Selina is what constellation?

浙江体彩61 Selina Ren, China Taiwan singer, actor, host, Chinese women’s singing group trumpet.H.?A member of.Want to know what constellation it is Selina?Fast and small series with a look?Ren Jiaxuan (Selina), perseverance Scorpio women, 1981 October 31, was born in Taipei, Taiwan, China Taiwan singer, actor, host, Chinese women’s singing group trumpet.H.?A member of.In 2000, Selina participate in “girl power universe 2000 Contest” won the championship, and the team member Hebe, Ella Chen common check-International Music composition trumpet.H.?Combination of showbiz.In 2005 he starred in the TV series “Destiny’s Child”.October 2010 due to filming accident burns, issued in December the following year his debut EP “redo a dream,” and in March 2012 announced by cosmetics endorsement comeback.2013 presided over the program and artists natto “small universe 33” nominated for the 48th Golden Bell Awards variety show host award.July 2014 in the CCTV program “la lecture” as a guest; August to attend in Kaohsiung’s “the world’s youth leadership summit will”.January 9, 2015 issue of his debut album “3.1415 “; May to participate in Dragon TV variety show” Off to School “.  After a fire kiss Selina Nirvana rebirth and divorce, more strong, to face the pain, and let the pain out of the flowers, she now lives have gratitude for.Mars docked Scorpio is always a good thing, because as long as you want to accomplish objectives are very enthusiastic, Mars will make you a competitive edge.Mars is like a breath Helehaoji patronize cup of coffee, full of energy grid, full of fighting spirit!Xiao Bian believe that the goddess will be getting better and better, but also the blessing of the goddess way in the future will be easy. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source

Hard working, and his three Bitter constellation

People have their own lives, and some people’s life smoothly, but some people are always twists and turns, the so-called third of the heavens, constellations character of their own path in life has a very important influence, then take a look at a life who is it bitter three constellations!  Cancer Cancer emotional introverted character pessimistic, easily frustrated, mixed inevitably encounter some things difficult in the community, Cancer self-resolve relatively poor, it will therefore affect the work of academic emotions, and Cancer relatively timid afraid to grasp the opportunity to meet, will therefore miss some make to make yourself a better chance, and then force themselves to maintain the status quo self-pity, the so-called phase from the heart, it is difficult to provoke grimaces good luck Oh, so that will inevitably feel that their life how well do nothing.  Change it method: opening laugh often, courage to face, a bold attempt!  Leo good face, too proud, too proud, they will make the wrong opinionated, in interpersonal society too well sculpted inevitably arouses unpopular, interpersonal encounter obstacles, but stronger lion always rely on their own independent problem, inevitably too hard, it will not give the impression of one kind of cooperation, cooperation in social cooperation that is necessary always to go it alone also many difficulties hindering the necessary help is very much needed, stronger and hard work of Lions may a long period of time will be bitter, but it will eventually bear bitter fruit flowers.  Change it Methods: Multi try to cooperate, their dignity, to continue their efforts!  Scorpio Scorpio luck is not very good, Scorpio personality is easy to go to extremes, inherited the volatility of the water signs, emotions easily big V, suffered a setback may produce a strong change of heart activity for a long time to get out of the shadows but Scorpio will suppress their inner feelings, continue to erupt and repression will only detonate a chain of explosions, the human mind has a certain bottom-line, the Scorpio is very easy to fall into extreme sadness and anger, not only affect the working life also affect health, the so-called angry beverages, and therefore is not usually a good physique Scorpio, the need for good maintenance before.  Methods change it: things look on point, the vent will not vent simmering. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source

