A policy

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com You found out the house lease contract today. I’ll remind you first. Don’t say no to it then.. ‘ at dinner the man said to the woman. After dinner, the woman began to fart, but she couldn’t find anything. She couldn’t remember how she searched for the shadow of the contract in her mind. Is it because her memory has declined or she didn’t hide it at all?? Began to question the man: ” The contract is definitely not here. Did you give it to me?”? Look at your mind, I didn’t give it to you! I don’t remember, then you should leave your things behind and don’t ask me to do so.. ‘ At the same time, the woman in the psychological muttered, where did this go, mission to think or have no impression at all. Since I said I put it, I’ll start unpacking it, but I still can’t see it after a long busy day.. Men also began to help search. The woman looked at the man and said, ” Alas, I really don’t have any impression. Look for it. I’m going to wash my clothes.”. ‘ When the woman washed up and hurried upstairs, suddenly the man threw an envelope in front of the woman in anger, ” what do you say is this?”? The woman looked at the envelope and said, ” It’s an insurance policy, made for you with the money on my salary card.”. When did you discuss it with me? Oh, I haven’t discussed it with you? I also asked you to do it, and the person in charge of the bank also told you that my salary was also used to help you do it.. ‘ the woman pleaded. But what she told me was the reserve fund for children’s education, but you know that insurance has to be done. ‘ Men are furious and ask women, ” What is the insurance policy?”? The woman kept silent but felt wronged in her heart and her eyes were full of tears.     Women know that men are disgusted with insurance, and remember that many years ago they made an insurance policy for their children and themselves, making the family uneasy. Men have a lot of opinions about her.. After all these years, women are worried about the fact that they do not have a security guarantee other than the man as the pillar of the family. Besides, now that living conditions are good, they also have the ability to give something for the family, do something for the man, and feel that doing something for him with their own salary is also a security guarantee for the family and a little love for the man.. Besides, seeing that many celebrities have taken great care of themselves, they do not believe that this insurance will deceive people, and it is only a five-year installment plan, and the insurance is only an incidental gift. At that time, the name of a man was specially written considering that the whole family has no protection for men.. A woman’s mind is that she doesn’t want to keep eggs in one basket all the time, so that she can get a profit and build a protective barrier for her family..     Because the person in charge of the bank is the person opposite the front door and the back door, the woman who originally mobilized the woman to deposit money did not dare to do so, although she knew that this person was also out of kindness, she was afraid that the man would be angry and knew that he was disgusted with the matter involving insurance, and did not dare to rush until the man did not promise to do so.. But what really happened was that the man mentioned it, saying that the bank manager at the back door told him that she could do a copy and the woman dared to do it. I can’t believe this excited and disgusted scene will appear again when I see this list now.. Women don’t want to say anything, just cry secretly, why can’t men’s thoughts change? Why do you save and do things that will arouse his antipathy one by one? Women feel sad that they can’t control the money they earn freely.. Looking at women who don’t earn money by others is more comfortable than themselves, women are puzzled: Why is this?     A woman is a good woman in the eyes of outsiders, and the same man is also good, but a woman is a real bad woman in the eyes of her own man, because a man feels that a woman does not listen to her own words, does not discuss with him, does not understand her painstaking efforts, and feels that a woman is too lofty. But women think that men’s thoughts are conservative and can’t accept new things, but they can’t even walk together. This may be the failure of a marriage.. Women once wanted to change men, but they all said that it is easy to change the nature of a country, which can be so easy. So women think that since they can’t change others, they should change themselves and let themselves adapt to him and the family, but sometimes there will still be conflicts..     A policy has caused family disputes. Men question women. Women no longer want to answer, but only want time to prove that they have done everything right.. Women don’t have much desire. They only hope that men can change their thoughts a little, be positive in everything and look for more benefits. Family harmony is the most important thing..

