Feeling of Life

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com Sunrise and sunset, this is a law of life of common people, and also my regular life, but recently a number of meaningless work disrupted my life law.May not make, and endless sunset, all day long busy incredibly hard, battered.But my heart always felt the work he had done nothing significant, but also had to do against one, this is life, this is life, life is sometimes like this, do not necessarily get what you want, you do not want to give you insist ; do not let you do what you want, you do not want to do that you have to do; you love someone, you love some more than others, or else people say is a “monster”. Recently, I and some of his comrades, classmates or friends, which made both the rich and the rich classmates, friends, comrades seldom get rich revel in success, but like to recall distinctly the past, this may be the person to a certain time of a common, life after a certain distance traveled, always want to look back at the past, even if it is painful memories, even if it is weak as cold water of the past, will also relish the memories of some serious. Some people say that “Life is like a play,” and that was not fake, people’s life is like acting on stage, everyone plays on their stage of life are the main characters, are supporting other people around, everyone will try the way his protagonist to play well, this is the value and meaning of life. Some people say “life is a process, sadly, it can not be repeated; the good news is, it does not need to be repeated.”Yes, life is just a process, in this process, there has been wealth and status, flowers and applause; some tasted bitter, suffered the misery, in the end enjoy the wealth and status do not necessarily come to an end, suffering greatly, flat faint able to come to an end.In this process, opportunities and challenges, advances and retreats, loss and gain, full of evil, wisdom and folly, honor and disgrace, strong and weak, just and gentle, and easy to difficult, yes or no, life and death, victory and failures, all kinds of conflicts intersection transformation.Life is to learn to control himself, not pleased, not to have compassion, always sailing toward our stated goals in the ocean of life. Some people say: “Life is a dream.”.Has to wake up to dilute the twilight years, regardless of your noble and humble, come and go naked, students do not already naked, in life there are two situations can not be selected, one is born, one is dead, who can not resist.On reflection, how a century of life, for a mere few days, get what you come into the world?Enjoy what?What is left?It is difficult to speak clearly.Eyes closed end, nothing meaningful. But human nature is human nature, born began to fight for the quality of their lives and struggle, infighting, intrigues, and even war, but in the end is a place to go.Some may be returned to and left behind a number of things, such as: philosophers left behind an immortal theory, scientists give the impression that the crystallization promoting social development, and even the blind left us back to Bing the “Traditional”.A euphemism pathos Reflection of the Moon, recorded the ups and downs of life, a song to sing songs of life, unyielding Song.Some vegetation life, silent, the little fanfare to go, did not leave any thing.Blossom, spring to spring, think of my life as a humble vast sea of grass, walk their own path in life, the pursuit of their own desire, looking for a wonderful life, living a bland life, (read the article net:.sanwen.COM) also feel enjoyable.I feel a pleasant feeling of doing their own thing, though poor point, a little dull, even a little bitter, as long as the spirit of happy, happy myself, this life is enough.Comparisons can not and does not need to force yourself saying goes: “dead than popular,” all revel, with all its natural, that is you is you, not your force is not to insist in.Some people just insist on doing things because, in the end s wisdom wrong, do not say his own bruised and wounded, out of friends and relatives and neighbors, enjoying themselves.So my motto in life is everything with its natural, open minded to anything, do not care about, not seriously, seek pleasure in the troubles, to seek relief in the busy.Self-adjust their mood, and strive to live each day to make their own.

