Ching Ming – Yi

浙江体彩61 [REVIEW] is amazing, I’m a superstitious man do?No, but I believe that the world of ghosts, grandfather, grandmother, the grandmother, who is your closest person to me, I know that you have been watching over your grandson’s little grandson, not to hurt me, let me to live.    Ching Ming Festival, ah, ah should go back to the grave, but, too far away, you can not go back, it’s a pity.  Grandma, you died when I was three years old, at that time I did not know you did not cry when I died, then I do not know the concept of death.Mind has a faint impression, when I was your youngest grandson, you are very good, and my brother and sister have a dispute for me, no matter who is right, I’m all right, Who I am is the smallest yet?At that time vivid shade.  Grandma, you died when I was in junior high school, when I know some things about human life and death, the biggest regret is not able to meet before you see your death, talk the talk, but after your death You hurry met under.You are not retired workers, but a family member, a monthly subsidy of 200 yuan can barely food and clothing, but you often buy me delicious, I Haohen myself, then ignorance of their own, Grandma, You help me to know that a negative one dollar, two dollars Cold idea of what the child’s money is not it?I was just learned playing on the computer before I have to play Red Alert.Grandma, I often help you pick firewood, mention something, but I did not only help your thoughts, as well as the idea of a hurry to go home, when you walk very slowly, and I is the lively age, in fact, look back and think, and my heart full of regret.  Grandpa, you died, I just entered the university campus, when relatives did not tell me afraid affect my learning, that I call back to know.I remember that night, I dreamed of you, Grandpa, I do not know why, I dream of crying, the next day was very nervous, a call back, and even a lot of calls, know your funeral the next day’s news , I was crying, I know I will not go back in time, I was beginning to get literature wrote a “autumn Fantasy” to pay homage to you, but what’s the use, but you also helped me in the last one, is this article made me into the correspondent station.I Haohen, I just hate myself at that time, several times passing in front of your home before did not go to college, it touches your home next door, one of my friend’s house I often go, there are times to help in the regiment What you buy meat, to help you find a car, pick you back, my thoughts turned out to be the easy way, you can run less road.Grandpa, I grew up with your big, remember that time together picking firewood, you light a fire to cook me, once I wash the uniforms that you also boast an object in front of you old friend.Grandpa, I remember some of your superstitions, often take the worn book telling you to take a red cloth with six coin is the tool that I sometimes learn to count, huh, huh, what wash their hands, and then shake the coins, and then find it in a book results corresponding “word cartridge” what is behind is calculated, then a lot of deep, but not.Remember that you have a little book, a record of your sons and daughters and other names, and you played by seniority gave me another name, the name is based on seniority and before my grandmother gave me the name of the combined, Oh, but I own that name consistent with, and I was still young then blame your.Remember, when I often lied about, that I finished the job, just to play cards with you earlier, when I was a fan of cards.Of course, people are enough people to play enough level of six, can only play upgrade, two people came from a hit, I can round up four more fun.You also often called me to say this does not go, so go wrong.Oh, now I want to come, or at least happy.Later, you found a wife, moved out, no one to fight escalated, go to your times have changed and that a formal.Without the feeling of the past.Grandpa, until your death, I found that your feelings are so deep.  His great life, my scene in less than twenty-one years, has experienced several times at the scene of death lingered.I remember most clearly in my time in elementary school once, fell from a height, fell and hit his head on the spot not breathing, faint pulse and heartbeat, went to my aunt that I fight to rescue a needle to save do?No, from my home regiment also went to half an hour.Miscellaneous said rescue needle are playing late, but because I saw my grandmother, my grandmother passed away several years, I was in elementary school.I was feeling what is lying in a place where I can clearly feel me behind my grandfather, and my grandmother complain about the sound in the next, I did think of it, my grandmother wanted to go, but I do not let my grandmother pressing I got up, until my aunt house to play to rescue needle, my grandmother is gone, and I become a better jump.  It is amazing, I’m a superstitious man do?No, but I believe that the world of ghosts, grandfather, grandmother, the grandmother, who is your closest person to me, I know that you have been watching over your grandson’s little grandson, not to hurt me, let me to live.  This year’s festival, and I can not go back, not many opportunities for the future, I also have my own life, thank you for your guardian.  Memories, is a contradictory thing will make people happy, make people sad, really can not forget all the sad yet?  Tomb Sweeping Festival rain have, today I saw the first rain this year, it is also full of great.  Let pain sad heart in the hands of the text, only for that lost.Death is in order to better hygiene, health, only to better live.  Alive, so good.[Editor: Can children]