excellent!Several constellation very heavy feeling

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com Some life of apathy, feeling more than just a tool for them to pass the time when bored, there is no intention to operate.And some people, but it is always a treat emotional carefully, quietly pay.Their emotions are often valued by their own feelings of these tie him to live.Then the zodiac sign and what is it very heavy feeling?Together to see it.  Aries is a very affectionate person, treat any feelings are serious and responsible attitude.In the face of a loved one, they will be afraid not good enough, so one side always pay while efforts to get better and better.All good things have to be delivered to the other party, the other party can not bear to suffer any harm.I love a person is so, he was able to get better, or two people to each other progress, this is the love that looks like.  Cancer Cancer in the heart of the family is always in the first place.They will do their own family life and the best treatment to give.No matter where you are, and my heart will always be most remembered family.As long as the family proposed to do, apart from anything else they do, there is no word of complaint.They attach great importance to the family, home is their soul habitat, they are not only good boy in the eyes of their parents, but also the good hearts of parents of children.  Scorpio is the kind of or do not emotional, emotional on a dead man.Although they seem indifferent, not close, but that they disguise the appearance, in fact, their hearts are very hot.As long identified a relationship, they will be duty-bound to pay, the people that love in the deepest position in the heart, no matter what happens, never betray selection.  Pisces is also good and very heavy feeling constellation.Their attitude towards love is as simple as two people together comfortably happy, there is no other problems.Pisces once true for a relationship.It will become very serious.As long as the relationship is worth, Pisces willing to pay, they will persist in the end, will not give up. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source

