Ashima story

浙江体彩61 A man named before the end of the place, poor road grid Riming family gave birth to a beautiful girl, Edie grandmother that his daughter as luminous as gold, so named her Ashima.Gradually she grew up, like a beautiful flower US-Iraq.Ashima wearing embroidered Baotou, beautiful girl lovable, embroidered apron shiny, young man to see her eyes tired.She can sing and dance, and that sonorous voice, often the young man recruited into public housing.She embroidered, woven hemp everything and capable, like beside the young man in pink flower fragrance.In this year’s Torch Festival, Ashima A black confided to the truth, willing to lifelong relative to expectations, vowed not to marry someone else.A black is a brave young man wise Sani.His parents at the age of 12, was toast abuse, have died.He was taken away to the rich hot Buba La servitude.One day, he was the main person picking up the mountain fruit astray, suffered from cold and hunger in the jungle bassoon Shen, suffered the horror, for fear the owner scolding, afraid to go back.Just then, he met a shepherd girl Ashima, she brought home A black, black is Ashima A Edie, Grandma adoption adoptive son.Since then, A black and Ashima, childhood sweetheart, love each other.Gradually, A black boy grew up and became, like his character on the mountain pine — off should not have to bend, became a model for surrounding the withdrawal of Nigerian boy.People sing praise him: kaukkwe mountain pine trees, the best Sani A black young man, towering pine afraid of cold, brave A black eaten Brave.A black and very hard-working, it will grow crops.He kind of wasteland in stone ground corn, corn grows prosperous than other people’s, also pack the corn grow longer than someone’s home.He mountains cutting wood, cut far more than the other boys.He has loved riding a horse bare back.His conditioning horse, ride it like a champ vigorous.He bows and archery, crack shot.His adoptive father grid road next day, the sky passed him, making him even more powerful.A black likes to sing, his voice is particularly loud and clear.He likes to play the flute and three-stringed lute, he blew exceptionally melodious flute, he played the harp is particularly appealing, I do not know how many girls attract.Torch Festival that year, Ashima and pour out the love for each other after which the righteous brother and sister both booked a pro.A street child day, Ashima go catch the street, is the bottom A rich man’s son hot Bu Bala A branch fancy, he intends to marry a wife Ashima.He begged his father to come home hot Bu Bala, please matchmaker to his father for his pro embankment.Ashima thermal Buba La heard that reputation, he immediately agreed to the request of his son, asked the powerful matchmaker sea hot, Ashima home immediately to act as a matchmaker.Ashima thermal sea to the home, with his tongue Ma Yi Ban, boast hot Bu Bala home how good, how how rich, how to marry Ashima Ashima past how to enjoy life after listening, he said: hot Bubba pull home is not a good home, his house is planted with flowers from the lead bee, bees do not care for him, and muddy water is not kicking together, not sheep with wolves.Ashima answer, annoyed sea hot, he threatened: A hot Bu Bala home is the end of the rich and powerful people, two hot Bu Bala stamp stamp feet, the bottom of the hill A must shake three shake, Ashima if not married in the past, beware lost home.Ashima no matter how hot the sea threats and inducements, just do not marry.Suddenly, the autumn, the end of the Arab-Israeli water-cooled dry grass, sheep enough to eat, A black to his flock to southern Yunnan hot place very far to graze.Before leaving, Ashima A farewell to black, they encourage each other and asked each other, reluctantly.A black left, they played a arise to harm hot Bu Bala, sent thugs stole voraciously and retainers Ashima.Ashima want to knock his head, eating wine to a customer, mature rice uncooked rice do not have to marry to marry.A black and Ashima faithful to her love, her home was robbed after the hot Bu Bala, in the face of coercion Bu Bala hot couple, always refused, and refused to get married and Arab support.The rich man is offering gold and silver, pointing to the barns and cattle, said Ashima: You just followed his Arab support, these are your.Look Ashima not see, scornfully said: These I do not care, I just do not marry your home.A branch Bengzhuo Shouhou like face, eyes blinked a few times, fiercely scolded: You do not agree to marry me, put your house out of the end of the Arab-Israeli!Ashima not afraid to say: lying can not scare people, you do not belong to A the end of a.See hot Buba La Ashima hard and soft do not eat, angry, he ordered the servant severely beaten with whips Ashima, beat her black and blue.Hot Bu Bala’s wife Ashima curse is born of cheap wretched, blessed not enjoy.Ashima was locked up in the dungeon, but she firmly believe that if A black knew she was kept in hot Bu Bala home, will save her.One day, A black sheep is, the bottom A messenger who found him and reported the news to him Ashima robbed.A black after hearing the news, very worried about the safety of Ashima, he immediately Yamaha Swagger, day and night, across the mountain, over crag, from afar to get home to rescue Ashima.He came hot Buba La doorstep, A branch closed gates are not allowed to enter, and proposed to Duige A black, singing win before being allowed entrance.A branch sitting on a gate, A black sitting under fruit trees, two antiphonal singing for three days and nights.