e be so many blind stress, will wear uniforms Monday flag-raising, other times tubes do not care.”

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com   ”So they did not we do well.”Wanwan standard good student trying to focus on the evidence cited.
  Pei Yang Qing amused: “I have not thought good to test.”H苏州桑拿e Tanshou.
  ”But here it is so expensive tuition.”Wan Wan to enjoy the tuition waiver come, may or six thousand a year tuition, or to whom she always raspberry, not that the family can not afford, but she always felt that this is not a small overhead.
  Pei Yang Qing heard this’d nodded: “and then, I would definitely put enough money, back to my dad.”He waved his hand, made it a heroic.
  ”You make it sound like it is easy to earn enough to the same, that you should study hard to find a good job when you can not?”
  ”Old to, what you want to do?A few days ago you did not see the news ah, people P University students, after graduation pig it!No one provides that only go to college to make money ah?I was wondering, I shall not this poor educational background, my father himself did not graduate high school yet.”He reasoned rebuttal.
  Are苏州夜网 words to shut the gas to get to Wan Wan, Touguai she was depressed, and this is her now was little reason otherwise would definitely longer include a number of counter-examples to refute go back, but now there is no way, she was silent for a moment, helpless He said: “okay, pipes shall not be you, ah, how love how, but I suggest you study hard, then how, junior high school graduates do not have to?I think our doorstep restaurant, people move a waiter should do a high school education!”
  ”Trekking trip, thanks to the boss.”Pei Yang Qing heard the school bell rings, quite a relief feeling, he immediately Baoquan, the teacher pointed to the time in the classroom,” In order to cherish our parents every penny fees to pay us, we must be serious lectures, I will be able to own a restaurant waiter It well, and strive to become a high school st苏州桑拿udent.”He also playfully made a gesture of salute, in

say, I the more do not do “mentality is growing like crazy, together with their peers and distinct ‘special’, also known as they are more satisfied with their distinctive.

  ”Cool, cool, what’s the use, you can eat?”Wanwan has always been to live quite standard, the best relationship 广州桑拿网at the same table, and recently met, is a sub-type of the hearts of tyrants school after she entered the class of people, like the stubborn cow, he finds something, killing Abdullah not coming back.
  ”Can not eat, but happy.”Pei Yang Qing altogether at the same table and chatted up,” I do not understand it, every day you read carefully, it is interesting?You know, you junior high school once, unless repeat, will not come again, as you recall your junior high school, had a good reading, you do not regret later?”
  Was almost persuaded to Wan Wan, but quickly react, heard of this, “dishonest”, her look of indifference: “I do not want, I get older, I remember junior high school, are you so.”She looked quite disgusted with long bangs in front of Pei Yang Qing forehead, which is done bangs shape, and ordinary flat bangs are very differe南宁夜网nt, it is placed at an angle, long way to go, he has covered the eyebrows, which is one of the popular hairstyle among boys, normally there are a lot of male students, most like blowing his bangs, like how cool is that, like.
  ”This is how I like it?”Pei Yang pointed to his youth, some confusion, he was not much to f深圳桑拿网eel sensitive to Wan Wan is ironic, just wondering.
  ”I did not say how.”Wan Wan to take a deep breath, looking for her to find adjectives, but was dismayed to find ourselves with a bit of psychology is indeed discriminatory,” I just think this is too fancy dress, hairstyle chaos, the teacher said several times it is not?this is not good.”
  ”The teacher say good more to go, they say it is not good drink, we still do not have a drink.”Pei Yang Qing shaking his chair,” I thought you were going say!You look at people in seven of the eight, how can ther

r two years Wan Wan to the same table, he sat down: “how old to!”He thinks when the girl to Wan Wan, normally we fraternizing.

