Ching Ming Festival before talking about dreams

浙江体彩61 Ching Ming Festival is coming, spring is a season of dreams, in the person’s life as I do not know how many dreams, dream like living in the real world, as the saying goes: “Riyousuosi night had a dream,” but some very strange dream, will do some things out of routine, some dreams will never forget, and I now I dream of what the experience.    (1) know dreaming: “done a partner to play and catch the game in person had children, suddenly I fell into a deep, deep hole in the bottom, when people fall cave, I found rows of lying many coffin, looked up to watch only a little weak light, when the music sounded hole, a ghost came from behind the coffin, then I clearly felt heart beating fast, but the brain suddenly think this is a dream, horrible, do not do it, do not do it, so I woke up.”(2) becomes a really dream:” I is mentioned in his memoirs, when the Great Leap Forward, I came home from school carrying a bag, suddenly appeared in the sky a lot of planes, dropping bombs to the ground, but was full of bomb a worm, and then some people say the Soviet Union and China is not good, the next day woke up this dream can not say, because then we would also like to say the Soviet Union as Big Brother.”(3) will never be able to stop the dream:” In life, some things will feel regret after the occurrence, often also from the situation now, but you can find ways to avoid the dream in a dream when things happen, but ultimately can not change the outcome. “.    (4) can be the next dream: “I did once join can go on a dream, when I was young, my mother told me to get up to urinate at night, I dream of being beautiful, very reluctant half-closed eyes up, brain in still running on the dream, and so to bed after the dream and take down, and this is the only time I pick dreams.”(5) have not seen things appear in a dream:” I have done a dream, see a few people on the hill dug up a bunch of meaty stuff, it’s red, dream dig people say, this thing has tens of thousands of years, it will not rot, brave people can eat it, but also longevity (and dreams met several times this stuff), etc. I later saw in a magazine, there is something called ‘Jupiter’ is like and what I dream, I recently checked on the internet, along with photographs, but it is white.”(6) me and others to do the same dream:” In 2000 I was working in a factory, at rest d master and I chatted about the dream, he said last night he had a strange dream, found that there are many great sky spacecraft, flying from east to west, and a variety of shapes, I am just God that evening I had this dream, we were then each complaint about a dream situation, the result is basically the same, I am very surprised this dreams I do a lot of this kind of dream.”For a lot of dreams it is custom-made, but these six typical dream you did it?  Generally up dreaming age period before the age of 25, basically do every night, I ate sleeping pills, I thought to use medication to stop the dream, but absolutely no effect, as long as you get up before the dream, the dream made from scratch memories again, you’ll always remember, I used to think, to dream and to live in reality, as in a dream as they communicate and play, although the body has been resting, but the brain and soul still on earth, if a person’s life do an hour a day dream, does not mean that live an hour a day you?Up to dream of their loved ones before Tomb Sweeping Festival, but also the dream and she (he) who live together, can do more good friends who would like a happy dream.