Don’t want to miss it

浙江体彩61 After the meal, I always like to go out for a walk. As I walk, I watch to see if there is a new grass growing there and if there are more flowers growing there … Ah, the man jokingly said,’ Like an old garbage picker,’ ” and looked at him puzzled..     He gave a funny explanation again.’ Look to the left and to the right, are you looking at the roadside for garbage that can be retrieved! With a chuckle, where am I looking for garbage? I am looking for some small joy! Even if it is the joy of a grass, a wild flower, a fallen leaf . Ah, you see a bud, a bud, a stone, a drop of rain, a gust of wind . Ah, they all hide a surprise! A joy! A good one!     Sometimes I always think, I this person is very strange.     Walking on the road, I always like to look at the gravel pile on the roadside, see a few vigorous grass sprouting up there, look at a few happy eyes, and walk happily . look at a few yellow unknown flowers in the wild grass on the side of the road, see her swaying freely, swaying her fragrance, her beautiful life, swaying to my heart . look at the little old woman, look at her blue flower petals, small but beautiful, and always make me move my eyes blind . look at the wind blowing through the dandelion hairy seeds, and see it swaying gently in the wind, but I don’t want to leave.!     Always don’t want to miss every good thing in this life, don’t want to miss every joy in this life!