  ”Laopei, soon to midterm, how do you still fall asleep in class.”Wanwan open to the Laoke mode, Pei Yang Qing and her good relations, but also care ab杭州夜网out this friend, has been rewritten to allow the other side Reformed strive for the goal,” You talk, you do not want to test a good school?If the two of us admission to a school, students can do together in the future, is not the truth?”
  ”Yes yes yes, you speak of what I know everything, but I can not do ah.”Pei Yang Qing Tanshou,” and much studyBoring, do we have youth, you have to take sway, two days before I went to the barber shop, just listen to the barber say, now our school female students especially popular to them that do hair, he will help you put hair cut into two layers, inside short outside long, when he checked the inside of the tie a pigtail hair caught on the line, do you want to try?”
  ”You do not do every day, man, you do not return the hair also said wanted to stay a little longer yet?How cool.”
  In fact, the Pei Yang Qing, life is divided into only interested and not interested, he only felt his own heart interesting things, as to what to pursue in the future, life, ideals, and many of his peers, so far holding a bit confused, I was not exactly what is the meaning of these things in the end.
  ”In the future I want to become t北京夜生活网he kind of person?”” What kind of work in the future wish to engage in?”There are many similar problems, but only they can feel exceptionally puzzled, why are so many things to be considered?It is not the next thing to consider it in the future?Life is proud to be thoroughly enjoyed themselves, youth just once, on the line now take Lehe.
  Coupled with the age of the teenager, kept the hearts of most “rebellious” ideas, they do not understand the teacher, the parents, then look in between, it has chosen not want to be listened to, kind of, “The more you

ading how he hacked in pieces as it should.

  ”Yes, of course.”Pei Yang Qing carries the package out of the car, could not help but rushed father made a face, carrying his god of light dance flying colors, it is air,” Dad you just give up, reading this stuff anyway, not for me , did not fit too.”Then, he ran directly.
  Stay in the car Pei Naochun could not help but patted his forehead, too, he was a KO, failure.
  Do the authors, he really want to hurt the enemy resorted to eight hundred eight thousand since the loss trick?That is the legendary –

My son Cap 150 non-mainstrea杭州夜网论坛m (V)?(six)
  Pei Naochun after some tangled, and finally mind to come, decided to implement self-sacrifice great PLAN B, he drove away, before the implementation of the scheme, he must first prepare a whole wave, or when.
  This is the first of Pei Yang Qing, and played on the usual sitting in a classroom le苏州夜网sson, Heart high school teacher naturally be perfect place, lectures good choices, but the nod students to listen or not listen, he can not control things, such as after a day of top class, the lectures of several children refused to talk about it some good, but like Pei Yang Qing so, so long, the teacher who has also long been done about it, only the occasional whim, will properly advised on the two, but the heart knows it must be a wasted effort.
  Class ten minutes, for most students, it’s a good opportunity to catch up on sleep and III in pairs to the toilet in the back, just say a few words, ten minutes they did not, and may for such like Pei Yang Qing hand length feet long, people love sports, the whole body is covered with cells sit still, enough of them rushed downstairs at the playground, running a small semi-circle even playing 北京夜网a little basketball will be back again.
  Pei Yang Qing just going up, it is a catch to Wan Wan sleeves, though he usually is in two non-mainstream youth, but normally act quite correct, the teachers treat the students are very good, particularly when it is done fo

ly pay.”Pei Yang Qing whisper, driving up the volume in my father’s question, the” No, I have nothing to say.”

  Pei Naochun self convince his son: “So, this thing we 北京夜网have stuck, Yang Qing, you go back at night to find out your textbooks started to look at my father, to the time when you are my teacher, I do not ask you, you usually can test me also out of the question, but you can not be me to catch up with the progress, and that time a teacher, even students test, however, may lose face, but it does not matter, Dad I believe you can do it.”
  And so, sure enoug杭州桑拿h, he said, where there is a wrong.
  Pei Yang Qing highest state of alert immediately react, he squint squinting, quickly replied: “how is not it?Dad authors you have not heard what is called excel rather than blue?Even if you really are my students test better than me, is not a normal thing right?Our teacher often say, the happiest thing is to teach than their own good students of.”
  ”Moreover.”Pei Yang Qing feel like a father to see through the ruse, he could not help but smile,” you test better than I normally do not?Dad, you have to know, but you took 杭州龙凤网the people of junior high school diploma.”
  ”It’s all a matter of twenty years ago.”
  ”That, too.”Pei Yang Qing waved,” Besides, adults than children badly, it is not a normal thing?You do not often say that sentence, we have rice to eat more than you eat salt, you do well to normal!I am not ashamed, What am I ashamed of.As long as you do not mind my teacher of no use on the line, but Dad, ugly words in front of you, anyway, I books are empty, his head is empty, heaven help you obsessed with the text, you really expect me to teach you, I would wait to see it fraught.”He spread hand, a helpless look.
  Has been open to the car, Pei Naochun silent a moment, he could see his son say seriously, could not help but look back to the Pei Yang Qing: “reading, there is so hard to do?”He was the original body affect mood, and want to do not understand how this is like re