feeling of happiness

Part one: the feeling of happiness “Sometimes people really want and eloped.”Several friends get-together, rather abruptly Cher word eye-popping, has always been gentle for her to be so extraordinary remarks, really ridiculous.We looked at a few surprised eyes, and slightly embarrassed her, and then again sad together: “busy at home busy all day outside the home, big and small are my one strikes, tiring!Sometimes want to send home a few nagging, this point want comfort and considerate, I enigma who is either silent, or to be a ‘me incompetent, then have the ability to find a good’.People are out of work men spend dinner, go home and do not tell my wife, henpecked feel bad money, we the contrary, I treat things are out spending money, afraid to tell him to go home, afraid he might take things too hard.Sometimes I think really boring, really want to find favorite people ran, but it then I thought, mother of two children, and where can it go?Where are worried about a repeat.Cough, or improvise live, huh, huh!”We know that Cher’s husband, definitely belongs to the good man a good husband Series.His introverted stiff, no bad habits, every day to go to work — units, home from work —.Occasionally, classmates and friends to gather them small, are pouring end Cher water, drinks upon to persuade dishes, while her husband she is sweating in the kitchen, busy a not a pleasure, and we often Cher’s husband as an example, let her husband go home learn the point.  Cher once a car accident, not a light injury, unconscious, needed surgery immediately, Cher colleagues notice that her husband rushed to the hospital.Her husband received a phone call a little scared went to pieces, and saw an ambulance at the hospital gate, scared senseless, he followed the ambulance ran out of the ten li, back to the hospital later to be clear-headed, Cher has already been taken to surgery room, a few colleagues Cher to see her husband late yet, it had signed in a single operation.This thing with my classmates for the elephants, we tease Cher: There is such a good husband, happiness!Is such a good husband, indeed, Cher distress is unclear, with Cher as saying she did not feel happy to find.  In fact, Cher is not a very strong woman, soft weak weak, innocent girl, the way she always said she was looking trees so that she can rely on trees, she would like to be at home Yin wife good mother, wife, mother.  Cher’s speech, another student said he was quiet understanding.  ”I understand the feelings of Cher.Take me, for all day are like gyroscopes, units — home — home units.In the unit, work pressure, but also infighting among colleagues, tired thief dead.Home, is not her husband is the child, there is much to do housework.Live to this age, no cards, no beauty, no gym, watching other people to travel a large family, also own heart, then patted the pockets of limited renminbi, can not stand the toss, too, or save some of it.Buy discount buy clothes, buy cosmetics buy the cheap.I go home and nag who, who I always say, ‘What do you like, go buy!On which want to play, just go!”But money does?’There will be bread, and milk will be,’ is his mantra.Who reached the forty now, and when there is bread, milk and when there is?Do not put into action, lying in bed all day, you know Hu spend days of planning for the future, I would rather go out and break him failed, do not want to see him at home, self-deception.This NPC macho he is serious, Siyaomianzi a pain, the slightest mistake will hurt his self-esteem.Think about it, I came home a hard day in the unit, but also serve as serve as his uncle, his casual remark it will touch sensitive nerve Flanagan.This day is a pain to live.If it is not bound by the traditional ethics, not the responsibility of the body feel great, maybe I will find my cordial man, emigrated with him.”My husband and husband of Cher Jinger are two completely different people, not only cheerful, but also pay attention to the external image, every time I see he will give a refreshing cool feeling.In our eyes he is a very responsible person.He often said that he is a man, a man should be a man-like, it is necessary to hold up a home, give the child his wife a warm relaxed environment.He did not want to worry about more than Jinger, worry more people will languish, he wants to be forever young Seiji.Jinger in his mind is his goddess.He more than once in front of a friend’s face very heartfelt Seiji said: “I have money you popular hot drink, wear gold and silver, I have no money, you just let me go begging, we Fuchangfusui.”Seiji also promised always smiling, a small woman like.Their loving, so most of my friends jealous dog eat dog.I had to secretly Jing said: such a good husband, happiness!It is such a good husband, so that more than Seiji secretly sigh, in her words, she did not find the feeling of happiness.  In fact, Seiji is absolutely not a matter type of woman.Seiji is very beautiful, very gentle and lovely, the unit is the backbone of the business, a wife and mother at home, although the day had some poor, always stick to the share aloof and arrogant bones.  Majoring in our students the only people who dare say.She divorced and remarried has become a hot topic among students.Majoring belong to the type of woman, but also in the emotional part of the exposed type.It is said that before her divorce and her current husband of the affair.In fact, her current husband and her ex-husband in comparison, in terms of knowledge, career, family, appearance is a difference of one chip.I do not understand why she can not hesitate to throw her husband and son, turning back again into the marriage hall.She lived happily in everyone’s puzzled and questioning in his own way, so the students pretend to infer an answer: She might find a feeling of happiness.  But, what is it the feeling of happiness?  With this question, I turn on the computer, search for ‘happy feeling’ opinions.It is said that the feeling of happiness is an experience that is able to meet every small wish to bring you the good feeling; Some people say that the feeling of happiness is a long duration of life satisfaction and feeling of life there are great fun and naturally want to continue long pleasant mood; some say, the feeling of happiness is with you “laugh together, cry together,” to share with you good, bad bear with you; some say, the feeling of happiness I am waiting for love slowly close; .Today’s society is an economic and social development soon, a lot of things are the things that change, many things gradually material desires, including the person’s ideology.So many people lamented the social and material type too many people, especially women.Others I can not say, but my friends are not very high material desires most people, they stick to the traditional ethics, able to work independently outside, mothers at home.As a modern woman, and male compatriots roll touch fight to fight, want to be successful in their careers, the traditional home of the addition of a magic spell, not just tired of feeling fatigued heart of a partner, not just marriage into exhaustion of simple.  Time flies blink of an eye, people have been middle-aged, young romance and passion has long been devoid of real life.In young family it seems, at forty, life is a Wang Jing water, or even a backwater, with no waves, in fact, women are emotional.When young, for children, for the cause, perhaps not ya think, now middle-aged, children gradually big, material life and social status has been stable, growing demand for spiritual life to the next level.Although the early middle-aged woman flying a misty when they were young heart, but does not mean that they desire and caress a romantic at heart, only to be suppressed by burdensome life and work.If a woman becomes rational from the emotional to her husband, then their life is really a crisis, their marriage may be coming to an end.  Often you see such an article on the web or in books: Marriage is the need to operate, know how to run a good woman marriage.Since marriage is a marriage, then it is two things, you should run the marriage of two people to work together.The wise woman good at running his own marriage, then, the wise man is not also good at running his own marriage?Even middle-aged people, from time to time to add some color to your life, to the point of their marriage adds condiments, life will be more exciting.I think the wise man should try to keep their beloved heart feel helpless and tired heart, so that their loved one find a feeling of happiness.  What is the feeling of happiness?I think, the feeling of happiness is not a day without edges, of Heaven, and the king must dare declaration of love, but not to get the feeling of the money to meet some of the worldly possessions status, etc., and perhaps a warm words, perhaps a gentle eyes, perhaps a stroking action I will let you find him flying his own sense of mood.The feeling of happiness is the heart for love weave a beautiful dream, carefully drawn for a living rainbow after the rain.  Morning on the riverbank park, I always see a couple every day, they are about fifty years old, there are obvious symptoms of hemiplegia woman, the men carefully helped his wife to do all kinds of rehabilitation exercise on fitness equipment, day after day , patiently.Every time I see this scene, I will be very impressed.I asked myself: what is their feeling of happiness?Staying with profound feelings?Or the most beautiful red sunset!  May the world who can perform Helping Hands to old age, with the most beautiful red sunset!    Part two: the feeling of happiness Happiness is the state of people’s psychological desires are met.A longer duration of life satisfaction and feel there is a huge joy for life and naturally want to continue long pleasant mood.In fact, a living animal needs will be happy, looking forward to the happiness found in his body.However, in today’s society, whether rich or money to people, there will not feel happy.Not investigate the reasons for its sense of well-being, mainly in the following aspects: First, good at that face the sun.Life there are many positive and good aspects, but many people ignore them, “only to see their own misfortune, ignoring his own happiness”, “enlarge the happiness of others, narrowing his own happiness” is it true portrayal.In order to attract some media attention, but also the lives of adverse events reported to the hype.Although satisfy people’s curiosity to some extent, but it also weakens people’s positive attitude.  Second, the lack of confidence faith.After 20 years as the wealth sprint race, some people in addition to money, do not know what life in the pursuit of goals and in the end is, do not even know what they really want.This lack of faith and the ideal state, it is difficult to produce a long, happy happiness.  Third, like the pursuit of comparisons.Modern energy into the main competition, more than jobs, than the house, than wealth.Than to go over people’s hearts only desire, there is no happiness.Once the pursuit of happiness is not how, but how happy than others when it away from you a happiness.  Fourth, do not know dedication.A US study at Harvard University have shown, and more to help others in life, to make themselves feel happier.But in modern society, willing to selfless dedication of fewer and fewer people, more and more people care about.If you always reckoned “What in it for me”, “do it worthwhile,” will live very painful.  Fifth, do not know contentment.As the saying goes, “Better than,” but fewer and fewer people can meet, and I want to change with the house bigger, with better job want to change, want to earn more money.These desires, ordered the people toil endlessly back and forth, holding on to fight on board that “brilliant” peak.  Sixth, mistrust.Indeed, although the society is now highly developed communication, but people’s hearts but gradually alienated.Now more and more people tend to “right-brain” thinking, while the right brain in charge of the individual, power, status, etc., for the feeling of happiness 0.Happiness comes from feeling left brain, very often happiness is not life a little, but people no longer to master the ability to feel happy.  Seven is overly anxious.Purchase, parenting, family pension burden and other problems; career advancement because of concerns about space and generate working pressure; dealing with interpersonal relationships between friends and colleagues have all become China’s “stressors”.In big cities, regardless of the elderly, the young and children, mostly in a state of restless anxiety, which makes it impossible to feel happy from the bottom of my heart.  