Dancing in the Wind and Rain

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com The previous week was overcast and rainy, but the weekend was really a rare sunny day.   It’s a fine day outside today.   The sun was warm and clouds drifted across the sky. nice.     I was sitting quietly in front of the computer, tapping the keyboard gently, watching my words gradually show up and down on the keyboard, pouring out like running water and making a ding-dong noise..     I don’t seem to have written as long articles in space as I did today for almost a year.. A year passed so quickly. But in this year, so many unexpected things happened . Ah, so I began to like to hide myself and bury all my thoughts in my heart, let her ferment in my heart, and then turned into uncontrollable tears and rushed out.. This is the way it is. A person bears everything silently. No one will know what I have experienced and no one will know what I am thinking. As long as I am smiling, it is as if everything is all right..     In many cases, I think the language is so pale and weak. I often lie prone on the table, holding the pen tightly in my hand, just like holding a lifeline, desperately writing on the paper. Write thoughts that others can’t read and feelings that others can’t understand. After that, he bit his lips tightly and stubbornly refrained from tears. However, after a long time, I began to find that those words were far from describing my mood. That kind of taste, only oneself know.     In this year, I have changed a lot. I don’t know if this is growth. Perhaps the tears washed my heart, or the wind and rain smoothed down my edges and corners. I began to get used to being independent and strong. So, you will see that on a rainy day, I walked calmly in the street, obstinately not opening my umbrella, letting the wind blow my hair at random, and letting the rain gently hit me, because at that moment, my heart was tranquil and peaceful.. I enjoy the natural comforting and settling my heart.     Until one day, I saw one of my favorite words in the book. Life is not waiting or waiting, but learning. It means that life is not waiting for the end of the storm, but learning to dance in the wind and rain.. Then, I thought a lot. I began to feel that everything I experienced was so ordinary, even insignificant..     So I began to learn to laugh with my heart. I began to enjoy everything life brought me, even the pain. Bing Xin said, ” Pain and happiness are mutually reinforcing. In happiness we want to thank life, and in pain we also want to thank life.”. ‘ So, I began to understand that since happiness is a day and pain is a day, it is better to be happy every day.. Life is so short, cherishing the present is creating the future. As long as I live, I will make every day of my life full and make the people I love and love happy.. We can’t predict what will happen in the next second, so we should seize every second of the time..     After that, I began to find that life was so beautiful. Nightmares never exist for a long time, and there must be a good sunny day after the rainstorm.. I spent every second of my life giving me with my heart. Gradually, I realized that life is the most noble gift from heaven and I should cherish it very much.. I should learn to repay others with gratitude and face life with optimism. Learn to let nature take its course and live with it. Learn to be your best self with your heart and build your favorite life with your hands.     In the future, I will not wait for the end of the storm. On the contrary, I will dance the most beautiful dance with the most beautiful posture in the storm.!