ld as long as the works on the line, first of all, by his own and his son’s learning, comparing pushed hi苏州夜网s son active learning, and then, by repeatedly asking, consolidate the memory of his son, junior high school curriculum is relatively simple, wait until high school, let his son to school reading a good point, affected by the surrounding atmosphere, progressive efforts would also natural that.

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com   ”You have to learn our textbooks?”Pei Yang Qing could not help but ask, shook his head,” Then why do you tutor unclear?You do not have to find a tutor.”
  ”It costs money to find a tutor is not it?”Pei Naochun immediately praised his son”, say, your dad I so stupid, how smart you are, just want to know, you certainly can guide me, son, this idea that day, military forces while, your dad I rely on you the!”
  Pei Yang Qing corrosion is not sugar-coated bullets, he is very calm: “Dad, I think you have misunderstood me, I assure you, I abso深圳桑拿网lutely can not teach you, I will not read.”
  ”That’s not to say, no matter how you like, than dad to read so many books it!Do not teach the father is much worse, just barely can understand on the line, I’m sure you row, son!”Pei Naochun continue to throw good words,” you’ve got my son, others do not know you, I do not know what you do?”
  ”No, I think of it.”Pei Yang Qing exceptionally agile response,” You go to the office before I play, I read the fax, the fax is not what XX university to do?Say there is nothing an MBA, as long as the pay can go, what you need to test yourself, pay directly on the line!”
  Pei said the son was almost Naochun down, cleared his throat: “That’s how it Like?You think your dad I certainly hope, be able to rely on their own efforts, their knowledge, to test a good result, but also really learned a l杭州夜网ittle knowledge, you said that to pay some money, even if another degree come back, what role do?Is not the truth?”
  ”.That I do not know, anyway, and someone said to me, do not pay directly to graduate school, I definite