Ching Ming Festival hardship dish

浙江体彩61 When the Sui Dynasty, Yongzhou city there lived a girl named Wan autumn.She grew up with his father to learn medicine, less than eighteen years old, but has been able to see a lot of sick.Wan autumn is not only good looking, heart or, if the poor to see a doctor medication, she would not collect the money.Chinese New Year, she will send some folks to poor rice.  That winter, autumn and wan young man next door parrot herbs from the mountains to come back, encountered on the way soldiers escorted the daughter of a gang.They found a footpath around the home, just sit down, suddenly heard a commotion outside the yard, Wan autumn ran out and saw a caravan of soldiers facing her old father pushing and shoving.Wan autumn busy seeing his father stand in front of the body, and asked how it was.  The reason why the officers arrested the daughter turned out to be the emperor to choose a large number of ladies, required between the ages of fifteen to eighteen years old, just the right age wan autumn.Today’s Emperor lustful by nature, out with the ladies said to be selected, its real purpose is collecting the world beautiful young woman for their own fun!This is well known, naturally reluctant daughter old father into the jaws of death, circumstances may wan autumn on account of the booklet clearly written, easier said than done in the past and wanted to hide!  Wan autumn Jizhongshengzhi: I already betrothed people, can not enter the palace.Officers Q: Do you betrothed to whom?Wan autumn pulled the parrot said: that he!  Wan autumn parrot and two long been interested in each other, the two men shortly before the promise vows that should always be together, then pulled with the old father, the old father readily agreed.Soldiers can say, as long as you have not married women candidates!Whether wan autumn and father, parrot how to intercede, the officers and men just do not agree.No way, wan autumn had left his home in tearful farewell old father and a parrot.  Since the autumn Wan looks outstanding, ingenuity, after the completion of the palace etiquette, was assigned to Zhenfei Palace.After there, she did not know himself into a terrible place.Zhenfei rely emperor’s favor, overbearing, do whatever they want, often beaten ladies.  That day, autumn Wan accidentally broke a cup.Zhenfei suddenly furious, kneeling on the fine autumn wan fragments of porcelain.Just then, the door suddenly heard shouting loudly: drive to the emperor!  See the emperor kneeling on the ground bleeding knees straight wan autumn, he did not want this matter, but one look at Wanqiu Sheng was good-looking, more beautiful than concubine, suddenly Lianxiangxiyu up.  The emperor pulled wan autumn, so the father went to pass the imperial doctor, the palace are aware, only the emperor fancy ladies are eligible to please the imperial doctor to see a doctor.  After the imperial doctor opened the medicine, the emperor said, smiling wan autumn: so you hurt good, I come to you.Zhenfei then asked to take wan autumn treat.  Color Mimi looked like the emperor, Wan autumn aware of the danger, she thought at home waiting for the return of their own parrot, he made up his mind, that is death, but also hold innocent body.  After a few days later, the emperor Wan autumn edicts let go take a bath palace Jianjia.Wan autumn not life and death, the palace of the old ladies can be difficult to deal with but, abruptly strapped her into the palace of the emperor.  Palace, the emperor let everyone down, went on to hold wan autumn, autumn Wan terrified, suddenly knelt on the ground, begged the emperor put her.  The emperor was unmoved, dragging Yuen Long bedside go out into the autumn walk.Wan autumn, after all, is a woman, even though hard struggle eventually was pressed to the bed.She screamed, so he kicked out, the emperor will be kicked to the ground, then ran back to the house Zhenfei.  The emperor was furious, his catch in front of the Palace of Zhenfei wan autumn is a slap in the face!And said Wan autumn body he is going to take, after talking it angrily away.  Zhenfei learned the ins and outs Instead of getting upset, actually smiling boast wan autumn was a chaste woman martyr.Wan autumn do not understand her snake oil is what drugs, had to wait in fear of the emperor external.  