In summary, the happiness of someone as factors, but also factors of Tianyuan.Human factor is the individual hard work and efforts, the courage to forge ahead, create a new situation, to think themselves happy requirements.Tianyuan is luck, but also a godsend, there are elegant aid, there is no skill can an officer make a fortune, but also to enjoy the wealth and status, but this happiness has two consequences: First, lazy, they only eyes, eat, drink over a lifetime; two there is little skill who can keep his nose clean, the status quo.This is also the well-being.Truly happy with their own happiness is to enjoy this top!    Part three: the feeling of happiness happiness is only a feeling heart, not how much money, how much material wealth, but a spirit realm.True, money and material can bring you happiness, but not the only one.  I remember nine years when, how envy of others waist BB machine (pager).I also spent more than 800 dollars to buy a wanted how worth it is, and how useless it can only display a few numbers, but also pay a monthly service fee information, but also filled with the public to find phone, had to give money.However, the Hong Kong ah, the ocean plate, the pride, the joy.No matter now much better buy more expensive phones are not a substitute for the time share conceal wonderful mood and wonderful feeling.  When the red scarf around the oath that moment, really, as if the motherland in my heart.When put on the new buy the first pair of water shoes when, even if there is no rain, even if the road is no water, there is a special place that step puddles of tread, tread water without water shoes to wear it, what that meant, so true feelings water shoes wet shoes can not get wet feet, and I have that others do not share flattered sweet.Remember as a child, I do not know how small the time, can not remember what year, our family often can not afford even the kerosene, but bought a radio.We were the country without electric lights, not to mention the street, our neighbors With the production of the moon, or the dark to our yuanba sat together listening to the radio, you know there are still legs mud some simply end a bucket bowl meals, in that bright moonlight, when she knew that kind of relish.While some do not even know the word, but Mo eliminate speak Mandarin broadcast of that, as if the silver moonlight, really illuminate everyone’s chest.Now books, magazines, newspapers and abundance, variety, but no comic curiosity of those brought to us, so strong desire.Find ways to sneaky hidden in the haystack, under pressure in a book, on the toilet…I do not know how many suffered a hit.In the eyes of his father, who is so disappointing, do not study, do homework, go to the Church of the inexplicable things, things are beneath contempt, only high school, it is not as if the comic book-like, but also continue to look continue kneeling continue to take a beating, or continue to watch…..Pain and happiness!  No matter how much theater star luxury, whether it is larger than many, many good Leeuw large, child kid watching movies is our most happy about.If ganchang people came back and said to put this play on the commune movie, then we certainly will not be eating dinner, about a couple of friends together immediately took to the streets, and regardless of the hungry, and whether they come back tomorrow to face strict father and that we are prepared specifically for bamboo sliver and gold tree (the tree dedicated to farming cows crying disobedient), more than 20 miles to go mountain.We commune of cinema is actually a walled fenced open-air venue, we have no money to buy tickets, the first to send a man to find a gap and trying to dig around a fence can only squinting against the wall can only see a silver copy of half, and others half a brain.At the door helplessly watching other people go, where not only do not expect to wait for the results until the start before going off-site belongs to us already occupy territory, but also see each other while racing to a person.But a brigade two or three months to come back, we will not miss the next village, start her, with a jacket, to see that this spread in the darkness of a fire dragon, happily talking about the movie good and the bad guys.The outside world is very exciting, and seen thousands and thousands of beautiful women, are not there then see her flickering shadow, eyes release glory, tucked the note in the book while eyebrows.Part Four: The feeling of happiness, although the family is only one computer, a 34-inch color TV, in the county can only be considered moderate people, but, after my middle-aged man winter swimming, sitting in front of the computer writing, I feel like the world’s happiest people, even the richest of the rich man —- in fact, far more than just referring to wealth, it is more of a person’s physical and spiritual wealth.Of course, except for a few people, the majority of the human body are good, there is perhaps nothing can be proud of, but as a young writer, at least a writer, I feel the hands of the pen really make yourself feel rich objects.  Only have to write something every day, it is more or less left some mark, the mark, those giant belly merchants how much money can not be achieved —- businessman Although you can use the money to buy the article, but one is Scholars for people fielding is small, and secondly, even if there is, I feel writing hired gunmen brought mostly nowhere near enough.It seems to be a scholar is really the happiest thing.Therefore it can be said, it is a scholar of the world’s richest man.Husband also had another big retire, and a time to dry not move.But not the same writers, scholars basically not retired.Centenarians Ba Jin and Bing Xin, engaged in writing life, till the end.Maybe my body is far better than them, but will expect a seventy years of age may not be difficult —- after all, I have had a history of winter swimming, after all, I have a nine-year-old father.As long as health permits, I live a month from writing month, writing will live one week for a week, day or even necessary to live writing day, this is my attitude to writing.  Chinese writers often masterwork tens of millions of words, I can not be compared with them, but I insist, I’m happy, as long as I write, there are 100 words 100 words of the harvest, a thousand words a thousand words reward.Perhaps this award, but the award was not as important as the spiritual not material on it?In short, there is life, writing not only for individuals, might be able to do something for society, it would be my greatest source of happiness.For writing, I often do not choose the conditions, even unscrupulous.Sometimes inspiration comes, there is no written material on cigarette boxes, paper asked to buy a new shirt, and even handwriting I have left thousands of words on medication instructions.  He lives, writing with such happiness in my life.    Part Five: There is a feeling of happiness is a feeling of happiness tears, until smiling.This fall, stepping on the pace of the years of reincarnation Ruqierzhi!This is a life harvest season, colorful leaves, after the rain in moist, warm glowing light, lying on a piece of green lawn, this is a poetry of living in harmony with nature, drawn Autumn map.  I wish life as a pool of placid lake, the Cantabile years, leisurely leisurely Dangzhuo ripples, such as the Weiming Lake, observing years of changes, the changes of history!  If we say that success is not the result, but in the pursuit of an ideal, then, this process, which is the struggle of life, it goes without doubt it is substantial and, therefore, happy.  He said the strong no tears, but why my eyes welled up with tears and?Could it be that I’m not strong it?I was more than just strong, I was very persistent, very confident!  How many times struggle, struggle how many times, how many times failed, how many times the wait; through wasteland, wading through rivers, across the vast desert, through the dark valley of steep.How many a lonely night, silently waiting for literature lonely road, waiting for the fame and fortune of a soul, walked in silence, exploring, inquiring.Confused, lonely, dark, they had all my traveling companion.The music and books are my best friends, they are always quietly followed me, have never left the step.When I needed most Wei nationality, quietly smiling, open their hearts, I feel the warmth of unlimited, infinite light, I was so dedicated to walking, stick with.Fancy to comment, I own my own firm belief and pursuit!  I finally saw the eternal spring of life, my life and the pursuit of dreams, I see the dawn ideal to be realized, she was crossed layers of clouds, compliments waving at me!How can I not out of excitement and happy tears, sweet tears, such as the aging of the wine, moisten my cheeks, nourish dreams and I was thirsty soul, nourish I once was lost soul!  Writing for almost two years, if the diary is also counted as written, then, back in high school, I began to keep a diary and a weekly.But the real write savvy and revealing text, it is not so simple things.Fortunately, for the first time to participate in national competitions, I won three awards.Where the poem “Songs and Tears” and the essay “make life sublimation moved in,” was the first “Times Cup” National Competition outstanding works of literature and art prize and third prize; prose “winter season of” get “New Horizons organized by the Institute of Chinese prose Cup “National prose literature essay contest first prize; prose” sea of movement “by China in 2009 one hundred prose Award!  Literature, and placed me a reflection of national culture of a look back, dignified thinking based on historical.Yes, reform and opening up 30 years ago, our national culture has been unprecedented impact, some Western thought and culture along with the influx of.One of the performance of various festivals increasingly numerous, increasingly impetuous, and national cultural heritage increasingly indifferent, so that our young people appeared blindly follow, a loss phenomenon, and even some young people, including parents, into a confused and depressed!  Red Dust, I was looking for, in reflection, in questioning, exploring dreams, childhood I always watch face in the crowd, clenched hands of the barrel, write some text about life and love, unknowingly integrated a book.  I’m like a fish, swim in the streams of their own, ah tour.I was finally able to reach the vast ocean yet?How can I not out of excitement but tears of joy ah!  Stream it, tears, this is the springs of life!Misty tears in their eyes, tears have blurred my sight, I often had to stop to wipe, just for drying, and burst into tears.But my hands and my mind, like, can not stop dancing, they must follow my thinking, my ideal wings how could they stop flying!  20 years ago, living in harmony with a sunny Sunny, it is sophomore I and several classmates, I heard Qingdao Troupe enrollment, but with lots of art muddle vision of a few young at heart, came to the admissions scene, responsible for recruitment comrades looked at me and asked: “will you dance with me?””will not!”My answer, tone sobriety and self-confidence, so that they slightly disappointed.  ”You’re reading an article learned it!”Thought, I began to recite the words of Liu Yong,” Yue Ling Ling “.It was the first time I can remember knocking on the door of God art.  After work soon, so I went to television broadcasting station broadcasting, I went to look at the work environment, it will be very politely refused them; then Economic Commission intend to send me to the coastal city of Weihai permanent office, I refused..I am waiting for what, what I’m looking for?Maybe I could not say.Teaching?Life time are used to teach, I also feel aggrieved.Outside of work, I never give up reading and accumulation, self-study the history of Chinese literature, devouring classics, take a note of this number, do not remember!  I finally own work and live, and finally with courage and wisdom, tenacity and tenacity, dedication to art galleries opened to the door.Tears, enjoy it flow!  I can finally pay homage to the palace of art!After several ups and downs of my art, and finally embarked on a sunny journey!How much ridiculed, how much suffering, how much frustration, how much wind and rain, how many vicissitudes!It is like a solo, disappeared in Symphony in gorgeous rainbow after the rain.  Life has opened a new chapter, the years began another journey, I will embark from the sun and rain grass, to worship the goddess of art in my heart!

