Door, pale and said: “I just said what?”

浙江体彩61   ”Hear hear, I want to come back, you do not care about me.”
  ”I did not want you to come back, I see your poor.”
  ”I know know.I would seriously consider, you Open the door!”
  Song Zhe: “.”
  Back of the car called into one, tweeted and Gu Xia Song Zhe Lan also noted the car, and on the inside of the glass desperately flapping Yang Wei, they came, Song Zhe is not good then closed Yang Wei, then the lock and said: “I just gave you consider the time of day, do not give me back before 0:00, you do not come back.”
  Yang Wei should be no words, go out into the car downward, just jumped out and ready to shut the door, she suddenly serious and said: “Song Zhe, you know.?”
  Song Zhe looked up at her, frowned, Yang Wei straight face and said: “Actually, I was fighting diagram eight professional players!”
  Then, Yang Wei got the door shut, Song Zhe sent to the last expression.
  Overwhelming pills like machine-gun fire as toward the villain on the screen, below the black characters that read: “sick take medicine.”

Chapter (repair) 14
  Yang Wei jumped from the car, rushed to the front of the summer tweeted: “how to how to?”
  ”Temporary not be a good number, you can just fill the seats, and quickly go.”
  Gu Lan and Xia tweeted send