Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation words

浙江体彩61 Been groaning will publish the novel “Generation Zhang Zhongjing” these days looking for some information on Zhongjing it, but it’s hard to find.The story about the life experience Zhongjing, deeds of data specific examples, in addition to himself as “Febrile Diseases” preface, very few.    Chinese medicine and calligraphy, Peking Opera is known as the quintessence of the three.Our Chinese medicine in the Western world not to be recognized from the original, to treasure identity is experienced practical demonstration of the fact that the efficacy of.Now, many Western countries have sent people to learn traditional Chinese medicine theory of medicine.I published the novel “Generation Zhang Zhongjing” on the occasion of the first warm-up to look at the basic principles of medical science and traditional Chinese medicine Western medicine treatment of different points on the back read fiction can play a helpful role and understanding.    First, let me first to talk about different points of Chinese and Western medicine treatment, and treatment characteristics of style.Western medicine’s short history.It is based on the theory of microscopic, that Western medicine was born in the Netherlands in 1632 Defu Te janitor after Leeuwenhoek’s invention of the microscope, the use of physiological anatomy, biological, biochemical and physiological and biochemical genetics physical detection means (such as: various laboratory experiments, B-CT.Etc.), with modern medical model of Western medicine theory on biochemical basis of microeconomic theory.The Chinese medicine has a history of five thousand years old, it is built on the theory of macro-humanistic philosophical thoughts on culture, and build on the experience of long-term observation of clinical medical practice on medical theories.Their understanding and treatment of disease concepts and tools, and techniques are different views.    Western medicine is by means of experimental means microscopic technique based on the theory; theory of Chinese medicine is the basis of macro-humanistic philosophy and practice of clinical observation on the establishment.    In the diagnosis, Western medicine is mainly dependent on the physical and biochemical detection means; and Chinese medicine relies look and smell of old observed Inquirer scrutiny diagnostic approach to patients nuanced.By the look and smell of the combination of all four diagnostic methods, and classical philosophy and meridian theory of six meridians and yin and yang, cold and heat table of eight principal dialectical “Look beyond” approach results in disease diagnosis.In traditional Chinese medicine clinic in our ancestors was very smart, wise, they attach great importance to the observation and analysis of the tongue, rather than choose another place, this is because the Chinese come in the long-term observation of practice: “The tongue is Miao awakened heart “it can best reflect changing circumstances the body’s qi and blood.For this reason I did the test, began to drink a glass of cold medicine, not too long, white fur thick and greasy, drink a cup of brown sugar, ginger, pepper soup and quickly turned its pink tongue visible, changes fast.There Palpation of Qiemo, because “heart blood” heart pulse is gated channel.Pulse, can accurately reflect the changing blood rise and fall because of the hard work of comprehensive physiological information sensitively.    In view of the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of attitude, both of which have different points on the nature.Western medicine is to advocate the use of chemical and biological medicines, confrontational kill pathogens, which will be subject to intense survival fight pathogens resistant and resistant degeneration, making the drugs continue to fail, struggling to research new antibiotics; while the Chinese is different.By the doctrine of harmonious Confucian Culture and Chinese traditional culture, the emphasis is on a harmonious balance coordination idea.Chinese medicine: “Yin Pingyang secret, the spirit of governance, sick from Yasugi?”.It emphasized that the body’s immune antibody yin and yang harmony itself generated.The root cause of human disease is the result of yin and yang out of balance, causing the body’s immune function, will be an opportunity for the pathogen, which is to change this imbalance in the body environment, “loss of its surplus, to fill the gap.”Yin and yang harmony makes the human body, cure disease.It does not conflict with the pathogens directly, instead of using change their living conditions and lesions of the environment, taking method outflanking the siege, making the disease the trapped dead, standing still.A disease to be “backing off”, the pathogens that rely on habitat loss cut off supply of “forage”, making it lose survival condition is eliminated, reached a healing effect, so there is no resistance cause medicine.    In terms of administration, medicine mostly chemicals; the plurality medicine from natural plant and animal nature, we are of flesh “affectionate nature product.”Effects of western medicine is relatively far greater than that of traditional Chinese medicine, will produce a lot of toxic side effects of traditional Chinese medicine becomes only preparations, it is worth beware of the medical community vigilance.    Also in the method of treatment there is little difference, and that is general widespread popular treatment method is different from Western medicine.For example, no matter what kind of disease are the same drugs used to Regulation.Unlike Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine of this, the emphasis is on “personalized” treatment, traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment of the disease is very particular about science.Meticulous care of with a strict logical reasoning and dialectical.Western medicine is relatively easy to learn more, once you have several drugs can “step by step” to use in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease went.Chinese medicine can not do it!Chinese pay attention to is the “syndrome” personalized diagnosis and treatment means it.Chinese medicine: human blood rise and fall over time environment is constantly changing, the pathogenesis of the human body and the environment is also closely related to their quality varied conditions, can not be generalized.Therefore, proposed the “Heaven corresponding”, because, because, the people due to the rule of dialectical theory of governance ideas.The same is cold, there is heat and cold cold cool points, according to the rise and fall have specific patient’s body upright, the strength of the system, the process time of disease and other factors, treatment prescriptions issued different personalized.Is also a disease, diagnosis and treatment of Western medicine’s prescription may be the same.The traditional Chinese medicine’s prescription is different, we must be specific physical condition and the disease process itself, issuing different according to the cause of the patient’s prescription.This is a personalized diagnosis and treatment methods of traditional Chinese medicine.Western