Asked Love

浙江体彩61 Time trace, dream fall silent, gentle wind blows, my cold heart buried, should the mountains and rivers do not change, so this is not fate turned toss, we remember the stems, flowers are not normally open can, in reality, you broad mind, will, as always, is not open to me, and I also embrace you, do not want to wake up.Should you I was not cut clouds, it is not the past would not be so hard to forget, but to a love of your heart, a good collection.Today, in the mountains and rivers, though, has been fleeting change, you I’m not that sentimental era, the good love each other.If you and I meet again, you and I take it across the high mountains, with the fleeting say unscarred.Should the fleeting do not change, this life does not change, if the fate of the re-flop, you are not able to hold the fate of the mast, in good time to sit down with my love, do not mess with dust, not v. Zhongchang, guarding this time, no longer leave.Text / whisper dawn qq1547623496