Feeling Intently mystery “stone”, the carefully crafted legendary life

Qing Dynasty writer Cao Xueqin, there is a poem lauding the stone: “Love this punch stone, the exquisite natural.Traceability should Swire, how can fall in world?Aspiring to go finish Pu, no before going to the Sky.Invite the public does not seek reward, chic make stubborn cents.”Come in handy, used here, I see lauding the sea shore stones should be more appropriate than.The stone, the impact of the waves, the chant or sing or whisper, honor gains and losses do not care about in the world, only to show flat free and easy attitude to life, would have been sufficient.  Daughter likes rock, especially like in the waves in the sea, through Mother Nature, carved polished pebbles formed.Once on business, trying to shift the daughter of a crystal clear small stones, secretly put into my coat pocket.Let me during the trip, I could not help but Duwusiren conceal his thoughts and the thoughts of their loved ones.  I think that in her imaginative inner world, has a certain inherent stone plot.It inspired her to overcome the difficulties and obstacles on the road of life, in a calm peace of mind to face life.The following paragraph of text, expressing her admiration for seaside stone, “despite the wind and waves, is worth a stroll.”.In the face of harsh natural stone, exhibited perseverance and optimistic spirit, it is worth learning for everyone.  ”Stone” text / Haixia stone lying, looking at the snow drift fly.  It is very fortunate to be living in the beautiful seaside.Staring at the sea end of the morning sun, feel the soft blinding; soft evening beach experience, head silently Dangqi sunset stained the sky.Day to listen to the great tide, ebb and flow very thick, occasionally dream of a mirage.  For thousands of years, the stone face every day the waves beat, it can be a natural optimism, tenacity and beauty has been lost, sea erosion has forced it more bright.Many times, in the warm sea breeze, the stone crab brave Weimian loss of life, encouraging infant baby turtles toward the deep blue sea.”Help is a rich, kind of happiness!”Whenever stone faces are lit with bright smile.Time flies, but not completely blot years of vicissitudes, stone has infinite vitality to life.  ”Hey!Stone, like what?”I cried the next shell.  ”Oh!How beautiful ah!”Stone looked at the sky every now and wanton snow.  Stone also likes flying aimlessly thoughts, feel free to think of something, it often consciously or unconsciously think of that old partner – a 200 years old turtle to get to know, “the back of the bar?”Is this is the care?For a long time, the stones deep in thought, Man over the sea, “the water is salty it?”Stone meditation Road.  Snow was still falling gently falling stone body, and then, quietly dies.Stones like white snow, it thought it was an angel of dialogue, eloquent.  Stone has a lot of fantasy: Maybe one day I will be picked up people, to the colorful worlds; maybe one day I will be rolled up sea water and sank in the deep seabed.The snow is getting hot, blurring the sky, blurring the coast, blurring everything around, but conceal the stones of infinite reveries.This is a daughter of exercises, published in the “read and write (Middle School Edition)” on the mid of 1999, editors also added a warm reviews, gave her great encouragement and encouragement.The following is the text of Comments: Write stones, which seems very rare, and is written in stone beach, all day long withstand wind and waves, but still tough as ever stone, the authors seize this seaside stone unique features and placed stones to write some kind of indomitable spirit, while lauding the stone will be lauding this spirit.  The authors did not focus as the scenery, just a touch of a few strokes, “beneath the bitter snow”, “snow is still falling,” “snow is getting hot,” put the atmosphere very quickly rendered, a lot of ink stone falls manners and intellectual, psychological prompted the same time, suggesting a kind of helplessness in nature.  My daughter, compared himself to the stone, I hope to be like a stone, born between heaven and earth, Aura collection of nature, the essence of poly sun and moon, the appearance of simple good fortune, rich connotation of excellent quality.On the growth path of her daughter, my father, is it not her life on the road, unknown piece of paving stones of it?  Here, I would like to pick up a spray depths of her soul, is dedicated to accompany the children to study together, grow together friends.Let’s care and love, turned into the world’s most warm sun, shining in childish delicate face; let us with intelligence and wisdom, paved gorgeous bright colorful neon, set up a ladder leading to the ideal kingdom; let us use sweat and tears, turned into rain slightest refreshing, nourishing the flowers blossoming race to open.  Friends, open your arms warm, hot bare your chest, with the passion of your life, embrace the child brilliant tomorrow.Today, you come in handy piece of stone, perhaps an expert in the eyes of diamonds in the rough.Finely crafted artisans, could become a priceless treasure.  Who can we know that you are not distinctive artists, with a pair of sharp intelligent eyes, with their tireless efforts and pursuit, is the intention to create a carefully crafted and, an unparalleled art treasures it?

Feel the sun, the sun just

Early morning, through the curtains to see the slightest yellowish sun shining on the floor.Draw the curtains really sunny, all things alive.    Such a good sun, unlike the lazy lazy winter sun, the summer is so hot is not as strong, just right for going out to play.I like the weather, but also 想出去走走 more intimate feel of this warm, but found no place to go, no one to go with, were dropped.Always wanted to take advantage of the young to take advantage of the sun just a journey, a man Ye Hao, Ye Hao with friends.It sounds somewhat theatrical ah.But until now there has not been such an opportunity, that’s tacky thing is I have no money, no time, no plan.Perhaps such a trip does not require a lot of money, the annual summer vacation you can go to practice, but whenever I raise the idea of the family turned against everyone, they can find all kinds of reasons to stop me everything want to make.My friends and I have no one willing to take risks with.Unfortunately, this beautiful youth, just pity the sun.    I often looked at the sky in a daze, no matter the time or the blue sky of the stars of the river, I like looking at the sky, quietly thinking either swim, fly through the ancient to the future, and sometimes even mind a blank, empty feeling around one thing, only one person himself independent of this world.Can not go out, so I quietly sitting in the window, feel the sun, their own feelings Jianpanshangqiao.And I have to stay here and there is a friend, she did not return, nor lovers together and take advantage of the sun out on a date, do not play mahjong with them.Her computer while playing side knock the seeds, looks very nice, probably everyone has their own way of life and enjoy it.As long as we do not live up to their mind will be good.    Every weekend I have to call everyone in the family habit, starting from the ancestral woman there, to grandparents, to my parents, sister and finally, of course, does not rule out occasionally forget when.As long as hear their voices, I would think this world more real, more sunlight becomes too warm!Family will always be my best companion, may in some respects in some things they did not obey my mind give me enough support, but they have given me and I believe that is the best.At a certain moment, I might hate their behavior at the time, would say some harm to their words inadvertently, and then will regret when they do not understand why their stubborn mind.Sunshine accidentally stabbed into my eyes, I looked up at her adjust their position.Still feel the warmth.Suddenly think of a word, we tend to put their worst temper left favorite people.Because they will never leave it?I think.    Drink a cup of tea, continue to feel the sun, because the sun is just right, all the good all around.

