February blue world

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com Turning around, I do not know how to be a whole Yanyuan Cheng Lan dominated the February.February Lan is a common wildflower.Flowers small, white Zibai.Flower shape and color have no specific place.If there is only twelve, among the flowers, it will never cause anyone’s attention.But it has a multi-winning, every spring, and winds whisk, then blooming flowers; initially only one, two, several flower.But a blink of an eye, in one night, you can become one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand.Overriding great momentum over the flowers.    I Yanyuan already over 40 years..At first I did not notice this particular flower.Until two years ago, perhaps in February of orchid flower bumper year, I suddenly found that I live next to the floor from a small mountain of soil begins traveled the whole park, vision wherever he went, all have blue in February.Next to the house, under the fence, forest, hills, slopes, lake, as long as there is a gap in a place, a group of Purple, room with white mist, small flowers most vividly, the extraordinary momentum, Purple into the sky, even universe as if into a purple.    I was in a trance blurred, suddenly I found orchid in February climbed the tree, and some have climbed the top of the tree, and some are trying to climb even seem to be able to hear the sound of breathing.I’m surprised this Big deal: Could February Lan really become a fine yet?Then a closer look, turned out to be blue leaves some of the vines, is also blooming, flower color blue with February the same, the only difference would only lack that white cloud.I really feel like I’m this very interesting hallucinations.With conscious, I carefully observe them: In addition to flower color really is exactly the same.Anyway, I know this is two plants, with the end in mind, however, then a blink of an eye, I still see February orchid branches to climb.It’s true it?Or hallucinations?A go of it.    Since February orchid aware of the presence of some connection with the February Lan recalled immediately in my mind.The original little thought or did not think things are now thought; the original that is very usual chores, now it is very unusual the.All of a sudden I clearly realized that this very extraordinary wildflowers actually occupies such an important place in my life.I’d be a bit surprised.    I recall the silk thread from the small mountain of soil next to the building begins.This is a small mountain of soil, initially no surprises, but twenty-three meters high, top covered with weeds.The year when the unhealthy trend bluster, each “clean up” the entire floor living who are called to weeding out, is not “green”, but “yellow”.I’m always in the hearts of many grass hill this Anhen.Later, I do not know for what reason, the mountain pile of twelve meters high.As a result, quite a hill to the mountain one o’clock.Pines, cypresses western end of the east end, as if rejuvenated, all year round, lush, middle elm tree, from the age of view, can only be regarded as the great-grandson of pine and cypress, but also lush branches, high sticks piercing into the blue skies.(Prose network WWW.sanwen.COM) I do not remember since when I noticed a small hill February Lan.This wild flowers bloom there were probably other Danian small year.Met in small, sparsely open only on so few slices before and after the hill.After the encounter Danian, the Piedmont mountain into a large open.February made a mad if Lan.We often talk about what flowers “bloom”, the “anger” the word used to get really very wonderful.February Lan a “anger” as if from the depths of the land to absorb a surge of raw power, must take the flowers all over the worlds, Purple into the sky, even the universe as if into a purple.Dongpo words, said: “May also wanes, people have sorrow and joy, the matter ancient difficult wholly.”But what if they did not spend their joys and sorrows.When should open, they open; when the disappeared, they disappeared.They are “longitudinal waves in Dahua,” everything comes naturally, it does not matter what your own sadness and joy.I like this February Lan.    However, the soul of the universe has chosen to have this feeling, there have feelings joys and sorrows.This is really unnecessary, but no way.Themselves passionate, moved again love flowers, “tears to flower without a word,” Flower Of course, “without a word” of the.If you spend real “language,” it would not scared people!The reason I fully understand.However, I still put their joys and sorrows hang on to Portland in February.    Year ancestors still alive, every spring when flowering orchid February, she tends to take a small shovel with a black bag, green grass next to blue and February into pieces go digging shepherd’s purse search.Just to see her figure in a purple haze February blue rock, I knew at the table for lunch or dinner inevitably filled with the scent of shepherd’s purse ravioli.When Wanru still alive.Every time she comes home, as long as the orchid is in bloom in February, when she left, she always left through February is blue Purple Haze, right hand is green smoke lakeside willow, rush around, my eyes have been with to corner across the lake.When a small nanny Yang Ying was in my home, she and February with blue hills on the edge of the knot.Song I’ve written three sets of words: “to bring quiet afternoon companion find vegetables, hold the cat into the sunset at dusk, when people say that unusual.”My cat cub and Mimi still alive, and I often see them blue bushes in February: one black and one white, purple particularly conspicuous in.    