easier with practice

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com Elder sister, today is your birthday. I can only wish you a happy birthday and a happy family.! It has been more than 20 years since I met and recalled each other, not because I have forgotten you, but because I can’t forget you at all. Walking on the streets of Liuyang, how many times have I been looking for you! Two years ago, I returned to the fireworks research institute of the foreign trade bureau, where we worked together.. When you return to your old place, things are different. The memory that has passed away follows like a shadow. At that time, for me who had just entered the society from school, everything was so strange, all kinds of tastes were tangled in my heart and gathered in my brow.. I don’t know when you have paid attention to me. I don’t know from what channel you learned about my birthday. On that day, you invited your friend huang shu, Mei Shen.. In the small restaurant outside, the four of us killed a bottle of Shaoyang Daqu. Then, squeezed into my little bed, four people slept fast all afternoon. In the evening, Huang Shu dragged me to eat late at night and ordered two marinated eggs specially, saying it must be eaten, called’ remember eggs’. I really remember things, but those days no longer exist.     The cottage rented by huang shu is now a busy street and can no longer be found. Wandering under the skyscrapers, my thoughts are very clear, and past events always appear in front of me.. A similar figure, a same word, a similar name . will make me somehow dementia, reminds me of your thoughts. In that low hut, we used to make a few laughs and do not know what to do with the sky and the sky, and we didn’t have the heart or the lungs to do with the eight diagrams.. I am loved by you like a princess, and I command you like a tyrant.. So far in my heart, I have been silently remembering that it’s good to have a sister, even if it’s from someone else’s home, as long as she recognizes you. You took me up when you were happy, and you coaxed me up when you were unhappy. Will there be another day like that?     There are hundreds of thousands of acres of tea gardens behind your house, which have only been contracted by others. Most of the tea you eat is ” stolen” by the house, which is actually public.. Maybe they are not greedy, and those who keep tea gardens are also keeping their eyes open. You told me a lot of interesting anecdotes about stealing tea, which have already stirred me up. In the spring of that year, you said you would take me to do something new. My guess is to pick tea. I put on your brother’s coat and went to your uncle’s house alone to pick tea. I picked tea all morning clumsily, but no one found me.. After lunch, I couldn’t wait to go to the back of another family to pick tea, and still humming Teresa Teng’s rules on the story of the small town.. ‘ what are you doing? ‘ suddenly found next to the tea tree space from a aggressive person. ‘ I’m picking tea. What’s the name? The man wrote down my pseudonym in his hand. Maybe I have a strong hometown accent – I am not your local, and I have not been investigated by that person. When I met you in the back of your house and told you about the experience, you all bent over with laughter. I was not fined by them for’ walking dumb luck’. Back to the county seat at night, when I jumped on the ferry, ” Luo Shan, go out on the street.”. ‘ A look, in the afternoon the man who attacked me was sitting on the boat and greeting me. What an interesting story. This experience won’t happen for the second time in my life.     When the watermelon is ripe, you call me and tell me, ” Come to my house, my good friend will commit suicide because of emotional problems.”. ‘ I ask for leave to get to your home. Summer night, moonlight and starlight shine, Gua Tian is the most visible sight on the Liuyang River, occasionally one or two flashlights flashed across the calm night sky.. We sat in the tent built by Cha Ge and tasted his watermelon. Hold off the elder brother of the inspection, I have been talking and laughing for a moment in silence. How to say, a frog jumped over your feet and you said,’ Scared me to death. I took over the topic: Don’t die and live. The primary school textbook tells us to cherish life. Why do people often die when they encounter setbacks, setbacks or grievances? Death may be a relief to you, but it is a lifelong pain and shadow to your family and friends … Ah, I don’t mention anything about your friends, but I can see her mood is much better and she picked up watermelon to eat.. Also with us talking and laughing. Three months later, your friend brought her wedding candy.Good you always stay in my heart.     Weaving a sweater for half a year, because of my playfulness, the two sleeves haven’t moved a stitch yet, and the next day I will go back to my hometown for New Year’s Day.. I slept early that night. The next day I got up and found my body covered with a knitted sweater.. You said, ” It’s cold to cross Jiaoxi Ridge, and I helped you knit it overnight.”. Try it. After all these years, you who spent a sleepless night knitting sweaters for me are remembered in my heart!     Your birthday, I always remember, every year I wish you happiness, peace and happiness! Although there are few contacts, I have you in my mind. I know each other’s phone calls, but I have too much help. I can’t spare time to see you except for the courtesy greetings on the phone.. You said you were fat, I judged you were at ease, you said you were cooking, and I said I had luck to eat. You said your daughter went to college and your son was ten years old. I said your life was good and you could have two children … Ah, just think about it sometimes. It’s better to miss each other because everything is past.. Can no longer return to the origin. More than 20 years later, I was no longer the little girl who was so sentimental and ignorant.. Reality has given me too much experience. I have experienced touching, climbing, rolling and beating in my work. I have tasted sour, sweet, bitter and spicy in my life.. But what you and I keep in mind is still the beauty and feelings we once had.     Goodbye, my good sister!