A game of failure

– The inscription took part in a disabled game, which could not solve the dispute. The wind in the river sang, and the fingers brushed gently, – wipe the red and fell to the ground..   A little smoke, beauty smile, pour in my heart. Send red beans close at hand, turn your bowels and hang up your bellies. A person to drink, for chopsticks Shang, poetry, even silent. Set up a chess game, one player plays against the other, thinking from side to side, playing outside the empty city, attacking its center and feeling sleepy.. One man, one battlefield, two generals. Who discussed the victory or defeat.   Hin attic stage, the play has already started, the artist sits down, embraces brocade and silk, plays a song, drinks golden cup slightly drunk, when heavy eyes, sad dreams, recalls the past, traces back to the past, and amorous feelings are silent and mournful. Dream in the meantime, women, men and women, a redundant words. The tactful words are not worth the reality, the horn blows, the war sounds thunderous, the fingers flips light years away, but for a moment, who is hiding deeply, but it is not clear what they mean. The sword stamps the narrative, the confidant layout, the defeat, the defeat, the defeat, the defeat, the ineffectiveness, it is better to open the gate, avoid a bloody battle, the informed leader doesn’t deserve the hatred of the family, even there is no room for negotiation, just goodbye, caring for each other, tender feelings forget, it is not a friend, the valet and halberd are opposite, the battlefield swings unseen, and the country has changed, and the city is away from home..   Unwilling to be mired in memories, I was the only one who said that in the past, there were three points in the circle and the land was zoned as a prison. As long as they depended on each other, now the world of mortals is meteorite, how can they look back and remember?? On the evening of the day, the pavilions cooked and sprinkled, invited guests to chat and spread chess. Such as the leader, the next start, the wind, small pond running water basin, candle light, mixed with a piece of cold. Bright Pearl Night Endless, – Round Solitary Moon Stand, Indigo Pen Draw Eyebrows, Lightly Makeup and Plain Face, Eventually Becomes Definite. Each holds black and white chessmen, besieges disputes in the Jianghu, does not hold oil and paper umbrellas in fog and celadon paintings, and cannot wait for his mood. He has been losing, neither does he advance nor retreat in the heavy guarding city.. Pouring a cup of wine to solve thousands of worries is just a luxury dream.   In the old days, the sunset was red, the long-sleeved moss was in disorder, and the bamboo was hidden in the green trees and green fields, looking at the peach trees in the distance and showing the people in the play.. Now the beauty of both sides forget, who entered the play? Who’s out of the game?   Take off the red beans on your neck, stick to the temperature, wait for the opening, hurry down and leave so easily.. Task scattered with people, looking for a place to hide, let a sigh fall behind them.   Xiao Xi in the cold moon, a glimpse of the sword, dance lightly together. Bamboo in the wind song, the most suitable time, the wind tide, eaves lying back, holding wine Shang, watching the moon shadow, ytterbium in the smile, need to recall. The world is thin and cool, with a cool breeze and intoxicated. Thousands of cups poured sorrow, human sentiment expedition, old traces mottled, sighing at the moon, building small buildings, windows pondering depression, fanning light tones, burning furnace letters, and being heartless without remembering them.. Empty for a glass of wine, long drunk, preface words, each one recalled. Drunk life also dream death, has nothing to do with people.   In a broken game, there is no way to resolve the dispute. Someone must let go first, leave first, and no longer repent and look for it..

” Jiangnan Essay” Hope

After many years of not leaving the house, everything feels strange. Fortunately, my house was built on a hillside with a high terrain and a panoramic view of my hometown standing in the courtyard..     Spring in northeast China is always so late, so late, so impatient, like a girl who has not been married, so reluctant to show up. After breakfast, I put on a dress and came to the courtyard. ” It’s so cold.”! Hurriedly put his arm into his sleeve and she raised her head. Clouds in the sky are scurrying about, from east to west, crowding each other, as if surging waves swept away the long-lost sun, and as if thousands of horses and thousands of troops on the ancient battlefield crushed the beautiful sunrise.. The cold wind blows, blowing dry branches’ howls’ on the roadside, as if to awaken the sleeping land.. The snow was falling, splashing on the face and cooling to the heart.     Looking around, the vast expanse of whiteness between heaven and earth came from the pole of the line of sight. The mountain rises and falls continuously, extending to the north and south, without seeing its beginning or its end. Woye is thousands of miles away, covered with snow, like a quilt. The farmer proverb says well,’ This winter wheat covers three layers of quilt, and next year I sleep with steamed buns on my back.” I seem to see golden corn, red sorghum, heavy wheat ears suddenly, and a few crisp birds singing.. Looking along the sound, the fat sparrow on the low wall is singing like a singer playing the prelude to spring.. Are they calling for spring? I’m thinking.. Strange, strange, clouds gradually thin, the wind also slowed down, the air seems to be filled with the fragrance of soil, refreshing and comfortable. At this time, several cars loaded with output were coming from the township roads, slowly driving on the road and speeding towards the city..     Suddenly, the bright sun appeared, staring round, big and red eyes, counting carefully every spine of the mountain like a loving mother caring for her children.. At last it fixed its eyes on the sky of the village. Look! The newly-built overpass turntable road extends in all directions like a silver dragon flying in majestic splendor. see! In the village, rows and rows of spacious and bright brick houses brighten everyone’s heart. Chou! Tractors, cars and motorcycles in the small farmyard covered with floor tiles are vigorous and vigorous, showing the new atmosphere of socialist countryside.. The great changes in my hometown are breathtaking.     The brand-new village government building over there rose up as if a long-time old friend was waving to me to ask me to see the chicken farm, cattle farm, coal court, wood company, building materials market, village primary school and so on over there.. In addition, I also heard that the cableway will be built over the village in the future, connecting the east and west mountains to build parks, zoos and other entertainment places..     Spring breeze awakens the sleeping land, birds sing cheerful songs, and the village’s tomorrow will be full of hope, bringing happiness to the villagers here. The wisps of sunshine also dispelled the haze in my heart. So I went out of the house and came into the street, enjoying the sunshine to my heart’s content.


