Chinese teacher

浙江体彩61 One day, in the space of high school classmates to a birthday message blessing, he replied to me: “Thank you on behalf of language lessons.”Look at this strange and familiar titles, a lot of memories of the past to break the shackles of time, swarmed the heart.    In the past school career, a variety of chance, I served for many years on behalf of language lessons.Classmates called along the mouth, and sometimes do not call my name at the halfway greeting, but directly called Generation Language.And also because a lot of their duties, and language teacher contact, so I have a deep affection for their successive language teacher.    My high school language teacher told Chen Yanfei.My next higher, she just graduated from college, small innocent child’s face looks like a high school student.I went to campaign on behalf of Language, she at first took a fancy to another very good girls, but female students who do not want to when, in desperation she had picked me.At first I often told her down the wrong things, but because there is a serious and honest to temper, she slowly pour agree with me.In the morning I get a job in the past, she always ask “eat breakfast yet?How so few clothes to wear it?”Sometimes also snacks into my hand, or half a bag of plum, orange, or a few Shatang.Her desk is always messy, much more work income, less change, so do not often change jobs and put them on the teacher’s desk.The next class representatives Language tall thin there are times reproachful, half-jokingly, to help her organize the desktop, how she does not like other people move her things.I never had to help her clean up the table, but there have been no mess table to reduce half a point like her, even if the share is like Qieqie.    One day she called me into the office in the morning, call me a girl and the next class to attend the afternoon recitation contest.I waved their hands and say that they can not, but she insisted: “I do not want you winning, you just want to practice your courage.”That was my first big tournament, we did not win, let me impressed, because it is as if an invisible monument, marking another window in addition to learning outside of the exam turned towards me, out of the window gorgeous The sights I suddenly see the light.Teacher brought me to the window, and then let myself go, from the original that is also not out of the atmosphere in the audience I now active in a variety of activities and team up, I always appreciate her original guide.    After the studies she would no longer serve as my teacher, contact gradually less.A recess and met her in the hallway, she touched my hair said: “The cut was so short, I almost did not recognize the.”I was more than Xiangbao about her, after all, it is not, she hurried rush to the lectures.Miss the past few years, thanks to a high in that period of life is somewhat obscure, the teacher gave you prefer I most want and care.    I Middle School language teacher called Licai Ping.She is also a small child, but high and a distinct language teacher.She is a mother, feels both capable and steady.But many of her assignments, had all-grade printed material to be unified, but a good aunt her relationship with the printing room, so often gives us special treatment.Chinese title took a long time to do, slow, so a lot of students would rather remember the name would not be homework.Once the next class had a classmate who wrote a letter of protest signed on her desktop, she read it in our face as usual to listen in class, I heard some underlying heart feel the same place where students not without heart smile.But I did not expect after the finish, her face suddenly clouded over, we scared the atmosphere did not dare, later said she had made a big fire next class, since we secretly spread the word, “not free to challenge language teacher majesty.”However, at that time how much we are not naive, we focus only on their own experience, I never thought she was a little bit of those materials are sorted out and then print their own money to us, we are still everywhere complain.    After class, she is very easy-going, something to class to find me, that ring out with my arm, which is the rest of the class does not have treatment.My notebook tucked a note, that there are times she is an urgent need to go back home something to deal with, but there are a lot of things did not arrange down, so she arranged to work on paper, from the window and hurried progressive to me gone.I wonder if that is what a feeling, I still have this note treasure.    She talked to us said that the teacher is not only preaching Tuition teacher who is also a mentor, everyone needs to pull you out of such a person in a timely manner when you’re about to go astray.Her exact words have not remember exactly, but I remember the feeling profoundly sobering time my heart that this also made me firmly to their studied under way.The last class before graduation, she said: “I can only accompany you here, and the rest of the way your own life needs to go.”We made a very soon went their separate ways eyes fill.    In writing this regard, she gave me a lot of counseling, she one can see my article flawed and wrong, I am very grateful for her guidance I spend so much time writing, although the majority of criticism, but she let me He maintained a passion for writing.After the first university to get the pen royalties, I bought a ‘Hundred Years of Solitude “to return to her on the phone she was happy like a child, but back and forth only a few words:” You must write!”This year’s class reunion, I did not go into, but to hear the students said to me:” language teacher in front of everyone boast How about you, that you use to send her book royalties to buy.”I listened very surprised and very touched, I did not expect a small move even miss her so long during the long school career, I am glad there are different teachers at different stages, and it appears to be so apt , taught me a little bit of growth.Unfortunately, I was a bit stiff and let go of the character, and there is always a touch of these teachers from the floor, but they can not stop my respect for them.Many words of gratitude did not say it, but my heart has always been in the share of respect.