Outstanding female translator turned international swindler case documentary Oe

2006 July 10, the Chinese Embassy in the United States to Hefei in Anhui Province Party Secretary Sun Jinlong transferred to a company from the United States Rolette letters, correspondence, said Mao Rui Import and Export Corporation Hefei suspected international fraud.Sun Jinlong given instructions immediately, requiring rapid Hefei Public Security Bureau cracked the case.After several days of fighting policemen, suspected fraud in Europe and America more than 30 companies from 13 countries of the 13 perpetrators were all brought to justice.2007 June 19, Hefei Intermediate People’s Court hearing the case the first time.When one of the principal Shufen was taken to court, everyone marveled.He Shufen used to be a good translator and teacher, how she degenerated into an international swindler it?I earn money to treat you this year is 28-year-old Shufen Luoyang City, Henan people, in 1997, graduated from Luoyang Agricultural College Business English Major.When sophomore, she got the English level 4 certificate, taking the various school English Contest winner.Upon graduation that year, a foreign scholar to visit the school, Shufen whole act as translators, foreign scholars praised for her spoken English.Mid-1999, Shufen got the opportunity to Henan Xiaolangdi project headquarters as a translator.In order to improve the professional level, catching her knowledge of English and related water projects.Hard work pays off, Shufen translation praise of foreign experts.A leader of the headquarters of her very appreciative, she has said she is recommended to go to Beijing to work after the completion of the project.Later, due to various reasons, Shufen did not go to Beijing, but her outstanding performance in the Xiaolangdi project, so that she became famous in his hometown.The project was over, she was a dredged the best local high school English teacher in a gantry, a monthly salary of 1000 yuan.The monthly wages of 1,000 yuan at that time already not too low, but Shufen was worried all day.Because of her husband and father had both hereditary diabetes, the annual light drugs will cost four or five million, the husband did not work, thanks to her to earn money to support their families medical treatment.WU Qing husband is a university graduate, fall in love, he has no disease.In the month before their wedding, WU Qing her aside and said: Angela, there are things I always wanted to tell you.My family has a genetic history of diabetes, grandpa, dad got sick, sooner or later I will get the disease.We break up Shufen seize fiance’s hand, gently asked: Do you still love me?WU Qing nodded heavily.Love is enough, what little sick what of the future, if you really incidence, I earn money to treat you, for you to honor father and mother.Fiance would like to say what, Shufen with a kiss blocked his mouth.Qing Wu fear will soon become a reality, it is the second month of their marriage.That morning, Shufen was correcting homework, her husband’s colleague suddenly called and said: Qing Wu’s eyes can not see!He Shufen hastily rushed to the hospital.The doctor said: WU Qing diabetic retinopathy caused.The doctor’s words is tantamount to bolt from the blue, she knelt in front of the doctor, ask him to save WU Qing.The doctor told her that the disease can only rely on drugs being pressed down, it intends to do long-term treatment may need a large fee.WU Qing hospitalized a few days, their 3000 dollar savings running out.After treatment, Wu Tsing eyes barely able to see things, he resolutely to be discharged in order to save money.Pro before discharge, the doctor said: This is only a temporary suppress the disease, once the termination of treatment, the possibility of very large blind.He Shufen even swore by all means, we should also cure her husband’s.After returning home only conservative treatment WU Qing, even so, he and his father have light medicine annual cost of tens of thousands.With the birth of her daughter, Shufen a person’s salary is not enough to cope with.Outstanding teachers strayed into fraud in 2006 in early March, are scrambling to borrow money Shufen, a company previously received a part-time manager at a phone call, the caller said, Hefei Rui-mao import and export companies need an interpreter on the phone, a monthly salary of two Qian, as well as good performance bonuses, would be willing to ask Shufen dry.He Shufen immediately agreed down.Three days later, she bid farewell to her husband and daughter, embarked on a journey to Hefei.Came to Hefei, Shufen found Mao Rui Import and Export Company located on the 6th floor of an office building, a young company there are about 20 employees, are equipped with a laptop per person, it looks quite formal.Liu Xiangyang, deputy general manager of the company Shufen go to the office and told her: Our company specializes in business and foreign customers, so you need a good English translation.Previously, we have recruited many college students, but not satisfied.You are introduced to an acquaintance, to stay on the first try, if