Ching felt Minden Miaoshan game

浙江体彩61 Minden clear Miaoshan game felt ancient Jinlong Qing Ming sunny warm spring day we went to the blood bank who ride Miaoshan happily participate in climbing competitions at the foot of the mountain Miaoshan pending orders from our lightly armed response we are starting to play together flaunt youthful style speckled with sweat and hard work we race each other to forge ahead to attend the roadside wildflowers blooming too late to stunning views overlooking the mountain we only have a belief towards the end of the summit climb courageously climbing competitions test of physical fighting spirit after courageously trying to sway we have boarded the youth sweat decided at the top of the hill climbing competitions ranking Miaoshan peak moment in our list of small hills overlooking the mountain we cheered enjoy the beauty of springtime joy of victory panoramic view of the outcome of the game, although we are happy harvest game culture is perseverance physical exercise is the day we are happy we are happy full harvest