Chinese students shocked the United States

May 28, 2014, University of Michigan president James Dodd Star award personally signed condolence like praise, memorial plaque posthumously because she alumni Xiao Jing and Chinese students killed Duxian Ru as an honorary doctorate, and the establishment of a permanent campus the memorial plaque.Duxian Ru was born in Feixi Town officials in Anhui Province, the home was the fourth eldest, he is the youngest son of the family, but family pride.From the Master of Engineering, Beijing University of Electronic Science and Technology Communication graduate, Duxian Ru as a visiting scholar identity, he went to the University of Michigan-Dearborn academic exchanges.The next year Duxian Ru officially entered the School of Engineering and Computer Science doctoral degree, because outstanding, the school’s research supervisor offer full tuition sponsorship to him.The most precious thing in life is to give, is quietly pay.Duxian Ru not only academic excellence, but also helpful, students accustomed to using US telephone call warning him that he will be called 911 from China.Xiao Jing Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province, after studying in the United States and Duxian Ru ordinary alumni, usually less dealings.In a recent practice, the Xiao Jing encountered a lot of trouble, causing her mood is very depressed.Duxian Ru though he is very busy, but still took time and patience to enlighten encouraged her: Do not avoid the hardships of life, all experience is valuable asset.The road of life is still very long, I hope you can remove the pressure, he came out of the trouble in as soon as possible, study hard, happy life.Even Duxian Ru earnest persuasion, Xiao Jing is also a rare release from the depressed.May 13, in the school lab busy for a long time, Duxian Ru ushered in a brief afternoon rest time, you can make yourself completely relaxed down.Take advantage of the opportunity to rest at noon, Xiao Jing again Duxian Ru to a nearby school Ruggie riverside walk.It did not take long before she walked suddenly thought, almost all her friends for her to worry about, while they always get out of trouble.Unable to withstand the pressures, eventually Xiao Jing mysteriously jumping into a river to make a choice, hoping to solve the troubles of death.When Duxian Ru do not pay attention, jump jump Rulu Ji Xiao Jing River, struggling in the water up.Ruggie perennial fast-flowing river, undercurrent throughout, when coupled with the current for several days under heavy rain, prompting the river water level rise, no matter how Xiao Jing efforts have not only failed to climb out of the river, but quickly drifted into the depths of the river, the situation is extremely dangerous.See things extraordinarily bad, Duxian Ru regardless of personal safety, quickly undressed ready to jump into the water to rescue.Xiao Jing continue to drift away, he had tried to catch up.Catch in the rapids of the river more than 40 meters, finally caught Duxian Ru Xiao Jing, and haul towards the shore, looking forward to be able to save her young life.The unconscious onto the shore of Xiao Jing, and she will go all out onto the river bank, Duxian Ru fatigue was not the slightest effort, suddenly fell in the water, unfortunately washed away by rushing water.Xiao Jing found out of danger, Duxian Ru was raging rivers mercilessly swallowed, passers-by immediately call alarm call.After receiving the alarm, the local Dearborn police and professional diving search and rescue personnel, the water immediately mobilized search and rescue boats, helicopters rushed to the scene to conduct search and rescue efforts.Because there is no search for any trace Duxian Ru, so the departments involved in the search of growing gradually, Michigan Police Department, and the US Navy Baywatch, have been put into the search and rescue activities.Departments busy seven days, until at 10:20 on May day search and rescue personnel to find Duxian Ru’s body in the river downstream Ruggie.May 28, the University of Michigan-Dearborn is Duxian Ru held a dignified and solemn memorial service, the Stars and Stripes on campus rare for him to be lowered to half mast.This is the University of Michigan since its establishment, for the first time the death of the student lowered to half.Although it was already during the school summer holidays, but there are still more than 150 teachers and students spontaneously came to the memorial site, the expression of remembrance and memorial Duxian Ru.In the United States the local community and overseas Chinese, the Duxian Ru heroic deeds aroused great concern and shock.Dearborn Police Chief John Hudson Dade to the United States for the funeral of family life rescue prize awarded honorary certificates and medals.Chinese Consulate General in Chicago Consul General Zhao Weiping also sent a personally signed letter of condolence praise, homage.In the letter he wrote: Duxian Ru students in distress to rescue the others sacrificed their precious young lives, showed his bravery and selfless noble character, write a glorious epic of life for the majority of Chinese students set a moral example.

