Beautiful Red Lion Head Mountain of Altay

浙江体彩61 The beautiful red lion head mountain crane river in Altay flows into the red pier boundary, and the grand canyon opens the gate to the terminal. The river divides and merges and bends around, leaving patches of beaches, isolated islands, fields and dense woods flowing into lake huoba and disappearing on the way to the Irtysh river. On the other hand, the Red Lion Head Mountain, facing the river, is far from echoing the call of the General Army Mountain and watching the majestic mountains meander eastward.. On Sunday, several colleagues were invited to visit the scenic spot of Hongshitou Mountain on foot.. Walk through the city, go south from the road to Hongdun Town, and come to a vegetable plot. On the ridge of the canal, the red-faced vegetable farmers saw it, pulled out turnips, and spoke enthusiastically to us: ” I see you all look like learned people and feel cordial.”. Please try some fresh food. The water I poured on this land was drawn from the upstream of the sewage station, and it was farmyard manure, and the vegetables it grew were absolutely green.. Thank you! Thank you! The radish is crisp and tasty. The sewage treatment plant has been renovated and upgraded, so can the river be used safely? Yes. Not in the past. In previous years there were no lights, indicating that there was no work.. ‘ Vegetable farmers pointed to the old sewage treatment plant and said, ” Now the whole area of the Crane River is under strict protection, and all industrial and mining production causing river pollution has been stopped, and the people are very satisfied.”. Protecting rivers, lakes and seas is to protect the vitality of the people. In the past, everything looked at money and caused pollution. Now it is not possible to cure it with tens of times of the money earned.! He was very excited to hear us say this: ” I’d rather not have money than pollution.”! Even if rich, eat and drink all don’t rest assured, what’s the point? At present, the system of river length is being implemented to promote the stability of the river and to realize its smooth flow and clean up its banks and green scenery.. In the new era, people have completely realized that they can no longer do things like’ no matter what, as long as they earn money’. We should extend the legal system to the end so that there will be a complete mechanism to restrict the production, sale and use of non-environmental cleaning commodities. Establish a list of banned substances for users, strengthen supervision and publicity and education, and improve the awareness of each individual polluter. Well, that’s right! Farewell to vegetable farmers, walk down the canal ridge, wear grass and cross the river, and walk up the forest village road. An old farmer walked slowly in front of the cart. There are several livestock and poultry farmers in this forest. Cattle carts can wade across the beach and pass through the quagmire. They are the best means of transportation, and their intuition is in harmony with the environment.. At the corner of the bullock cart, colleague Xiao pang and a young man are building a wall with stones – his sister’s house is next to the woods. When we saw it, we said to him admiringly, ” If you work in the Peach Blossom Garden, be careful to become a fairy.”! ‘ Voice did not fall, our own body has been integrated into the clear and transparent glass world, the in the mind for a moment without any dust and steep light. Natural and unrestrained green shade, amiable green shade, clear green shade, you chase me out; The sound of rushing water and stones rolling, the sound of laughing water and willow branches lifting their heads from the water scattering jade beads in the water, the sound of rippling water and leisurely birds, and the sound of the wind walking among the leaves. A grass hid green years in a stone; A few trees were running and ran into each other? Meet again? Separation? Farewell? Confused; The shadows of dandelion and wild flowers were beaten to the left and right by the dense light spots coming through.. Keep walking, feeling better and better. I saw several tourists in the woods on the other side of the river – they got off the road to a pasture, but they could not cross the river and reach Red Lion Head Mountain. Now they are immersed in the glue-like touching with cool and refreshing things they have never had before.. Looking at the red lion head mountain, stepping on the pebbles above the water to cross the river, the heart-pounding sudden heavy smooth light and cheerful, all kinds of feelings are played out like notes by the rising and falling keys.   Red Shitou Mountain is natural and not as lifelike as artificial sculpture. Its imperfection is just a kind of perfection. You can find its imperfection – an open – minded, mature, unbroken and experienced realm; You can find it’s anger – dangerous rocks are towering, ferocious, and blood is stronger than fire. You can find its stubbornness – red and then green and then white and then eternal, liking anger in color or not in color, and its divine bone is stronger in endless tribulations. You can find its affectation – the way up and down, although there are no thousands of rocks and thousands of turns, there are also flowers and stones to lean on, and you can enjoy the green water rippling on the Crane River and the vegetation on both sides of the river at any time.. Below the mountain is a wooded land surrounded by water. Every holiday, there are always some tourists or teams here’ camping’ for food and entertainment activities. We are no exception.. This is a natural oxygen bar. Breathing the fresh air, the mood is indifferent, indifferent to the will, and then, the mood is tranquil and tranquil to reach the goal.. Sitting at the edge of a clear water and watching, there are blue sky in the quiet water, long clouds in the blue sky, light ink in the long clouds, new and new paintings in the light ink, quiet water in the new and new paintings, blue sky in the quiet water … Ah, watching, watching, new and new paintings, blue sky and quiet water, we disappear in nature..