Heart is like lotus

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com I like it to the point of infatuation. Listen to it when you are happy and listen to it when you are sad. Listen if you have something, listen if you have nothing. Listen during the day and at night. If it’s not enough, it’s simply set to play in a single loop.       A lot of songs are collected and stored in the computer, but my favorite thing is to participate in lotus’s worry bill, and I can’t get tired of listening to it.. Every time I listen, I will bring different feelings. Ulan Toya’s love interpretation has brought people to the same level as lotus … Ah, I like it, but it has reached the level of obsession.. Listen to it when you are happy and listen to it when you are sad. Listen if you have something, listen if you have nothing. Listen during the day and at night. If it’s not enough, it’s simply set to play in a single loop.   Only one gaze that turns around for you, I will pray for you all my life. I became your shadow only because of a promise you made unintentionally.. Why does happiness always come to an end. Miss from that day on, looking up at your green window every day, silently calling your name … ” I don’t know whether it resonates with the lyrics or is attracted by the singer’s deep feeling, I can’t help falling in love with this song. After searching on the Internet, Xi Murong also wrote a poem about lotus’s thoughts and regulations.. I don’t know if the lyricist ever referred to Xi Murong’s poem when he wrote the lyrics.. But one thing is certain, the two are identical in artistic conception and have the same effect. Poetry and lyrics express a deep concern. We might as well compare the regulations on Xi Murong’s participation in lotus affairs: I am a blooming summer lotus. I hope you can see that I have not yet come to erode the autumn rain and the green season has passed away. I am neither worried nor afraid.” Now is the most beautiful moment, but the door is locked in a fragrant smile. Who knows if you are too early or too late for my lotus’s heart.” Just a few lines, write lotus’s hope, lotus’s expectation, lotus’s persistence, no worry, no fear …… Ah, say it’. Read the aftertaste, let a person sigh with emotion, let a person daydream, let a person ponder. Let me feel’ at the wrong time, meeting the right person can only be a sigh’. Love is a mysterious thing that makes people happy and sad. Sometimes there is always a magic power that attracts you deeply. Sometimes there will be some sorrow to accompany you, just like the air. You can feel its existence, but you cannot touch its essence and grasp its direction.. There are some things in the world, probably so. Clearly, love is as deep as the sea, but it is only for the three seconds of mistakes and mistakes that one will never miss.. Only a long sigh can be left …[ Responsible Editor: Chloe ]

Good things

I don’t know when I’ve been used to listening to elder brother say’ good night’ before I can sleep peacefully. I know this habit of dependence is not good. I want to get rid of this problem, but elder brother always says,’ I am your elder brother, and I should, don’t change, accompany younger sister, elder brother is happy.” It’s not easy to insist on doing one thing every day, elder brother, do you know? You’re doing something that angels can’t do. Say good night to me every day! You are my angel brother.     Every day someone tells you’ good night’ what a wonderful thing it is!     There may be many people who say good night to you. Does anyone say good morning to you every day? I dare say no more than two people, because who will think of you as soon as they get up, the person who says good morning to you is more important than the person who says good night to you.! Every morning as soon as I open my eyes, I can see my brother say’ good morning’ to me when I turn on my mobile phone.! And the expression of simple and honest smile and hug” remember that elder brother’s charger was broken that day, and he left a little electricity just to say’ good morning’ to me! Moved, warm and happy, the beautiful mood of the new day starts from this moment!     What a wonderful thing it is to have someone say good morning to you every day!     The elder brother said to me on the button that day: ” It will be good for your body and mind if your younger sister reads more books in the future.”. When I buy a book, you will have one and I will have one so that our brother and sister can discuss it while watching it.. Read the same book together.” When I heard about this waste of money, I firmly opposed it and said a lot of disapproval, but elder brother said,’ Silly sister, elder brother is saying a nice thing and you interrupt again.. If you can’t do it, you will do it. The elder brother has the final say ( three simple and honest expressions ) ” Good things!!! Who will refuse the good things? When I heard the five words’ Good Things’, I was so moved that I could not bear to refuse any more. But I can’t let elder brother spend money for me any more. What can I do for elder brother? I can’t seem to do anything. I can only try not to bother my brother. I am most afraid of bothering people.. Finally, after my unremitting persuasion, brother reluctantly agreed to buy a book and send it to me after reading it, so that we can read the same book. However, it is a new time to receive the five books sent to me by my brother in the past few days, and I know that good things have begun!     The elder brother said: ” The younger sister is fine, it is the best thing.” But I want to say, it is the best thing to meet such a beautiful person as elder brother.! I really feel lucky to meet such a beautiful brother! I care if I sleep soundly every day? Are you in good health? As long as I’m happy, brother is happy! Elder brother always said, ” I am your elder brother, and I should.”. Brother is here, brother is with you! It turns out that life can be so beautiful and it is so happy to meet a beautiful person!     May 2016 / 8 / 29