Chinese rose

Area in front of several strains rose opened.A flower, scarlet red, stunning masterpiece.From the cell out of people say nice from the outside who come say good-looking.    I remember there was a pile of rubbish originally, the remaining waste is construction work.Broken brick, stone, sand, cement, steel and breakage waste plastic.Construction crew left, only to find a packing plant in small towns laid off temporary janitor director.Eat, drink, many charges, causing the owners of dissatisfaction.Soon, one born in scholarly family, love to write love painting, nearly seventy years old take on the task of gatekeepers.Old people love clean, he used to clean up the garbage tricycle, with broken brick became curbs, finishing the flower beds and planted several strains of roses.    At first, no one cares.With the hot weather, after lunch or before dinner, people always like to enjoy the cool air to the front door, chat, so I naturally.    Fast-paced world, tell you the truth, I really know very little.For cognitive career, I like “and not be defiled, Qing Lian without demon,” the lotus, like “would rather hold incense dead branches, no leaves dance with the west wind” daisy; I love “slanting crosswise water clean and shallow, subtle fragrance floating on the evening” plum, of course, I and all are to enjoy the “only true country Peony color, bloom season, moving the capital,” the scene.I’m not the kind of “take the time flowers lazy review,” the man of view, there is no “too proud Horseshoe disease, Chang spent every day read” ambition and feelings.”Faces of the people do not know where to go, Love and be loved,” makes me a sense of loss, “small building night listening to rain, Shen Xiang Ming selling apricot” I look forward to.Secular people also have their own ideals and happiness.    This rose, which is on the month or figure out on quarter, but always see it on on yo, no have continued off, the glamorous interpreted as long gorgeous.People often say “flowers last forever, people no longer teenagers,” it seems like the United States did not last long, only to change my life stored in the absolute domain.I remember Su has a “Begonia” poem: Dongfeng curl Pan Sogo, Xiang Wu kept empty gallery of month.Lest spend asleep late at night, so burn the candles red makeup.To be able to list Begonia flowers glamorous, even to sleep late at night, lit candle high adventures of the realm.Yes, beautiful for the moment.Rainbow in the sky, will be in after the storm; “short-lived” is also to be late in the morning.In order to pursue the US people never begrudge the effort, mind and life.Perhaps easy to see for a long time, perhaps see the passionate chaos, the long-term they feel valued, they see more arbitrarily give up.Actually, it is always both sides, and then there are long lost, no matter how much become less.Chinese rose open, such as about beauty, let us first understand what is meant by real life – forever beautiful.    For the love of roses sincere, I have a better perception of desire.Internet Encyclopedia, Rose is the rosids, evergreen or semi-evergreen low shrub, stems have thorns, odd pinnate, seasonal flowers, called “Red Moon” or “Queen of Flowers”.Large flower shape, aroma, widely used in horticulture and cut flowers.It is adaptable, drought hardy.It rose and rose known as the “three heroes”.It species diversity patterns, have edible, medicinal, ornamental, green, environmental protection and other value.With “elegant, pure, noble, beautiful,” the symbol of the love for the world, was named “China’s top ten flowers”.    We often say, In a Relationship.Joke, the front of this seductive colors, very beautiful really should belong to several strains of roses that good hard-working, affable old man.Starting flower lover.When listening to this beautiful beautiful rose, while enjoying happy labor brought us the very least should know that the United States come from, the music come from.

Chinese poet Miles “red flame” Appreciation

“Red Flame” I am red flame red flame red flame in your words of a silver fox peach red flame suddenly heartbeat, irregular menstruation never ate red flame you stoop to mention the mountain is covered with red azalea to the puzzle in front of you holding a red glow in front of you are my bones red metaphor you are in front of me dressed in a beautiful red dress that you are passing clouds shiny red shift is to move those homes you letterhead rainwater those shiny red lilies are you crying my shiny red three times three times I turn over in my howling red flame red flame red flame red flame!Red Flame!Red Flame!Flame red tears of love Silver Fox Silver Fox Phoenix hot dance dark blunt spearhead of my life tied a heartbeat if I’m burning red flame that is because I betrayed the seeds of red flame if it is because I am in total silence red flame red flame far away in the land of silence I scent the air red flame red flame masterpieces [Appreciation] this is a love poem with red flames as lyrical subject.The poem is filled with a “red” word.Peach red, red azaleas, glow red, red dress, these images hide behind the love.Dahua Miles poet of love poems, love poems to develop a model of the new era, he is different from love poems to express love in superficial facial expression, but would love to sublimate the spiritual level.It was concluded that his love poems has three distinct characteristics, first, Everlasting, Wife, true love.Second, brilliant and impressive, brilliant but not obscene.Third, beyond the superficial into the spiritual dimension.Chinese poet Love Describe miles wide, it can be a person can also be a thing; either a particular person may be a lover.Wildflowers, poetess, a novel, lights, wolves, flowers, etc., all flowers Insects, birds and beasts, all things in the world the poet’s pen, become colorful, vivid, beautiful and moving.Silver Fox is a symbol mei, red flame silver fox is a symbol of the temptation of a full.This type of love silver fox fire, the earth silent and go away.The poem can be divided into six levels to interpret the first level, from “I am your red flame of a silver fox” to “never stoop red flame”.This level, the poet would compare yourself to the Silver Fox, and his own lyrical metaphor object red flame.What kind red flame on behalf of it?The poet spent several attribute to modify red flames: “peach, words, sudden heart, never bend over” and the rhetoric of these red flame limited to a certain range, and portrayed the characteristics of red flame.First, we have a peach-like bright; with words of indescribable beauty; with beautiful people heartbeat; has a spineless temperament.The second level of poetry, the poet becomes the second person to first-person narrative, “you” carrying red azalea, holding Hongxia light, in the eyes of the poet, which is the “red flame” hailed cuckoo, hailed Rays this is a double metaphor.The third level of poetry, from “dressed in a beautiful red dress” to “letterhead, lily, are you Ying”.This level, dressed in a red dress in the power of the poet’s pen is huge, shiny red clouds can; can Ying homes; rain can shiny red, letterhead, lily.The fourth level of poetry, from “I’m in pain red flame three times” to “red flame of love”.This level poet turn the second person to first-person narrative complex, described the performance of the poet in red flames: “The pain three times; howling three times; new start in life,” because the existence of these manifestations are caused by the red flame of love.The fifth level of poetry, from “hot tears of the silver fox” to “live my life heartbeat line red flame”.This level, poet pen peak and back to the first level, I was a silver fox.The only silver fox undoubtedly the hot tears; only I can say that the level of silver fox phoenix, it “dance of darkness blunt spearhead”.The poet with a “heartbeat spent his whole life tied red flame”.The sixth level of poetry, from “If I burn” to “I scent the air red flame ah”.The poet level set two hypotheses, if I burn; if I silence.And what reason is it burning?Because I betrayed the seeds of red flame; because red flame far away in the land of silence.And continuously re-select the “red flame!Red Flame!”This repeated applications, deepen the emotional poet red flame.The last sentence in a lyrical way, “I scent the air red flame ah” at the end, so that the poem recollection of the poor.

