Ching Ming Festival, rain have

浙江体彩61 Ching Ming Festival, rain have text / return spent riding slowly Mo Liu residue of green bridges slowly flow instant and clear not rain tomorrow, two lines of tears burning incense years a pillar worship ancestors and martyrs common past, there are read the mind has no time to think more would like to take this time to a handful of apricot spring Qingming read to make a clean breast to the day side of the altar round raised a ray of warm antique I uphold this world a lengthy passing through the ages should feel compassion, carries I am grateful Qingming worship, the heart of Hong demolition of two one Heaven, one offering to let too much pain, too much not to torrential tears, stagnation birds do not know what the world is still in the branches just cry I Ching Ming worship, incense into the Jade Pool offering a Goddess, a worship of Yao and Shun not to read too much, too willing to let transpiration, while still mixing the Red noisy fireworks only for leading a poor life I worship Qingming, Lotus comfort Mo tears martyrs actors in power there is always fair in people years of quiet good, I brushed the day Heights wide layers of worry on your forehead my husband has nothing to fear in this world a haze of malaria today and Ching Ming with a charge of Tada, green willows arrival of spring flowers you’re Rhapsody has opened Qingming worship me, I offer Loved by a ray of ambergris faint fragrant memory of riding a crane to the West family and old friends last night I sleepless, pain no say if you sky spiritual ground there is to know to forgive it all, the ignorant and careless would like to make this season, the flowers into the sea would like to make this world, this life secure Ching Ming Festival, rain may have to cry, not to give up the Ching Ming Festival, rain and have to be upset, and I can not disheartened Qingming worship, these human ancestors with offerings of scent you would like to martyrs rest in peace and quiet May your earthly sanctuary and earth