Is anyone my customers

In your eyes, people only want to buy shoes is your customer; in my eyes, no people are my customers, including the man who bent to sell me a hat!In the 1920s, with the rise of sports, a small town in Germany 名叫赫佐格奥 Raul, has appeared in three sports shoes workshop.There is a boss was in his early 20s, he initially followed his father’s cobbler stall in the streets, and later because in the sports industry saw an opportunity, a bold investment was run from this shoe workshop.On one occasion, ride with the young man and two other workshops boss bus to Nuremberg sell shoes.Halfway to the car, carrying a large bag up a hat salesman, it was all the time thinking about a business salesman, removed from the bag and got on a few hats forever briefed them up.Young man and two boss is to sell products, of course, have little interest in the man’s hat.His two partners have his head side to the other side, the young man is not the same, he listened with interest.Later, the salesman asked him: buy a hat!And so after I get off you would miss this good opportunity!You say makes sense, but your image of me playing a lot of desire to purchase discount!The young man said earnestly..My image?Are you saying that my underdressed?Hat salesman asked, wonder.No, although you wear very good hat, wearing very nice clothes, but covered in dust on your shoes or even sludge, which is enough to indirectly affect your product image!Young man said.The salesman hear quickly patted his dirty mud on the shoes, but it is clear sludge on shoes is not so easy to be brushed, he embarrassed to say: salesman running around, which is not Avoided!Correct!But if you can always wearing a pair of clean sneakers, these completely avoided!The young man said as he stretched his feet, and then go on his shoes sprinkle some dust, then wipe with a damp cloth to clean.Hat salesman eyes light up, wear shoes that really is a good choice, not only easier than walking boots, the most important is it like shoes, like a rub on the clean and maintain their optimal image, so it It will not be a problem because the image of the people’s desire to purchase lower!Hat salesman could not help but ask the young man from shoes where to buy, he said excitedly after the first thing to do is to buy a pair of these shoes off.At this time, the young man around big shoes and bags open it: you can now buy a pair from here!The results can be imagined things, that people continue to sell the hat to the young man, and eventually bought a pair of shoes from the hands of the young man, and the young man that two bosses, but always tilts his head together, idly watching the eyes out the window.A few years later, became a major shoe company, while the other two workshop owner also difficult to running in place, and even close down the company into the young man’s workshop to develop the young man’s work.They once asked how that young man is to do all this, the young man said this sentence: In your eyes, people only want to buy shoes is your customer; in my eyes, no people are my customers, including that man bent to sell me a hat!The young man’s company, later known to the world that the German sports goods manufacturer Adidas, and he himself, Adidas founder Adolf Dassler.To recommend the latest information sauna

Tooth for a tooth, will not swallow constellation

In this era of freedom of expression, gossip is of course indispensable.Different people have different ideas, but also have different hobbies.Some hobby is lip, something all right to the privacy of other people gossip, gossiping, do not even know how to grasp a degree.Meet good temper, and perhaps open eyes closed eyes passed.But met a bad temper, you should probably steal sheep Hello.So, what zodiac sign is never swallow it?Let’s take a look at it!  Gemini Gemini has a double-sided character, although most of the time looks careless, approachable, very easy to get along, also belong to afford to open a joke, the kind of people open play.But in fact Gemini is also a temper, for those who Zuisui, they will choose to fight back in place and will never tolerate let others bully.Their lip service is also very amazing, and sometimes let each other know what to do, so temper twin or highly offensive, not under any special circumstances or do not easily provoke them as well!  Leo is a strong self-esteem, too proud.So naturally we can know, Leo is absolutely not allow others to what they have violated.As long as those who do not favor their own words, Leo, of course, also do not want to see.If someone wants to challenge the bottom line hard Leo, then this is probably a very unwise choice.Because Leo the face of this disrespectful behavior, will fiercely fight back to each other, and even a little sensibilities will not leave you.  Sagittarius Sagittarius careless, heartless.But that does not mean they do not care about anything, even care about nothing.Sagittarius is no way influenced by others of the kind of people, they think that if there is any dissatisfaction they can say, gossip or gossip is simply not his style of doing things.So big deal all frankly, neat better than timid.If you let Sagittarius difficult time. They can make you a bad time. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source

