Chinese New Year dumplings

浙江体彩61 “This year Chinese New Year eating dumplings reform, we agree to disagree ah?”Walk in the trend line of text sister (wife’s sister) a change in previous years the habit of eating out, ask for your views.  ”what?Make dumplings?”The most traditional mother full of puzzled expression.  ”Good, good, good, good to eat dumplings, good green food.”In addition to her mother, we all unanimously by clapping.Perhaps the idea of her mother also change with the changing trend in fear over the years of shameful?  ”I’m the best at making dumplings, a few days before the yo-yo is still my family ate twenty or thirty.”I have to show their rare cooking, volunteered together.  ”Well, well, well!”When my father agreed chef decision.  Got it.Although mouth against her mother, in fact, than she which are impatient.Her mother quickly took out a kitchen knife, contemplating the vegetable garden villa outside cut celery.I quickly grabbed a kitchen knife, leaving a big basket, “rustling” a lot of neat and quick cut emerald green celery.”Er ah, incense and ah!”Thick celery scent nostrils, I was saturated stimulate appetite.In this green vegetable, I seem a little carried away, probably for a long time did not encounter such a pure green bar?I looked and looked, and smelled the smell, reluctant to leave.  ”Pound Qiang Qiang” nanny rhythmic sound in the kitchen chopping meat, “squelch” I sound cheerful vegetables, “New Year’s okay?happy New Year?”Grandma pleasant voice, is it not a beautiful symphony of kitchen do?How happy we feel ah!  ”Start dumplings ah!”I deliberately raised his voice against the upstairs mahjong hotties who shouted, hoping to an assistant ah.  ”I also came slightly dumplings.”Wen sister deserves to have a big sister style, yell came.I saw her calmly put table linen, dumplings.Seemingly leisurely dumplings, but in reality fast package, and all of them are kind of mold, dumplings she was under the auspices of so few, seems to have become a little girl wearing a white dress.I think the best at cooking, but sister paper today in front of a lot less!Package dumplings out small and ugly does not say, but also roll Gulu.I can do self-righteous?It can sit idle?Or he straightened himself, earnestly learn from it!My eyes wide open looking at the text carefully one by one sister, had her so ugly dumplings by a pointing, instant elegance.I was ashamed shame, surprised ah!  ”Start boiled dumplings ah!”I once again facing upstairs crying.  ”I have to cook dumplings slightly.”Wen sister’s mother (Yao aunt) agreeing with what the.I could not refuse her kindness, was originally told them ready to eat, did not think Yao aunt leave her love of mahjong, a whim to join the ranks of our dumplings, revealing her skill.I saw her only once a 21 dumplings, neither more nor less, and so the dumplings slowly pulls out “gray dawn”, then add half a bowl of cold water, cook for a little while on a one pulled.Placed in the printed blue and white porcelain dish, stuffed dumplings and seemed to be a warship.Oh, it should be said that a Japanese warship spy ship.These two warships and soon afterwards we all fall into these “general belly”, and chew splinters.  ”Good eat!There are no ah?”” So delicious, more delicious than those who were lavish meals.”Praise the endless variety of ear.Our heart sweetness!Pay must be harvested ah!  ”Good teacher also need good material ah!You see those out to buy dumplings slightly, how many preservatives?How many lean content of pork?Vegetables, how much fight pesticides and fertilizers?This is my own kind of green food ah, pork also please your uncle personally feed the country’s soil Spotted, you can not taste it?”Father of green food are all proud boast their own hard work, but also did not forget to praise the industrious plain aunt and uncle who abide by the rules of the country.  Yes ah, China’s food security is a headache, we, as consumers and energy doing it?You can do it?Is one kind of throwing the country back to work not to fight pesticides and fertilizers food, water to feed not eat pork it lean flowers?  Year over year, this simple, eat at ease.We all like!What do you think?  I wish every day to have this green eat!My desire to achieve it?