Less a few hundred years old.

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com   This older, not like some of the modern science and technology product, I heard that there is a special FBI Millennium bastard, do not like to use modern means of transport, like walking more slowly and often late for work because.
  He nodded and said: “Now the banks have closed down, I put the money in person tomorrow to send senior.”
  Just when the two men spoke, while Gou flower are quietly looked at cloud content, cloud content was wearing bunny clothes, lots of flesh, hot body, but why her a cold look, people could not bear blasphemy , let alone a man, it is all she saw deer rattling, blush.
  Gou big flower is outspoken, could not help but asked: “predecessors how to wear these clothes?”
  Gou stopping Daqing think it was too late, he secretly pushed a large flower Gou, these words do you ask?Seniors like to wear so none of your business?If seniors angry how to do?
  Besides, if the senior and president of this affection, interest, carelessly ask you this out, and more people feel embarrassed?
  Perhaps Gou Gou Daqing and two large flower look too weird, cloud content finally realized this soon wore clothes seems a little problem, her face did not show it, and asked: “do not wear these clothes?This

in the morning, time rush, so Fang Xiulan do the cooking are relatively simple.

  A triple face, a 苏州夜网419fried sauerkraut, there is usually a sour pickled cowpea, and another two to the river late fried egg, and one to Ruan Xiaolei, as to two eggs rain, were her request directly labeled as broken pieces of frangipani, they face a triple and cook, so that everyone can eat.
  Nguyen rain an opening, Fang Xiulan though distressed daughter, two sons, but also distressed, daughter eat eggs, so they can only look at his son, she was also guilty conscience of panic, it is simply another way in accordance with rain.
  The courtyard, Ruanguo Hua and Ruan Zhiwen, Ruan Zhiwu three three pairs of eyes are fixed on the wild boar, the river late to come out and see this father of three wild boar staring intently, he snorted light.
  Turned around and went into the kitchen for a late Ruan Jiang is no stranger to the kitchen, and before he was little, do not know the rain was secretly taken to the kitchen to eat many things, so in his memory which, for the old Nguyen the kitchen also home to intimate than some of Laojiangdi home kitchen.
  Nguyen rain nor the river late as guests, to see him come in, directly to the hands of a few rough bowl handed him, “Come Sheng face, I we苏州夜网论坛nt to wash hands!”She just sat at Zaotang light a fire, hand touched the wood, dark.
  She handle the river late, Fang Xiulan stare their own daughter, who is coming off, how to hold rice guests?
  Nguyen rain grinning Road, “A late is not an outsider ah!”
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