Eye for an eye tooth for a tooth Revenge

High City a resident murder took place at home.After Interpol Song flap alarm, rushed to the scene of the crime.Deceased named Xu Lang, is a physical education teacher High City High School.Xu Lang’s wife cried and Yu Li described the scene last night.11:00 last night, she and her husband Xu Lang went to bed together.However, the middle of the night, she heard the faint moans of pain Xu Lang whispering sound.Xu Lang naturally stronger, the last time a car accident, body fractures or heard him shout through the pain.Yu Li, said her husband thought the dream alive, so he fell asleep.Woke up this morning, Yu Li Jiao Xu Lang to get up, but found Xu Lang no response, she turned around to see Xu Lang, discovered, Xu Long is dead, but his left arm was missing!This is – times the case for a new song, it is not strange, because a similar incident occurred a week ago.34-year-old male member of the staff of Wang Li, the body was found at home, while his right arm is also missing.Two of the victims were male, and no death struggle at the scene, the attackers then is how two able-bodied adult males killed it?According to the survey found that Xu Lang in the morning last night was killed.New Song frowned, if Yu Li Xu Lang then slept in the side, why Xu Long met danger when there is no call for help, but it is sore?New Song After observing the scene found that Yu Li family’s door has been picked traces of people, other tactics are very skilled.Yu Li home and no belongings missing, the murderer seems fairly clear purpose – to kill Xu Lang and caught his left arm.There is a large bloodstain on Yu Li, bedroom sheets, should be left when the killer removed his left arm.Yu Li was sleeping on the other side of the Xu Lang, who was not so stained with blood.Is this is a serial murder case?New Song made a bold guess in my heart.If so, then maybe there will be a third, fourth victim, it must be a murderer under attack before his arrest!The next day, Yu Li to the police station to add a statement of his own record, could see that she wanted to get caught murderer killed her husband.After recording the statement, Song Li Yu new offers to drive home.On the way back, Yu Li said: Song police officers, in front of the intersection can not turn left?Turn left?But the left is not the direction you go back home ah.I just suddenly want to go to the supermarket to buy some stuff.Through the rearview mirror, he saw the new Song Yu Li Samsam smile.Ok.New Song to the left hit the steering wheel, his eyes suddenly caught a glimpse of a figure appeared in front of the car, he immediately braked the.Han Qi!That was the girlfriend of one of the deceased Wang.Since the death of Wang Li, Han Qi will be missing, and the new song did not expect to be here to meet Han Qi.Maybe she can give some clues to the police.what!The back seat came a gasp, and hurried back to the Song new look.That person, that person may be a murderer!Yu Li panic and pointing out the window, it is not far from Li Yu and Xu Lang couples work place – High City High School.Song new wound, watching Han Qi disappeared from view, then turned around and began chasing Yu Li said the murderer.Murderer aware of someone behind to catch up, run a bit faster, and soon disappeared in an alley.Song new car parked in the alley, walked into the alley, the killer has long been omitted, but the song newly discovered some very important clues in the alley – Wang Xu Lang’s right arm and left arm.How do you know that he is the murderer?New Song turned around and asked more than positive weeping Yu Li.Yu Li had revealed the truth, because the graduation exam, husbands often have to work overtime to stay in school, sports training unqualified students, then Yu Li from work after walking home alone, and later had to suffer stalker.stalker?New Song curious to ask.Yu Li nodded, this is only the beginning of a sneaky stalker appeared in the distance, but then simply brazenly behind Li Yu, Li Yu really scared.One day after work, she asked her husband to go home with him, Xu Lang caught the stalker, beat him up.According to Li Yu’s statement, should be the stalker grudge, then sneaked into the home of Li Yu killed Xu Lang.Song new mind emerges out of Wang Lijian strong body, although Wang is an ordinary office workers, but the usual fitness habits.Maybe the stalker has also been trying to track Han Qi, but Han Qi was found, looking for Wang taught him a lesson, so it attracted a fatal disaster.New Song notify the police, Wang and his colleagues removed the arms Xu Lang.If the killer really is the stalker, then he will leave traces in the arm, to the time follow it, he will be able to be brought to justice.New Song identification in order to get the results as soon as possible, come up a familiar forensic identification work overtime to complete.That night, forensic