Chinese people should wear clothes of Chinese people

I often people make an example: Britain, France, if we go to America, go to: old and new big capitalist countries, the rich, but also representatives of different levels of Western civilization.A look at the aircraft, these countries were all men wearing a long robe, foot pair of black shoes; women are all dressed in cheongsam, dyed black hair, wearing embroidered shoes, frequently on the wrist bracelet set with a child.Their restaurant is a square table, eat eight major cuisines, with chopsticks, drinking Maotai, grinning holding a glass to say to you: to have friends from afar, almost happy, ah, I first did!I ask you, what it feels like?What feeling?!Listener eyes shine, showing joy and pride: big cow!Cattle!anything else?I stared at us without a word, then, it was back to the taste, and said: I will despise their very.It looks a little awkward.Because everyone was dressed in Western clothes, jeans or casual or a bit of formal dresses, jackets.Ms. Huang also dyed red hair color by.I do not want to be a party pooper.War on civilization, as a writer, I may alert day and night, and slightly nervous.But the war of civilization, non-borders can be divided, if within a country, people to say that his language proud, regardless of residence, customs, etiquette, clothing, food, etc., begin his national standard is a standard, so whether this country or this country or that it had colonized his country.The Chinese costumes, the last decade, by the fashion magazine who wantonly recommend Volkswagen foreign luxury brands to the people.Some suffer contempt abroad upper class clothing in the country, has become a symbol of identity, reflecting the financial resources of.China, not China, is a large market.Chinese people’s dignity and clothing, following the establishment of foreign fashion trends, popular catch up with foreign clothing, the public can afford the luxury consumer brands abroad.This and other popular degree, and my example, worse.We expect equality and expect respect his country.However, respect is there, one of the foundations of the foundation, is the weight.So to speak, will have to lead to war of words.Some people say, I love to wear jeans, evening gowns, none of your business?Now is the Internet world, where they come from what clothes problem?National costume of a country, is formed by history.In addition to political reasons, it is the people of a country, after a long history, standing on the foundation of civilization and aesthetics, according to their size and temperament, pick out a good clothes.It is one piece to wear to the people of this country who seem the most beautiful piece of clothes.Such as the traditional cheongsam: station collar, Xie Jin, raglan sleeves, Pankou.Both simple and elegant, but also highlight the oriental women rounded the curve, and the four are not exposed, creating a mysterious and sexy.And most of Western women with broad shoulders legs, dress the upper body, immediately flat width to length, how to look, dress is like a variation.Since cheongsam somewhat obscure, most Western women high nose and deeply set eyes, and dress to match, look introverted less than the original people’s pent-up tension Anti.On the contrary, a Chinese woman to Chende a Western-style evening dress, shoulders should be wide enough to enough Feng chest, legs should be long enough, pretty enough to ass, if human creature is, of course, what to wear, no problems, just the best hair dye too, eyes affixed to false eyelashes, or facial features, but those firms Zhang clothing tension in the end is weak.After all, we are all oriental rough housing, according to how Western-style renovation, must change their.Originally, Chinese people wear Chinese clothing can exceed and emergent qualities, Hebi Yang short to avoid long, others to follow.Good, but one quite like, well, also drifted down a mere copycat.Sometimes Chinese Overseas Chinese clothes to wear, China’s a bit strange, a little old-fashioned soil reveals.Whenever I can go abroad, I will be able to experience this feeling.Standing in a group of white-skinned, dark-skinned among people, I only realized that I was Asian, I am Chinese.Should I wear my clothes belong.In my innate strengths, culture roots, to express myself.This is like a monkey, the monkey in the woods only to live a long time, no longer concerned with what should be a monkey, occasionally, even forget that they are monkeys.Suddenly one day, I got to the other woods, saw orangutans and baboons, face face to shine, wake up, Oh, I was a monkey, not apes and baboons.War of civilization, is everyone’s responsibility.Read a little Chinese classical, classical Chinese teaching children to read a little, go to a local museum and take a look around.Many Chinese museums are free system, an identification card can be free admission, there are free guided tours explain.Field Museum and Museum spacious, quiet, nothing to bring a walk yo-yo, but also the pleasure.In addition, a dress, if all the weight of the whole nation, how will the trend.As the Chinese people, the Chinese people put on a costume, not only embodies the Chinese aesthetics, but also reflects the human dignity countries.We are born with this civilization, and people around the world and compares an absolute advantage.We just need to put it, it’s in.It does not need a lot, at least you should have a.Needless theory also, consciously wear at least once, out of the house, feel something.