Liu Ping likes the mask these days and enjoys the feeling of separating the world in an instant. During the separation time, there is no dust but water to moisten and nourish. At that time, he will feel that his heart will suddenly moisten with water. He will think that if there is something like a mask in life, it can stop all helplessness and sadness in life like a mask, and let life only believe that it is only white, clear and beautiful, how good and how good it should be.!     But what kind of thing is there? Who created the mask? No matter what kind of facial mask, gunk or non-woven fabric, without exception, it must be blocked from the outside world to achieve its effect. And the time of blocking with the outside world should not be too long, too long will in turn absorb the moisture of the skin, only in a certain period of time, isolation, throw aside, brand – new.     When the mask is applied, the whole face is isolated from the outside world and is a space with only the moisture and nutrition needed by the skin. At this time, the years are quiet and good, without radiation and sunshine, only quiet and beautiful. Then, after absorbing the needed nutrition, the face will regain its vitality and beauty in a very short time..     Suddenly convinced by a small mask, does our mind need such a mask? While appreciating others and getting along well with others, the most important thing is to get along well with yourself first, to be able to spend time in a person’s time without relying on surfing the Internet and chatting with others and doing nothing, and to do some positive and beneficial things in a person’s time so that life can instantly wipe off the tiredness and hardship. These things may be a beautiful dream that requires a little effort from us, because the dream is so beautiful, so these things are the mask of our hearts so that we can enjoy ourselves because of hope and beautiful vision in our hearts..     Such a soul mask will make a person shine in an instant, because of self-confidence and beauty, because of trust and beauty, because of inner love and gratitude, and feel that the world is beautiful everywhere, even if it encounters setbacks and impermanence, it will also be regarded as a gift to achieve one’s own growth. Only this soul mask can truly make a person beautiful..     Where is this mask available for sale? In everyone’s heart, we need to fight with ourselves countless times. After a person has fought with himself countless times, he will wipe out the negativity with countless masks full of positive and gratitude, day after day, not only will we eliminate our own problems in time, but also through the improvement of masks again and again, life will be improved and life will be healthy and full.. Because of this mask of the soul, the days will also become magical and beautiful.     At that time, our life will be nourished and changed by this mask of mind, and the desired beauty will come one by one due to the beautiful state of mind. What we have to do is to fight against ourselves, turn worries and complaints into gratitude, and we will find that everything is beautiful due to this mask, and beauty and surprise will also come magically.!

Heaven’s side, are you all right?