well done, I will not ill-treat you.When Shufen asked what exactly do foreign trade business, the company, Liu Xiangyang said: You first came to the company, the first few days to adapt to the specific work I’ll tell you later.He Shufen Liu Xiangyang also arranged a dormitory, and are equipped with a laptop for her.A week later, Shufen puzzled why the staff all day just Internet?Once, she could not help but inquire about a colleague: What do we do business?Colleagues said coldly: You should not ask do not ask, managers own arrangements.March 12, 2006, Liu Xiangyang Shufen suddenly received a task assignment, so she went to the airport to meet an American customer.Liu Xiangyang said: a moment when the customer reception, you can use the ‘Li Zhen’ name, remember it?He Shufen puzzled, hurriedly asked: I have my own name, why is it called ‘Li Zhen’?Liu Xiangyang said: This is company policy that you did on the line.At the airport, Shufen met Mr. Frank Gore Ge US Rolette manufacturing company.When the two sides formally negotiate, Shufen learned that the company is ordered to the other copper filling pressure, and invited Mr. Ge Gore to discuss contract.Gradually, Shufen Liu Xiangyang always found very cheerfully agreed to offer other products, transportation, delivery time, etc..Just when about to sign a contract, Liu Xiangyang let Shufen remind each other: they can raise two points on the basis of the original offer, but we need 10 company laptop This is a common practice Shufen surprised in doing business in China, this is not openly to ask for a rebate it?Liu Xiangyang stare at her.Shufen fear of offending the manager, only to exactly translate his words out.Mr. Ge Gore was puzzled, but he was the first visit to China, thinking that this is the unspoken rules dealing with the Chinese people, so he agreed.After signing the contract, Mr. Ge Gore returned to the United States, began to wait Ruimao Gong Division prepaid call the next day, He Shufen arrived in the company, found that the office was empty.Just then, cleaners said to her: this company moved out last night night.He Shufen spent, Liu Xiangyang quickly dialed the phone, asked him why he moved?Why did not she notice?Liu Xiangyang said: I think you generally understand that we are doing, and if you are willing to come back, we warmly welcome.If you have other ideas, do not look for us in vain, I owe you pay will arrange for someone to hit on your bank card.You are not special cheat foreign money?You will get over it, and continue to do either with us, or go home when you go to the poor pedagogue.He Shufen never thought that he was being used, participated in the fraud.She much deliberation, with the intention to go back, but she answered the phone and heard her daughter cried at the other end, mingled with the old man’s cough bursts.It turned out Shufen left, the father on the disease.WU Qing told his wife: I’m going to go out looking for work, to earn money to cure his father.Do not, how can you go out and work your body?I have money to address, company managers appreciate me, and soon money.He Shufen subconsciously say this sentence.Hang up the phone, Shufen mind went blank.20:00 or so, Liu Xiangyang Shufen finally called the phone, Liu Xiangyang said excitedly on the phone over there: That’s right, behind me you will never lose.I guarantee that your salary is several times before.He Shufen knew, Swiss Mau Import and Export Corporation is actually the name of the foreign trade companies under the banner of fraud, they specialize in the following large orders as bait to cheat foreign fat negotiations, before signing the contract, changing nothing to the other party to ask for a rebate.Foreign employees are claiming to be the business manager, they have a certain level of foreign language, all day long on the Internet to find a suitable foreign companies, opportunistic fraud, as long as someone hooked, no matter what the other production, they have expressed interest in the loss of conscience 2006 before money May 27, Liu Xiangyang said excitedly, a US company took the bait Ming Jiaoou Brunei.This time he had to order copper precision press stamping grounds, succeeded in defrauding the trust of each other’s.April 11, 2006, on behalf of the United States Bill Irving Levin arrived in Hefei.Liu Xiangyang specially rented a Mercedes car to the airport, also arranged flowers Shufen.A grand ceremony to greet each other really confused.Isochronous Fair near the end, Bill suddenly asked Liu Xiangyang: Chinese factory producing similar products a lot, why be interested in our company’s products?Liu Xiangyang suddenly been asked to live, I froze there.He Shufen immediately took the words: Now logistics development, global market integration, and set your company’s products are also convenient, not to mention, our commission Fang Duigui company’s product quality more trust Shufen let Bill explain again and again wit nodded, relieved Liu Xiangyang.Soon, Liu Xiangyang and from there ask Bill to 80,128 yuan rebate.Liu Xiangyang to Shufen 800 yuan as a bonus.To recommend the latest information sauna

