r two years Wan Wan to the same table, he sat down: “how old to!”He thinks when the girl to Wan Wan, normally we fraternizing.

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com   ”Laopei, soon to midterm, how do you still fall asleep in class.”Wanwan open to the Laoke mode, Pei Yang Qing and her good relations, but also care ab杭州夜网out this friend, has been rewritten to allow the other side Reformed strive for the goal,” You talk, you do not want to test a good school?If the two of us admission to a school, students can do together in the future, is not the truth?”
  ”Yes yes yes, you speak of what I know everything, but I can not do ah.”Pei Yang Qing Tanshou,” and much studyBoring, do we have youth, you have to take sway, two days before I went to the barber shop, just listen to the barber say, now our school female students especially popular to them that do hair, he will help you put hair cut into two layers, inside short outside long, when he checked the inside of the tie a pigtail hair caught on the line, do you want to try?”
  ”You do not do every day, man, you do not return the hair also said wanted to stay a little longer yet?How cool.”
  In fact, the Pei Yang Qing, life is divided into only interested and not interested, he only felt his own heart interesting things, as to what to pursue in the future, life, ideals, and many of his peers, so far holding a bit confused, I was not exactly what is the meaning of these things in the end.
  ”In the future I want to become t北京夜生活网he kind of person?”” What kind of work in the future wish to engage in?”There are many similar problems, but only they can feel exceptionally puzzled, why are so many things to be considered?It is not the next thing to consider it in the future?Life is proud to be thoroughly enjoyed themselves, youth just once, on the line now take Lehe.
  Coupled with the age of the teenager, kept the hearts of most “rebellious” ideas, they do not understand the teacher, the parents, then look in between, it has chosen not want to be listened to, kind of, “The more you