I think you in heaven must be all right. You never gave me a dream, presumably for fear of disturbing our peaceful state of mind and life.. The day with you is my happiest time, and the day without you is my quiet waiting.     Time has passed so fast that you have been away from us for four years in a twinkling of an eye. I don’t know if you have received the paper money that your children sent you again today.? Today is your fourth birthday in heaven. We can only express our sorrow and wish for your birthday at your grave..     For more than four years, the saying is neither long nor short. Yingchun has covered your grave and the pines and cypresses in front of the grave are almost as tall as I am. All the seasons are so green and lush, and the faint fragrance of chrysanthemum still haunts your tomb.. In the 1,360 days since you left us, memories have always haunted children’s minds. Worried about love also pulled from the world to heaven.     Standing in front of your grave, I always feel that you are not too far away from me, and your voice and smile appear in front of my eyes again. As if it were yesterday, we gathered for your last birthday in the world. In front of the cooker is your busy figure. I braved the cold wind and covered in snowflakes and hurried home. You gently brushed away the snowflakes from me and gently reminded me, ” Red Beauty, don’t be busy.”. You’re tired. Take a break! ‘ At that time, it also made my second sister eldest brother unhappy, ” eccentric eye.”. My brother’s daughter-in-law has not done anything yet and is tired. I have been busy from morning till now, and I have not heard a word you care about.! ‘ In the second sister’s nagging sound, my sweet silk was flattered and proudly looked at her with a smile and obediently rolled up her sleeves to help. I always enjoy special favors in front of you. I asked you to put on your new cotton vest, and you blamed me for ” spending money again.”. Wei Long is studying and can save one point is one point. He can no longer be so extravagant.. Besides giving me so many clothes, I always can’t wear them out. If I die, I’ll leave them all.! ‘ my heart can’t help but make a chill. But I clearly saw the wrinkles on your face have become a flower. When my uncles and aunts came over, you praised your little daughter-in-law again, but you praised me with a big red face.. After the event, Second Sister complained about you again. ” You’re a strange person, too. Hongmei likes to hear everything you say and does everything well.”! It’s hard for your children to do what they want! Remember you quietly called me from the second sister’s house to your cabin after lunch. you said you wanted to tell me if I went. you dug out a handy bag from under the box and wrapped it up in three layers and three layers.. You said: It was the moon cake on August 15th. I went to the meeting that day. You kept my share for me until now.. You put the moon cake in my bag and told me to eat it when I got home. That night when I came home, I ate the moon cake you gave me all along with tears. Although it had a bad smell, it was so sweet that I ate it.. It can be said that I can no longer eat such a good moon cake. The sweet and sweet smell always stayed in my heart.     As I said, I will accompany you as soon as I have free time. I’d love to talk to you and have a chat. Now I’m idle again, standing in front of your grave and thinking, I’m sitting on your hot kang again, listening to you tell the stories of your parents as usual, and listening to you describe the wonderful stories of heaven in a vivid way.. I also want to tell you about the anecdotes that happened in the village. Do you know the old people in our hutong, like uncle San zhi, uncle ren Lu and uncle chuan an, all went to heaven with you. I wonder if you are also very close now? I hope you are still close neighbors in heaven, so that you and my father will not be too lonely and lonely!     You have been away from us for four years. I always feel that the way to heaven is not far away. Because I always feel that everything seems to be just yesterday, I’m always glad that it was a blessing from past lives that made me have a love affair with you. I admit that in front of all my children and daughters – in – law, you hurt me the most, and we are really congenial.. You always say to others, ” Whenever I talk to Hongmei, I always think of talking together because we are silly together.”. ‘ Actually speaking, being silly is also an edge! Silly let us heart to heart, heart to heart.     I also think it is a pleasure and a blessing to be able to accompany you around. Really, you are a good man. In the eyes of the neighbors, they all admire you for having a good daughter – in – law, but where do they know that the hearts of people change, five to two change half a catty! You praised your daughter-in-law when you met others, but I never gave you praise in front of others.I just think that there is a tacit understanding between us. You are so loving and considerate to me. I have no reason not to honor you and love you..     Now just want to know, heaven side, how are you doing? I know my father’s temper is hot and violent, and you have to be more tolerant and more tolerant.. He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.. May there be two and a half people together in heaven, loving each other, sharing weal and woe..     Please also rest assured that the spring glow of your mother’s love bathes us, our life is peaceful and beautiful, and everything is safe at home. Thanks to your blessings, everything in the family is still well. Your grandchildren Tsuka and Ning Er have graduated from graduate school now. Lisa is in her senior year and will enter the examination room of the university entrance exam next year. Wei Long has grown into a strong boy of one meter eight five and is studying architecture design at Qingdao Institute of Technology.. If you know about heaven, you will surely be delighted and tears will burst into your eyes..     I think you in heaven must be all right. You never gave me a dream, presumably for fear of disturbing our peaceful state of mind and life.. The day with you is my happiest time, and the day without you is my quiet waiting. Sometimes looking up at the stars in the sky, I always think: you must be the brightest star in the Milky Way, because you have been staring at me, giving us peace, health, happiness and happiness. On the night when the stars are sparse, I listen with my heart’s ears, as if I could really hear the star’s heart language of your fist..     Or pull off a colorful cloud and write down my sincere wishes for your parents and grandchildren to be well in heaven, full of happiness and prosperity.![ Responsibility Editor: Chloe[ Original ]