Indecision is easy to miss the sign of true love

Past five hundred times Looking back only in exchange for a life pass, if not seize the opportunity, it is easy to mistake lost love, like these often pass because of indecision and love horoscope.  Cancer Cancer is emotional first serious sign, they are very sensitive to everything around can be very quick to understand the people around them whether it intends to.But because of their Cancer always enough self-confidence, often self-doubt, not forward.So even if they know each other like themselves, they would like each other, but still easy to miss love.  Virgo in the treatment of emotional things are not as they deal with other things that reason, they are very easy to fall into a rational analysis of the brain is like his other side, it is also like each other, but the emotion again that it would not be their unrequited love it.Intellectual and emotional pull at each other, hesitated in love and left.  Libra Libra’s life in the tangled, swinging spent, in fact, Libra peach preference has always been, and more than one true love, true life but Libra peach an inattentive fleeting.They are naturally not easy for anyone to produce special care about gaining the upper hand is not easy emotional character doomed them really easy to miss and love.  Sagittarius Sagittarius is very active will belong to the opposite sex in general, because they do not take heart, for fun, very relaxed.But to meet the person, but to become a coward.Although usually a slovenly appearance, but in fact will especially want many things, fear of injury and disappointment, and even at each other with love, will be hard-hearted not start so missed. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source