ld as long as the works on the line, first of all, by his own and his son’s learning, comparing pushed hi苏州夜网s son active learning, and then, by repeatedly asking, consolidate the memory of his son, junior high school curriculum is relatively simple, wait until high school, let his son to school reading a good point, affected by the surrounding atmosphere, progressive efforts would also natural that.

  ”You have to learn our textbooks?”Pei Yang Qing could not help but ask, shook his head,” Then why do you tutor unclear?You do not have to find a tutor.”
  ”It costs money to find a tutor is not it?”Pei Naochun immediately praised his son”, say, your dad I so stupid, how smart you are, just want to know, you certainly can guide me, son, this idea that day, military forces while, your dad I rely on you the!”
  Pei Yang Qing corrosion is not sugar-coated bullets, he is very calm: “Dad, I think you have misunderstood me, I assure you, I abso深圳桑拿网lutely can not teach you, I will not read.”
  ”That’s not to say, no matter how you like, than dad to read so many books it!Do not teach the father is much worse, just barely can understand on the line, I’m sure you row, son!”Pei Naochun continue to throw good words,” you’ve got my son, others do not know you, I do not know what you do?”
  ”No, I think of it.”Pei Yang Qing exceptionally agile response,” You go to the office before I play, I read the fax, the fax is not what XX university to do?Say there is nothing an MBA, as long as the pay can go, what you need to test yourself, pay directly on the line!”
  Pei said the son was almost Naochun down, cleared his throat: “That’s how it Like?You think your dad I certainly hope, be able to rely on their own efforts, their knowledge, to test a good result, but also really learned a l杭州夜网ittle knowledge, you said that to pay some money, even if another degree come back, what role do?Is not the truth?”
  ”.That I do not know, anyway, and someone said to me, do not pay directly to graduate school, I definite

out, he was the son of Sao operations were stunned.

  This time he is only to see that the bed was put out to have seven kinds of T-shirt, different colors, patterns are not the same, but this what use is it to have a?The head also said her son’s school uniforms fall and winter are required to wear long-sleeved jackets and pants, no matter inside wear more cool, is not only exposed to it a little collar?Even so, Pei Yang Qing gall to look in the mirror, a piece gestures tried something, and then put on a carefully selected.
  This is not over yet!Pei Yang Qing was amazed despite his father’s eyes, and he neatly into the bathroom, took out his treasure chest from the cabinet’s nod, said the head of the inside have curly hair stick straight hair boards, and comparable to the 杭州夜网论坛barber shop mousse , gels, styling spray and other kinds of things, so they Naochun Pei watched his son toss to toss, put just a little messy hair and made exquisite anomaly, like a barber shop just done out of shape, though did not reach out and touch, you can feel Naochun Pei, estimated feels, never feel soft, but will feel stiff.
  ”Well, go eat.”Completing this set of dress, has took another ten minutes, the time a little nervous, Pei Yang Qing greeted my father cry, convenient landing ran the table began to eat, but look Pei Naochun face filled the whole long story, on the table son porridge action is simply called a gulping, if it is let cool for a while, that estimate had to be burned.
  Again how to say?You look really beautiful dress, but you desperately like to eat, really very embarrassed.
  This storm eat fast, Pei Naochun also be slower than his son, he was a bit anxious, but found located at the entrance of the Son, and the toss played a new unitary moths.
  I saw the exhibition of advanced Pei Yang Qing, a routine pick shoes that pile in his shoebox, accurately find a pair of high-top shoes, big red, on both sides there is a hug北京夜网e circular LOGO, which quite normal but tying shoelaces oper

Pei Yang Qing this age, can ride their own bike to school, he is also very happy, but did not agree with the original body, he always felt on the junior high school son more and more puzzled, for fear of his son and let students multi-fry, the matter is completely irreversible, and he forced his son arranged the things shuttle to and from school, but it is pretty unlikely burden for him, to send his son back to school, the first to be able t杭州夜网论坛o company, taking advantage of good morning spirit, can also handle some business.

