and stones to lean on, and you can enjoy the green water rippling on the Crane River and the vegetation on both sides of the river at any time.. Below the mountain is a wooded land surrounded by water. Every holiday, there are always some tourists or teams here’ camping’ for food and entertainment activities. We are no exception.. This is a natural oxygen bar. Breathing the fresh air, the mood is indifferent, indifferent to the will, and then, the mood is tranquil and tranquil to reach the goal.. Sitting at the edge of a clear water and watching, there are blue sky in the quiet water, long clouds in the blue sky, light ink in the long clouds, new and new paintings in the light ink, quiet water in the new and new paintings, blue sky in the quiet water … Ah, watching, watching, new and new paintings, blue sky and quiet water, we disappear in nature..

Autumn is a fairyland and a forest of enlightenment

Autumn is a fairyland, and in the years when enlightenment forest walks into autumn, life is quiet and good, talking about Buddhism in the mountains, combining the mystery of Taoism and Buddhism into a fragrance of autumn, understanding the life situation during the journey and looking for the secret of success – inscriptions walk into colorful seasons, and yellow meridians extend the outline of leaves and swirl down in succession.. It was sunny in the morning, the mountains were embroidered under the blue curtain, and the red, yellow, orange and green costumes were as clear as jade.. The wind gently rolled up his clothes, revealing the dust and falling leaves on the ground. All dust is like this, the heart is slightly cool. Enter the time, play a cup of camellia morning dew, taste the light taste, the light fragrance simplifies life, simplifies thinking, and makes people natural and unrestrained and pure.. What also can’t stand polishing, falling leaves yellow autumn, wash this side of heaven and earth with scenery, walk into this shallow time, and spend the falling leaves reincarnation.     If there are immortals in the world, what autumn brings to mortals is a kind of fragrance that is thorough in the bottom of my heart. The fragrance is a ripe flower, fruit and grass fragrance, which is unique to autumn.. Scent of a Woman, autumn must be Leng Yan’s woman, cold is her temperament and bright is her beauty. The colorful figure is charming and ecstatic, but it is separated by the thin cool thousands of miles away, which makes you want to chase after weakness, love and ruthlessness.. Pick up the mood and walk into the real world to find the reason. It turns out that our living space is bright and clear, as clean as jade, and the air looks pale blue and clear, which is the evolution of the jade Qing realm.. Looking up, the clear white clouds are ethereal and mysterious, and the sky under the veil of clear gauze is the residence of the clear reality.. On the way up is the deep blue world, such as the clear mirror, is the 33 – day – old gentleman busy practicing Dan. In mythology, the three clean-ups that let us fear were right next to us.. Tao is natural, and it’s about luck. Maybe I am lucky today to be able to follow the autumn fairy’s hope in Sendai on Tianchan Mountain and listen to her statement.. But I saw her shaking her hand and playing the piano, talking like pearls falling on a jade plate, with a straight and round character and lingering sound..     Tian Zan Mountain is located in the north, with four distinct seasons. Leaves are falling at this time. The beauty of the autumn fairy is strong. Leng Xiang is amazing. She has come from wonderland, graceful and affectionate. If God is calm, eyes are brighter than the moon, and hands are soft and Yi.. Listening to the boulevard in the melodious sound of the piano, explaining the changes of the world when all things first came into being.. Since chaos gave birth to tai chi, tai chi has changed into yin and yang, and heaven and earth have been born. And then gave birth to the qi of the three talents, evolved the four elephants, changed the seasons, set the five elements, created clouds, thunder and lightning, and created everything. From then on, everything in the world, joys and sorrows, birth, death and death, all had stars, and all were linked by luck and luck..     I would like to enter into the name of autumn and wait in the shallow stream of years to count the stars’ changes and find out what the future will be like? Looking for a home in my life, I hope I can make love with Sendai for a long time and enjoy the past in my light tea..     In autumn, the Lingkong Mountain Temple, the morning clock and the evening drum make people fully understand and break the world of mortals.. Fall a leaf and know the autumn. Listen to Sanskrit and enter Zen. Cigarette smoke fills the air, Buddha worships devoutly beneath him, enters the world of mortals, does good deeds after several times of entering the world of mortals, strengthens his nature, goes through tribulations, and finally obtains the blissful world. In order to achieve the highest state of immortality, it is necessary to cultivate the true nature of Buddhism and integrate it with the past, present and future ones.. Buddha majored in heart, as long as he believed firmly and overcame the demons, no matter how many difficulties, setbacks or failures, he would always succeed if he persisted.. I have a good relationship with Buddha, and I have gained a lot by searching for the secret script of success.. Accompanied by the Autumn Fairy, the combination of enlightenment and Buddhism, the understanding of truth and famous saying, have already seen the fate and the way of the world thoroughly, clearly, far and true..     If a person wants to succeed, he has a certain chance, but also a firm heart, a strong will, hard work and good luck. I believe success will not be far away from each of us..     Autumn Fairy is very beautiful. I love her, love her beauty, love her purity, love her unique temperament. In the early morning, I met with you in the world of falling leaves, walking into the understanding of good mood, loving each other, and graceful and restrained fragrance.. Tomorrow I will set foot on the baseline of success and strive on the other side of the ideal, and the future situation will be great.