phoned to tell results to identify new arm out.Forensic said, he found a tiny pinhole on Wang Li and Xu Lang’s arm, but also detect the new part of the arm contains narcotic drugs.This drug has analgesic effect, but long-term use can cause nerve and muscle atrophy.This is not surprising.Song new answer.Xu Lang is a physical education teacher, Wang is a fitness enthusiast, maybe two people injured in the training process, need to be injected drugs for treatment.Do not.Forensic denied this possibility, according to his detection, arms and shoulders of two of the victims were not injured or disease symptoms, but only two of the victims were taken away arm has been injected at the scene.New Song seemed to suddenly understand something, he thanks to forensic, hastily hung up the phone.The next day, Song Yu Li knocked on the door of new home.I came to tell you, Xu Long’s case has been progress..Yu Li exposed surprised expression, then motioned new song into the room.Song police officer, you caught the stalker yet?New Song noncommittal: Before you tell the truth, I want to let you see a person.New Song finished, the sudden appearance of a policeman outside a pushed in, the man in the street what yesterday appeared Han Qi.Miss Yue, I think you know her, right.No, I do not know her.Yu Li’s face volatile, Finish will head twisted in the past.What is the relationship between you, the police have thoroughly investigated.New Song Yu Li stared at, because, killing Lang Xu and Wang Li’s murderer is you!What are you talking about!Yu Lili carved stood up, police officer Song, you can not framed good people!New Song smiled and began to analyze the merits.Stalker case appeared nothing but Li Yu and Han Qi for interference under the guise of police investigation.Yu Li Xu Long after her husband fell asleep, he will be in the in vivo injection of anesthetic, and then she killed Xu Long, relocation site in making the illusion of a stalker burglary murder.I think you are so right to kill Wang.New Song looked at Han Qi, Han Qi did not speak.What evidence do you have?Yu Li said,.In order not stained with blood, you choose to sleep on the other side of Xu Lang.Your living room has been broken into traces of people, but it is thousands toilets clean and neat.If the killer really is a stalker, do not use the toilet cleaning utensils, he is how to clean fingerprints left at the scene and the blood of it.Yu Li can not answer all of a sudden, fell dazed on the couch.Before the arrest us, please listen to us tell a story.Yu Li looked sombre, Han Qi then sat beside her.Do you know what is ‘homomorphic revenge’ it?New Song nodded his head and said: Revenge of the same state, in short, tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye.Damage others limbs, others can also damage their limbs with state vengeance, they say Yu Li did not directly answer new questions Song, but start with a story.When I was young, her parents divorced and I live with his father, then my mother and stepfather died in a car accident.After my father went to pay respects to my mother finished, bring back the two children, and my father could not bear them no one to take care of them and decided to raise.The two children, a man named Han Qi, called Han-ho.To my father raising three children, life is very hard, until one day, a middle-aged man came to our house, he said he was a gymnastics coach, accidentally he met Han-ho, ho, Han felt he was a good seedling, lance must be trained as some achievements.Han Hao If you go to training, a person can reduce spending at home, if Han Hao to win prize money, but also to support their family, our family is very happy, so before long, my father will send Han Hao gymnastics team training.Yu Li said that, suddenly gritted his teeth: Six months later, his father went to inform the coach gymnastics team, did not think there was no father saw the arms of Han-ho!what!New Song heard here, could not help but sent a gasp.Coach said it was because of improper use of equipment had an accident, and later part of the gymnastics team compensation for medical expenses, but not the arms Han Hao, not to mention gymnastics, and even self-care has become very difficult.A few months later, Han Hao died because of complications, and the father could not withstand the blow, depressed and eventually died shortly after.I and Han Qi secretly vowed to avenge the death of his brother, and later through our investigation, the original Wang Li and Xu Lang is also the year of training the team members, the year Han Hao got places to go to the province to participate in the competition, Wang Xu Lang force and can not be reconciled, then created that accident, I did not expect the accident destroyed the Han Hao hands.No matter what you say, this crime can not be justified.New Song stepped forward, the cold handcuffs handcuffed the two hands