· A lack of support was less wisdom, did not sing more word got angry anxious voice becomes like a lame film called clam-like, the more ugly; but there is only wise A black, sing more vigorously, Lianfan smile, singing loud.A black finally won sing, A branch had to let him in the door.A branch but also proposed a variety of difficulties, to the black race and the Arab-cut trees, then trees, sow.How can these branch A black dude A skilled, A black piece is better than the Arab-Israeli branch.Seeing hot Bu Bala difficult to live A black, they came up with a deadly trap, He is tightlipped pretend to say: it was already late, you first get a good sleep, and tomorrow sending you go with Ashima!A black promised to stay, it was arranged to sleep in a house with no doors inside.Midnight, hot Bu Bala ordered his retainers release three tigers, an attempt to injure A black.A black well prepared, opened its mouth when the tiger lunged at him, he took a bow and arrow, aligning Tiger Lili olfactory.Bursts three arrows, shot the tiger.The next day, his son see the tiger dead heat Bu Bala, very surprised and could not do anything, speechless, promised to back Ashima.But when A black out the door waiting, hot Bu Bala and immediately closed the door, go back to deny, do not release Ashima.A black straw, and immediately the bow and arrow, shot three arrows again and again.The first shot in the door, the door was immediately opened fire; the main room on the second shot in the column, buzzing house shook; the third branch in the shot for the table, shook the rickety altar.Hot Buba La scared panic, quickly disconnect command retainers arrows for the table.However, that seems rooted arrow, no one can pull out at.He had black as people opened the cell door, Ashima release, pleading to her and said: As long as you pull the arrows down, I’ll let you go home.Ashima contempt hot Bu Bala looked at, stepped forward, like pick flowers, as gently disconnect the arrow, and then together with A black, left home hot Bu Bala.A hot Bu Bala and his son watched helplessly black led away Ashima, heart not convinced, but dared not to stop.Hearted and vicious hot Bu Bala refused to give up his son, came up with conscienceless deadly trap.They know that A black and Ashima go home, to go through twelve foot cliff, they colluded Cliff God, to put the foot of the cliff river becomes the river, drowning A black and Ashima.Hot Bu Bala and his son with retainers, in time for the A black and Ashima across the river, while flash floods upstream of the Rock Creek drainage clawed.While A black and Ashima across the river, flood rolling, caught in the whirlpool Ashima, Ashima A black only heard the sound of shouting A Heige save me, and I never did see her Xin voice, did not see her reappear.Ashima gone, A black struggled on the shore, looking everywhere Ashima.He searched and searched to find the sunny days, the river turned into the creek to find, did not find Ashima.He loudly shouting: Ashima!Ashima!Ashima!However, just listen to that cliff top twelve answered the same voice: Ashima!Ashima!Ashima!It turned out to be folk girl on twelve cliff, see Ashima swept away by the flood; they jumped into the whirlpool, scheduled to open flood, rescued Ashima, stay together twelve cliff, Ashima become Shi Feng, turned into a draw God (God echo).From then on, how do you call her, how she would answer.A black Ashima lost, but he was always thinking of her.Dinner every day, he candy corn meal, holding jobs out of the door of the old quarry son shouted: Ashima!Ashima!That child standing on the old quarry Ashima he answered: Ashima!Ashima.Edie, Grandma go out QUICKER when the child cried in front of the old quarry: a good father and mother?Yeah!it is good?Ashima!That child standing on the old quarry Ashima, answered the same way: a good father and mother?Yeah!it is good?Ashima!In the old quarry with their small child Ashima station, facing Ashima playing three-stringed lute, flute cliffs on the child, sing folk songs, Ashima old quarry on that child will be front and the front Xianyin , melodious flute, sang folk songs.Ashima voice always echoed in the stone forest; her figure, has been petrified, and always accompanied by her folks.A Tale of Two: in a small stone forest, there is a pool of sparkling blue lake, Lake stands a separate pinnacle, attracted numerous visitors come to watch every day, pictures.Look, that tall tall and slim, graceful and moving body, and that Baotou shirt, behind the basket, how like a Nepalese girl ah Yi withdrawal!This is the famous pinnacle Ashima.She also has a touching story of stories to tell.A bottom place in the past, poor road grid Riming family gave birth to a beautiful girl, father and mother hopes her daughter just as precious as gold glitter, named her Ashima, the meaning of which is gold.Ashima grew up, like a beautiful flower beautiful US-Iraq.She can sing and dance, a lot of boys like her.She fell in love with her childhood, childhood sweetheart, love each other orphans A black, he vowed not to marry non.Torch year, her brave and clever A black booked a pro.A rich man’s son hot Bu Bala branch also took a fancy to the beautiful Ashima, then please matchmaker to act as a matchmaker, but in any case threats and inducements, to no avail.A hot Bu Bala home by the black sheep of the remote machine, sent stole Ashima and forced her to get married and Arab support, Ashima are unwilling to do, after being locked up in a dungeon whipped.A black after hearing the news, rushed to rescue Ashima day and night, he and Arab support antiphonal singing competition, cutting down trees, then trees, withdraw species, all won Arab support.Hot Bu Bala angry, ordered retainers release three Tigers pounce A black, was shot dead Arab and black, and rescued Ashima.Vicious heat Bu Bala refused to give up his son, Cliff collusion God, take Ashima and A Black river, the floods swept away Ashima put.Twelve Yazi should folk songs girl, Ashima rescued and turned into a pinnacle, became the echo of God.From then on, how do you call her, how she would answer you.Her voice, her shadow will always stay in the world.After Ashima legends also adapted into movies, large-scale musicals, shows and performances at home and abroad has aroused strong repercussions, Ashima’s story widely circulated.