An Undead Understanding

I’ve seen your little moan between the lines, the disease-free and the disease-free things in your world, and forgive those days when you were alone. I only know one-sided how to forgive the hair of time from your odds and ends, but I can’t catch the shadow – waving time related to you. It always flows quietly and brings you strangers to me, just like your eyes never had me wandering around before. I’m still waiting for the days of long hair to return to the window and brush the hair ends, and then we know each other again and then those days that were not happy.. Communications company

Acacia silkworm dream butterfly fly

Sauvignon blanc, sleeping with the heart, year after year, year after year. A few back flowers, a few back tears?   The night is cold, the dream is shaken, the sun goes up and down, the sun goes down and the sun goes down.. A few thoughts, a few chi?   This is one of the two sentences in a brief introduction to a novel that took part in the disconsolate dream regulations. The exact source is nowhere to be found. I like the two sentences very much, yes! Who is stupid? Who tears? Not all of them are lovesickness and joy.   The night is long, the moon is cold and the heart is calm, picking up a wisp of sweet smell and lingering in the encounter of light singing and dancing, let your thoughts fly away..   At this point, listening to the song of ” One Person’s Loneliness and Two People’s Mistakes” has long forgotten who is right and who is wrong. Only the heart lake that can’t be touched has a sour ripple on it.. Can’t see through the fate of past life and future life, uneasy heart condenses tears of lily in this life and night, fluttering and shaking in the dust of pink dreams.  ? Over and over again, what is entangled in the streets and alleys is not human, but it is not clear that the blue lotus dripping dew on the clear water waves is feeling dejected..   The room was filled with melodies like water. Was the whispering of happiness and the continuous whispering like fireworks falling all over the floor always the illusion of dreams? I thought I could conjure an eagle to fly over Qian Shan’s waters and wait for snow lotus on top of the snowcapped peaks of Tianshan Mountains.. I didn’t expect to find out or return to the origin after a hundred turns and a thousand turns. Everything is just a dream of Nanke in life. In whose country did you dream of waiting for a long-awaited shower to drench each other’s hearts?. Can warm each other and depend on each other. In a twinkling of an eye, the sunset at dusk left only the solitary shadow under the lamp looking for self – pity. Panic, infatuated for who? Who shed tears for?   When was it? The shining firefly still dances in the middle of the night, following the trail of meteors, praying for a lasting love, melting itself into the starlight serenade and unwilling to wake up.   ‘ Xiao Xuan Window, Dressing”’ Whose pen and ink is this and whose sigh? In the misty rain and the world of mortals, whether there are still two people left behind, the faint pain spreads in the wind and cannot hide the thread of sorrow.. Heart of missing! If you are thin and cicada – shaped, touch it and it will be broken. A silkworm, a flower, has been in love for thousands of years. How many love spots in the cycle can the butterfly fly. I am eager to dream of owning your Sang Yu. I am willing to be a lonely silkworm in the white cocoon and look forward to a sincere promise..   There are two kinds of feelings in the world that make people feel the most. One kind is called mutual exposure. The other is called ” forgetting in the Jianghu”. These two emotions both originated from a story of Chuang Tzu, which said that the two fishes could still absorb each other when the tide ebbed, but forgot in the Jianghu when they returned to the rivers after the flood tide.. Between love and hate, between fresh water and fresh tea, a cup of empty wine is the most important thing to do..   How many people were there when it was clearly agreed that there would be a long way to go, but they went to the building empty by accident. After the separation, they disappeared and no longer met each other. The feelings of the past were broken bit by bit, without the tender feelings of you, me and Nong in the wind and rain.. Afraid of parting, lovesickness and suffering; Smile did not live, tears fell first, and willows were folded in vain. The injury? The sorrow? Hiding the desolation of the Yangguan Road, banishing the heart to the misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River, and melancholy the track of Yunjuan Yunshu in the sentimental feeling of night rain in Bajiao..   ‘ Mochow has no friend in the road ahead, and no one in the world knows you.” Not everyone can do the lofty sentiments. Eagles have dreams, and dreams are on their wings.. Flying over clouds and singing freely in pursuit of wind are eagle’s dreams. Who can be free and easy like a cloud when there are so many lofty aspirations and great principles?. Pray silently that you and I should not forget each other and cherish each other’s fate!   Walking across the buildings and looking at the mountains in the distance, the quiet green moss stone Rockies repose on the banks of the cold and flowing water, always feeling a little more cold and a little less lively.. Looking at the fluffy grass leaves drifting away, the breeze gently blows the spiritual platform clean, and the feeling of sunset Siding’s thoughts slowly dissipates in the sky and clouds as he steps back to the wild goose..