People look for “love” thousands of Baidu

Love test: Do you love the pursuit of the objects in the cold days, ever thought that no trace of her lover and come back, what people look like?Or, the person beside you is, you can warm your heart?For in the winter morning to a cup of hot drinks, a wide range of carefully pick your favorite drink, maybe it can find their own “Winter Lovers” for you.  Testing Starts: After breakfast in the morning in the winter, what kind of hope hot drinks appear in front of you?(Note that the answer it must be selected with the first instinct oh) A, hot water B, hot and fragrant coffee C, physical and mental health hot milk d, can return to red hot tea E, hot cocoa, hot chocolate test the results: a, hot water: you love is very simple conditions for lovers, it can be said is very simple; what you are looking for an object and your mind fit.What you want is for a pure, romantic ideal of love, and if the other party can not you say nothing at all, and you always have a hint of exaggeration, you will be spared much of.  B, hot and fragrant coffee: you immersed in the pursuit of a sex love, hope and love because of sex occurs to meet you; that is the object to be able to on sex, complete with your needs, otherwise his condition better, to love you, you will have a lot of reasons to say goodbye, because he does not have ignited the first condition of your love.  C, physical and mental health hot milk: you want to have a lover, with future plans to accompany you, and you follow all plan to move forward together.Mental Agreement is very important for you, desire, longing is a partner can work together.  d, can return to red hot tea: you yearn for love freestyle, when you want him, or would like to find a partner to travel, he will feel the need.Deep in your heart, do not want to be caught by someone, you do not need to have a deeper relationship with each other; you need independence and freedom of space and time, rather than a tightly wrapped around your lover.  E, hot cocoa, hot chocolate: love object you are looking for is the one that can lead your people.Because your love is to swear allegiance to the state of mind, always follow me; if you are male, although not necessarily Oedipus complex, but certainly nothing to the other main.So whether you are male or female, have more personality.

Everyone wants to wreck constellation combination of mandarin ducks

Life can always see the envy of the couple, they have made natural understanding, in the crowd it is not necessarily the most dazzling, but it is definitely the most loving!Then you know the zodiac constellation CP which most people have the idea you want to break up?With a look.  Aries and Sagittarius VS Sagittarius sheep can be described as hit it off, they are perfect for each other in character; natural magnetic attraction, often unscrupulous love to show it, you can enjoy life with each other, there are not any unpleasant things I will not mind too much.Life is basically in a state of philandering, even if there is bickering can come and forget something else.Can be said to be very envy of others a pair of CP it!  Aquarius and Gemini Gemini VS bottle is absolutely call a constellation CP!They once hit with is the Trick fire; two are particularly imaginative, like ideas, and because two of the ability to accept new things are strong, always able to find a common topic in the shortest possible time and hobbies, chatting simply can not stop, will be amused each other each other’s sense of humor.If you are surrounded by such a combination, do not think, absolutely romantic comedy staged in a day.  Taurus Taurus VS Virgo combination with a virgin is a typical type courteous, since we are all earth signs, similar to the basic concepts, the same pursuit plain and stability of life, do not like to take risks but easy to reach to meet the spiritual.Their love will never be love at first sight, will go through a long period of time will confirm the other is his other half, the longer feel each other for their own, steady portrayal of their love life, it is a very congenial CP. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source

