hese?”Do not know day from the beginning, my father long gone weekdays majesty, but very affectionate, like a classmate Pei Yang Qing around, I saw Pei Naochun to just being a mirror shine down, revealing the whole picture.

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com   PEI now has the same Naochun bangs over the eyebrows, it is neatly caught became triangular appearance, sideways blocking half an eye, the other straight confusing Kan Bukan get the road ahead, the other part, supposedly the and as usual, but now they seem particularly “unexpected”, and the father does not know who is asked to makeup tips, use is not clear eyeliner pencil or watercolor, short circle around the eyes, around the black thread, seem the effect of big eyes and bright, some eyes, the black and white, serious look to when, just like eyeball to fall, 北京夜网it was enlarged with a sheet after.
  Stylish yet?Pei Yang Qing heart full of grievances, supposedly this is clearly his weekdays in pursuit of the coolest style, why according to the father’s body, so it is wrong?
  If the face, and my father is actually not old, tidy up, do not look carefully thought it was the twenties and南宁夜生活网 thirties, and they did so this is a huge gap; if the body, and my father has always been fitness, muscle often , even better than his stature; mere copycat if to say, my father than he had the money to have leisure, and what a full set of science, not a drop.
  May in the end is not where it?
  Pei Naochun listen to the voice of his son’s gone, no smile, mouth kept down, coldly explained: “This is the last of the clan who sent me that picture now popular, so be make-up, then close the chin Wang Litou , directed shots, I took a few, do you want to use my pictures do avatar?”His words are strongly recommended, can tone but always cold.
  ”.No, it is not.”Pei Yang Qing reluctantly declined father’s kindness, he felt on his forehead have appeared in a number of small droplets of sweat,” I am the head, very good, really good.”
  Oh 北京风月网yes, he remembered, the father followed him to j

r to the template, there is a kind of mold, you can see how, how feel strange Finally, he readily copied the communication number, but was shocked to information after the jump, and saw that behind a series of numbers, but also friendly with small print marked packet, on top of the word of their loved ones, to the moment he was nervous.

  No way?Certainly will not!Certainly not the case!
  Pei Yang Qing carries a tense mood, open the packet carefully place their loved ones: “aunt, cousin, cousin in.”After the investigation, the results of th苏州夜网e most unlikely, the answer will become.
  It was his father, the kind hundred percent pro.
  Pei Yang Qing head about to drop on the table, issued a crisp sound, the feeling of his heart, his life completely a problem!

Chapter 151 non-mainstream my son (seven)?(nine)
  Has won much of the night outside, cell Wan Lai stillness, only from time to time I do not know where to cats and dogs sounds echoed, most home lights have been shut off, and into all quiet, like a tired day it finally sleep.
  Pei Yang Qing lying in bed tossing and turning, if turned on the light, will be able to under the bright lights, to see him frowning now also maintained the state seems to be in a dream saw something not quite right scene, his hands and feet move along casually, as if trying to break free from the dream.
  Pei Yang Qing just feel unexamined, stupidly forward head, sitting in his father on the front of the table, these days he chose a new model, and now it is purple hair, perm did not forget about it, and perhaps pick a little hair, looks a length not less, an explosion in the state, if have to use what word to describe this hairstyle, and that probably杭州桑拿 only a child read the “Dragon Ball” anime Monkey King and others to express the style, Yes, yes, that is so explosive.
  ”Dad, you face.”Pei Yang Qing swallowed, hard to swallow food put down the bread,” which in the end is what?”He felt an unprecedented sense of headache hit him.
  ”You mean my face t

tell them, this is my son, in order to better understand you!I believe that is acceptable to all!If you can not accept, that need not disturb us!”

  ”.Oh.”Pei Yang Qing feeling, a last hope in his face a little bit broken off.
  What can save you, my dear father?
  Pei Yang深圳桑拿网 Qing most grateful, is the condition of the home district, direct access to underground car garage, there is a negative one leading to the elevator upstairs, they are not bad luck, but also happens to hear of the elevator nobody, finally received no strange eyes of others the trial, he has maintained a down position, did not feel neck ache, and resolutely refused to see my father one, so after dinner, he is finally able to return to the room, a little relief for a moment.
  He lay in bed, ruffled his hair, he sent did not rolling, and this mood was not eased, and he weekdays general, sat up, ready to take surf the Internet for a while, beating forget their little mood.
  Boarded communication tools, group chat backlog that has a lot of news at the moment mood to see the message, he readily open space, going to brush them today have not苏州夜网hing interesting sentence, to be forwarded log Once inside, they saw With their own message board movement, which is a function of the space available for friends, after the owner will see landing.
  Pei Yang Qing readily point to open, most of the top one, is this afternoon’s reply: [?You are welcome to my space step on a step?] Dazzling also with intervals, stepped words very eye-catching, but this picture is really strange, this is a black and white male avatar, decorate the top with emoticons, also wrote a bunch of people did not know English , and it is marked next to the name: Namida Shu Bu stop flow.
  ”?”Pei Yang Qing some confusion, Who are these?He could not remember how to add their own so personal?But think also, his friends liked the name change, Pei Yang Qing point into the other space, and that space is decorated quite sophisticated, and their use is simila

