Endless memories

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com I always like to sit on the balcony and watch the sunset fall little by little and fall into deep reverie. I don’t know whether I’m remembering the warmth of the past or fantasizing about the glory of tomorrow’s fortune.?     Quoting the agreement that my family moved from the countryside to the city to settle down in the third grade of primary school, I naturally moved to the city to continue my studies..     I was transferred to a strange class, and because I came from the countryside, I was careful in everything I said and did, for fear that I would not be able to make friends if I said something wrong.. Juan appeared in front of me and changed me from now on..     At that time, the class did not take the initiative to approach me, except for her, the happy elf. She was the first person to take the initiative to speak to me, to greet me and to study with me.. At that time, I was shy and shy, self-abased and taciturn. It was not exaggeration to say that she enlightened me.. She is optimistic and lively, and she is confident in ghosts. She enlightened me step by step.. I changed from a person who did not even dare to look at the teacher’s eyes in class to a person who spoke enthusiastically in class. I became friends from a person who did not even dare to say ” hello” to classmates. I became full of jokes from a man who did not dare to speak loudly. She taught me too much and too much.     At that time, we were very naive and naive. We thought we would always be together, even imagined going to work in the same city, living in the same house, being bridesmaids of each other and godmothers of each other’s children. We vowed to be good sisters for the rest of our lives.. However, fate has made me a positive, independent and confident sophomore, and she is already a single mother of two children of several years old.. Juan, you changed me, but why don’t you stick to our dream?     I remember hearing a friend say that she seemed to have come back from running away from home. I rushed out of the house and ran to your house. When I finally adjusted my mood and knocked on your house, a strange face appeared. The man told me that your family had moved away from here long ago.. Finally, many years of missing broke out and I cried in front of a stranger. I didn’t even have the only way to find you..     If fate favors, I can still see you again. I will hold your hand and shout to heaven. I have not forgotten our agreement. We are still good sisters all our lives, no matter what role we are now, that agreement has always existed..     The old machine returned home in summer to tidy up the house and sort out a lot of old things. Suddenly, a old, gray machine caught my attention among these things. What a strange thing. Ask my mother where this thing came from. My mother said this is the repeater that I bought to learn English, because it has changed from white to gray over time.. This really surprised me. This is my first electronic product.     I remember that in order to learn my favorite English, I pestered my mother to buy this repetition machine. It would be very exciting to buy it. I got up early every morning to read English with tapes. I was very unhappy.. However, I did things by enthusiasm, and soon abandoned it. Later, there were MP3, mobile phone and other products. Who still used this backward thing.     Repeatedly stroking this machine can’t help but lament how time flies. How simple and contented the childhood array is, a small repetition machine can satisfy the young of us. Happiness in childhood is simple. Happiness is simple when you grow up.. I don’t know whether we have become too fast or whether society has developed too fast. Today’s people pursue all kinds of material enjoyment and never know how to satisfy them, chasing the apple generation after four generations. On the one hand, he recalled all that year and complained about the cruelty of today’s society.. However, popularity will become nostalgia, but now even nostalgia has become popular, and people often comfort themselves in the nostalgia of the night and succumb to the reality again and again in the daytime..     In fact, it is simple and simple. The ambition of a lifetime is to be satisfied. The old saying goes that contentment is always happy..     Outside the Changting” Outside the Changting, along the ancient road, the grass is green and blue …’ Every time we hear this song, we will always remember the high school days when we couldn’t go back. Teachers said that high school was the most pure time and the most unforgettable time, so let’s cherish it well.. At that time, I was only absorbed in reading and dealing with the college entrance examination. I did not savor this beautiful time carefully. Now I really understand this sentence only when I am in college..     In high school, we were pure, only knowing the philosophy of ” young people don’t work hard, old people grieve”, so we buried our heads and books all day looking for our Yan Ruyu and golden house. However, we are in a tragedy in the university. All day long we are empty and boring. How many college students lament that they can’t find the fullness of high school by wasting their time in the game network: ” Time ah, I would like to make a living and go back to the past.”! Once again, listening to the Changting Regulations gives me not only the pain of parting in the graduation season, but also a spiritual relay and a continuation of perseverance.. For me, what continues is the tireless pursuit of knowledge, the unremitting pursuit of enriching the spiritual world, and the disposition not to forget friendship even if I leave.     There are many things in this world, and you think you can continue tomorrow. There are many people, you think you can meet again tomorrow. However, once, when you let go and turn around, some things changed completely.. I have always warned myself that remembering the past is only for the better to cherish the present.   – Postscript