Ching Ming Festival

浙江体彩61 Sleeves drag the breeze, their hardships and sufferings worried look.Inconstancy movable sickly, indignation frequency to stand.Ru pain of fly ash, full of scattered Abas.To ask cold temperature every dream, told Beauties.  Recalling his late father dad child health check: In addition to the song, and then I could not write poetry for you.Parting time longer, the closer you are to me.I’m sure you’ve been in my heart, we have no distance, so no need to miss.  Do you like solitude, I like you.In the diverse world of walking, holding his heart not to be approached.No one really understand you, is me, is not all the time.I was in your soul go the farthest, I know you all sad and tears, unfortunately, you want to hear, I did not say.  I was so afraid of you, because you are strong and dictatorship.Your big hands, gave me warm, let me pain.Without you I would not, not only because you brought me to this world, but again and again because you rescued me from the brink of death.Once you use 38 yuan wages to feed a family of seven, feel free to let me in hospital, marked with an expensive penicillin.As a result, I leave you alive.  What a cold day you left.Death took the message of spring.My world had just never perfect, you’re gone, it came crashing collapse again.After 12 years, I understand everything you say is correct.You have amazing foresight, if you have a good attitude, you almost genius.  Your pain, it is precisely because you can see through everything.You know the ending prematurely, so there is no expectation.  Snow still do those?That snow cemetery, you sleep for 12 years.I do not know if you can hear the voice of spring, smell the aroma of flowers?Can you hear footsteps when I come, and I sigh when parting?I again go to again and again, your world as the old.And you want to say something, and finally silence, maybe, you do not like the expression, just like me Mu sunset, sit at your side.  What do still want?As long as everything existed, it will never die.Even into dust, into the soil, that is you, with your genes.When I catch those clay, I know, that prompted me to tears, your soul is in my palm trembling.Some things can not be separated from life and death, I am a part of you, we never separate.  You do not move live, I live for you; you walk, I walk for you; you can not see, and I look for you; those who have never loved you, I love for you; you have not eaten something, I eat ? you just for you, with a serene smile, quietly sleeping in the place of eyes on me.  But I can not help but cry, Dad, whenever I watch the news network for you, for you to see the basketball game, I would think: This is your favorite thing, you’re the best.  But you were not the last time I get close to you, to hold you in my arms, then you’ve turned into white ash.Along the way we warm each other, I never knew you were so warm, like when you’re not invisible, you were so warm.Maybe you want to have a lifetime of heat transfer to me, because this life will never be warm.My tears drop by drop sprinkle on your body, that was my last gift to you, Tongrugusui.  So you farewell, I have no regrets.Enjoy each other, but also know each other.We are father and daughter, who is also the enemy, and finally, shake hands, become friends.  Liu Yong said: old age, parents become their children.If so, please like a child fall asleep in my world.Do not be afraid, do not panic.We love you, you have every child.