Chinese people remember the animated film “learn” Disney

As an enterprise with nearly a hundred years of history, good at Disney “story” to attract a global audience through a story and a touching movie, created a lifelike animated characters and a.In recent years, “Frozen”, “Super Marines” and “Crazy Animal City,” and so a big success.   By the Chinese State Administration of Radio Film Board of Press and Publication and the Walt Disney Company co-organized plan, China front-line employees in the United States to participate in the animation “Chinese animation filmmaker seminar” campaign, which is the third consecutive year Disney animation talent to the United States the exchange of learning Chinese activity.   Xinhua News Agency reporters Gao Shan and Zhu Liya?Pierpont “Super Marines” producer, Oscar winner Roy?Conley by shooting “we were born in China,” learned more about China and Chinese culture, and Chinese filmmakers and forged a profound friendship.”I fell in love with China, we are looking forward to be able to go to China for cooperation.”Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios chief creative officer, John twice Oscar-winning?Lasseter think the movie has a “good story is the most important” good story must be able to impress the audience, while unpredictable.Join in the story charismatic characters, and the story and characters into a resonated with her audience, reflect the real world to some extent on the context of the movie, the story is to ensure that the elements of success.New technologies and tools are used to serve storytelling.   Infante, vice president of Shenzhen Huaqiang Culture Technology Group Shanglin Lin said that the Disney hear talk about how to tell a good story, so that Chinese filmmakers systematically understand the whole process works Disney, how to tell a good Chinese story, tradition Chinese culture profound inspiration.   Disney sent heavyweights Disney’s Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios and the exchange of Chinese filmmakers, Beijing’s top ten supernatural events, they seminar on the theme “story” is, for the Chinese counterparts about how the world of Disney the audience say “good story”.   He stressed that the success of the film requires both inspire people’s creativity, but also a complete mechanism for health.Disney set up to include all director and screenwriter, including the “story think tank”, “think tank” of equality can discuss and exchange views freely, eventually come up with a “best version” of the story.   26, when 14 Chinese people in the animated film Disney at the conference room in Los Angeles Burbank seated, waiting for them is another day compact course.   Shanghai Animation Film Studio, deputy general manager Chen Bo said that the close contact with Disney to help people understand and learn Chinese film practices in the United States advanced animation industry, “can not copy, but food for thought.”.For the Shanghai Animation Film Studio such an old state-owned enterprises, how to complete the film while maintaining the “spiritual core” of innovation, how to inspire a new generation of Chinese filmmakers to create new animated history is helpful.   Chinese Young animation director Shu Jie believe that China and animators face to face deepened the mutual understanding between the Chinese and American filmmakers, expect more of these in the future China-US humanities exchanges.   In the week-long exchange, the Disney movie for the Chinese people a comprehensive introduction to specific workflow development concept and management structure Animation Studios, the “Super Marines” and “Ocean Romance” and other cartoons as an example, a detailed share the creation and production process, a vivid demonstration of a good story, a good animated the whole process of birth.   Kate Mu encourage learning experience Chinese Disney animation talent, but “do not simply repeat what we have done”, but to play Chinese filmmakers intelligence, combined with new technologies, to develop their own creative path.   Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios president Ed?Kate Mu said that the secret of success lies in the Disney good story to have the appropriate cultural context, and cultural background you need to build a rigorous preparation.For example, Disney while shooting in the South Pacific islanders life as the background of “Ocean Romance”, not only invited familiar with the cultural background of sociologists, humanists, but also specifically invited the elders and local fishermen as a consultant.   Andrew, president of Walt Disney Animation Studios?Milstein and Chinese filmmakers had a positive interaction, but also specifically asked Chinese filmmakers to attend the courses What harvest.He told Xinhua News Agency reporters, filmmakers and Chinese cultural exchange activities, help to increase mutual understanding, the two sides can work together to promote the development of animation industry.This will also help the United States the opportunity to exchange their own filmmakers have a more objective understanding.   Xinhua News Agency, Los Angeles, September 27 – Newsletter: “Listen to the story, in order to better tell the story of China” Remember the Chinese animated film people “learn” Disney Hot Offers articles: Domestic overseas TV drama adaptation of “cold case”?Or due to lack of story