Father’s Bicycle

In my memory, I can see clearly that my father’s bicycle is the five sheep brand. In the 1990s, it was the most valuable item in the family.    When I was a child, whenever my grandmother had a happy event at home, my father would launch his’ baby’ car early, beat a bucket of water, use a piece of cloth, carefully wipe the wheels and beams.. After a while, he adjusted his hands and brakes, put on chain oil, adjusted the bell, and did not show a satisfied smile until the car was brand new.. At this moment, my mother helped me and my brother put on beautiful clothes and set off. I was sitting on the beam of the car, my brother was still young, my mother was carrying it, and I was sitting in the back seat.. It takes two or three miles to get to grandma’s house, get in the car, the wind blows through the ear, the birds squeak on their heads, press a few bells, turn two turns, and the next long slope will arrive. My childhood also grew up in grandma’s house, carefree and full of love.    In junior high school, we had to climb mountains and cross mountains and walk for two or three hours before we got to school.. The three years of life, in addition to learning to grow vegetables, weed, shovel mountains and chop firewood . Ah, there was no learning at all. The only boy in the class was admitted to high school.. In those few years, Longsheng Middle School started a rush of cramming classes, and everyone signed up to catch the last lifesaving herb.. I also saw my neighbor Li go back to school and take an examination of Guilin National Normal University. I was very envious in my heart.. So, I rushed home and told my parents that I wanted to go to cram school, but they didn’t give me a direct reply. They felt humbled and cried all night and the pillow towel was all wet.. My father saw this determination and wrote a letter to Sanbo, who works in Liuzhou Municipal Committee, saying that I want to go to school. Sanbo wrote back quickly and supported my idea..    So, I went to the county seat to study as I wished. I could only pay the rice produced at home for meals. If I had no money to ride, my father would ride a bicycle and camel a bag of rice. Before dawn, I would have to start from home and drive on the bumpy and difficult road, bumpy and bumpy wheels on the rocks. It would take more than four hours to get to the county seat.. Sitting in the classroom, there was a flash of a figure outside the window. It was my father who put down his homework and ran out of the classroom.. I saw my father covered in dust, even his hair was sticky, his clothes had already been soaked with sweat, and there was no place for them to dry, so my heart was not full of flavor.. And the bike, already can’t see clearly, is covered with mud. My father saw me, took out a bag of boiled eggs from his backpack, handed it to me and told me to eat it as soon as possible. I asked my father what to eat. He patted his pocket and said he was carrying zongzi wrapped by his mother.. Every time my father came to school, he always helped me, weighed the rice, bought the tickets and went back. Looking at the back of his father riding away, tears welled up in his eyes. In the heart secretly determined: Dad, I will not live up to your expectations. Later, my mother told me that my father didn’t eat anything for a trip to the city all day, sometimes for the sake of his journey.. I asked my mother, I didn’t listen to you, but my father wouldn’t let me say it, for fear that I would be sad..    The day I got my notice, it means that I will have a job in the future. I am a national cadre and my parents are happier than anyone else.. In order to make money, my father bought a machine in partnership with others and went to the river to wash sand gold. In the summer rainstorm, the sand on the road was washed away, revealing pits, large and small, between which there was a zigzag’ middle road’ like a snake, gnawing at the road with fully inflated tires and rustling.. I saw thin father, wearing gloves, wearing shoes, easily bypass, pit by pit, road by road. As night fell, my father returned home sweating like a pig on his bicycle.. As soon as he entered the door, his father took out a small red envelope from his pocket and opened it. It was golden. At this moment, my father’s vicissitudes of life face was filled with smiles, which were very pleasant and brilliant, and my tuition was paid for.. Later, my brother often said that I was gold-plated and shining.    In July 1994, I graduated and was assigned to a village primary school as a primary school teacher.. On the first day of work, my father gave me the five sheep bicycle, which looked a bit shabby. I did not abandon it, but cherished it all the more.. Because it is a hero who has made great contributions and changed the fate of a family..    Now life is slowly improving. I have been working for more than 20 years and become a senior middle school teacher, while my father’s five sheep bicycle was bought by the old man who paid for it, but it has always been in my heart and never forgotten..

Family education for Korean mothers

My classmate Mei Zi went to South Korea for development a few years ago, and now he has established himself in a foreign country. This time he returned to his hometown, and the family of four all returned home for New Year’s Day, specially inviting a few girlfriends to narrate the story.. Not seen for many years, we had a very happy chat. What impressed me most was my Korean mother’s tutor, which opened my eyes and gave me a lot of insight..   Plum married a genuine Korean husband, had a son and a woman, and lived with her in – laws. The daughter is thirteen years old, she has entered middle school, and the son is nine years old, and she is in primary school. The two children are very clever and sensible. When we go, we are all busy serving tea and water, which is very polite. Plum and husband met at work, and the husband and wife got along well with each other. Both husband and wife work in a large-scale enterprise and enjoy favorable economic conditions. But when she got home, she became a housewife, cooking and tidying up the house. After doing the housework, I hold a book in my hand and enjoy a person’s world quietly, while the children go back to the room to do their homework by themselves..   Plum said, ” What kind of person do you want your child to be, first of all, you should set an example yourself.”. Under the influence of mother, both children love reading and have excellent academic results. If a mother only knows how important it is to play and educate her children to read, it is obviously not true.. The child’s study does not take a lot of time to urge, but to stimulate his inner desire for study. Only when he has motivation and interest can he consciously study.. The subtle influence of parents is very important. When parents are successful in their career, children will have envy and admiration in their hearts, thus encouraging them to learn from their parents. It is wrong for some women to give up their careers for their children after they get married. Career and family are equally important.   I asked Mei Zi, do Korean children also have a reverse period? When children are young, they tend to be obedient. In their teens, they often love to confront their parents and do not love to communicate with them.. Plum asked me, why don’t children love to communicate with adults? Because of the generation gap. The reason why the generation gap arises is that your knowledge and opinions are behind the times, and your child does not keep up with the times and the pace of growth, and the child feels that it is meaningless to communicate with you.. Therefore, parents should continue to learn to be good parents and accompany their children to grow up while doing a good job in their career and housework.. The process itself is also pleasant.   Learning to communicate with children is also a skill. In daily life, we should be good at observing children’s learning, life and psychological dynamics. Good at catching the bright spots and interests of children. On the other hand, help them to solve problems in time.. First of all, we must find a relaxed environment and a suitable opportunity for our children to take out their heart’s words. We just need to listen carefully and give some instructive suggestions.. Children will feel that their parents really care for him and attach importance to him instead of perfunctory and giving up him.. Children can feel the energy flow of love and thus establish a close relationship with you in their heart.. The next time you encounter a problem, you will be happy to exchange views with you.   Plum’s adopted son gave me a thorough brain wash. Having such a successful mother is bound to educate a successful child.. It seems that Korean mothers are not simple either. Mothers are the leaders of children’s lives. Only when they follow the right people will they choose the right life path and lead a successful life..     2 015.01. 27