Wu’s hare-style village

In Yuzhu fellow mountain side, only two kilometers away from a checkpoint where Wu Renyi built a two-story, open a restaurant on the first floor, second floor, they lived.He had a plug in the restaurant door sign that says Wu’s hare-style village.Under the signboard, placed a neat row of wire cages, cages full of rabbits jump.Rabbit is dark gray, fine short limbs, muscles, red eyes bright, knowledgeable guests to see that these rabbits are disguising the wild free.Flavor Zhuang customers are mainly long distances drivers.After their word of mouth, the flavor village business is getting better, hare in short supply, which makes Wu Renyi earn a lot of money.However, the flavor is not the business of the village at noon, the day after the boss Wu Renyi must go mountain woods to catch the hare.Yuzhu everywhere endless mountain bamboo, mountain hare weird, like to ask the shuttle in the bamboo forest.But a few years ago in Forest Hill Yuzhu gun ban, so Wu Renyi bamboo forest set a looper many organs made of rope, as long as the hare stepped on, Looper will tighten, hare’s hind legs tied.On the other end tied to a rope pulled the existence of a bent bamboo, is triggered after authorities hare, bamboo lose containment force, will suddenly pointed, hares also will be pulled up the rope, hung upside down in the air can not escape.And Wu Renyi need to do is to regularly check Looper organs located next day.Of course, in order to avoid accidental injury mountain, Wu Renyi before each looper authorities have erected a wooden sign that read: where there is authority, please bypass.Hare is illiterate.That day in the evening, the sky dismal, cloudy, seeing a pent-up storm will fall.Flavor woman in the town, a few guests are having dinner listening to the news with a portable radio.Announcer positive with bloody word rendering of the city is undergoing a serial murder victims are all young girls in their early twenties, and after everyone was killed, the perpetrators have been cut out eyebrows went to a group of meat.Although the radio play with such terrible news, but that did not affect the customer’s appetite.There are a few tables of guests want to come back a stir hare, but unfortunately that day to catch the hare had finished killing, Wu Renyi had a broad smile came out to explain, I invite you to return again when the driver tasting.When the sky darkening, customers run out of food, they have drove away.Wu Renyi is preparing to close the door closing, she heard the door came the sound of car brakes.His head looked at, to see a coach parked in the street, open the door, down three men and a woman.Once the men get off straight into the village from the flavor, he drove to the front of the coach continues, soon they disappeared into the night.Wu Renyi help but frowned, today’s catch hares are sold out, what means to entertain guests it?It seems that only the hanging string of bacon under the eaves on the second floor had got cut off.Four guests entered the room, a man and a woman sitting on a table, two other men were sitting two tables.It appears that they are not together.Sitting the table of a man and a woman are young, beautiful woman, handsome man, evidently should be a couple.But the girl’s eyes are somewhat erratic, always towards Wu Renyi and two other male guests cast a glance to cast a glance to go, hang around and stare, her eyes seemed full of peach.Wu Renyi can not help but secretly sigh, thinking this girl is really a scourge, her boyfriend something to be subject to.Sure enough, though the young man had been smiling, but actually faint smile hidden untold anguish and aim of the Wu Renyi, an additional two men.One wearing a suit, put the foot of a black briefcase, he was about forty years, his face sallow, gloomy face, two eyebrows screwed together, like someone owes him money not yet in general.Another man wearing a black casual clothes, angular face filled with determination, with a kind of masculine stormy.Wu Renyi walked up, a broad smile to four guests said: now it was dark, and I was the only cook shop, as four of you synthesis table it so I can say hello.Four people have no objection.Seated, first to the young handsome man spoke, he smiled and said: Wu boss, give us a signature dish here one by one stir hare!Guests flavor of the village come and go too much, Wu Renyi not the slightest impression on the young man eleven but this statement is no need to say so.He just told them I’m sorry, hare has been sold out, only to get some meat for them to eat.He received assurance from the mountains are called old smoked bacon, taste is absolutely good: Since sat a table, can be considered a fate, four people were introduced herself, a girl named Lan Meng, and her young together who is her boyfriend, called Zhao.Looking gloomy middle-aged man named Zheng Pengfei, a black man named Chen latent casual wear.Lan Meng eyes that filled with peach, Chen Qian stay in the body is the longest time.Taking advantage of the occasion of four greeting, Wu Renyi upstairs cut bacon, bacon hung under the eaves of the second floor bedroom window.When he opened the door, Fifi Tong Simmons was lying in bed watching TV, she was his woman.When the bacon to be mown down, Wu Renyi inadvertently looked at the TV screen, suddenly stunned.There was a positive man’s hat black and white photographs on the screen is the one that eleven men wearing black casual clothes, Chen Qian.Wu Renyi raised the volume on the TV, and then he heard the announcer’s voice stereotyped: Wanted: Chen Qian, male, twenty-eight suspected serial murder felony arrest warrant In particular, the deceased’s family announced that it would come up with a huge bounty to arrest Chen Qian, Wang providing insider information and so as soon as possible.Wu Renyi does not alarm, and God knows there are no accomplices Chen Qian, multi-less attitude, although there are bounty, but no amount of money to spend like mad if it was only one number only.He carried the bacon down the stairs, into the kitchen while cooking while listening ear dialogue restaurant four guests.At the moment, the young man called Zhao Zheng Pengfei positive Q: Mr. Cheng, what do you do line?Zheng Pengfei replied with a calm voice: I am an insurance company clerk.Here is to find a man, a woman called Zhang Guihua.Is she your girlfriend?Meng Lan gossip asked.Zheng Pengfei shook his head and said: Not long ago, an accident occurred in the city, a factory is preparing to unload, wire rope lifting the container was suddenly cut off, more than ten tons of smashed down box, a worker standing ground At that time it was pressed into patties.The dead worker, is Zhang Guihua’s husband, I am here to represent the insurance company and discuss her payment scheme.His words, let the whole table could not help but suck down a cold lump, even in the kitchen busy Wu Renyi also could not help but shudder.Almost at the same time, across the night sky suddenly a flash of lightning, followed by a rumbling of thunder sounded, it has long been poised crackling rain finally fell down.Chen periscope of a heavy rain outside the window, says with concern: rain big ah, winding road might collapse, electric shuttle will stop.Yes ah, if the could not walk, that would be bad.Zhao also echoed Road.Zheng Pengfei said that much of what his destination is nearby.But after the rain, the mountain becomes difficult to walk, I’m afraid he could not short-lived fad Rice Merchants.Wu Renyi, carrying a platter fried bacon out: Gentlemen Do not worry, I’m on the second floor there are two rooms that can be freed up to you live.But then, I have to properly charge a small fee.no problem!Four people answered with one voice.Wu Renyi turned his head and said to Zheng Pengfei: Can you find the home of Zhang Guihua it?Zheng Pengfei replied: I have an address, should be able to find.Wu Renyi nodded and said: I know Zhang Guihua, her home five miles from here, on the side of the hillside.Tomorrow I can take you.Wu Renyi would have been prepared to arrange for a room and Meng Zhao Lan, the other arrangements and to Zheng Pengfei Chen Qian.But Zheng Pengfei has found a privately Wu Renyi, he said: Wu boss, you give me another room to find it.Even simple it does not matter, as long as the security on the line.Rooms here are my security.To recommend the latest information sauna