To win with fewer wars: Battle of Red Cliff

Once again the famous Three Kingdoms period to win with fewer battles – the Battle of Red Cliff Cao Cao pacification of northern basic, advanced south, ready to unify the country in one fell swoop.Soochow Sun Quan and Liu Bei joint to resist Cao, Cao defeated in Chibi, get Battle of Chibi victory.Battle of Guandu, Cao Cao defeated Yuan Shao increased their strength.AD 207, Cao Cao Swinger Hebei, Tri-County North levy Wuhuan, eliminate residual Yuan.In January 208, Cao Cao returned to Ye County, making basaltic pool training navy, ready Nanzheng, unified world.In July, Cao Cao’s troops on the south, in an attempt to destroy occupy Jingzhou Liu Biao and Sun Quan stationed Koto.In August, Liu Biao died of illness, his son Liu Cong stationed in Xiangyang, Liu Bei Fancheng troops.Cao slowed down the speed of the march, put pressure on the Jingzhou troops.Sun Quan was sent to condole the name of Lu Su went to observe the situation Jingzhou, Liu Biao and Liu Bei wanted to co-men, the common fight against Cao Cao.Lu Su En route to that Cao Cao has to enter Jingzhou Jingzhou, Xiangyang went on day and night.Liu Cong stationed in Jingzhou, without a fight.Liu Bei when being deployed to meet the enemy, that Liu Cong surrendered, Cao has been a Wancheng.In September, Cao Cao arrived in the new field (this is Henan) accepted the surrender of Liu Cong, Cao Cao Liu Biao incorporated Tribes, known as the 800,000 troops advance to the Yangtze River.Liu Bei, Cao Cao in order to avoid the drive, led by Zhuge Liang et al., And more than 100,000 soldiers and civilians rush to Gangneung (now Hubei Jingsha) evacuation, and let Guan Yu led more than 10,000 troops along the Han River water, water realignment Sujiang.Liu Bei Yang arrived Nagasaka (now Dangyang territory), met Lu Su, accepted his suggestion decided to jointly fight Cao Cao Wu.Cao Cao’s army was already over Xiangyang, lest he first occupied Jiangling Liu Bei, personally fall 5000 fine cavalry, day and night to catch up with Liu Bei, which was defeated, and captured Xu Shu’s mother, Xu Shu forced to pledge allegiance.Zhang led the 20 cavalry riding off, removed Nagasaka bridge, the bridge stand alone Lema, Cao fear of ambush, the former can not row.Liu Bei took the opportunity to escape to the summer population, convergence and Guan Yu, Liu Qideng people.Meanwhile, Liu Bei sent Zhuge Liang went to Sun Wu, Sun Quan jointly fight Cao Cao.Sun Quan Zhou Yu as the commander led to 30,000 troops, in Wulin, Chibi against Cao Cao.Cao Junshi soldiers mostly northerners are not good at water war, but also just to catch the plague, are blocked in Red Cliff Liu and Sun coalition.Cao played in defeat, forced along stationed in Jiangbei Wulin (now Hubei Honghu County), confrontation with the coalition forces across the Sun Liu.In order to facilitate the exercise of Cao Cao navy, ordered the warships are connected end to end, forming one, waiting for the opportunity to defeat the enemy.Zhou Yu Huang Gai’s plan adopts veteran, decided to use the fire attack on Fu Caojun.He made a pretense Huang Gai surrendered to Cao Cao, after a surprise move.Cao Cao confident to win this war, the enemy off guard.Huang Gai select the appropriate time to send its ships approaching Cao, command point on the board salary grass, wind and fire boat ride to Cao warships, warships suddenly thrown into a sea of fire.Shore camp has also been affected, Cao numerous casualties.Zhou Yu and so took the opportunity to rush his troops, defeated Cao.Cao Cao led the remnants from Huarong (now Hubei Jiangnan latent) fled to Gangneung, troops lost more than half.Cao has been unable to fight another day, just to get away.How to design to get rid of Zhou Yu Cao will drop Cai Mao and Zhang Yun?Chibi war, Jiang Gan Cao Cao sent lobbyists to persuade Zhou Yu submission own.Jiang Gan Zhou Yu to the large account after Zhou Yu Jiang Gan dinner, dinner, expressed his will not betray Soochow.After that, he pretended to get drunk and sleep in the same bed with Jiang Gan.Zhou Yu pretended to sleep at night, Jiang Gan saw on the table a letter, written on Cai Mao and Zhang Yun would like to seal it out of view.He learned from the letter Cai Mao and Zhang Yun secretly colluded with Soochow ready to destroy Cao.Morning, Jiang Gan heard someone report it to Zhou Yu to contact someone Jiangbei.Zhou Yu deliberately let it softly, but also to see whether Jiang Gan had fallen asleep.Jiang Gan pretended to sleep until after Zhou Yu and asleep, and quickly report it to return Cao Ying Cao Cao.After that Cao Cao did not find out, will Cai Mao and Zhang Yun two beheaded.To Zhou Yu Huang Gai when beheaded, why not plead Zhuge Liang?Zhou Yu and Huang Gai agreed with defrauding the trust of Cao Cao desperate measure, Zhou Yu Huang Gai deliberately not in line with the views.Zhou Yu Huang Gai should pull out when beheaded, Lu Su Huang Gai to quickly intercede and hinted standing at the side of Zhuge Liang also plead together.But Zhuge Liang did not plead a little mean.Wait until after Huang Gai is punishable by caning, Lu Su Zhuge Liang came to the big camp asked him: veteran Huang Gai was hit today, we are pleading, you are guests, why do nothing about it?After listening to Zhuge Liang face a slightly changed: Zijing (Lu Su, the word Zijing), you bully me ah!Lu Su was wondering: I have been good to you, ah, ah where you have to bully?Zhuge Liang laughed and said: This is Zhou Yu and Huang Gai play in a desperate measure, ah, how can I just say that out of it?Some do not believe Lu Su, Zhuge Liang then said: Do not tell it Zhou Yu, or he has trouble looking me.You and he said I was blaming on the line.Lu Su agreed to return to the big tent Zhou Yu, Lu Su Zhou Yu will ask Zhuge Liang views on the matter.Lu Su Zhuge Liang asked to answer in accordance with the.Zhou Yu was very pleased: this time hidden from him.Su asked him how it was.Zhou Yu replied: This is my paralysis Cao Cao and Huang Gai in order to better implement Zhajiang count was done.Zhuge Liang did not know about it, it seems that this person may not be able Dide Guo me.Lu Su listening very surprised, very much appreciated Zhuge Liang to heart.