Idle winter

[ Guide ]: The dark blue sky was spotless, the huge sky covered the top of the head, and a feeling of suffocation rose from the heart.. The wind slowly flows through, the sparse branches and leaves rustle and mingle with the moaning of tired birds … Ah, welcome to prose online, and look forward to your continued contribution.   Just overnight, it was like the cold last night that separated the season into two sections, and the palm of the morning hand could not hold any warmth.. Still remember April’s fall in the red light and shallow moaning on the ground, and the music of burying flowers seems to be just a slight change in the next sigh. Hetian in June still lingers lightly in the nearby area, while the smoke from September is still drifting aimlessly in the hometown of dreamland, but the chill is quietly squeezing through the door..     As if all quiet down. Distant mountains, trees, houses and occasionally people in Lu Yu, quiet bridges, all like a mosaic drawing, do not know who is attentively coloring. Dark color is lonely, light color is melancholy, without young fruit green, without children’s true rose. The people in the roadway walk quietly, as if they were all worried and silent as a small town.. I like the slow pace of life in the small town very much. I can step on a ray of warm sunshine every morning and go to work leisurely. I can pick up all the broken scenes and put them in my eyes so that the past hidden in the depths of my memory can flow slowly in my heart.. The sun gently and quietly kissed it up, and the mottled light and shadow leaped among the branches and leaves, casting a mysterious color on the yellowed old trees.. Looking up at the half-wall of idle sun, though with the rising cool, it is also a tempting warmth that makes people unknowingly stretch out their hands, as if to hold back time for a long time..     The flowers were tired and fell asleep, and even a few buds were listless.. If you give them words, will you shout out a voice of regret? Lost the season’s pet, will wither before opening, like a woman in the mood for love, lonely and boring to keep a meter of sunshine. Naturally like to compare flowers to women. Women who grow up unevenly are like flowers opened by their second brother. Whether they are colourful or not, whether they will be appreciated or not, they always know how to open them wisely.. The willows seem to have raised some branches, but there is a slight yellow color between the smoke – heaped leaves, and the thin leaves that are reluctant to leave are scattered all the time.. In fact, it should not be said that they are reluctant to part with each other. They must be willing to leave like that.. One season at a time, lips and teeth whispering, such as song lyrics, are scattered and graceful in every word. The fish did not move in the deep water, and the yellow and red color was like willow leaves that were inadvertently falling down.. The stream is still flowing water, but the stream has lost a lot of weight, becoming a gorgeous brocade and spreading it straight down, but this leisurely river water will not know where to stay..     The climbing tiger extending outside the fence is still lush, as if it did not feel the change of season. How good would it be for people to have the same color in all seasons as they do. Sometimes I really want to become like them, bathe in sunshine, shower in rain and dew, and grow carefree. If it really grows into a tree, is the change from spring to winter just as ecstatic as wearing the dress you like in the market?. I don’t know, maybe my next life will turn into a tree and grow into a leafy tree. If there is love, there will be a tendril winding around it..     The dark blue sky was spotlessly clear, the huge sky covered the top of the head heavily, and a suffocating comfort rose from the heart.. The wind slowly flows through, the sparse branches and leaves rustle and mingle with the moaning of tired birds … Ah, the most decadent season of the year is coming, and there are some lonely pains when it falls on the paper.. Close is not close, want to stay also can’t stay. Like every encounter in the world, light look, also like the four seasons alternate naturally come and go. Every heart is like a site. There are always some people coming and some people leaving.     On such a warm afternoon, I carefully collected my words and let them hibernate with me. Move a rocking chair, hold a book, gather the idle sunshine of this winter one by one, close your eyes, and imagine a snow world wrapped in silver. Shake it, maybe there will be a dream scene of homesickness. If you can, you also want to bring the brush of freehand ink painting in Jiangnan.     Season changes, I am still me, reading, writing and living. Quiet, free and free. Like every winter in life that comes as scheduled.[ Responsibility Editor: Men’s Tree ]