Feel the spring of articles

Part One: Spring feelings Spring is comfort our hearts.Spring in March, spring, we have felt the breath of spring cleaned up in the bottom of my heart, warm our body, since then, we have more exhortations and expectations for spring.Spring always be with us, in our heart of hearts.When we hope in the hands of the most beautiful spring reverie, spring will weave into the mind of the most beautiful green dream, a gift to the earth, so we have a story of the spring, but also the dream of spring, the spring plowing more and hope.  Spring beauties extra duty Isshiki, Spring plumbing ducks; spring green river Nanan, February spring like scissors; Spring Green River, such as blue, always colorful spring.The ancients brush are famous through the ages Quotes of praise spring, we have enriched the spiritual world, as today’s Psalm spring lift opened a beautiful picture.So, we realize every day in the warmth of spring, spring, poetic, feeling spring breadth of mind.  Spring is the feelings of our hearts.When we walked into the nature, open arms to embrace the call of spring, that spring musical praise song after another, accompanied by a picture of a fresh picture, suddenly as we started in the spring of poetic beauty, we place in them to enjoy the most beautiful experience scenery, to feel the charm of colorful spring!  Spring is the experience of our souls.Sometimes the storm, the sun away Rainbow freehand, lofty Rays left a memorable spring.Suddenly, the earth has witnessed a vitality.A thin wet grass leaves a glistening glistening green, the trees have become verdant; birds are singing merrily in the branches, bees collect nectar in the flowers, those in the sun happiest kids, they chase jump, sometimes singing and dancing, all of which constitute a thriving beautiful scenery.  The spring, one day the morn.We praise the spring, singing spring, the spring green portrayed as the most beautiful poem, the ideal farming organizations in the fertile soil of the soul, always longing for spring breeding.  Spring is the calling of our hearts, but our hearts are home.We sentiment spring, we went into the spring, we let go in the spring, we always feeling the warmth and look forward to spring!    Part II: feel the spring in the morning I went to town for a walk outside, ah!  Green wheat field.Peach blossom.Gentle spring breeze.  Who will be living in harmony with this enchanted spring.Appreciate life, experienced a storm of the race, you will be more deeply felt joy of spring.  The first to feel the spring in my hometown of wheat field.There are a lot of wheat field straw stack, still jacket trousers we want to play around the straw stack.The village’s aunt Xiao Ma said: “Dad the egg, not to take off the jacket, both in the spring, do not put your fucking Wu of the.”We suddenly sentiment, spring sunshine is warm.Instant rush off winter clothes, some remaining unlined Baoshan.We immediately cheered prance in cottages, they figure to make that brisk old man old woman who died of envy.Yes, in this spring sunshine, those of us who are not as nimble elf lifted after winter and fun and laughter it.So, Village corner, Tanabe, trees, beside the river, the whole world has become our gang of elves.Play faction battle, hide and seek, to birds and insects, even forgot day and night.Sauna online learn to read, and feel the spring on the way to a more broader.Named mowing cut vegetables, in fact, to play in a wheat field woods.Holiday encounter, they went straight to the south of the village in groups thirty-two group of depression, a taste of spring field.Green barley grass, blooming peach glorified himself seems to have become a sitter to enjoy the Great Plains Bi Ye, sucking the joy of spring flowers Xin.  Young trees headed and edge of the village, the riverside willow Tulv, we put this group of elves wicker rings worn on the head, in front of the girls he kept shouting: “green wicker, compiled a hat, gave his wife good —- “while the girls go after us, while the laughter all the way to shed joy language.  At the beginning of youth, universities get the job, where is the road, preoccupied mood to feel the spring, the saying goes: “Chun Kun lack of autumn”, just know that spring is the season of hypnosis, Ren Chunguang Spring journeyman in a daze.  Failure of first love, but also to cast a melancholy soul.At this point in the spring as if to laugh at themselves, others enjoy sharing spring, himself Xinruzhishui.  Another spring passed a.And finally in the left and right sudden gradually find their proper place, he feels teachers, friends, friends, family members did not forget his own, what they bring their own over the spring.You can not miss the spring and had to feel the taste, so that my soul fly freely in the spring.Experienced a lot of wind and rain washing Mu, feel the spring again, I felt to get flawless mood.Facing reality, feel the spring gifts, spring gives inspiration will always be endless.    Part three: experience reincarnation spring seasons always inadvertently, do not seem to wake up from the winter in a blink of an eye, they found that spring has quietly came before us.  Rows as if overnight, along the road branch head, thrown a little bit of tooth bud and patches of fresh green, bringing a touch of spring in the air.This green is so fresh, clear, bright, without any impurities.Looked at the intoxicating green, lead to one of the bright eyes, passing a fresh mind, heart suddenly a surge of joy welled.  Went into the kitchen, fresh spring vegetables also convey information to people.Look at the vegetable market to buy back the celery, spinach, onion, parsley…Oh, reveals a fresh, Tsui Pik, fresh, these herald of spring, all tell the joy of spring.  In a sunny day, I can not wait to get out, accompanied by the breeze slowly, stroll along the street.Stop in the garden in front, to touch me in the spring.A peach tree bloom bright; clumps shaped like butterflies fluttering in the breeze Purple unknown; clusters of purple, white, pink azalea spent competing bucket Yan.More surprises in the mountains in a camellia blossom in my eyes, large and rich ruby red camellias, open so warm, gorgeous, hand pinch petal, on the nose sniffing, suddenly filled with the faint fragrance.Predecessor and walk, suddenly found a tree orange flowers into the eye.Approached Xiqiao, turned out to be a chic Kapok tree, orange Kapok is the first time I have seen, more than the common red Kapok a charming and blooming.  The scenery changes all the way down the street I was pleasantly surprised with another deep breath of spring, blowing on her face.Have not had time to savor the front of the spring, I was greeted by a distant tree more beautiful flowers attract away.Exposure before flowering tree, I saw a huge tree-like purple lotus flowers swaying in the wind.Moment of trance, really doubt that this tree is a tree or a fake tree, it feels different from the common flowers and green leaves, there is no surprise in a leaf on its thin branches, however YongCu has such a variety of flowers, huge , a blossoming bud blossoms in full bloom, remarkable grace.Perhaps my ignorance, in Guangzhou, I actually first saw this flower.It attracts the tree was not only me alone, many passers-by stopped to have enjoyed from their pointing, I have heard it called magnolia flowers.Well a beautiful magnolia tree, magnolia tree in my nostalgia, a long time refused to leave.  Wander in this beautiful spring, the feeling of spring, flying with heart.Suddenly I found that I could be so in the spring of Guangzhou nostalgia.In my mind, I have been resisting the Four Seasons Guangzhou is unknown in the spring, I feel it is not enough to render, complaining it rain, wet, bring to life a lot of inconvenience, to bring dull and depressed mood.However, in this spring day, but I strongly feel the Guangzhou deep breath of spring.Suddenly I realize that as long as you put your mind to observe, vibrant spring remains on your side.  Feel the spring, enjoying a pleasant life in the spring, I harvest a good mood.I would like to take this beautiful feeling, proceed to the happy life.

Feel the share of snow

A heavy snow, to sudden and, since last night has been down to the day today, until now still were numerous, unhurried ground with.For this I like snow from the heart, kind of like when it snows brought gives warmth.Blizzard also just suddenly bring some disaster, street camphor has been creased, and therefore the air filled with thick aroma that wound its dissemination breath.    About snow, I wrote many words about it, just last year, also wrote for emotional expression is always endless snow, resembling that of human expression of love, how to write never finish.    Night should go to the store to chat about friends, good, I like the feeling of walking in the snowy night, to go way in the snow that is a Duan Lian, it is a pleasure.Just brilliant street lights, noisy people and vehicles, there is no sense of silent walking countryside.A sense of the kind of silence does not make you feel lonely, but feel empty heaven and earth, warm.Little, I used to walk alone in the snowy night, a man fell on a silver in the world, surrounded by a holy light snow, goo goo squeak squeak and uniformly wealthy section of Minato, the spirit is very excited.Distant lights will be appeals to the imagination, lamp, being mother and sister while doing needlework, while a nice chat, and neighbors.Little brother is no patience at home, I do not know where to crazy in a brighter future, but Big Brother is restless, the hands will be doing some manual labor at hand.Perhaps the mother is also in the endlessly talking, “heavy snow fall all the house could not stay, the cold, it’s terrible tumble down!”Today there must also be the same as the mother of the snow it, maybe now she was sitting in red fire bucket nagging Big Brother,” such a big cold days, I wonder if they can have huohong.”In fact, do not worry, no firewood carbon city, but there are electric fire barrels, air conditioning, power outages just can not.(Sanwen Chinese prose network WWW.sanwen.On the way home COM), remembered the hour mother said to my story.That year my father to visit relatives back home, heavy snow closed the door, lamp, fire bucket father sat reading, knitting mother in the side.Grandmother on his father some displeasure, “come back to accompany his aging mother does not talk, we do know with his wife.”Although all only human, not without the mother said angrily when these words.But I heard they are not born grandmother of gas, hand carved in the hearts from a deep impression, it is a painting, a “snowy night people” moving picture.Occasionally his mother would bring this up, but I think she must no longer tell their dissatisfaction with the grandmother of the year, but take a deep longing for his father’s passing.Today, our dead become more numerous and colorful, like this snowy night, neon lights, boiling anti-surplus days, everyone is in a hurry to walk, but remain in our hearts, our lives can be touched, and diligently aspire , or that snowy night in the quiet countryside and the warmth of knowing each other Xiangqi.