Twelve constellations male point of view, what are bonus items Girls?

Sometimes you will be very confused why he prefers someone else instead of yourself, then it may be because you have not stepped on the man’s bonus items oh!Then take a look at twelve constellations of the men and women look at what bonus items it!  Straightforward character of Aries Aries men do not like to get those hypocritical sister contrived, more like the type of frank and sincere sister, exchanges them feel more pleasure, is definitely a plus point.  Taurus Taurus man but to eat the goods, as long as the leash is a typical Taurus man’s stomach, he would not run the type of Taurus men like character is better not to engage in their own business, the best can do a good hand is definitely a plus meal!  Gemini like to pay lip service and humorous men like smart twin sister, but also have to know how male twin point, if the male twin sister say for a long time do not know the results look ignorant Terrier force is particularly embarrassing.  Cancer Cancer men character delicate care needs, obsessive warmth of home, if that sister know how to hurt people for Cancer man is a great bonus items, and know how to hurt your sister that you can go home to marry.  While men like Leo innocent girl type of girls, but if you can not narrow-minded atmosphere is a big bonus items, wide social circle male lion, will inevitably need to socialize, every day if you want to disrupt the very heart of his girlfriend little temper tired.  Virgo love clean this point in the eyes of male virgin is the biggest plus point, and dirty sister would have got a little older male virgins bring a very bad experience, might even virgin male crazy, so this is very important bonus.  Libra Yen value-oriented appearance Association Tiancheng Nan seems good looking is the biggest plus point, even his own sister vexatious provoke unhappy to see the value of Yen was cured.  Scorpio Scorpio men would pull up on special sister, sister can come to tease tease, if the key is simply beautiful sister also particularly easy to cheat, Gemini men most directly bite.  Sagittarius optimistic shooter men do not want to subject their own exchanges frown all day, laughing sister always make people feel good, love to laugh, smile, nice sunshine this is a big plus items.  For the ambitious Capricorn Capricorn men for heavy compassionate sister more points, because they can understand their expatriate lifestyle, peace of mind when supporting Capricorn men behind this is for Capricorn male is very desirable.  Aquarius Aquarius male does not like too clingy sister, sister to enrich their lives meaningful wide wonderful experience, not bottle all day to stay with their own men, the two together when there is a lot of common topics, which a lot plus a breakdown.  Pisces Pisces men love men are heavy, they really need is a sincere love, is also confirms the sentence, really love me, + 50 points if it happens and I really love her, and then 50 minutes. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source

