Chinese teacher

浙江体彩61 One day, in the space of high school classmates to a birthday message blessing, he replied to me: “Thank you on behalf of language lessons.”Look at this strange and familiar titles, a lot of memories of the past to break the shackles of time, swarmed the heart.    In the past school career, a variety of chance, I served for many years on behalf of language lessons.Classmates called along the mouth, and sometimes do not call my name at the halfway greeting, but directly called Generation Language.And also because a lot of their duties, and language teacher contact, so I have a deep affection for their successive language teacher.    My high school language teacher told Chen Yanfei.My next higher, she just graduated from college, small innocent child’s face looks like a high school student.I went to campaign on behalf of Language, she at first took a fancy to another very good girls, but female students who do not want to when, in desperation she had picked me.At first I often told her down the wrong things, but because there is a serious and honest to temper, she slowly pour agree with me.In the morning I get a job in the past, she always ask “eat breakfast yet?How so few clothes to wear it?”Sometimes also snacks into my hand, or half a bag of plum, orange, or a few Shatang.Her desk is always messy, much more work income, less change, so do not often change jobs and put them on the teacher’s desk.The next class representatives Language tall thin there are times reproachful, half-jokingly, to help her organize the desktop, how she does not like other people move her things.I never had to help her clean up the table, but there have been no mess table to reduce half a point like her, even if the share is like Qieqie.    One day she called me into the office in the morning, call me a girl and the next class to attend the afternoon recitation contest.I waved their hands and say that they can not, but she insisted: “I do not want you winning, you just want to practice your courage.”That was my first big tournament, we did not win, let me impressed, because it is as if an invisible monument, marking another window in addition to learning outside of the exam turned towards me, out of the window gorgeous The sights I suddenly see the light.Teacher brought me to the window, and then let myself go, from the original that is also not out of the atmosphere in the audience I now active in a variety of activities and team up, I always appreciate her original guide.    After the studies she would no longer serve as my teacher, contact gradually less.A recess and met her in the hallway, she touched my hair said: “The cut was so short, I almost did not recognize the.”I was more than Xiangbao about her, after all, it is not, she hurried rush to the lectures.Miss the past few years, thanks to a high in that period of life is somewhat obscure, the teacher gave you prefer I most want and care.    I Middle School language teacher called Licai Ping.She is also a small child, but high and a distinct language teacher.She is a mother, feels both capable and steady.But many of her assignments, had all-grade printed material to be unified, but a good aunt her relationship with the printing room, so often gives us special treatment.Chinese title took a long time to do, slow, so a lot of students would rather remember the name would not be homework.Once the next class had a classmate who wrote a letter of protest signed on her desktop, she read it in our face as usual to listen in class, I heard some underlying heart feel the same place where students not without heart smile.But I did not expect after the finish, her face suddenly clouded over, we scared the atmosphere did not dare, later said she had made a big fire next class, since we secretly spread the word, “not free to challenge language teacher majesty.”However, at that time how much we are not naive, we focus only on their own experience, I never thought she was a little bit of those materials are sorted out and then print their own money to us, we are still everywhere complain.    After class, she is very easy-going, something to class to find me, that ring out with my arm, which is the rest of the class does not have treatment.My notebook tucked a note, that there are times she is an urgent need to go back home something to deal with, but there are a lot of things did not arrange down, so she arranged to work on paper, from the window and hurried progressive to me gone.I wonder if that is what a feeling, I still have this note treasure.    She talked to us said that the teacher is not only preaching Tuition teacher who is also a mentor, everyone needs to pull you out of such a person in a timely manner when you’re about to go astray.Her exact words have not remember exactly, but I remember the feeling profoundly sobering time my heart that this also made me firmly to their studied under way.The last class before graduation, she said: “I can only accompany you here, and the rest of the way your own life needs to go.”We made a very soon went their separate ways eyes fill.    In writing this regard, she gave me a lot of counseling, she one can see my article flawed and wrong, I am very grateful for her guidance I spend so much time writing, although the majority of criticism, but she let me He maintained a passion for writing.After the first university to get the pen royalties, I bought a ‘Hundred Years of Solitude “to return to her on the phone she was happy like a child, but back and forth only a few words:” You must write!”This year’s class reunion, I did not go into, but to hear the students said to me:” language teacher in front of everyone boast How about you, that you use to send her book royalties to buy.”I listened very surprised and very touched, I did not expect a small move even miss her so long during the long school career, I am glad there are different teachers at different stages, and it appears to be so apt , taught me a little bit of growth.Unfortunately, I was a bit stiff and let go of the character, and there is always a touch of these teachers from the floor, but they can not stop my respect for them.Many words of gratitude did not say it, but my heart has always been in the share of respect.