chun from the rearview mirror to see the green throes of expression, but like a good father like him.Of course not agree to his son’s request.

  He put acting, to put focus on: “I told you before, this is completely different and you, I have thought about it before the masses have to say in our management company, also want to know understand the voices of employees, and when my father, but never you do not control, do not worry Yang Qing, you have to believe my father, no difficulty we can not overcome, I will definitely painful effort, understand that you are now popular things, but also understand you the idea now!I know you are afraid that Dad not happy right?Do not worry, I really feel very good.”
  ”.”Pei Yang Qing looked at my father, his mouth open and shut, while, actually 杭州夜网silent, one can not find any words to respond, no, Dad, not what you can not overcome the difficulties, I, I single watching you this style, think again bring disastrous consequences of all this is me, I felt hopeless, desperate thieves, no longer happy is not up.
  ”Well, we will not discuss this topic.”Pei Naochun mood light, happy people, most of the time is always based on other people’s suffering, to see his son so unhappy, he will feel flattered,” This thing is so laid down, but Next, Dad needs your help so that I can learn as you all-round, in-depth understanding of the idea of you young people.”
  Pei Yang Qing feel their souls have been released into the atmosphere leave, just nodded stupidly, should be significantly better, but in his heart began to roar up, Dad, why do you want?Why in the end you still want?But he also how to persuade, could not persuade, simply could not persuade.
  Pei Yang Qing suddenly had an idea, he immediately raised their hands against: “Dad, can you do, go to the company, I am afraid that people think you are strange.”
  ”This is how what.”Pei Naochun hearty laugh or two,” I remember you and I say it, go its 苏州夜网论坛own way, let people say to forget!If people ask, I

quite a long time, he told me that y’all like it a distinct color, what purple, green, red, orange, the more conspicuous the better.”

  ”No, Dad, can I have this hair is not quite understated yet?I think Brown would have been enough.”Pei Yang Qing tried to dissuade my father Mituzhifan.
  ”You forget, not the last time you and I talked?I say you go to a junior high school students to dye your hair, not decent, do not respect the school rules,苏州夜网 you and I say, you are to respect the school rules before this, no matter if the school you want to dye for sure what a green, yellow, to whom At first glance you can see.”
  Ok.There seems to be such a thing, Pei Yang Qing vaguely dug such a passage from memory, he deeply felt that he simply is shooting itself in the foot.
  Da苏州桑拿d, you are my own father, I am talking about my own hair!I did not say you, do you hear me?I did not say you, what do you dye!
  Of course, these words unspoken Pei Yang Qing, just this time the red light, and my father just looked back at him, he just looked up at my father can see that look in the eyes with dazzling hair: “are very good, very good.”
  Pei Naochun very satisfied: “Dad know you’ve liked, I feel that you and a friend play, came the trend, my head or reference planes that you often play with friends to do, I recommend a hair stylist gave several good, what Mohicans, and shaved his hair style lightning.”
  Enough, enough is enough.Pei Yang Qing Thank God, The feeling my father chose a relatively normal that in many modeling.
  He finally wait any longer, take the initiative sent rejection signal: “Dad, you want me杭州桑拿网 to know what you can say and I direct, I do not know silence, without reserve, do not worry, I will not hide, these do not have it.”He paused, this time, every time my father’s nagging, he is indifferent to the face, or as a direct rebuttal ending, but today, he has suddenly become soft, very kindly and accosted his father, “dad, I know this is your mind, I understand.”
  Pei Pei Yang Nao

or a long time, I always want you to study hard, and you look like a classmate those, but never considered what you think.”