A policy

You found out the house lease contract today. I’ll remind you first. Don’t say no to it then.. ‘ at dinner the man said to the woman. After dinner, the woman began to fart, but she couldn’t find anything. She couldn’t remember how she searched for the shadow of the contract in her mind. Is it because her memory has declined or she didn’t hide it at all?? Began to question the man: ” The contract is definitely not here. Did you give it to me?”? Look at your mind, I didn’t give it to you! I don’t remember, then you should leave your things behind and don’t ask me to do so.. ‘ At the same time, the woman in the psychological muttered, where did this go, mission to think or have no impression at all. Since I said I put it, I’ll start unpacking it, but I still can’t see it after a long busy day.. Men also began to help search. The woman looked at the man and said, ” Alas, I really don’t have any impression. Look for it. I’m going to wash my clothes.”. ‘ When the woman washed up and hurried upstairs, suddenly the man threw an envelope in front of the woman in anger, ” what do you say is this?”? The woman looked at the envelope and said, ” It’s an insurance policy, made for you with the money on my salary card.”. When did you discuss it with me? Oh, I haven’t discussed it with you? I also asked you to do it, and the person in charge of the bank also told you that my salary was also used to help you do it.. ‘ the woman pleaded. But what she told me was the reserve fund for children’s education, but you know that insurance has to be done. ‘ Men are furious and ask women, ” What is the insurance policy?”? The woman kept silent but felt wronged in her heart and her eyes were full of tears.     Women know that men are disgusted with insurance, and remember that many years ago they made an insurance policy for their children and themselves, making the family uneasy. Men have a lot of opinions about her.. After all these years, women are worried about the fact that they do not have a security guarantee other than the man as the pillar of the family. Besides, now that living conditions are good, they also have the ability to give something for the family, do something for the man, and feel that doing something for him with their own salary is also a security guarantee for the family and a little love for the man.. Besides, seeing that many celebrities have taken great care of themselves, they do not believe that this insurance will deceive people, and it is only a five-year installment plan, and the insurance is only an incidental gift. At that time, the name of a man was specially written considering that the whole family has no protection for men.. A woman’s mind is that she doesn’t want to keep eggs in one basket all the time, so that she can get a profit and build a protective barrier for her family..     Because the person in charge of the bank is the person opposite the front door and the back door, the woman who originally mobilized the woman to deposit money did not dare to do so, although she knew that this person was also out of kindness, she was afraid that the man would be angry and knew that he was disgusted with the matter involving insurance, and did not dare to rush until the man did not promise to do so.. But what really happened was that the man mentioned it, saying that the bank manager at the back door told him that she could do a copy and the woman dared to do it. I can’t believe this excited and disgusted scene will appear again when I see this list now.. Women don’t want to say anything, just cry secretly, why can’t men’s thoughts change? Why do you save and do things that will arouse his antipathy one by one? Women feel sad that they can’t control the money they earn freely.. Looking at women who don’t earn money by others is more comfortable than themselves, women are puzzled: Why is this?     A woman is a good woman in the eyes of outsiders, and the same man is also good, but a woman is a real bad woman in the eyes of her own man, because a man feels that a woman does not listen to her own words, does not discuss with him, does not understand her painstaking efforts, and feels that a woman is too lofty. But women think that men’s thoughts are conservative and can’t accept new things, but they can’t even walk together. This may be the failure of a marriage.. Women once wanted to change men, but they all said that it is easy to change the nature of a country, which can be so easy. So women think that since they can’t change others, they should change themselves and let themselves adapt to him and the family, but sometimes there will still be conflicts..     A policy has caused family disputes. Men question women. Women no longer want to answer, but only want time to prove that they have done everything right.. Women don’t have much desire. They only hope that men can change their thoughts a little, be positive in everything and look for more benefits. Family harmony is the most important thing..