Annie is what constellation?

Annie is beautiful and kind of do what constellation?Annie shot in a very sensual to the audience left a deep impression, look at Annie constellation explain it together today!  Pisces Annie (Anni Jing Inou), whose real name is Wu Jingyi, in March 1969 was born 4 in Taipei, Taiwan, native of Jinan, Shandong, China Taiwan singer, actor.1987 released their debut album “There I have you” into the entertainment; 1988 issue of “Nineteen-year-old on the last day” became popular; in 1995 with the movie Annie “Good Men, Good Women” in the “Static” won the first corner 32 session of the Taiwan Golden Horse best actress nomination.Mid-1997, the first Chinese mainland Annie filming the movie “I love my blood.”.Outside the performing arts, public-spirited Annie, is “quiet new books Fund” sponsor, founder, she also participated in children with autism fundraising to support poor boy, rescue patients a series of activities such as children love, adoption ten tolls orphans, signed the agreement body organs of organ donation, the charity won the 2012 star Award, 2013 by the China charity celebrity list of 10.  2016 Pisces overall good fortune, both in private life or at work, there is great progress.2016.6.28, Annie birth to a daughter in the United States, once again promoted to the mother, the joy was palpable.We wish her and the baby’s well-being! Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source

Erie, chairman of Pan Gang Story

Pan Gang, male, born in 1970, Master Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Party Secretary, Chairman, President and Doctor of Economics, Renmin University of China, China-EU Business Administration, is a Senior Economist.Chinese Communist Party, China 17th CPC National Congress; the CPPCC National Committee; vice chairman of the National Federation; Vice-Chairman of the All-China Youth Federation, vice president of the Chinese Young Entrepreneurs Association; Dairy Industry Association and vice president; China EU vice president of the Association, the State Council special allowance, China Youth five Medal, the National labor medalist in 2005 CCTV China economic person of the Year, Davos young global leaders.Pan Gang, a child is particularly fun, and small partners often play tussle with the servant.When he was 7 years old, and once he and a group of partners servant trouble, maybe played too hard too happy, and even forgot that around wells, Pan Gang, my foot slipped and fell into the well again, and his father heard small partners of screaming, immediately ran to the edge of the well, he said nothing jumped into the well to rescue the inside Pan Gang.That was winter temperatures of minus 20 degrees, fortunately Pan just wearing clothes and more, it is floating on the water, grabbed the father of Pan Gang Pan Gang, he began to cry loudly, his father patted his head and said : the child can not cry, cry to know that will not solve anything, it will only consume our strength, we can only bite the bullet, also passed quite a.After listening to the words of his father, Pan Gang wiped away tears, as his father put it clenched his teeth.Pan Gang, the father of the Pan Gang held over their heads, stand waist-deep in the water.Because the sky still under the snow, low temperatures and wellhead knot with a thick layer of ice could not get two people together out until half an hour later, people came to the rescue of the first Pan Gang rescued, then picks the wellhead about what to widening, and finally after two hours the Pan Gang’s father rescued.Pan Gang, this memory has become the most unforgettable memories in life, often in the most difficult times of his life, he will be remembered in the wells which his father to these words said to himself, so he can later a general from Erie the operator, the quality inspector, and then to the production department heads, the process, experienced a number of difficulties, how much frustration, only Pan Gang himself knew.In the production department in charge of doing when, how many times are local farmers grabbing neck collar Hansha enemies, Pan just told myself to be endured, because he knows quite a long passed.Mid-2004, a meeting in Beijing Pan Gang, suddenly his phone rang, he picked up one, a bolt from the blue message: Erie veterans and a number of leaders were taken away Procuratorate, now back to the Queen Pan Gang.Back Erie, Pan saw what had happened just shocked, that day is Sunday itself, but all the employees came, they sat on the front door and stairs, he saw Pan Gang’s uniform stood up, they knew that Pan is just one of the very few innocent executives, Pan Gang can only take them overcome the difficulties.A face both eagerly looked at his eyes, Pan Gang, suddenly do not know what to say.This time, every corner of the Erie headquarters are squatting reporter, Changqiangduanbao their hands pointed at Pan Gang, because the Queen of the stock kept falling, many media have issued Yili Group will complete collapse of the news.There are many competitors have let it be known to the acquisition of Erie, some competitors can not say the acquisition of Erie, Erie, it is imperative that all managers are poached.How to do?Pan Gang, also it seems to fall into the well, but just not the Pan year-old child, he does not need someone else has jumped well save yourself.Pan Gang, first of all to do is to put all the reporters to persuade the Erie headquarters, his commitment to all correspondents: The next day, the Queen will open all the reporters, and answer any questions raised by reporters.Reporter gone, Pan just put all the staff to convene a large conference room of the headquarters of the meeting, beginning of the meeting, Pan Gang said: Erie is like a little tilt of the ship, if you listen to the command action, not panic, then this big ship it is possible to re-stabilize under the leadership of captain, and towards the right fairway, so we all have to bite the bullet, also passed quite a.When it comes to bite the bullet, very one time passed, the Pan Gang suddenly remembered his childhood out of the wells of things, so he put his childhood this shall tell all the employees listen to Erie.The General Assembly was finished will open a small, so Pan communicate directly just up and down, only one purpose: He wants all employees to unite as one, grit your teeth, survived the great storm.The next day, Hohhot, since people under the biggest snow of winter, when the reporters walked into the Yili Group, they are shocked, because all employees in the snow, they talked and laughed, his face is so calm, like the Queen never had anything happened.Pan Gang Erie with all employees through the winter, ushered in the spring, it is also good performance in Erie, Pangang Cheng reputation for the world’s most Davos World Economic Forum Young Leaders, and was elected Ten Chinese great leaders and China’s top ten outstanding brand marketing figure, was also named the CCTV China economic person of the year.

First, what constellation Iraq?

First, what does the constellation Iraq?First, Iraq Zhejiang Satellite TV hostess, film and television actress, she wanted to know what constellation you?Then take a look at a constellation explain it in Iraq!  Iraq First, in July 1989, born on 25 Yongzhou, Leo.Graduated from Zhejiang University of Media, Zhejiang Satellite TV hostess, film and television actress.In mid-2006 by Zhejiang TV director group introduced into practice Zhejiang TV.October 6, 2011, to announce that I love to remember the lyrics debut as host, because of its good at dancing, but is concerned about the audience.Iran hosted a fresh and lively style, is China blue family of “Blue Xuanwu”.Since his debut, he presided over the Zhejiang TV, “I love to remember the lyrics”, “Chinese star jump” and other programs.2013 starred in the first TV drama “Phoenix Peony” and then shot “Good Will Hunting”.Mid-2015 presided over the opening of the first Zhejiang TV variety show “I see you Me”.  2016 Leo has a good momentum of development at work, in terms of wealth also has a good performance.Although the environment is more chaotic and full of uncertainties, but still maintained as long as the courage to pursue bold and innovative spirit, not afraid of gossip, good at grasping the opportunity, even if the difficulties will be solved.Iraq a year as Zhejiang Satellite TV inspirational music review show “China’s new song” host, I believe that the sun can warm the girl to show their most professional side! Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source