Chinese Peony

Tongbai County, Hebei Province, north Hao village, there is a temple of the Han Dynasty, named mitusoi.The temple monks specially raised peony, and “Peony Temple,” said.Temple has a peony, lotus flowers as large, richly blooming annual mid-spring, flowers people are doing, very much the temple wall inscriptions, said this is the Chinese peony.Peony side, there are the tricks peony, peony year thanks to, peony and open, fragrant bright color, like comparable with peony.About Henkel peony, he is still a legend.     According to legend, a long time ago, a man in North Hao village, early in the morning to get up early, went to the village of West Field.Passing the entrance mitusoi vision is sometimes filled with aroma, pleasant the heart.He looked up, eyes bright, I saw two young boys and girls, Gualv Phi Hung, general clouds, floated down from the roof, quietly went to the temple to fall.Man surprised almost called out, he flew back home to tell the family.For a while, it just a mass ten, hundred, the whole village sensation.Adults and children, poured into the temple in droves, to see what happens.However, to the temple, but no trace.Suddenly, there was a girl shouted: “Look there!”She pointed to the monastery on a vacant lot two strains emerged flowers, juicy, fresh and tender, really cute.There was feverish talk up.I believe this man is true words.They say that this flower plants must be the change that both boys and girls, Flora They are down to earth, specifically to the north we Hao, our shelter, we may have to look after them properly, you might even get economic benefit from them mile.     Since then, the villagers of this Hao to carefully manage and take care of the two flowers plants.Oddly enough, the two flowers line the wind wildly quickly soared up several feet long high.Between green branches, dense bud.Soon, the flowers, the whole village is filled with the aroma, kicking up clouds of butterflies fluttering, Bee, trained, trained, charming scene.This flower’s reputation, as long wings, spread in all directions.People have come to appreciate a radius of ten miles of this world wonders, North Hao village people are proud.     How many years have passed.One day, one wearing a shirt, dusty, sweaty generals, horse Swagger, straight north from Hao.It was years hurried retreat, the villagers who did not dare many things, are scared and quickly close the door.General dismount, sweat knock on the door, begged for a bowl of water to drink, find a place to escape it, even if there is a tumbledown old temple Hao.Some villagers said through the door, this is not a village well, no two temple, you were out Run.General helpless, sighed: “North Hao village there is a scene: It was not the temple, did well, God of the land live wall hole.”Carter, Wind and Smoke billowing outside the village, flags blocks out the sun, horses neighing, seeing the pursuers approaching.General aware of the dangers, launched Swagger west gallop, see a broken wall monastery in the village, then turn over and jumped down, collapsed under a flower.Oddly enough, the tree flowers “shabu” to stretch the leaves, the generals had a tightly cover.General thus escaped the disaster.     After an hour, the generals are wake-up bursts of flowers, open eyes find themselves hiding among the flowers, feel relaxed and happy, full of energy.God is often said that he remembered peony flower, is the king of flowers, the country Hing, there must be good fortune.General got up off the wall in the temple, with a branch title poem, Yamaha Swagger away.     All the villagers saw the pursuers away, in twos and threes out of the house, came mitusoi marks going down, saw off the wall there is a poem: Amy refuge over shortage village, well all little bleak temple.          Only a few peonies Jurassic, not bend loyal Chung Wang.(Liu Xiu title) After reading, all aghast.Exquisite original tree, is known as Aromatic peony; the other strains of it, is known as peony flowers in the phase; The general, which later became Emperor Liu Xiu Han Kuang.Since then, the reputation of Chinese peony rang open.