Feel the earthquake

This is a campaign without notice, and is not informed of a disaster.People go to work to work, attend school, to work, work, all the usual conduct of the.Suddenly, the sky split collapse, demons hit, a huge disaster, leaving 80,000 people from one world to another world, allowing millions of people homeless.At 2:28 on May 12, we are grassroots units and inspection work, sitting on the fourth floor conference room to talk.At this point, flashlight on the ceiling swung a few times, an old colleague said the earthquake; we are looking at the ceiling and then observed, at this time the seat mercilessly shake a few times, and everyone said in unison earthquake , they have left the seats, down from the fourth floor, stand in the yard talking about the earthquake: earthquake, shook certainly not light.Just because there is work, we will soon get on to the county rush.Just go out, they received a call from my father, said the earthquake, and asked us how kind; there I asked him how he was, he said, some walls caved in, two of them are working in the field, safe way to go.I was relieved, but the feeling is the father called and instead I played in the past, indicating that the father had experienced a major earthquake 70 years of the last century, in the end is more abundant life experience, it is stated that children traveling thousands of miles, concerns entirely, a father and son friendship, a deep warmth of my.I turned around and called his wife, mother and asked security, and gave his brother a call, but fortunately we are safe.At this time, we received a phone message, Wenchuan 7.8 earthquake (later revised to 8.0).Half an hour later, the Prime Minister has set out from Beijing, rush to the disaster area; people across the country and even the people of the world are casting their eyes here.Wenchuan, has since then not a place, but people all over the world a synonym for disaster.Earth-shattering disaster, the consequences appalling.Hundreds of thousands of our compatriots are buried deep in a collapsed under the floor, some have also been sliding down the slopes of pressure in the formation below ten meters.Armed forces, police and People’s Liberation Army rapidly advancing, launched a major rescue life.Chinese people around the world to donate blood donation, donate money to donate money, gratuities of gratuities.Since then, every day on television is also a story that people fight with the disaster, many people struggling to come back from the dead line; can make people cry is a bottomless pit, as well as 8.80,000 people, they might come back tomorrow, maybe never come back.Prime Minister to direct rescue people waving tears.He said that as long as there is a glimmer of hope, we will pay our utmost to achieve.I saw on television, on a pile of rubble, he picked up a student sports shoes, and a bag; can be brought back, and that youth is blossoming life, more than 1,700 teenagers permanently closed their bright eyes, this time his tearful.People around the world love to invest here, they love, comfort with one’s life to another world, but also a warm one live in this world people.On our unit from an afternoon donated nearly $ 80,000 payment sent to the disaster area; and soon everybody again in the form of special membership dues to the disaster area donated more than 30,000 yuan; my wife and children through the unit and school donated some money to the disaster area.People of all nationalities are the same, whatever, devote our love to the disaster area a part.Since then, aftershocks hit, people spent time and time again in the aftershocks terrified; some unbearable fear, have to go to the square and other places to avoid disaster.That night two together, there are still people on the ground across the sit-in, they heard about the earthquake, but still no shock, just sit for a night.The next day, people never go to prevention, the results of the spate of aftershocks hit.Is coming, people only looked upward, and so really react, but the earthquake has passed.Fortunately, here there are six or seven hundred kilometers away from the epicenter, and no major accidents.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) People always say learn from their mistakes.At this point I really think the pain is unclear undecided, the ruthless nature, simply do not allow people to think.While still in grief, I can only feel, feel the relentless disaster, bringing the impact on my thinking, as well as the shock waves Jingtao.I deeply feel the relentless disaster.That come nobody told strength and extremely cruel means, such as hundreds of thousands of ants, face extinction.Nature is nature, countless years of struggle with the world, not as a gently shaking the earth.A new administration should be made to scientific development, follow the laws of nature, construction and environment-friendly, resource-saving society, reducing the Earth unlimited looting and destruction, this time we feel how valuable Is ah.Xi Jinping during the Zhejiang administration, he led all anti-typhoon, he said the typhoon was anti However, the so-called anti-typhoon, is the typhoon’s time for us all to hide away point, such as typhoons in the past come back to build our homes, and therefore preserved hundreds of thousands of lives, Zhejiang people to still harbor a thankful heart.In recent years, our place, proposed to comply with the laws of nature, change autumn summer expansion, embark on a road to follow the laws of nature, according to low rainfall and centralized rule, a variety of potatoes, farmers embarked on the road to riches.We can not resist an earthquake, but we can avoid disaster.Sadly, thousands of years of human development, technological advances, but in earthquake prediction is either not reported or is reported not to shock, not like a baby blue pool report was accurate, so that people have been trying to hide does not figure go with.I deeply feel the human warmth.Xing Xing Xing Xing Xi, faced with the plight of the victims and our compatriots, every Chinese people, from the president and prime minister, down to the civilian population is the beggar, are courageously forward, threw all are loyal and brave, are loving the people as child, are as already considerate.Woe to the blessing of the Forest, and more difficult to make the country prosperous, the Chinese nation unprecedented unity, cohesion China than ever before, every Chinese people have sent a voice of their own.National day of mourning, lowering flags to half-mast for the first time as a civilian, and the United Nations flag and for this fall.Horn whine, cry grief day, people go to heaven, close your eyes and rest quietly.Disaster no mercy, face the dead compatriots, the Chinese sent biggest roar.It’s deep thinking after I deeply feel the disaster.Everything happened, lie in front of everything, of every people alive, stroking the remains of compatriots, thinking, thinking everything about nature, thinking about everything in life, thinking about all the future.Immersed in thinking among this endless, merciless nature, how life is too?Before the disaster, the official high official small, small power power, whether rich or poor, disaster tell people that all this worldly possessions; only, like most real, and that is good to be alive.People send each other the information, a reminder to cherish life, bless permanent peace.A disaster, so that people bent over backwards to return to the true life; from the people, had more pure, more treasure, more valuable, more meaningful.So, I kept feeling, feeling all desire and fear caused by the earthquake to people, people feel warm and lovely love, feeling people think of the universe, think of nature, reflections on life.Yes ah, to the people on the special nature of a lesson, a very profound lesson; during the weight, make people think about different.

Feel the breath of rain

Early autumn rain, wash away the flashy world of ashes, wash away the fog between Mongolia in mind, the first step is to wash away the little bit of dirt.    Busy people ah, this moment stopped, feeling the rain breathing, shortness perhaps, perhaps heavy.Short stop, let’s look relaxed tight, stretch brow, pleasant to enjoy the cool rain.Nightlife Network frustrated people, ah, look up, down the river rain, even if there may be a barrier towards the more distant future, converging streams, rivers, run around for the unknown future.    Lonely people ah, slowly eyes closed, lost a heavy burden, trying to open arms, rotating in the rain.Raindrops ticking sound to wake you archive has long been the heart rhythm of the notes in your chest, sometimes jumping, sometimes slowly, a heart concerto will give you the courage to reach out to more people.    Abandoned people, ah, wipe tears, let it rain awakened only his world, look, drip of the raindrops on the window sill, tapping the sad, like dropping water penetration like this sad past.    Rain still does not stop the next, but we are still ahead, feeling the rain of breath, do not let emotions red eyes, love in transit, the fate of non-stop, one day there will be a firm attitude of people silently accompany you around.

