Ashes of Time

浙江体彩61 A person to eat their favorite food a person until he woke up a man decide to go left or go right to their own pay a person shopping a person clubbing own toast a laugh to cramp a cry to a heartbroken man to solve all the problem concerns a man and a man do whatever they want it to himself what is not good?In fact, nothing, as long as you are willing to!  Tea sang a song “a lifetime of loneliness”.Later media interviews, she said: No one’s lifetime alone, so I quickly enjoy your lonely right now!  The word alone, it must be born in a big city.Crowded, human Shudan.  Love like soap bubbles under the sun, shining bright lights.You did not catch, even in the hand is broken moment.  So loneliness is a common sentiment.  It is the face you enjoy or endure, this is two different attitude to life.[Editor: Tree man]