A game of failure

– The inscription took part in a disabled game, which could not solve the dispute. The wind in the river sang, and the fingers brushed gently, – wipe the red and fell to the ground..   A little smoke, beauty smile, pour in my heart. Send red beans close at hand, turn your bowels and hang up your bellies. A person to drink, for chopsticks Shang, poetry, even silent. Set up a chess game, one player plays against the other, thinking from side to side, playing outside the empty city, attacking its center and feeling sleepy.. One man, one battlefield, two generals. Who discussed the victory or defeat.   Hin attic stage, the play has already started, the artist sits down, embraces brocade and silk, plays a song, drinks golden cup slightly drunk, when heavy eyes, sad dreams, recalls the past, traces back to the past, and amorous feelings are silent and mournful. Dream in the meantime, women, men and women, a redundant words. The tactful words are not worth the reality, the horn blows, the war sounds thunderous, the fingers flips light years away, but for a moment, who is hiding deeply, but it is not clear what they mean. The sword stamps the narrative, the confidant layout, the defeat, the defeat, the defeat, the defeat, the ineffectiveness, it is better to open the gate, avoid a bloody battle, the informed leader doesn’t deserve the hatred of the family, even there is no room for negotiation, just goodbye, caring for each other, tender feelings forget, it is not a friend, the valet and halberd are opposite, the battlefield swings unseen, and the country has changed, and the city is away from home..   Unwilling to be mired in memories, I was the only one who said that in the past, there were three points in the circle and the land was zoned as a prison. As long as they depended on each other, now the world of mortals is meteorite, how can they look back and remember?? On the evening of the day, the pavilions cooked and sprinkled, invited guests to chat and spread chess. Such as the leader, the next start, the wind, small pond running water basin, candle light, mixed with a piece of cold. Bright Pearl Night Endless, – Round Solitary Moon Stand, Indigo Pen Draw Eyebrows, Lightly Makeup and Plain Face, Eventually Becomes Definite. Each holds black and white chessmen, besieges disputes in the Jianghu, does not hold oil and paper umbrellas in fog and celadon paintings, and cannot wait for his mood. He has been losing, neither does he advance nor retreat in the heavy guarding city.. Pouring a cup of wine to solve thousands of worries is just a luxury dream.   In the old days, the sunset was red, the long-sleeved moss was in disorder, and the bamboo was hidden in the green trees and green fields, looking at the peach trees in the distance and showing the people in the play.. Now the beauty of both sides forget, who entered the play? Who’s out of the game?   Take off the red beans on your neck, stick to the temperature, wait for the opening, hurry down and leave so easily.. Task scattered with people, looking for a place to hide, let a sigh fall behind them.   Xiao Xi in the cold moon, a glimpse of the sword, dance lightly together. Bamboo in the wind song, the most suitable time, the wind tide, eaves lying back, holding wine Shang, watching the moon shadow, ytterbium in the smile, need to recall. The world is thin and cool, with a cool breeze and intoxicated. Thousands of cups poured sorrow, human sentiment expedition, old traces mottled, sighing at the moon, building small buildings, windows pondering depression, fanning light tones, burning furnace letters, and being heartless without remembering them.. Empty for a glass of wine, long drunk, preface words, each one recalled. Drunk life also dream death, has nothing to do with people.   In a broken game, there is no way to resolve the dispute. Someone must let go first, leave first, and no longer repent and look for it..