  Simple breakfast fee not people much effort, Pei Naochun has Iimori out and let cool, himself knocked son couple of doors will be directly opened, father and son not so many scruples, Pei Yang Qing although it is one in two non-mainstream, can also no concept of privacy, to knock on the door long before he knew on the line.
  ”Yang Qing, go eat.”Pei Naochun watching the time on your watch, only four less than a tenth, more than enough.
  ”Wait, I’m not running again.”The bathroom door was half open, inside the steaming out to frosted glass that adds one more layer of fog, Pei Yang Qing’s voice faded, the sound will be the sound pressure over hairdryer, Pei Wang Litou Naochun see, they a glance in the mirror facing serious hair blowing son.
  Yes, Pei Yang Qing has regardless of wind and rain, winter heat, get up the habit of shampooing every morning, in accordance with the original idea of the body, this is a foul problems, in order to get up early to take a bath to wash head more than a dozen two minutes, it’s not a problem it?Besides, according to his idea, this北京夜网 age xiaonianqing, as a direct flat head shaved, neat, do not even blowing hair, Shake it did, it would not be flattered?
  But these two points, no back-Pei Yang Qing adoption, he was very even resist, as well as with the original body and two fights back.
  Say, the son of action kinda neat, I feel not two minutes, Pei Yang Qing did give out of the bathroom, Pei Naochun was about to pull him

Less a few hundred years old.

  This older, not like some of the modern science and technology product, I heard that there is a special FBI Millennium bastard, do not like to use modern means of transport, like walking more slowly and often late for work because.
  He nodded and said: “Now the banks have closed down, I put the money in person tomorrow to send senior.”
  Just when the two men spoke, while Gou flower are quietly looked at cloud content, cloud content was wearing bunny clothes, lots of flesh, hot body, but why her a cold look, people could not bear blasphemy , let alone a man, it is all she saw deer rattling, blush.
  Gou big flower is outspoken, could not help but asked: “predecessors how to wear these clothes?”
  Gou stopping Daqing think it was too late, he secretly pushed a large flower Gou, these words do you ask?Seniors like to wear so none of your business?If seniors angry how to do?
  Besides, if the senior and president of this affection, interest, carelessly ask you this out, and more people feel embarrassed?
  Perhaps Gou Gou Daqing and two large flower look too weird, cloud content finally realized this soon wore clothes seems a little problem, her face did not show it, and asked: “do not wear these clothes?This

in the morning, time rush, so Fang Xiulan do the cooking are relatively simple.

  A triple face, a 苏州夜网419fried sauerkraut, there is usually a sour pickled cowpea, and another two to the river late fried egg, and one to Ruan Xiaolei, as to two eggs rain, were her request directly labeled as broken pieces of frangipani, they face a triple and cook, so that everyone can eat.
  Nguyen rain an opening, Fang Xiulan though distressed daughter, two sons, but also distressed, daughter eat eggs, so they can only look at his son, she was also guilty conscience of panic, it is simply another way in accordance with rain.
  The courtyard, Ruanguo Hua and Ruan Zhiwen, Ruan Zhiwu three three pairs of eyes are fixed on the wild boar, the river late to come out and see this father of three wild boar staring intently, he snorted light.
  Turned around and went into the kitchen for a late Ruan Jiang is no stranger to the kitchen, and before he was little, do not know the rain was secretly taken to the kitchen to eat many things, so in his memory which, for the old Nguyen the kitchen also home to intimate than some of Laojiangdi home kitchen.
  Nguyen rain nor the river late as guests, to see him come in, directly to the hands of a few rough bowl handed him, “Come Sheng face, I we苏州夜网论坛nt to wash hands!”She just sat at Zaotang light a fire, hand touched the wood, dark.
  She handle the river late, Fang Xiulan stare their own daughter, who is coming off, how to hold rice guests?
  Nguyen rain grinning Road, “A late is not an outsider ah!”
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  Thank threw [grenade] little angel: Juan 1;
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