feel nostalgic

Part One: Yela, Hua Xie, heart trace fondly late autumn, winter hint of obsession quietly approached.Thinking about the grief of autumn, looking at the disappearing frost, you remembered gone, I was alone wandering mind like fuzzy clouds, real magic.  Double Tenth National Day like autumn leaves as a prosthetic fluttering down, as if like a fairy falls to pieces, golden one.Scenes, layers, stacked folded in, everywhere.Chilly late autumn also, bits and pieces, plus a hint of freezing cold winter, a somewhat deserted.Marching the foot of foggy cold, walk on an unknown path, not far from the green leaves, and no flowers, and no you that innocent smile, some just skinny yellowing trees, the endless cold, and hearts that lonely parts of inexplicable sad meaning.Autumn with yellow leaves chosen to dance, falling in the soil, into Chunni, nourishing next year’s flowers; falling in the creek, a little bit, and run away with the water, paddling like the night sky, shining.Gravity leaves fell into the water the wind, cold heart grief injury.  Blossom End of the bulk, poly edge lang Love has died off.Looking at the bare branches, has no colorful, smell the air, the lack of a faint, and you do not feel joyful, lively, lovely atmosphere of.The sallow land, fragmented somewhat thanks flowers, far from looking like the girl frowned head, untold grievances, the number of endless bitterness, arouses pity.Thinking about that moment you frown, looking at you that back gradually blurred, as if my heart is flowing in yellow leaves, do not know where the drifting.The distance, the world became cold, warm share of good also frozen.  Lama wen, Buddha said: “Flowers and the world, as to leaf, spring flowers from green, autumn Yepiao Ling, infinite Wisdom heart at ease, natural body language silent movement.”Nature, a flower leaf, a grass one thing, have their own world.Some people say that autumn leaves are tears, and my tears, already quietly flow away.Standing yellow leaves, the stray Ridge, the tree has gone green, as if getting dusk elderly.Remembering our bit by bit, but like a mirage, so distant, blurred.Early winter, the heart gets cold.  Yela, the flowers fade, you have gone, blurred eyes, can not see the spring, I smell the fragrance and elegant, just cold tears across the face, but it is a desolate.    Part II: nostalgic direction like a lost kite in the sky somersault off-site for six years, and finally back to her native home dreaming.  Hard at doing needlework on gently pushed slightly parted Chapman, mother sitting on low wooden bench.Quiet courtyard, an old hen meekly volts nap in the stool side.Xu breeze, the mother head of white hair shaking the slightest wisp of desolation, loneliness.  For many years been touched the hearts of pent-up guilt in front of pathos scene, moment, tears like a broken line of beads fall silent.I slowly put down the luggage wrapped in dusty, whisper: “Avu Avu..”Mother seems to not believe my ears, slowly raised his head, took off his reading glasses with trembling hands, carefully looked for a long time, softly moving the mouth, eyes wet with tears of happiness.Happy to say: “Come back, really back.Hungry, Eminem cook for you to eat rice cakes.”Looking at the mother slightly stoop-shouldered silhouette, thinking and mother put up with hardships of life, my tears unknowingly slipped quietly.  Kumi repair of old houses, the bad, the courtyard of the cut flowers and patchwork, jasmine positive exudes a faint fragrance.The mother is not easy, the family experienced several ups and downs and have not destroyed her spirit will, are still optimistic live.  Eight chewing fragrant rice cakes, creations of mother cordial greetings and talking whisper, all gone with the wind drifting dust, only that deep maternal love winding courtyard four weeks.The yard is small, can accommodate the world state bitterness of suffering, separated dirty chaos, enjoy a light and elegant floral; debauchery, although attractive, which is comparable to sweet and delicious lick calf Wife and mother of eight treasures rice cakes.    Part III: Looking back fondly that night has been deep, lying in bed, looking at the house that a misty sky through the window and, after a wait that nothing blank, pale Night Moon light is not bright after all according to each side a place; the reverse side of that is waiting to be filled with memories of thoughts, the stars flashing whether it is dotted with memories.  Heart, always empty, dreams, always distant; night, obscured thoughts, month, bleak Youmeng; lights, faint light trance, figure, it stretched my loneliness?  If you and I just met in a dream, and I just remember the beauty you pass, you will not break into my life, I became unable to reach the other side, you look back just because of that moment, freeze I think fondly of you with me.Nightlife Network brew up a cup of tea for himself, put a soft cotton of music, a man, have a quiet, To melt in the curl of soft cotton fragrance and music; open the old album, open the dusty I recalls, remembering never need to remember, never forget you.That sounded mind is ticking pendulum of sound, time flowing around me, without leaving a trace, only the hearts of scenes that recall the picture.  Quiet want you to taste the flavor, taste a little sour, a little astringent taste, Inclined rain, there will always unprepared when we arrived, beating our happiness; and a little sweet taste, like that keep in touch between the heart of the sun, as the Can Man, warm and happy.  Through the thick glass, overlooking the TV drama where the sun rises and wanted to hurry the arrival of dawn, gathering to that first ray of sunshine, a ray when it voted to use my hands tightly cover the cup with my hands to hold that kind of warmth and happiness, holding it with my arms to care for it.  Close your eyes, Man Wu’s thoughts are even more light up, floating in this small house, it seems like you can touch to that feeling, keeping everything I buried it, waiting for it to grow up someday it can tie root in your heart, so that I can direct your heart.  Honey, can you hear my thoughts yet?    Part Four: Homecoming, the years that touch fondly as quicksand in hand, a little slipped from between the fingers.Dancing wings of the wind season, hovering over time, the memory is like wind chimes hanging in the window, gently echoed in the ears.I brushed past scenes again blurred eyes, gazing away, but you can not read the eyes of color, that touch of melancholy, dark blue smear too much, could not find the original bright!Cool earth fingertips no longer feel your warmth.Thousand years of waiting, but you can not wait that soon gentle exhort.Picked up the fragment, has experienced a number of years of trials and hardships, the dead are crazy Mingxin, leaving a deep-seated pain, I could not put together a Forever.  Quietly glide fleeting time, when thoughts gently put aside years of drapery, unlatched the lintel into the memory, those memories will be flying once again the dusty landscape of the past bloom.Bit by bit more clearly presented in front of movie scenes seem to emerge, but yellowed fragments, could not connect once beautiful past.Years layers stripped of all youth and beauty, love, the end is a solitary graves in the heart, on this side and the other side, romantic dancing, in fleeting moments, the drop turned into tears of sorrow, hidden in the heart of the misty rain behind.Conversion joys and sorrows, love and hate struggle, in the end, can not escape a preordained outcome.  Without the past, time flow length.Distanced Love, colorful dreams, those young and frivolous enthusiasm, have gradually been polished in the passage of time is running out.Palm stroking the vicissitudes of fleeting, precipitated my Aiyuaichou.Acacia haze scars everywhere in the world of love, fiery thoughts forever cemented in chest pain.A touch of mind overflowing deep sense of sadness, rendering Homecoming.Whitening years with the written records, and from among the blurred hang around, eventually they are washed away evanescent.Really left, only thoughts run to the cast of the Psalms, deep and shallow, Changzhangduanduan is one kind of bone-deep pain.Frequently look back fondly evoke deep-seated memories fade, Sansei stone old legend, staged repeated in reincarnation.  PASSING time, the fly falls into skinny Love, a prosthetic smoke thoughts, some color deposition on normalization of time, such as the Spring and Autumn-like hourglass encounter, moist lovestruck loving gentle pleasant.Parting footsteps, barren buckle woke up, strands of melancholy, kind at heart.War did not go to the old, the new mark was stained, wet Xiangsai worry Dai Mei.King negative fleeting, buried the secular world, the share of affection blighted dependents of grief and melancholy!Red drunk night and cooking wine, no longer lightly, one to fill the gap feelings.I love the memory of the sea is still surging, your streaming video, still in my eyes the shuttle flight.Sails had to do, a ray of Acacia, but can only send in to pieces!  Suddenly look back, Cheng pulls dream.Once I thought within reach forever, forgotten time in the Red.Fleeting dyed white hair between melancholy, silent heart of a dust burnout.Lonely withered into brown, casual my throbbing hidden weak, pieces crumbled in the wind in the phrase melancholy, such as the Red lofty cliff drop, leaving a bright red to moan and sigh.Kate feel nostalgic touch away empty, crazy guarding affection for thousands of years, is buried deep in the sand years.  Time with the wind blowing in the wilderness years, the non-dream a dream, things change with the passing of pain, still not let go, can not let go of dreaming, to see through the heavy puzzle, interpretation of a pain the marrow from the War.Standing at a loss, only to encounter a moon landscape, filled a Sansei reincarnation of sadness.At this point, chill, Yeliangrushui, corner alone and listen to the rain falls, let a heart fondly long waves, waves.Part Five: nostalgic autumn rain continuously for several days under the trees on this earth was like yellow leaves, blown sky Montreal.It ran a little, quiet, joy and smelled, is so confident, so sincere, so persistent, it’s all gone, it’s free and easy.It is a lofty mind, the spirit of sacrifice, by Aomi Kuwata, slightly then silently away, turned into mud, turned into rain, quiet contribution.  I recently poor health, at home and rest, Listening to the elegant “home is a gentle haven,” I wake up thoughts of home, as well as the home of the parents, the mood is sour and bitter influx Orbital.Pinch index head, just a few days is the Double Ninth Festival, the parents of the festival, the phone over there hoarse voice, eager to go home to my wish to promote.Quietly looking out the window of the leaves scatter, low heart flourished on this sad, wandering think forty, years consultation mound, upbringing did not wish to return; puzzled and confused, frustrated around my mind for many years I wish, for many years the memory of many years of study pregnant, many years of care, has been lingering dream of my heart, not unspeakable pain.  Amidst the past, such as silent, no color floating flower scene can remember the new as ever.Like one thousand to pierce my thoughts of sadness, but like gravel machine, the heart of gold worn coke broken into a sky thick heart of stone fly, the impact of thinking pregnant chest, stream TV drama delicious blood, Message feelings I think home.Not Know days and nights, I do not know when the seasons, not Know ups and downs, could not bear to forget the past, the gorgeous “worry Tim thin face, Cui little white boy head,” Shaohua.Back when footsteps, growing years, churning in my dreams never forget: green color that mountain, that water is sweet and naive, and that beautiful stove smoke curl cottage, whether still, it is more day and night thinking about the parents’ care and great, lingering wandering heart.  The same autumn and early autumn, it is the season of harvest home.Also me and that mountain, that water; a vision of youth, is the sun and rain, is ideal for flying, youth testimony.The year the sky is still bright, the mother would have raised juh, cook two eggs and a bowl of noodles (remember the meal was only visitors and New Year holidays, when few) early end in a square the size of the simple wooden table let me hot to eat, well on their way, I do not remember what his mother still ramble, I was selfish eating this delicious delicacy, my mother simply ignored share of mind, would miss expectations and share.Father hold to a printed blue and white could not be more coarse thick quilt, could not find a rope, out of the baskets will be too old with a rope tied down good so-called new quilt, there is not a little small wooden box (with the parents’ marriage, Paul is also home to the collection of shellfish box), which is already installed in my life necessities, there are a few cold clothes and shoes.With a new tea with sticks to take up my ideals and their hopes.  Temporary touched off by emaciated mother’s hand on my head, told with words, two lines came to a sad and tears of joy, interwoven in her face, and slowly drip in my head, I also drop in in memory of the heart.Once thought of staying in school, his mother in the dark along the mountain road I came home from school my mother was afraid I was hungry, but also from home, holding a freshly cooked red-handed I eat, I was eating the red sweet feeling, really very happy, looking at the mother’s emaciated body, that hungry yellow face covered with careful and troubled look, silently love of the mother, the mother of King, engraved heart, enhance progress the power of.  Back my bag and his father a road.Xu Shaohua every Bosi, the autumn sunshine as bright and: Cool air is crisp, clear cloud, green along with that mountain, crooked road, and his father jumped barefoot feet on the ground to the beat, imprinted in my album.His father was a silent man of few words, I rarely accusations and abuse, but he says that face all these years of negative family out too tired, father with his solid shoulders bears the family’s hope.Weekdays are busy farm work, the fields, the earth, the mountains left his footprints everywhere, to feed a family of four with hard labor, but also for us to go to school.Saw the bright red maple leaf, as well as the rugged mountain path, as if like a father figure stand between the mountains, dotted throughout the mountains of beautiful color, loading the valley looking forward to the season.Looking at the plants and trees of the hill, that’s simple and elegant atmosphere, it’s quiet dedication and nurtured green mountains.In my mind, it is not a true portrayal of the father of it.  The edge of the mountain next spring, my father and I put down the bear line, wash my face, drank, clear mellow elegant nectar, cool cut by heart.I remembered the mother normally manage to house, care for me, his father’s love, sacrifice their youth, lit warmth of home, the same as if lingering mellow spring, so that the poor and vibrant home with spiritual sustenance, With hope.She used her sweet milk of lactating sons grow up, take the first step to teach his sons the road, first words, first bite delicious meals, day and night to pay for the number of sons.Less sleep peacefully feel comfortable.Things gentle mother has to stay home with the sun and warmth.  I normally along the already familiar road, crossed the poverty and backwardness two mountains, the first time I walked out of me to support my mountains, came to the dream world where I started to learn a new life, into a new journey of life.How many years is still, as of homesick, still sentimentally attached to the home that mountain green color, attachment that water mellowness of sweet and simple, there was a stove smoke curl cottages, decorated with beautiful mountains.More of a father’s hard work look, with the same dedication that Shan.Mother as sweet as spring-run heart of mellow, kind of like amiable.  Autumn morning, brush roll curtains, Lu Pu appeared through the window across this unique atmosphere of the rain: blue sky and refreshing comfort.A trace of light cool, green leaves blowing in front of the house camphor and sweet-scented osmanthus trees, rustling, to add vibrant throughout the fall season, the dedication of the sky, the sun just rising, cast Guangmang Wanlv, whisk in green upper leaves, pieces dazzling, against the background in the window according to Guangmang, each cross melt, mutually keep the sun body fragrance, sowing heart warmth of the sun.Pour warm moment between me down implanted heart, warmth from the heart and rose oil, however, is difficult to comfort me peace of mind, I think pregnant appease a love song, pictures of home, cares for the elderly and thoughts.  Thanks for this fall season, fall colors, autumn mountain, water fall, reminds me of my hometown, fondly loved ones.