That day, Wan autumn was washing clothes, Zhenfei will end up bowl Lianzi let her drink.Wan autumn dare, Zhen Fei smiled and said: drink, all right, this is your reward in this house.Wan did not dare to disobey the autumn to drink, can drink after she suddenly felt very heavy head, gradually lost consciousness.  Trance, Wan autumn suddenly heard a loud shout, looked outside, and saw himself lying in bed, still lying next to a strange man naked!Wan autumn scared jumped out of bed, and saw that the room is full of people.Wan autumn now know that they have been framed Zhenfei, she knelt on the ground screaming injustice, the emperor Longyan furious: I thought you were a woman martyr, I did not expect this kind of stuff are you!Zhenfei, Wan autumn you figure it out how to dispose of!Yanba, walk out.  Zhen Fei Wan autumn staring eyes and said: I hate you this man’s eyes to the temptation, only blind, the emperor will always hate you!Talking out a small bottle from the sleeve.Wan autumn know small bottles filled with poison, let her busy begging Zhenfei.  Zhen Fei said: Your beauty can be described as the fairest, if you get a favorite of the emperor, I will be left out, do not blame me, Blame yourself overgrown beauty!Having said let the eunuch small bottle of something poured into the mouth wan autumn.  Wan autumn and tried to puke but no, she was locked up in an empty house.I do not know how long, wan autumn suddenly feeling more and more dark eyes, gradually see anything up.  Wan autumn blind person’s message is reported to the Zhen Fei, Zhen Fei sneered: Wan autumn useless in the palace, she will be back home it this way, wan autumn has returned to his hometown.  Old father and a parrot that wan autumn encounter, cry into tears, they cursed the emperor fatuous, Zhenfei malicious, but they have these little people grievances can only be endured.Old father of medicine will find a way to wan autumn administering eye, can last for several days, still no trace of effect.  Ching Ming Festival this day, Wan autumn being courtyards playing herbs, all of a sudden the door came an old lady.The old lady asked Wan autumn nothing to eat, she said that he was fleeing.Wan autumn and quickly said yes, she groped into the house but found only two buns, and noon old father and he would also like to eat, she was handed the old woman took out a.The old lady asked: In this two buns, you eat a father, what do you eat?Wan autumn smiled and said: I do not eat does not matter, you trek very tired, or do you eat the old lady very moved and asked why the wan autumn eyes blind, autumn Wan put his experience to tell the old lady.The old lady nodded and said: My ancestors was a medical student, I have a prescription treatment of eye disease, should be able to cure your disease.Wan autumn thanks to the kindness of the old lady, said: do not bother you, my father is also a doctor, he did not run out of ways to cure my old lady out of the yard, and soon took a wild over.Wan autumn sniffed say: This is not bitter herbs it?The old lady smiled and asked Wanda autumn eat.Ching Ming Festival this day comes, the earth full of vigor glowing, green bitter herbs are more tender and fresh, slightly bitter, also with sweet.Wan autumn eating eating, the old father heard out of the door and asked: autumn Wan, who you’re talking to?  Wan autumn answer: the old lady ah, look at your father, the old lady said I ate bitter herbs eye can see again.Talking, she came in front of his father, his father took the bitter herbs green look.Old father look in amazement, in addition to the yard wan autumn is not an outsider, and he found Wan autumn eyes sparkling, bright and a lot of.He put his hand in front of flash wan autumn, to his surprise, actually be able to see the autumn Wan.Wan autumn could not believe it, I looked at the sky trying to find blue sky can see the.  Wan autumn look behind, could not help but surprise, the bread turned into a big basket full of bread.At the moment, the old father could not help thinking, because the charity wan autumn, making fairy also moved, specifically to give wan autumn treat eye disease ah!  Said medical books, bitter herbs not only edible but also treatment, with cool detoxification, eyesight and stomach, Po Yu blood circulation, anti-inflammatory diuretic, drainage and swelling of the role.Wan autumn clothes things eye Fuming after the bitter herbs, widely circulated in the local, people think the Spring Festival, the bitter herbs were immortal mercy, to treat eye diseases.So one Qingming Festival, and their descendants will gather to eat bitter herbs, pray fairy bless them.