medicine treatment technique is relatively simple, but changing the way traditional Chinese medicine, prescription addition and subtraction are enormous, there is the same kind of disease “and Masaharu anti-governance, the rule with the next rule” of the points, there are “according to the specific circumstances of the patient with the disease with different treatment, different diseases ” ‘priorities specimens’,’ hot due to use ‘,’ with the cold due to cold ‘,’ Yin Sesai with ‘,’ by The universal ” dual solution table ‘,’ attack supplementation ‘, points etc..Chinese medicine in the treatment of simple dialectical philosophy of ancient sages wise, to an extreme.Volkswagen often misunderstand the Chinese medicine is individualized diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine treatment methods do not understand do not understand the one-sided results.Like a disease is also a prescription for some people to others may not effectively invalid, even counterproductive bad effect delay the disease.Chinese medicine prescription is issued targeted, based on individual circumstances different, saying, soldiers uncertain situation, the water is uncertain shape.Treatment is the same reason.Dialectical argumentation, in accordance with the specific circumstances of the patient, the prescription issued by different.Take for instance ginseng, red ginseng, white white ginseng, American ginseng points, red ginseng is hot; white is warm white ginseng; American ginseng are cool, to be treated as individuals are dialectical yin and yang, cold and heat of the constitution, that make up the complement, the complement should not mess up their own.Children up to a maximum of weak Pseudostellaria, are required to use under the guidance of a doctor by.So difficult to learn Chinese medicine, the emphasis is on personal characteristics of dialectical thinking of the experience of diagnosis and treatment, Chinese medicine doctors rely on long-term accumulation specializes in medical technology and experience, and does not allow for a little hasty and anxious nearly utilitarian, otherwise it is difficult to produce good results and effect become a quack, it is hated by ZhangZhongJing.Therefore, winter tonic had to go to find the doctor of Chinese medicine Chinese medicine hospital issued a personalized tonic prescription, are neither blind you eat nourishing prescription medicine to eat the wrong medicine, wasting little money thing, just the opposite, but sick, and on the wishes of the original contrary to.    Before Zhongjing doctors to rely on parties symptomatic, diagnosis and treatment of specific conditions, lack of dialectical argument, the ideas personalized.Diagnosis and treatment of drug use what you want to cling to the dogma of the Cuban side, so that physicians are not unknowingly exploring the concept of diagnosis and treatment system.And on this basis is Zhongjing summed up the formation of a dialectical theory of governance ideological and theoretical comprehensive clinical Chinese medicine, wrote “Febrile Diseases” brilliant masterpiece, lit a clinical diagnosis using Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation for future generations of physicians who lamp treatment.Ancient and modern physicians are referred to as “medical saint” and “group party of the ancestors”, “medical side of the main progenitors.”Summing up the above examples we can see traditional Chinese medicine in the diagnosis and treatment process, he flashed everywhere, brilliant ideas dialectics of philosophical wisdom wise.Well, here I come to summarize the general system of Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment of it: the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine: dialectical theory of yin and yang, yin and yang, each root, restricting, transforming growth and decline, the five elements (Five Elements) on the dirty (white lungs , the wood is green, black kidney water, Firelight red, yellow Pitu.) Is allelopathy multiplying phase insult Theory.The relationship between yin and yang,, internal organs of the twelve meridians.Etiology (three reasons: internal, external, not internal not external.Six evils: the wind, cold, heat, wet, dry, fire.Dialectical relationship) pathogenesis (yin and yang, good and evil, etc..    TCM diagnosis: look and smell of the four diagnostic parameters and six by dialectical (yin and yang), the eight principles of dialectical (yin and yang, exterior and interior, cold and heat, the actual situation.) Wei Ying and Blood Gas.    The use of traditional Chinese medicine: performance, four gas flavors (four gas: cool and cold and heat.Flavors: salty Xin Gan Suanku.) And lift ups and downs of the dialectical relationship between the use of.    On Prescription Compatibility: monarch dialectical due to illness subtraction method flexible compatibility.Nine fear Eighteen of contraindications such as compatibility of dialectical thinking.    In the treatment: “because, because of land, and people” “Heaven corresponding”, the specific circumstances of a specific treatment, dialectical therapy treatments personalized.Magical dialectical eight methods: 1.Cool and relieving sweat method; 2.Make the best use of the jetting method; 3.Priorities are prepared dismount; 4.And a method of relieving good; 5.Heat Chufan and Qing; 6.Wen Hui Yang in the temperature method; 7.Slow fading bulk erasing method; 8.Wasting tonic fill method.Rich forms: Tom wine Gao Wan Dan scattered, acupuncture and massage, cupping scraping, washing smoked ironing sit guides, and so on because people change and disease dialectical therapy.Topical within the rule and clever, flowers, endless.    When ideology diagnosis and treatment of Chinese medicine to make it difficult to speak in this short period of two to three thousand words, you can only talk about a fur.I think going to write the novel “Generation Zhang Zhongjing” as a showcase of Chinese medicine treatment success and style of traditional Chinese medicine and science fiction.When a person novel is the art of thinking in images, to show the character of the affair, so try to avoid the boring work of medical knowledge, to plain concrete examples to illustrate the mechanism of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, demonstrating generation of medical saint style.Just make a try Bale.    Zhongjing “Febrile Diseases”, created a theoretical system of clinical diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine treatment.He pointed out the diagnosis and treatment of medical treatment for future generations of physicians direction.Today, many medical experts at home and abroad to study classical prescription Zhongjing medical knowledge as research subjects and genres, theory multiport.Some scholars said that the future of the world medical community will be more to this idea ZhangZhongJing applied to diagnosis and treatment, creating future innovation and development in the world of medicine to some foreign physicians said they research the future of Chinese medicine to catch up China, Chinese medicine must thriving future glory, for which we rejoice.    Press on Wednesday, 30 November 2011, Shanghai western suburbs home in Cypress.