Chinese New Year is a rare quiet

浙江体彩61 A very young age I often hear adults say this sentence: [children] hope hope the New Year, adults [hope] Wang farming.I think from this statement we can see the origins of literature in the true sense is coming from private, it is derived from verbal.Simple sentence a deep Life Tastes.Innocent child at home, the New Year can eat good, wear new, fun, and adults have to gift money, etc..Adults is not the case.When a person is provoked to feed their families, foster burden future generations, if not farming conditions where’s the task ah.There is a saying: farmers are not farming, the imperial family starved to death.I would think this sentence overconfident, unrealistic.History is what a monarch is because farmers are not farming and starvation?Such a real Tang also put in: universal no idle land, the farmer still starve to death.Tian under the sun are farmers planted the dealer, but, starved to death or farmers.He said the moment, there is no poverty of the vast majority of the population distribution in rural areas, so the adults look ah farming.    I added a ring of life in Huasheng “Wang child New Year, adults looking farm ”s.Until the time when my own farming, “Wang child New Year, adults looking farm” That right yes right, but, I, as a self-reliant workers actually hope the New Year.Chinese New Year, a rare quiet, a rare rest.    I graduated from high school back home in rural farming.People handling Chunzao.In a had finished, taking advantage of a small ditch in the water, a spade a spade a spade dug pond scum, a spade a spade flung fields, pond scum do the seedlings raised base fertilizer could not be better, the effort is to.Followed by spring, causative cattle pear rake Chao drums, planting, summer tube.Some years, we had to go out in summer flood.Harvest of millet, depends on the labors get people carry home.Winter capital construction of farmland water conservancy are farmers pick the soil Kaiqu.Throughout the year, only the New Year before you can breath, you can recuperate a little bit.Until the new year, and circulating throughout the year to stay alive.If an old cattle than they do, then only the slack time before they can take a break, be considered no farm work during this Chinese New Year.    I entered veterinary father’s work, but is also a farmer, I do not have grain accounts.Their own fields of responsibility too dry farming.My father is looking at the veterinary station master of a veterinarian, I was born in the veterinary family, the father he did not teach me, but let about two years old I went to shop and go to the farm fields of responsibility to the master home, go back for the master visits box, even the master of his brother’s family farm work had to dry.Out of the division, when his own veterinarian.Later still pass the exam, with the national coat of recruiting cadres, bad checks, turn the commodity Mother account.Veterinary known as “grotesque”, not as workers, farmers do not like, do not like intellectuals, cadres do not like.No holidays throughout the year, no rest days.Do not have to go through town, go patrol.Ready to visits at home, even when eating and sleeping, pigs and cattle farmers at home sick to come to you, you must-see, there is no condition to tell farmers is our god.Only the New Year, not a major event can not go, if there is a major event, the New Year have to go.New Year quiet rest also hold the psychological luck.    Down the post, self-employment, business do feed themselves as porters.Busy year, and only to the New Year is not busy, you can rest, can breathing space, you can be quiet.No matter what flavor is in getting away, or what modern in flavor impact on the traditional festive.Two years do not look at things in the ears do not hear a thing, of course, this “write once New Year” essay exception.We can not, as some people, we do not have holiday syndrome, we can not squander the general trend of life, squandering the body, do not smoke, do not drink, do not play cards, do not gamble.Cardinal vices not that we do not love, not that we do not enjoy a splurge, but the body, physical condition does not allow, a little Huangzhuang, really sad day.We also do not want to visit relatives at home just want some adjustment fatigue, physical fatigue, nervous tension, relax a little.Summary summed up his family a year of gains and losses, success or failure, good at planning for the new year, the adjustment path of survival.So, for our survival difficult, to fly throughout the year in Benniao, the New Year is a temporary shelter, temporary haven, short-term comfort zone.    February 2014 Wednesday 5th