Chinese parasol tree warmth

To love each other for the good of the beautiful soul, often make people appreciate the spring-like warmth.- Inscription yesterday, I walk in the street look around, trying to find a suitable salon, take care of her hair, for a good mood.Suddenly, the distance a tall plane trees attracted me.Other trees have changed the face, yellow leaves have wandering, only the tree I was shocked.Autumn leaves of a tree, a long time to maintain the vitality of Xianrun.Although, there are also changes its color from dark green turns yellow, still glowing luster, it seemed to fight foot effort just to defy the laws of nature.I look for the way to go, found under the shade of plane trees, there is a hair salon, called the “warmth”.Good warm name!I did not hesitate to open the glass door and went.    ”coming!First take a moment, immediately good.”The owner greeted my side, to the side of a woman’s hair hairpin applicator Water.The boss is good-looking, dignified and elegant, a middle-aged woman would like to see people close.That sound “coming” of sound, especially people feel warm greeting.I sat down at her homeopathic quickly skillful hands busy, listening to her affectionately holding homemade with the old lady.The old lady must have been familiar with the patrons.    After the hairpin Shanghao old lady, wearing electric hat, sitting on the side waiting, as usual these half-hour.My turn, my usual short hair, just want to take care of simple, natural look, some of the fine.Boss said although it looks simple, but it will be more complicated process.So she took out a new set of hairpin.Those packaging intact clip had 11 open, the proprietress although flexible action, but only to be unpacked Grilled clip, but also water applicator hairpin, a busy person can not significantly faster speed.Upon seeing the old lady rushed up the initiative to help move chairs, she carefully ready hairpin and then saw the opportunity and handed the boss.Wife had a duty helper, a much faster rate.They are very understanding with, while the old lady get serious, kindly face while laughing.Her very natural to accept the help of the old lady, without the slightest guilt and anxiety that people feel carefree and harmonious atmosphere warm heart.    For a while, I was put on an electric cap sat waiting, the wife was busy for a master craftsman hair.I looked carefully furnished small shop, a few chairs, a table row with mirror, stood a stack of books, newspapers and a TV on the table, there are a few simple pieces of cookware, small space is packed patchwork, plus warm.    I sat for a moment, nor was there the slightest cap electric heat.So with the boss said was.Boss reluctantly said: “Electric cap may turn bad, bad quality stuff now, several recent bad.”Then she gave me a new change, the bad resting on the side.And that master craftsman hair dyes have been in the saddle, sit on the sidelines waiting.He looked at the broken electric cap, enthusiastically said: “I’ll try to help you repair it.”Having the tools to carry out serious repairs up.Old master of technology is really amazing, it did not take long to fix an electric cap.He asked whether there are other bad boss electric cap, but quickly found out two boss.Grandfather Deburring cheerfully said: “I am electrician craft where all need them, anyway idle is idle, can be helped to do something useful, really good ah!”Grandfather is truly a taste of helping others, and that happy mood people may feel envy, the wife is also happy again and again thanks.    There are customers door, the wife would be busy greeting.However, the old lady’s hairpin to the time of the demolition of the.I saw the boss smiled and put a tray placed gently on the chair in front of me.I immediately knowing, she wanted me to help the old lady took off the hairpin.Boring to wait very tough, anyway idle is idle, and I am happy to do little things helped things.So, I carefully removed the old lady to the rubber band on the hairpin, happy old lady kept praising me work carefully, gentle movements, so much praise I was also delighted.    Old master, the old lady and I, both in the original boring waiting, still doing things convenient for others, his own pleasure.The boss did not put us as an outsider, but as a good-hearted people helpful.We are invariably heart has her share of natural outpouring of goodwill and converted roles from the original fee paid service customers enjoy peace of mind, into friends and help each other.This love each other, for the good atmosphere, the small shop enjoyable, full of warmth like spring.    Later, the old lady came to pick her son to call.After his son went, he pretends to say: “This store is really hard to find, in front of a large sycamore tree covered storefront.This tree certainly big impact on the business, is not allowed to dig a tree, I’d have a sure way to let the tree quietly death.In the root of the tree bark circle scratches, poured kerosene.”” Paused!”The old lady quickly interrupted his son’s words.The old lady son, then just like a small bomb, bombed several of our people stunned.A tree is a life, how could he come up with such malicious means?Angry woman scolding his son and wife hastened to smooth things over: “This tree will not affect the business of the store to shop mostly repeat customers, patrons.This plane trees with the same age as my son, and let us shop that year, street planted.I treat it as a child, often to sweep out the store’s hair debris fell around the roots.When the weather is dry, pour some rice water.This tree looks better than other trees, autumn leaves will be delayed for some time.Now, his son went to the field school, to see the tree I think of son.”The owner then makes the old lady’s son ashamed even to say sorry.The people present were deeply moved, a tree treat their children treat women, how kind hearted?    Old master quickly took an electric cap are repaired, his hair is also boss of men become glossy black, as if the good old young.He gratefully left the salon.The old lady’s hair an instant new look, she and her son together happily bid farewell to the boss.They looked away figure, I suddenly felt lonely a lot of the store, even somehow give birth to a little dismay.    The hostess just going to give me my hair, an aunt hurriedly rushed to the scene, said that the rush to make things right hair wedding feast, time is very tight, I am afraid to be late.The boss was very difficult, she told me earnestly discuss whether it would let their hair newcomers.I readily agreed, and sat watching the proprietress quickly operation: hair, styling, waxing.Before long, beautiful hair that aunt on the show in the mirror.She said excitedly: “This is where the wedding was brilliant down myself.”Then I do not pay it straight away.    Boss finally gave me my hair, and I could not resist asking her: “It just did not pay aunt left, do not you know?”The owner said dismissively:” how can I not know?People must have been too hasty to forget, can not be intentional.See people happily, how the nerve to ask for money with others and sweep the people Xing?Such a thing, I often encounter.Most customers will remember afterwards, specially to give money, can not remember the individual no problem.Originally people to do hair, wants to become neat figure a good mood.”The owner simple words in my ears, small shop people love each other in scenes of moving pictures, in my mind playback.I suddenly felt the woman in front of a beautiful, breathtaking beauty.Her exquisite craft people to create beauty, her beautiful appearance makes pleasing to the eye, more people liking beautiful soul.Suddenly, a little warmth spread throughout my whole body.It is also presumably the slightest warmth that drew a batch of patrons, making the store business is booming.Shop named “warmth” is the owner, just good intentions.    I do hair reluctantly left the store, could not help but look back frequently shaded by plane trees under the “warmth” salon.I thought: even if one finds the cold winter to salon customers will still feel the boss’s beautiful soul, savor the warmth of spring, such as a small shop.Ranks due to the glow, and I will gladly join the store patrons.

