Chinese poet Miles “red flame” Appreciation

浙江体彩61 “Red Flame” I am red flame red flame red flame in your words of a silver fox peach red flame suddenly heartbeat, irregular menstruation never ate red flame you stoop to mention the mountain is covered with red azalea to the puzzle in front of you holding a red glow in front of you are my bones red metaphor you are in front of me dressed in a beautiful red dress that you are passing clouds shiny red shift is to move those homes you letterhead rainwater those shiny red lilies are you crying my shiny red three times three times I turn over in my howling red flame red flame red flame red flame!Red Flame!Red Flame!Flame red tears of love Silver Fox Silver Fox Phoenix hot dance dark blunt spearhead of my life tied a heartbeat if I’m burning red flame that is because I betrayed the seeds of red flame if it is because I am in total silence red flame red flame far away in the land of silence I scent the air red flame red flame masterpieces [Appreciation] this is a love poem with red flames as lyrical subject.The poem is filled with a “red” word.Peach red, red azaleas, glow red, red dress, these images hide behind the love.Dahua Miles poet of love poems, love poems to develop a model of the new era, he is different from love poems to express love in superficial facial expression, but would love to sublimate the spiritual level.It was concluded that his love poems has three distinct characteristics, first, Everlasting, Wife, true love.Second, brilliant and impressive, brilliant but not obscene.Third, beyond the superficial into the spiritual dimension.Chinese poet Love Describe miles wide, it can be a person can also be a thing; either a particular person may be a lover.Wildflowers, poetess, a novel, lights, wolves, flowers, etc., all flowers Insects, birds and beasts, all things in the world the poet’s pen, become colorful, vivid, beautiful and moving.Silver Fox is a symbol mei, red flame silver fox is a symbol of the temptation of a full.This type of love silver fox fire, the earth silent and go away.The poem can be divided into six levels to interpret the first level, from “I am your red flame of a silver fox” to “never stoop red flame”.This level, the poet would compare yourself to the Silver Fox, and his own lyrical metaphor object red flame.What kind red flame on behalf of it?The poet spent several attribute to modify red flames: “peach, words, sudden heart, never bend over” and the rhetoric of these red flame limited to a certain range, and portrayed the characteristics of red flame.First, we have a peach-like bright; with words of indescribable beauty; with beautiful people heartbeat; has a spineless temperament.The second level of poetry, the poet becomes the second person to first-person narrative, “you” carrying red azalea, holding Hongxia light, in the eyes of the poet, which is the “red flame” hailed cuckoo, hailed Rays this is a double metaphor.The third level of poetry, from “dressed in a beautiful red dress” to “letterhead, lily, are you Ying”.This level, dressed in a red dress in the power of the poet’s pen is huge, shiny red clouds can; can Ying homes; rain can shiny red, letterhead, lily.The fourth level of poetry, from “I’m in pain red flame three times” to “red flame of love”.This level poet turn the second person to first-person narrative complex, described the performance of the poet in red flames: “The pain three times; howling three times; new start in life,” because the existence of these manifestations are caused by the red flame of love.The fifth level of poetry, from “hot tears of the silver fox” to “live my life heartbeat line red flame”.This level, poet pen peak and back to the first level, I was a silver fox.The only silver fox undoubtedly the hot tears; only I can say that the level of silver fox phoenix, it “dance of darkness blunt spearhead”.The poet with a “heartbeat spent his whole life tied red flame”.The sixth level of poetry, from “If I burn” to “I scent the air red flame ah”.The poet level set two hypotheses, if I burn; if I silence.And what reason is it burning?Because I betrayed the seeds of red flame; because red flame far away in the land of silence.And continuously re-select the “red flame!Red Flame!”This repeated applications, deepen the emotional poet red flame.The last sentence in a lyrical way, “I scent the air red flame ah” at the end, so that the poem recollection of the poor.