I didn’t go to Mount Meng

They went to Mount Meng, got up early, dressed up, sportswear, baseball caps, sneakers, sunglasses and shoulder bags. Of course, they had to wear beautiful makeup. The phone had enough power and the beauty camera was always on standby..   Elder sister, don’t you go? ‘ quietly asked me. The autumn wind, the high sky, the springs and trees in the mountains, I’ll rush to all this soon, and the circle of friends will be very busy..   However, I blurted out: ” I have been there.”. ‘ said, immediately turn on the computer, continue the second industrial revolution, the bill of rights, Adam Smith, Keynes.   I think they’re on the road. It’s a long way to go. Cheer up, wash clothes and clean the house. What I do is just as meaningful. The computer single circulates Xu Wei’s ” September”, which is much more leisurely than the way they jostle and jostle on the bumpy bus..   Look at the sky outside the window. It’s gray and looks like it’s going to rain. I warned them before going out, ” So what?”. ‘ 2 turn righteously, obviously, it can’t stop their footsteps.   The clothes dripped and dripped and the ground dragged several times, ” I decided to go to the seaside to see the sunset and let the autumn sea breeze sober me up.”. The autumn sea must be beautiful.   I lay in bed, this small house has no more housework to do. White clouds are shown in the glass of the opposite household, and pigeons occasionally fly by..   The big bed occupies a third of the room, while another third is filled with clothes, shoes and cosmetics. I occupy a third of the bed. So I have a lot of it. Don’t forget that the sun is abundant every day. Most importantly, they are free.. The table by the window, which is the area with the most sunshine, is my study. I will sit on the table reading and writing, no matter what the people across the street think.   Sunflower chasing sunshine everywhere, so do I.   In the circle of friends, photos have been quietly handed over. They are at the foot of the mountain, behind the mountain and the road, and they smile in the sun.. The second round also updated the circle of friends. Similar photos show streams of water with green trees and giant Buddha. She wrote: Years will always be young, we will slowly grow old, and you will find that childlike innocence is a thing to be proud of..   She dressed up meticulously and was not afraid of wind and rain. That’s the purpose. She found what she wanted..   They came back early in the afternoon, saying that the mountain was too short to go. I think they seem different. They once had a long mountain road under their feet, and their psychology stored beautiful scenery.. Early know, I should go.