Children’s Fun Report of Granddaughter

Child interest, lovely, innocent.   Innocent, it is without crooked brains and evil intentions, but it does not exclude children’s articulate and intelligent turn.. When my daughter eiko was in kindergarten, her daughter sugar candy ( born on August 1, 2009 ), she would make a phone call every three or five minutes to tell us the story of sugar candy children, which often made us laugh. Eiko called, most of them started like this” Dad, you see sugar candy is really interesting”. I remember the ” really interesting” ones several times.   One sugar candy asked her father to give him an arithmetic lesson, and her father agreed.   So she invited her mother, her grandmother, her uncle and her to attend the class together, and they all agreed. During the class, her father asked the sugar candy ” how much is two plus two?”, the sugar candy stood up and replied ” four”, and her father asked ” how much is four plus three”? The sugar candy replied loudly,’ equal to seven’, and after answering the question, her father went on to ask,’ how much is seven plus five?? ”. Sugar blinked and couldn’t answer. But when she turned her head, she immediately said,’ Teacher, isn’t it time for other students to answer the questions? ‘ so, we all laughed.   When sleeping at night, eiko asked candy” why don’t you answer? ‘ Sugar said,” Mom, I really can’t do that.’,’ You little prick, no, you said no, why do you say that”, Sugar giggled and embarrassed..[ Author’s Commentary: The little head turned quickly, covering up his embarrassment. However, the mother did not appreciate the slippery head, but taught the child to be honest and face the dinner of the second night. The eiko filled a bowl of porridge with sugar and sugar on the table, and she took a gulp of it on the table because she was a bit hot and then spit it out..   Sugar didn’t cry or lose his temper, but immediately sent a macro – comment to her mother.’ mom, don’t you know sugar is afraid of scalding? Sugar is the most afraid of being scalded. For you, it may not be scalded. For me, it is very scalded. Where can I stand it? ‘ small mouth sharp – toothed, eloquent.   The eiko said,’ why are you drinking so much? you are not careful. you can try it first? ‘ Sugar said,” but I’m so hungry.”. Eiko said again,’ If you are hungry, can you not be careful? Why don’t you think about what you did right and how do you just blame your mother? ‘ Sugar and sugar were speechless, knowing that they were also wrong and could not all blame their mother.[ Author’s Commentary: The child has a macro theory and two rhetorical questions. The language structure is complex and the expression is wonderful. He is not praised but criticized because in his mother’s eyes, it is more important to be strict with oneself than sharp – tongued..[ Original ]Third, my wife called Yingzi, and sugar candy knew it was Grandma’s phone, so she grabbed the microphone and shouted’ Grandma, sugar candy loves you’ at the other end. Her wife said’ Sugar candy, grandma also loves you. ‘ My wife said.” Sugar sugar, who else do you love? Sugar said,’ I still love my father, mother and grandfather’. My wife teased her again.’ Sugar candy, Mom and Dad, who do you love more? ‘ Sugar without thinking, said seriously.” Grandma, I love Dad more.” Wife said,” Sugar, your mother is right beside you. Why do you say you love Dad more?? Sugar said,’ because my father is ill and in poor health. ‘ Mother said.” Oh, well, sugar candy is really a sensible good child. ‘ Sugar said,” Granny, really, I love Dad more.”.   Yingzi said that before this, there was one more thing: I was going on a business trip, and sugar-coated grandma and a relative took her to Xiamen, and when the elevator went downstairs, the relative said,’ As soon as we left, her father was alone at home. Hearing this, the sugar candy immediately said to grandma,’ I’m not going to Xiamen, my father is lonely at home, and I want to stay with my father.” she said, dragging her suitcase to go home.. These two sugar candy really touched her father’s tears.