All of these chores are no longer ordinary to the extraordinary.However, before long, to this day, and Wanru ancestors have left us forever.Xiaoying went back to his hometown in Shandong.As for the law and Mimi also gained their follow cat, I do not know which of Yanyuan drill into a dark corner, waiting for the arrival of death.Wanru ancestors and go, take my heart away.Mimi and I also gained an unforgettable remembrance.Today, although the wide world, although the sun still shines, but I feel immense solitude and desolation.Recalls these events, smoke clouds, the original is in sight, but now as Penglai Mountain, beyond the reach of the.    For me and I felt like this all happened to me in February Lan is also indifferent, still own flowering.This year is a bumper year in February orchid blossom.On campus, the vision went, without exception, there are blue in February.Next to the house, under the fence, forest, hills, slopes, lake, as long as there is a gap in a place, a group of Purple, room with white mist, small flowers most vividly, the extraordinary momentum.Purple straight into the fearless, even the universe as if into a purple.    All this tells me.February Lan will not change, the vicissitudes of life, as a cloud in it.But I did was change.Month change, annual change.I think maintaining the status quo, however impossible.I want to learn orchid February, however impossible.Not only that, it also forcibly pull back as I can remember most of my life, bad times.In ten years of catastrophe, I have come out against the North that a “Buddha”, their homes searched, was beaten into a “counter-revolutionary”.It was in February when flowering orchid, I regulated labor reform.For a long time, I have a day to a place to pick up broken rubble, the Red Guards also ready to be escorted to where to go “struggle”, a jet ride, but also to finish the long march meal beat, beaten black and blue.But Portland is still open in February crevices brick, peace of mind, laugh at spring breeze, as if laughing at me.I was really very sad child.I know that justice is in their own hands, but right and wrong, Simon difficult to distinguish, I should not call every day, to be called did not answer, a cavity indignation, full of grievances, there is no interest of life.For a long time, I became the “untouchables”, had not received a letter a few years, with very few people dare I say hello.Although I am of the world, in fact, heterogeneous.    However, I came back home, ancestors, Edward them, in the case of each person can only get the gift of ten dollars the cost of living, thinking Satan into account dried up, get a little goodies every month, I hope to increase the point nutrition; more importantly, I’m afraid, I want to give joy of life throughout add points.Wanru and were also extended as much as possible to come home.My naive kitten, nestling beside me.They do not understand the philosophy, distinguish two different types of contradictions.People saw me as alien, they saw me as a friend, never stand, I want to draw a line with.All of this some of the most common chores, bring me the comfort of immeasurable.Despite the thousands of miles of ice out of the window, the room is cozy Heating.I think, in the inconstancy of human relationships, there were not in Yan Liang.This is Heating supported me through the most difficult section of the road of life, not fall into ravine, until today.    I felt sad, and feel joy.    To this day, moving day operation, the situation improves, I do not know how a, I all of a sudden become a “pole contacts can” hear everywhere is beautiful words, and is seen everywhere Wyatt smile.I am grateful to my new and old friends from the heart, they are absolutely sincere.They encouraged me, and they inspired me.However, back home, although still Edward, were still extended, but my ancestors go of it?My Wanru go of it?And my cub Mimi and I gone too?Although the world still invigorating, although the sun still shining, I have a strange feeling lonely and sad.    I feel happy, I do not feel sad.    Now that I’m the oldest, limited the road ahead.A few years ago, I wrote an essay called “cat”, the meaning is very simple, there is a feature of my life: people do not want to trouble.People who know me recognize.Is it to the last paragraph of the way of life I’m going to change this feature it?No, no, I do not want to change.I really want to learn a science cat, comes to the deadline, drill into a dark corner, a man quietly passed away.    Words pull away.I do not think that there is immediate need to develop an action plan.I still have a lot to do, but my health situation allowed me to do.One young friend said I forgot my age.Words very reasonable.I can not forget all.I also have a question to clarify miles Xiangnong.Ordinarily I had to “joys and sorrows always ruthless,” age, should be a little detached.However, before leaving this world, I also have a mind: Just to clarify, what is “sad”?What is known as the “joy”?It is sad when I became “untouchables.”?When joy or become “extremely accessible person.”?Without the death of ancestors and Wanru, this problem would have been clear message, and now it is difficult to distinguish the joys and sorrows.I want a reply.I will embark on a hill several times a day to board, I asked the pines, pines, without a word; I ask cypress, cypresses did not answer.I asked more than three decades I have witnessed these February orchid joys and sorrows, it also silent, to uphold ten thousand in full bloom, spring laugh, Purple straight into the fearless.