Heart is like lotus

I like it to the point of infatuation. Listen to it when you are happy and listen to it when you are sad. Listen if you have something, listen if you have nothing. Listen during the day and at night. If it’s not enough, it’s simply set to play in a single loop.       A lot of songs are collected and stored in the computer, but my favorite thing is to participate in lotus’s worry bill, and I can’t get tired of listening to it.. Every time I listen, I will bring different feelings. Ulan Toya’s love interpretation has brought people to the same level as lotus … Ah, I like it, but it has reached the level of obsession.. Listen to it when you are happy and listen to it when you are sad. Listen if you have something, listen if you have nothing. Listen during the day and at night. If it’s not enough, it’s simply set to play in a single loop.   Only one gaze that turns around for you, I will pray for you all my life. I became your shadow only because of a promise you made unintentionally.. Why does happiness always come to an end. Miss from that day on, looking up at your green window every day, silently calling your name … ” I don’t know whether it resonates with the lyrics or is attracted by the singer’s deep feeling, I can’t help falling in love with this song. After searching on the Internet, Xi Murong also wrote a poem about lotus’s thoughts and regulations.. I don’t know if the lyricist ever referred to Xi Murong’s poem when he wrote the lyrics.. But one thing is certain, the two are identical in artistic conception and have the same effect. Poetry and lyrics express a deep concern. We might as well compare the regulations on Xi Murong’s participation in lotus affairs: I am a blooming summer lotus. I hope you can see that I have not yet come to erode the autumn rain and the green season has passed away. I am neither worried nor afraid.” Now is the most beautiful moment, but the door is locked in a fragrant smile. Who knows if you are too early or too late for my lotus’s heart.” Just a few lines, write lotus’s hope, lotus’s expectation, lotus’s persistence, no worry, no fear …… Ah, say it’. Read the aftertaste, let a person sigh with emotion, let a person daydream, let a person ponder. Let me feel’ at the wrong time, meeting the right person can only be a sigh’. Love is a mysterious thing that makes people happy and sad. Sometimes there is always a magic power that attracts you deeply. Sometimes there will be some sorrow to accompany you, just like the air. You can feel its existence, but you cannot touch its essence and grasp its direction.. There are some things in the world, probably so. Clearly, love is as deep as the sea, but it is only for the three seconds of mistakes and mistakes that one will never miss.. Only a long sigh can be left …[ Responsible Editor: Chloe ]

Good things

I don’t know when I’ve been used to listening to elder brother say’ good night’ before I can sleep peacefully. I know this habit of dependence is not good. I want to get rid of this problem, but elder brother always says,’ I am your elder brother, and I should, don’t change, accompany younger sister, elder brother is happy.” It’s not easy to insist on doing one thing every day, elder brother, do you know? You’re doing something that angels can’t do. Say good night to me every day! You are my angel brother.     Every day someone tells you’ good night’ what a wonderful thing it is!     There may be many people who say good night to you. Does anyone say good morning to you every day? I dare say no more than two people, because who will think of you as soon as they get up, the person who says good morning to you is more important than the person who says good night to you.! Every morning as soon as I open my eyes, I can see my brother say’ good morning’ to me when I turn on my mobile phone.! And the expression of simple and honest smile and hug” remember that elder brother’s charger was broken that day, and he left a little electricity just to say’ good morning’ to me! Moved, warm and happy, the beautiful mood of the new day starts from this moment!     What a wonderful thing it is to have someone say good morning to you every day!     The elder brother said to me on the button that day: ” It will be good for your body and mind if your younger sister reads more books in the future.”. When I buy a book, you will have one and I will have one so that our brother and sister can discuss it while watching it.. Read the same book together.” When I heard about this waste of money, I firmly opposed it and said a lot of disapproval, but elder brother said,’ Silly sister, elder brother is saying a nice thing and you interrupt again.. If you can’t do it, you will do it. The elder brother has the final say ( three simple and honest expressions ) ” Good things!!! Who will refuse the good things? When I heard the five words’ Good Things’, I was so moved that I could not bear to refuse any more. But I can’t let elder brother spend money for me any more. What can I do for elder brother? I can’t seem to do anything. I can only try not to bother my brother. I am most afraid of bothering people.. Finally, after my unremitting persuasion, brother reluctantly agreed to buy a book and send it to me after reading it, so that we can read the same book. However, it is a new time to receive the five books sent to me by my brother in the past few days, and I know that good things have begun!     The elder brother said: ” The younger sister is fine, it is the best thing.” But I want to say, it is the best thing to meet such a beautiful person as elder brother.! I really feel lucky to meet such a beautiful brother! I care if I sleep soundly every day? Are you in good health? As long as I’m happy, brother is happy! Elder brother always said, ” I am your elder brother, and I should.”. Brother is here, brother is with you! It turns out that life can be so beautiful and it is so happy to meet a beautiful person!     May 2016 / 8 / 29