I caught my dad’s hand and put his palm.

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com   I patted the back of my dad’s, “Sousa ah, you are still young, plenty of opportunities, romance kind of thing, to see a prescription.”
  My dad throw off my hand, “you say such things, do not hurt the conscience of all?”
  I did not say anything for a long time, and he had put his hand on the location of conscience, and my conscience is probably dead, I do not feel pain.
  I put my hand taken off, my dad again pressed my hand back, “Why am I chasing Yi River?”
  ”I feel you have to say for me.”
  ”Not just to you!”
  ”Easy Creek and looks very similar to your mother, you do not want a photograph and likeness mother do?”
  ”Shut up, my mother was watching it, and more Shen feel uncomfortable.”
  My dad stopped with a layer of white cloth Photo.I wondered not plug the ear, it could have the effect of?
  My dad came back, “You really do not want Yi River when small mom do?”
  ”Do not.”When my girlfriend on it ah.
  ”I thought you liked her.”
  I was very fond of her, ah yes.”But when the small mom on a free.”
  ”You Wangbagaozi, you can not think for you dad?”
  ”You are to me he said!”
  ”I would have is for you ah, by the way