Cloud clothes

浙江体彩61 Today, the weather is gloomy, the sadness of the unknown strikes, can’t be rejected, can’t be relieved in the sad smog, and often when I feel sad, I will think of my grandmother who loves me most, but today, tears haven’t fallen, and I miss her very much.. In fact, when a person is sad, he misses a person because he misses the love or happiness that others cannot give him. At the same time of remembering grandma, it reminds me of a journal I wrote after grandma’s death – cloud clothes. The gloomy weather is accompanied by gloomy thoughts and sad tears. At this time, the dream of wearing a cloud dress is agitated in the heart.. In fact, it is not the desire to have cloud clothes but the desire to bring back the pure fantasy that is restless.. Fantasy will free us from the troubles of the world and lead us to the ideal temple paradise we have conceived. There, although it is a dream of Nanke, it can also let one’s heart soar for a moment and find a moment of happiness – inscription 2013, January 27.     Cloud clothes – Hanmei was made in 1990, 5 and 12 years.     When I was a child, I like to take a small stool out of the house with my grandmother and sit under the tree to enjoy the cool in the summer evening.. Grandma talks with the old people, but I like to see clouds in the sky – pink, red, soft and beautiful.. And I then fantasize that the clouds in the sky float down gently and softly and fall on me. Let me make a dress out of it. Such clothes must make me very beautiful and lovely. Yes, cloud clothes are many illusions in my heart.     I don’t know from which moment, my heart’s desire for cloud clothes has gradually disappeared. Never again did you enjoy the evening clouds after dinner. Is it because of grandma’s passing away that no one took me out of the house? Because I grew up, shouldn’t I have such a pure mood again? However, today, just today, I really want to be able to appreciate the clouds in summer evening again and to wear cloud clothes. But today, the sky is just a pale blue, and there is no memory of the colorful clouds of childhood.. How regretful I am that I have lost so many years of fantasies about the innocence of children. Therefore, how many times have I missed the sunset with clouds – and at this moment, I often yearn for the clothes made by clouds..     Today, there are no clouds in the summer evening, but there will be clouds in the future.. I’ll never miss it again. I’ll never miss it again. Today, the illusion of being there once again came to mind – being able to have a dress made of colorful clouds. Who said that we have grown up and should not have this pure fantasy, as long as we are willing, we will always have a cloud garment fantasy in our hearts.