all seriousness.

浙江体彩61   ”you.”Wanwan want to say is to hold back, she raised an eyebrow at some frustration,” okay.”
  Pei Yang Qing Wan Wan finally look to the clothes soft, tummy could not help but steal music together, reminding us of scenes with the teacher hypnotic sound of the class, he always began to wander, outside of his soul flying, remember that morning and his wits Dad, dad to find out the idea already boasted he was quite confident he would not be the father to do calculations!
  A day of class time, a blink of an eye will also come to an end, Pei Yang Qing hand stuck pocket, thinking handsome away from the school out today, my father did not take the initiative to call him out of the car, maybe something, but he was in many the car instantly recognizable c上海419同城对对碰ars of their own, and say goodbye to his classmates, a little zipper pull up, save and Dad nagging trick.
  Pei Yang Qing and the same past, neat sat down rear seat, a pulled, loaded with bags placed next, so casually, looking forward the moment he froze the body, he looked at the front of Wood, incredibly open the mouth: “.You, you’re my dad hired a new driver it?”
  Him enough for his father to understand, just look back on weekdays will recognize each other, but now he really did not recognize eyes, who can tell him, so orang front, in the end who is?
  I saw the Lord sitting Pei Naochun driving position and go out in the morning compared to just completely changed as a person, his body is a simple black suit take off early in the morning, he is now wearing a sports brand loose white T, middle position drew a huge tiger lo广州桑拿网go, filling the hip-hop style, nod pants, it is with some baggy gray sweat pants loose version, pair of feet black crocodile leather shoes with a check mark also have been the sports shoes, also more than this, a skull necklace hanging boss Pei Naochun on the neck, hands except for external electronic form, the addition of a coarse wide ring.
  Pei Naochun wearing these, it seems in the