Asked Love

浙江体彩61 (A) If love waking up, you gave me all eyes.  There is a love, silent, no wine, and color.    Perhaps you, like me, are looking for the Divine Comedy Xijinqianhua in the secular world.    If you love waking up, you gave me all eyes.  If you love long, I sing, you listen….    (B) love is a taboo word.    Love is a taboo word.  Because people in love no longer believe in destiny.    Cooling a blood, not to reverse the reversal of fate.  If you and I love to deep, ice years will meet.    (C) the cuckoo, is to comprehend the true meaning of love.    At this moment, I agree with what you said: “Love, will be a lifetime!”You ask:” Where is the world’s most beautiful season?”I said:” You and I together in the grave.”(D) who is the crystallization of heaven and earth love.    I often hands on in their heart to ask ourselves when we are all flesh and blood will stop the heartbeat of love is heaven and earth crystal heartbeat if I love you breathe when Bliss Tingxie Ye cremated ashes will bear the bud relic (five) love because of the great freedom.    Love is free.  So, it seems great.    I love without ego, without looking like you love to read.    What a beautiful moment: Red cloud rain, flows into your eyes, it was as pure and crystal clear tears general.    (Vi) cycle like a furnace, refining flames of love.    I am lonely, Iraq will be moved.  Marriage like red, affect each other, life and death are also attached Sushi.    If you ask a dash of love?  I will dedicate the song, the swan song of a cavity tenderness.  No reason.  Because an agreement, you and I – I, I, portrait portrait