Take your ice cream named

Love test: Do you desire love test begins: If your friend will design a new ice cream, especially with your name to name, what you want to add some ingredients on top of it?  A, color chocolate balls B, crushed walnut C, strawberry jam d, peanut debris test results: cold and sweet ice cream, a symbol of love, but also a metaphor you are already in love with the other half are enjoying the taste of the ups and downs of love, added ingredients on ice cream, is a symbol of the degree of stimulation of love.So, from your choice of ingredients, you can see the love you desire.  A, colored chocolate balls: exciting type selection of colorful chocolate balls, mean you are a greedy person, and more than one person wants to write a different history of love.You not only greedy for love and only three minutes, it is difficult for you to settle down.  B, crushed walnuts: comprehensive care not everyone accept this type of walnut?Incense, can be said to be an adult taste.You want a mature love trophies to fine dining lover candle light dinner will make you happier, and you want them to take care of thoughtfulness make you grow.  C, strawberry jam: sweet sweet honey type strawberry girl is feeling the most fruit, but also the most representative of fairy-tale love.Sweet and sour taste more like the love of adventure; able to talk about a sweet love with Prince Charming, live happily, is what you dream.  d, peanut pieces: like-minded peanut fragrant and crisp, a symbol of happiness cheerful love.You want the couple to each other are also friends with the same interests, like-minded.In addition, you care about spiritual exchange, rather than simply lust relationship.

So you can not let go of the TA, in the end is right or wrong

No one never quite found a lifetime they really like, but in reality may, for various reasons, you can not necessarily last forever with him.Maybe you missed this respect, but it puts fit each other, so, so you can not let go of him, right or wrong with it?Do a few tests to see it fate.1, do you like watching acrobatics?2 likes generally do not like, you feel very wild leopard suit the taste of it?3 is a bit not you prefer Chinese architecture, European architecture or?Chinese 4 Continental uncertain if humans really have wings, you think it will be which color?5 green gray white, snow days, you will go on sightseeing trips planned it?6 uncertainty will not, which of the following do you prefer to see the color of nail polish?Big pink purple red 7, do you think the boys wear a suit it is particularly handsome?The uncertainty is not 8, you buy a new phone it will hand cabinet?9 will not be uncertain, if when you go shopping at night, to see people wearing sunglasses, will feel?Cool 10 did not feel very funny, do you think the restaurant brightly colored wallpaper paste suitable for you?Suitable uncertain inappropriate 11, the following three colors cat, your favorite?Brown Yellow White 12, do you like landscape?Generally do not like really like A, right index * so much that you can not let go personal, as it is you can not be reconciled.Perhaps at first sight encounter too beautiful, perhaps later spend too much, so that when the break comes, you do not believe, do not want to face, even if the later has been accepted, did not really put down.Perhaps your love is a very good start, but then you get along with proof of inappropriate, why we have so many misunderstandings and quarrels, already a rift between you, barely together will not be happy, nor is it for each other people.Love is there will be friction, but you is not a simple friction, disharmony values are completely separate is right, it is time to come out.B, Index ** met for the beginning seemed destined to have a taste, waited too long, that until the positive edge, thinking that as long as multi-point tolerance and understanding, two people will be able to walk into the marriage hall.But again and again the misunderstanding has been pulled away from you heart to heart, even if later compromise and concessions, it is impossible to return to the past.That you do not put down the people, not the people you love for the world, can only be said to be with you for a while the way of life, taught you some sense of love, hurt, pain before, but it should be put down people the.Only put down the wrong people, in order to meet the person.Memories of the good can collection, but did not justify confidence in love, as long as you maintain a sincere, you will find that people really.C, the index of expectations for the *** you love poetic, but real upset your beautiful portrayal of love, when you meet that person, the mood is not so calm, perhaps the work ring true, perhaps is no friendship can stand the test of time, so you get a little idea of secular love, it was not as intentions to run, until it was separated from the heart of the miss but more and more concentrated.You can not say that people are completely appropriate, but as long as more than a snack to go running, or you can go to the other side of happiness.Sometimes, met the right people at the wrong time, a sigh, but also teach you grow, let him well in the past has been missed, as long cherish the moment, seize the future, you can still have a happy.d, for the index during that ***** you love thing of the past, the proud indeed vexatious one o’clock, because that person for Hello, you gentle, all kinds of tolerance and understanding, you would think that that person will never take the initiative to leave, no one thought to separate the pain came so suddenly, perhaps as long as you were willing to take a step back, you can continue the journey of love, but because of your insistence finally come to break up this point.Then you just thinking about that person’s good, heartache can not breathe, people have to leave, you should only look to the future of the.This world there are not a lot of love again, and do not have too much to force himself down, relax a little, and so when you meet the right person to the next, they will automatically put down.You might also like to re-answer: fate test: see you and love in the end can go far to test fate: Recently you love what miracle fate Test: you and the TA fate index is the number?MBTI personality test: test your personality type