[ Author’s Commentary: A little girl, so delicate and considerate to her father, really gave birth to a man and a woman. At the beginning of the fourth year, Yingzi came to stay with sugar candy for a few days. When she left, sugar candy said that she liked her grandmother’s red quilt and insisted on taking it away. Since her granddaughter liked it, her wife packed it and let her take it away.. When she came home in summer, her wife took out a nice little towel blanket for sugar candy. she asked,’ sugar candy, do you like this quilt? Yes, I like it very much. ‘ sugar and smiling said to grandma.   ‘ I’ll give it to you if I like, and you’ll take it away when I go back. ‘ Sugar and sugar happily asked in a consultative tone.” Mom, what do you say? ‘ eiko didn’t speak, but ruthlessly stared her one eye. Sugar sugar small head a turn, said’ then listen to grandma’s’. The next morning, when she got up, sugar and sugar folded the towel neatly and tried to fit it into her own suitcase. eiko told her to put it on the bed first and take it when she left.. When he left, I forgot sugar and sugar. I didn’t bring it back to her home in Quanzhou. She opened the suitcase and didn’t see the towel quilt. She asked eiko to say,’ Mom, the towel quilt hasn’t been brought back. Why don’t you remind me. ‘ eiko said.” not mom doesn’t remind you that you can’t always get things from grandma’s house.Do you understand? Last winter, sugar candy asked eiko to cover her with a red quilt. eiko asked her where the red quilt came from. she had already forgotten that eiko said you brought it from grandma’s house. this story suddenly reminded her of the small towel quilt and said,’ oh, grandma’s house still has a beautiful small towel quilt. grandma said it was for me, mom, I can’t listen to you. next time I go to grandma’s house, I must bring the towel back.. ”[ Author’s Commentary: All say girls dominate the family. I think this has nothing to do with the family. It is the aesthetic judgment of the granddaughter that likes the flower quilt.”. The fifth sugar candy just went to school this autumn. Because of carelessness, it was very frustrating that it failed to get full marks in the first two math tests.. After getting 100 points in the last two exams, eiko called her wife, reported the good news first, and then continued to talk about her business at the canton fair.. When sugar candy finished her homework, she cried out at the end of the phone as soon as she heard the phone call from grandma.’ grandma, I got 100 marks in math,’ my wife said,’ yes, I should be praised.” sugar candy said,” the teacher praised me. However, when the teacher memorized my name, my heart jumped up and down and my face was red.’ My wife said,’ very excited, isn’t it? ‘ Sugar said.” I’m very happy. ‘ My wife and eiko continued to chat. After a while, the childlike child voice of sugar and sugar came from the other end of the phone. Her name was high.” Grandma, I got 100 marks in math test.. ‘ My wife said.” Grandma knows. ‘ Kid is really interesting, so I said to my granddaughter.” Sugar sugar, you just went to school again and scored 100 points? ‘ The sugar candy at the other end of the phone was speechless at the moment. After a while, she reacted, ” Bad grandpa, you are bad grandpa.”. ‘ I heard eiko say to sugar candy.” can’t scold grandpa, grandpa means if you don’t score another 100 points, don’t say it again, because you have already said it, grandpa and grandma all know it. ‘ I asked sugar candy.” I always said that I got 100 points in the exam. Is it a little proud?? No, I’m happy. I said,’ Everyone has been happy for you. Your happiness can be put in your heart. You don’t have to talk about it all the time, you know? I know, otherwise, people will tell me how beautiful I am. My wife continued to chat with eiko for a long time. sugar and sugar didn’t interrupt any more. it seems that she already knows to suppress her impulse of joy..[ Author’s Commentary: Appreciation Education thinks that good children are boastful. I think it is not enough to boast, teaching is indispensable, and must not be absent[ Original ]