  Green words Pei Yang listened very pleasing to the ear, nodded in his heart, he very much agree with, but it is also no solution of the problem, and my father深圳桑拿网‘s generation who are more “earth”, how will they understand fashion teen.
  ”Dad found that this ignorant lie to you read, is not solution to the problem, really want to solve the problem, it would have to understand the problem itself.”Pei Naochun looked like what is published in an important speech, very杭州夜网 focused,” Now is not a very popular vocabulary yet?The generation gap, said a three-year gap, the difference between me and you can have eighty-nine generation gap, even the communication is very difficult, so, like a good father, I decided first to learn from you, closer to you, and you unison, really understand your voice.”
  Yes, Pei Naochun PLAN B is named for the “fire with fire” program, which nothing can save you my child?Of course, is to let you see, you now how hot pursuit of these people’s eyes, so after you grow up, thanks to his father’s will :).
  ”So, you mean.”Pei Yang Qing feel even talk becomes difficult.” You get these, and I have to move closer to me to learn?”He could not believe his ears, he is not willing to admit that all of this is occurring because of his.
  ”Of course, son, you’re smart, you guessed it.”Pei repl都市体验网ied briskly tone Naochun.
  - No, you are so obvious, it is a fool’s guess?Also, I simply do not want to guess.
  Pei Yang Qing could not have been maintained even smile, he looked stiff shoes, Hehedexiao twice: “Dad, what are you from start to finish, quite fully equipped, ah.”
  ”That is not!”Pei Naochun and son show off it did not stop,” you these clothes and shoes, and I do not buy it mostly?I followed your favorite brand, as it is to buy a copy, but some models do not sell now, and I bought almost.And this hair, the hair stylist and I’m wondering together

eyes of future generations, that is the extent of a wave of cards, but these small things Pei Yang Qing feel exceptionally familiar, most have bought him something similar style, will wear a rest day on.

  But now, Pei Yang Qing has refused to take these were attracted to his eyes locked Pei Naochun head that one spared styling hair, dyed a fashionable orange-red, made a similar hairstyle head of aircraft , the head of the hair up into a lump of fixed volume, behind’d pick up quite correct, if this is in the Pei Yang Qing, or a few friends surrounding him on the head, chances are he will blow the whistle at, 北京夜网shouted cool, be when these things on his own father’s head, but he only shouted one, what this stuff.
  ”You do not even know your father?”Pei Naochun son looked back, went through a day of self-destruction, his bottom line has been down so low, it started to feel funny, after all, can not be the only one who felt hot eyes.
  See the moment of his own father, Pei Yang Qing subconsciously bow, how he would describe his feelings too?on.His father usual style, and what a decent, even the key, he had to hang on a belt, walked a bunch of noise, soil off the kind of teeth, Pei Yang Qing have to tell the truth, he had secretly despise Dad’s style several times, even once thought about, so after he grew up, so Dad would not want to dress the dress, but this is not the same, so he wants to become father.
  This is simply not evolved, which i广州桑拿网s a variation, it does not take!
  Pei Yang Qing awkwardly hoist the mouth, the smile was very embarrassed, the moment he did not look up, absolutely refused to look at a father: “recognize, how could you not know it, but Dad, you in the morning is not the case.”Clear sky on the surface of his heart has become the cry of paintings villain.
  Pei Naochun already started the car, he and his son talk to breath easily, no matter every word he uttered was not heavily hit in his son’s heart: “Well, my father left the morning after it, thinking f

I resign 66 bottles; A nine 54 bottles; ZM 40 bottles; Banjun about 34 bottles; put me back my sugar, sodium Lan Ping, who’s who I am, 19257102, Amanda, 1111C 20 bottles; small cute, evildoer Yang 15 bottles; 11 bottles of Mina; “eese╮ turtle condolence淡水桑拿网, light snow, snow, rather critical, ranking ranking, 29798305 shallow end, coral flowers, dingruish, X, deciduous, sister 10 bottles; 197,688,698 bottles; KK, I have two little hamster, god Sebastian 6 bottles; Feifei very, you guessed it, Yuna meow 5 bottles; Flower 4 bottles; smile composed, Daniel 3 bottles; Ya-Han, happiness passerby, devil living hair on the stay, Hanting, fireworks, cloud Han bottles 2; 15620606, tough, long, Minnie, A glass, Juan xxj4sunny, Xiaoyun, flame Yi Yan, 285,597,741 bottle;

  Thank you for supporting me, I will continue to work hard!