Penguin Qipa love swan song

On August 15, a penguin named Nils in Edinburgh Zoo Guard inspected the King of Norway.On this day, it was awarded the knighthood, becoming the first Norwegian jazz history with wings.Niels original Ming Qipa, born in the sub-Antarctic island of Marion.In 2007, a private expedition from the United Kingdom embarked on this island off the beaten track, and pleasantly surprised to find a large number of emperor penguins.At that time, the penguin mating season, there are three penguins attracted the attention of players, among them being played wins the love of a war.I saw a beautiful female penguin standing on the edge of the reef, the other two male penguins just the outstretched wings back and forth in circles in stone, it seems a strange hop dance competition.The outcome soon appeared, a female penguin waddle walk in front of the winner, affectionately rub the rub its body, be full stop to this war courtship.Two penguins jumped into the sea and began merrily chased.Defeated male penguins happy couple looking at the water, seemed lonely and lonely.Poor little guy.Adams sigh inspection team.Just then, something unexpected happened, saw the original is in a daze of male penguins suddenly Jiben a few steps, jump into the water, close to the couple fast unto.It turned out to be a seal ghostly quietly approaching a female penguin, suddenly mouth wide open, snapped at the female penguin’s feet, while its new lover then fled in panic toward the shore.Seeing a female penguin will drowning enemy port, arrived the dog leaps male penguins as lightning, heavy crashed into the seal body.Angered hit this guy, it is open to the mouth of the food, turned toward the male penguins.Clever male penguins swing wings toward the reef not far, may at this moment it is ready to leap onto the reef, it was a seal bite the tail, struggling to earn it, and finally dragged his bloody body leapt reef.Blood continues to gush from the wound to the male penguins.It is saved in a limp female penguin near to it, with the head touching the rescuer dying, mouth bursts whine.Adams no longer stand it, he will be male penguins bring back to the ship, accompanied by a doctor of its wounds were emergency treatment.However, the ship’s medical condition was too limited, so only the brave penguin to investigate the players decided to advance the end of the journey, return immediately UK.They also played a penguin famous name – Qipa.Back in England, Qipa immediately to the animal hospital for specialized treatment, after six months of intensive care, it’s completely healed injury, but the spirit has been in the doldrums.After deliberation, the inspection team decided to Qipa to Edinburgh Zoo, where there was a penguin park, which is home to more than twenty emperor penguins.By this time, Qipa story also has been known to the public through the network.At this time, the King of Norway Guard just came to Edinburgh Zoo pick the legend of Qipa naturally became the obvious choice as a penguin mascot Guard, has.It is named after the renamed Niels Olaf, he has also been promoted to honorary colonel commander.Can be promoted to commander Colonel Nils, the life of any substantial changes did not occur, it is always alone and depressed all day.First half of 2008, Edinburgh Zoo has for three blind date arranged Niels.I do not know what the reason may be, without the slightest tempted Niels.At this point, news came from the Norwegian royal family, the royal family made a surprising decision: to grant the title of Sir Nils!The world’s first winged jazz was born!In this case, the inspection team were set off once again went to Marion Island, continue to study the task is not completed more than a year ago.Before long, careful, David discovered a very special female penguins in the penguin population, it’s one foot slightly lame.David suddenly flashed a thought to mind: Could it be that being rescued Niels sweetheart?At the moment, only female penguin is all alone.David suddenly thought: Is not they miss each other a lot, so just reject the new love?So three months later, when the expedition ended investigation task, they would only lame with a female penguin returned to England.The only female penguin also has a new name – Dealey.When in August 2009, King of Norway Guard came to Edinburgh to visit their penguin jazz again, pleasantly surprised to learn that: Niels married!The bride is the Dealey, but it is pregnant.Ups and downs of Daniels celebrates its love spring!To recommend the latest information sauna