A game of failure

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com – The inscription took part in a disabled game, which could not solve the dispute. The wind in the river sang, and the fingers brushed gently, – wipe the red and fell to the ground..   A little smoke, beauty smile, pour in my heart. Send red beans close at hand, turn your bowels and hang up your bellies. A person to drink, for chopsticks Shang, poetry, even silent. Set up a chess game, one player plays against the other, thinking from side to side, playing outside the empty city, attacking its center and feeling sleepy.. One man, one battlefield, two generals. Who discussed the victory or defeat.   Hin attic stage, the play has already started, the artist sits down, embraces brocade and silk, plays a song, drinks golden cup slightly drunk, when heavy eyes, sad dreams, recalls the past, traces back to the past, and amorous feelings are silent and mournful. Dream in the meantime, women, men and women, a redundant words. The tactful words are not worth the reality, the horn blows, the war sounds thunderous, the fingers flips light years away, but for a moment, who is hiding deeply, but it is not clear what they mean. The sword stamps the narrative, the confidant layout, the defeat, the defeat, the defeat, the defeat, the ineffectiveness, it is better to open the gate, avoid a bloody battle, the informed leader doesn’t deserve the hatred of the family, even there is no room for negotiation, just goodbye, caring for each other, tender feelings forget, it is not a friend, the valet and halberd are opposite, the battlefield swings unseen, and the country has changed, and the city is away from home..   Unwilling to be mired in memories, I was the only one who said that in the past, there were three points in the circle and the land was zoned as a prison. As long as they depended on each other, now the world of mortals is meteorite, how can they look back and remember?? On the evening of the day, the pavilions cooked and sprinkled, invited guests to chat and spread chess. Such as the leader, the next start, the wind, small pond running water basin, candle light, mixed with a piece of cold. Bright Pearl Night Endless, – Round Solitary Moon Stand, Indigo Pen Draw Eyebrows, Lightly Makeup and Plain Face, Eventually Becomes Definite. Each holds black and white chessmen, besieges disputes in the Jianghu, does not hold oil and paper umbrellas in fog and celadon paintings, and cannot wait for his mood. He has been losing, neither does he advance nor retreat in the heavy guarding city.. Pouring a cup of wine to solve thousands of worries is just a luxury dream.   In the old days, the sunset was red, the long-sleeved moss was in disorder, and the bamboo was hidden in the green trees and green fields, looking at the peach trees in the distance and showing the people in the play.. Now the beauty of both sides forget, who entered the play? Who’s out of the game?   Take off the red beans on your neck, stick to the temperature, wait for the opening, hurry down and leave so easily.. Task scattered with people, looking for a place to hide, let a sigh fall behind them.   Xiao Xi in the cold moon, a glimpse of the sword, dance lightly together. Bamboo in the wind song, the most suitable time, the wind tide, eaves lying back, holding wine Shang, watching the moon shadow, ytterbium in the smile, need to recall. The world is thin and cool, with a cool breeze and intoxicated. Thousands of cups poured sorrow, human sentiment expedition, old traces mottled, sighing at the moon, building small buildings, windows pondering depression, fanning light tones, burning furnace letters, and being heartless without remembering them.. Empty for a glass of wine, long drunk, preface words, each one recalled. Drunk life also dream death, has nothing to do with people.   In a broken game, there is no way to resolve the dispute. Someone must let go first, leave first, and no longer repent and look for it..