Chinese parasol tree (writer election issue 11)

I was still small, I do not know sorrow trouble, throat head sitting under the Indus, listening to people play laughter laugh.  Gradually eliminating wait until sunset, time flies turn all the roads around the ring channel.  Unexpectedly, the Indus still old and people often.    (A) Huarong stain dripping Guanyin looks glossy dark green oil, as if stolen in the spring of brilliant general.Red hot summer sun from running across the blades, the tip faint water, such as a pool of fine spring softly whisper.  Often miss the flow of water through the thin years, the emergence of various indifferent surprise, like a season for Evolution in sudden pain and suffering, happiness.Flowers such as a human, joy, anger, laughing containing frown wind, rain and snow drip polyester, rooted cluster just yl.  Purple Impatiens already an old guy.That layer is the cornerstone of about two meters high, all of stone chips seam holes are covered with its shadow.A distance between, it was provoked silk thread sash decorated, bright purple, ornate purple, purple smiles tenderly.  That time, I help but miss this scene: see the mountains, water lying alone, hear the wind listen to the rain sleep high, people come every day to go, the flowers bloom year after year.    Views of the South will never be as rugged north, small lake blind date, over Huarong dip dyeing.Single-plank bridge, water shake shirt, Qingchi fish, lotus demon.  Free to life, but is a green tea, bamboo chair Gaowo, to avoid chaos.  These Huarong Road dyeing you’ll remember, and so simple.    (B) the Indus whisper away from home on the eve of the mother specifically picked a basket of peaches, peaches than half of these injuries are numerous scars trace staggered, look ugly.But this really is the sweetest, what insects bees ah ah ah birds, clamoring.  Mountain in late summer, with autumn, festival season is a sensitive thing, believe it is capricious.  This time, I sat under the plane tree, chant the “pre-order has been Wuye Autumn Sound”.Wuye Pocket context clear, autumn sketched out by deep lines.Dense atmosphere has pervaded the whole village, the air faintly ripe tomatoes smell drifting.  For years after month, all this will be able to cut a poem, where I live, in these plane-tree, into the wind and rain, bring me the way cities.  Indus gradually whisper, the enemy were long song.  I’m going to a place far away, your place to stay for a long time, even if it is not earth-shaking, not the solid.    Attachment: Article: Man seventeen QQ: 578764471 Description: Man XVII female shooter, the United States and the pursuit of freedom.After 90 literary young woman, like the text, that the text of the charm is like poison, like to indulge in the wonderful world.  Published works beautifully written prose network and the Chinese network, fell in love with the characters for many years.  This article from the 2012 9.9, that time, I was young and.

Chinese New Year, Hello.

REVIEW: Friends, I know that in the past year, have you busy front desk; bed have your parents explore eyes; you did not forget to care for loved in return; the child’s well-being you hang between heart.Your selfless dedication, won the leadership of praise, loved ones laughing.I asked them to you said loudly: Thank you!You have worked hard!  Always unconsciously, the Spring Festival marching long river unexpected; always unknowingly, we have grown into a young teenager, and now not into middle age.Spring Festival has become a symbol of our growth.Chinese New Year, Hello!    The north, the river knot in the ice, the sun’s shining.Crystal clear; people twisted Yangko, high-stepping on the foot, the joy was palpable.Waiting for Spring Festival every household hung lanterns came.Chinese New Year, Hello!    Southland, the river of joy flowing, passing a swallow from the river.Quick holiday, students who like heart like swallows flying out of the campus.They use the most outstanding achievements report to their loved ones; they use full of knowledge waiting for the arrival of Chinese New Year.Chinese New Year, Hello!    Friends, I know that in the past year, have your desk busy; you have to explore parents’ bed eyes; you did not forget to care for loved in return; the child’s well-being you hang between heart.Your selfless dedication, won the leadership of praise, loved ones laughing.I asked them to you said loudly: Thank you!You have worked hard!    In the new year, may you have a hearty wind, clouds of flowing, rain enthusiasm; in the new year, wish good luck be with you, follow you happy, happy forever belong to you!  May you in the Year of the Tiger: Longtenghuyue new heights [Editor: warm]