What represents the twelve constellations of eyes?

Do you know what behalf of twelve constellations of the eye is not it?Each constellation has its own special pair of eyes, a look at twelve constellations of the representatives of the eyes look like it!  Aries Aries personality pure and lively, always full of energetic look, with a Santa Claus, there is a strong mobility and willpower, will never admit defeat, the courage to challenge themselves, Aries pupil of the eye color is bright yellow , it is also to show the vitality of Aries.  Taurus Taurus gritty character as a typical earth sign, Taurus has a stubborn and rigorous qualities, Taurus loyalty and kindness, serious and responsible, the other is possessive will be strong, so the Taurus eyes sharp and slightly firm.  Gemini Gemini is always changing escape character is constantly changing, no one can clear and tangible mood of Gemini, the sad moment, the next moment both happy, the flexibility and quick response Gemini always chasing the latest wave of thing, purple eyes are very representative of the Twins.  Introverted Cancer Cancer docile temperament, good at caring for others, but Cancer passive character always make themselves subservient to power, Cancer of the family well, is a little self-confidence, introverted docile This is also reflected in the eyes, the eyes look Cancer gentle shiny.  Leo independent human sense of obligation, to face love brave, self-confident, open and aboveboard sloppy, but occasional arrogant dictatorial side, this Lion eyes are orange eyeliner, is very enthusiastic momentum.  Virgo picky pursuit of perfection, meticulous work, methodical and meticulous work, with strong critical analysis ability, to develop their own plan step by step to fully grasp, strong studious curiosity, character a bit introverted lonely eyes seemed more indifferent God.  Libra Libra good family, the pursuit of love and beauty, with a high artistic appreciation, its capability in the field of communication, is afraid of emptiness Libra constellation Libra has idealism and realism, Libra is very beautiful iridescent eye pupil.  Scorpio is the most mysterious constellation of the most difficult to discern, have a strong sixth sense and keen powers of observation, they have a very strong obsession, purple eyeliner and curly eyelashes is very suitable for the body is full of mysterious atmosphere of the Scorpio.  Sagittarius with freedom of Sagittarius is not bound by love, they naturally enthusiastic optimism, a hedonist, an archer who has a wild, unruly their eyes are also very good to see the spirit of.  Capricorn Capricorn calm rigorous life on the road is very steady and dependable, they want a sense of responsibility to do their everything, willpower, but the character of Capricorn stern slightly melancholy, Capricorn green eye pupil is also confirmed this point.  Aquarius-thinking likewise not be bound by love, loyal to their beliefs, egalitarian, respect for individual liberty, fraternity they are a typical humanist, innovative power, water bottle eyes is also very unique rebel of.  Pisces is a worry constellation love to dream sensitive, delicate nature do not like to hurt others, Pisces love to dream, every moment is not fantasy, it will seem unrealistic, but Pisces is a benevolent, kind, generous, aloof , is the largest constellation of love. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source