Chapter 35
  In short, let the river late to the upturned corners irrepressible, he also followed, “said Shirley aunt, do not treat me as a guest!”
  See two children so comfortable, Fang Xiulan did not make in to say, and say more, she became the elders Re Renxia深圳桑拿网n.
  Morning meal, everyone picking splinters over triple face, eat the last turn of the river late when the accident from the bottom of the bowl found two golden egg, his eyes staring at the shiny look Nguyen rain.
  Nguyen rain smiling blinked, which is known to both of them.
  Represents, she also has a bowl, let A late hurry to eat.
  This one a river late, eat incense not, on the outside of three years, he ate everything, just not eaten Aunt Shirley doing triple face, and rain fried egg.
  Eating eating his head down, eyes on the hot.
  This meal down, Ruan Zhiwen and Ruanzhi Wu Jiang late and also became a hit, in the end is the same age as the boy, out of time, but also hooked up with back to each other, know when Ruanzhi Wen Yang Lin book there is to be no later than river Panda became a hit, he suddenly vent incredible.
  Obviously no later than one year older than Jiang, but shameless shouted lat

all seriousness.

  ”you.”Wanwan want to say is to hold back, she raised an eyebrow at some frustration,” okay.”
  Pei Yang Qing Wan Wan finally look to the clothes soft, tummy could not help but steal music together, reminding us of scenes with the teacher hypnotic sound of the class, he always began to wander, outside of his soul flying, remember that morning and his wits Dad, dad to find out the idea already boasted he was quite confident he would not be the father to do calculations!
  A day of class time, a blink of an eye will also come to an end, Pei Yang Qing hand stuck pocket, thinking handsome away from the school out today, my father did not take the initiative to call him out of the car, maybe something, but he was in many the car instantly recognizable c上海419同城对对碰ars of their own, and say goodbye to his classmates, a little zipper pull up, save and Dad nagging trick.
  Pei Yang Qing and the same past, neat sat down rear seat, a pulled, loaded with bags placed next, so casually, looking forward the moment he froze the body, he looked at the front of Wood, incredibly open the mouth: “.You, you’re my dad hired a new driver it?”
  Him enough for his father to understand, just look back on weekdays will recognize each other, but now he really did not recognize eyes, who can tell him, so orang front, in the end who is?
  I saw the Lord sitting Pei Naochun driving position and go out in the morning compared to just completely changed as a person, his body is a simple black suit take off early in the morning, he is now wearing a sports brand loose white T, middle position drew a huge tiger lo广州桑拿网go, filling the hip-hop style, nod pants, it is with some baggy gray sweat pants loose version, pair of feet black crocodile leather shoes with a check mark also have been the sports shoes, also more than this, a skull necklace hanging boss Pei Naochun on the neck, hands except for external electronic form, the addition of a coarse wide ring.
  Pei Naochun wearing these, it seems in the

e be so many blind stress, will wear uniforms Monday flag-raising, other times tubes do not care.”

  ”So they did not we do well.”Wanwan standard good student trying to focus on the evidence cited.
  Pei Yang Qing amused: “I have not thought good to test.”H苏州桑拿e Tanshou.
  ”But here it is so expensive tuition.”Wan Wan to enjoy the tuition waiver come, may or six thousand a year tuition, or to whom she always raspberry, not that the family can not afford, but she always felt that this is not a small overhead.
  Pei Yang Qing heard this’d nodded: “and then, I would definitely put enough money, back to my dad.”He waved his hand, made it a heroic.
  ”You make it sound like it is easy to earn enough to the same, that you should study hard to find a good job when you can not?”
  ”Old to, what you want to do?A few days ago you did not see the news ah, people P University students, after graduation pig it!No one provides that only go to college to make money ah?I was wondering, I shall not this poor educational background, my father himself did not graduate high school yet.”He reasoned rebuttal.
  Are苏州夜网 words to shut the gas to get to Wan Wan, Touguai she was depressed, and this is her now was little reason otherwise would definitely longer include a number of counter-examples to refute go back, but now there is no way, she was silent for a moment, helpless He said: “okay, pipes shall not be you, ah, how love how, but I suggest you study hard, then how, junior high school graduates do not have to?I think our doorstep restaurant, people move a waiter should do a high school education!”
  ”Trekking trip, thanks to the boss.”Pei Yang Qing heard the school bell rings, quite a relief feeling, he immediately Baoquan, the teacher pointed to the time in the classroom,” In order to cherish our parents every penny fees to pay us, we must be serious lectures, I will be able to own a restaurant waiter It well, and strive to become a high school st苏州桑拿udent.”He also playfully made a gesture of salute, in