Autumn rain lingering

The weekend is still a good day, but it started raining on Tuesday, and it has been raining for two days, which can be described as continuous and continuous. This time of year, it rains like this, but it doesn’t always rain like that. It is not like the summer rain that comes and stops, like a hot young man, but the autumn rain is like a shy young girl. She sings more often than not, thinking about people’s voices, and occasionally feels sad and touching..     Because it rained for two days, I didn’t go out after class. I have always been a fool in my own house and didn’t buy vegetables. Fortunately, the vegetables I bought last week, though not very good, can still be handled, just a few potatoes and chili pepper tomatoes.. These days remind me of the situation when I was transferred to a primary school in a leading area a few years ago. There were only four or five teachers in that school, and they all went home at night. Because I was far away, I was the only one who lived there. There was no family around that school, and I was afraid of living there. But she went back at night, where to stay away from the city and eat and buy things was a problem. However, it was the female colleague in the same room who returned to me every time she cooked a meal, and sometimes looked at it clearly.. I remember that I went to that school for a week or two at this time of the year. I took a sixth-grade Chinese class. I never handed in a Chinese class, but the students there were especially good. One day I was late for class, but I heard the birds in the classroom were silent outside. How can the quality of the current students compare with those of the students?? If the teacher had not been in the classroom, it would have been a mess, maybe he would have opened it! So I said that the students and teachers there are really the purest, as clean as a newborn baby. Although nearly ten years have passed, I still can’t forget that I have collected several diaries there, but I will never forget them. I wonder if the teacher is all right now? Today is Teacher’s Day and I hope that teacher will be happy.     It’s getting dark, so I like this night. I can write my favorite words while listening to the song. I don’t have to worry about anything else I haven’t finished, especially when my mother always shouts at the back of my hometown about not washing clothes and cooking meals for my children.. The mind is also the quietest time, and can live in its own world and say whatever it wants. In fact, this is the day I have been longing for, creating in a quiet small room..     Today’s mood is still good, sending a message to my dear, and making a phone call. His attitude is still good. Every time I call him, if he has time, he will come back soon. Judging from the speed of his call back, he still loves me, not as I thought, he doesn’t love empathy anymore, and men don’t love empathy so much. After all, I’m not old, and we are old friends for decades.. The most important thing is that he took the initiative to be good with me, not that I stuck to him. Love is like this, first the man attacked, but then the man was not so enthusiastic, and the woman ran after the man in reverse, because her heart could not hold the man at all..     In this autumn rain lingering day, how I wish to be with him, I remember a poem that said I hope people will live for a long time and live together in thousands of miles. I hope we can stay so forever..

A pillow of chrysanthemum fragrance

The night was cold and dew, and the west wind was faint in late autumn. Chrysanthemum was as fragrant as gold.. Shui Mu Jiangnan, near the mountain road and on the ridge of the field, stars set off a world with faint chrysanthemum fragrance..     Grandma, I am dreaming day and night, always holding your skirt tightly, looking back at the arms of Jiangnan, everywhere – remembering the autumn mountain chrysanthemums. With your warm hands, you gather autumn full of wild and flowing gold, and in the night of sleepless lights, you sew your heart’s thoughts and cares into this chrysanthemum pillow.     The rustling wind once again turned over the quiet diary that belongs to me, where my memory of you is deeply hidden. Grandma, you said that the chrysanthemum is very fragrant, but it will still wither in winter. You said that some things will be forgotten in the past, while some things will never be forgotten in the rest of your life. What you probably forget is happiness, and what you remember is pain and sadness. You said, no matter how quiet my future life is, you only want me to walk through safely, find someone who loves me and lead an ordinary life..     In those repeated autumn seasons, I was full of melancholy, accompanied by chrysanthemum flowers and wet worries. I did not know what was waiting for me.. Therefore, there is no note or movement in this season, no throb or reverie, only silence and sadness, grandma, because you have left me far away!     Grandma, I believe that you have gone through the vicissitudes of life in the world and have chosen to go to heaven!     The round moon has once again risen slowly in the twilight haze, shining brightly. With the mountain chrysanthemum resting on my head, I listened to the instructions of autumn and chanted a lullaby without wind or rain.. Grandma, you once said that life is uneven and life is not entirely a picture. No matter failure or obstruction, people should be strong. You said that when flowers bloom, they will also fall, but they will still bloom again, so people will also grow strength with hope.. So you want me to be happy without depression. You said, in order to pursue the transcendence of life, we can withstand the ordeal. In order to find the perfect answer, we can suffer suspicion. For the joy of longing for the soul, we can endure misfortune. You said, I hope to see my smiling face and know that I am happy when the moon shines on the mountain chrysanthemum.! However, the sad wind has blown into my heart from the moment you left me, blowing away my calm.     Four seasons of the year, can delay for Qian Shan million water; Wind from any direction will have a familiar rural accent. The wandering night sky is blurred and scattered with chrysanthemum flowers, but I can’t find my lost heart again. Grandma, I just know your sadness once upon a time..     At this time, I only wish to go through the years like autumn wind, to find those colorful dreams and feelings, to fly purple in the blue sky, to listen to the sound of free zither, to sing Shan Ye to capture the fragrance of mountain chrysanthemum, and never feel sad again. What you hold in your hands is the home where I sleep peacefully..     Grandma, the mountain is high and the road is far away. I can’t walk out of your blurred vision. At that time, when light finished the last flower withering, there was only one color left in the season of reincarnation, and when the arduous journey was about to finish the last journey, a grateful heart of love and hope did not sigh and complain at all because of a pillow of chrysanthemum flowers..     Tears flow quietly, accompanied by a pillow of chrysanthemum fragrance.