February, play food store

February, commonly known as “dragon head”.This morning, my wife and hastily rush to the markets, ready to go home holidays.  Car just opposite the vegetable market in the area stopped, I stepped off the car, I found one after the appearance of two retired cadres coming towards the elderly, walking in front of one said: “today through February, fight food store, you know ‘fight food store’ is how it’s going?”The old man immediately behind said wistfully:” I know, not that make a circle on the ground with lime or ash it?”Then I’ll see you later two have walked beside the stairs of a building, previously questioning the old man looked down at the open space, his arms outstretched hand infer a circle on a piece of land that the other an old man nodded, while also gestures with both hands, as if his mouth is still something to add.  Out of respect for the old man of the two, is also based on two old’re right, I have turned to a smile They.Then the two old people seem to realize what had stopped talking, turned to me and smiled knowingly, it seems to have some tacit understanding between each other, in fact, all this store this custom around the threshing of.  I think two very interesting to talk to the old man, “play food store,” the topic opened my mind for decades in dusty memories, evoked memories of the past years, a child with ash sketch in front of every household one by one “food store” came back to me, coming to the vegetable market on the road, I’m still thinking about “playing food store” thing, eager to just two old topic of discussion was transferred to his wife, “you know just what those two old people talking about?Yes “in February, hit food store.”The thing that both men very interesting, after the building is still there gestures.”Upon hearing his wife laughed and said:” That is like those of the older people they only remember playing with ash grain store thing, today’s young people do not know how it is.”His wife reminded me.Yes ah, today’s young people did not even gone through that era, how will they know “fight food store” thing?Even I grew up in the rural people who grew up, he left home due to thirty years, the custom of some rural areas have forgotten, in addition to rural areas for many years did not play in the food store, the annual “February 2”, media things are mostly propaganda “dragon head” barely mentioned “in February, hit food store” of you, I have given to fight food store story slipped my mind I do not know how many years, but fortunately met two old man, They as Salon Like, I pull out my collection in my mind for decades childhood memories.I would say to his wife: “I write about ‘February, play food store’ thing.”Lunar New Year holiday in February two days of great practices followed in rural areas, said the first month of every day is a holiday, so after February, ‘in’ considered officially ended, became the first in February after the Chinese New Year a big festival, a grand countryside is very nice, but also in rural areas to fight food store days, the general spread of “February, Rend; large warehouse full, Ogura flow.”The saying goes.That day, the rural people who are in their own courtyard, street entrance with ash and other circles as “food store” go down “food store” which put some whole grains, symbolizing the coming year bumper harvest, warehouse store full flow, there is hope good harvest, then became a rural road beautiful landscape.  Childhood had at two o’clock on February, the most memorable thing is to play a food store.Then for unknown reasons, in February the day before dawn to fight food store, and sometimes I love to make some noise, I got up early to play along with the big people food store, took out a lot of ash from the stove inside, with big people learn play, first marked with a courtyard in the middle, because of the small courtyard patio, can only play a little, to the street outside the door marked with a large, each put some whole grains in it, it’s done.  After breakfast, sit still at home, little friends cried one went to the street, then you see on the street, in front of every house there was a “a food store,” there are large, with a small there complex, there are simple, there are round, there are not too round, there are white, gray.Large and small, all kinds of food store caught my eye and small partners, but also attracted our interest.  I and small partners on the run along the streets, chasing, to have a “food store” where stopped, as enjoy the beautiful picture, like, enjoy tasting some see someone playing “food store “good looking.Some kids would say: “a certain family played really nice food store.”Some said;” a certain play at home is too small, not like a store like.”Watch more than half of the village ‘food store’, ran home tired but happy, sometimes joyous day into the dream.  ”February, play food store.”This is the customs of our ancestors left behind, they do not know when to begin, has been around for many years.Think carefully, for the national and Historic Significance.This custom also contains a lot of meaning and fun, gave generations of rural people talked about “food store” of a stroke in people entrusted with great hope; “food store” has left the circle around the children’s joy.  Today, “February, hit food store.”The story almost become history, even in rural areas where there was little food store is a hit.This is exactly where the civilization, or the loss of customs?I do not know, I am most concerned about leaving childhood “to fight food store” memories.Qiaoxian De