Ching Ming grave chart

浙江体彩61 1 Tomb Sweeping Festival, Kowloon Valley Cemetery.As the administrator of the cemetery me, this time of year are mind-boggling, even have time to eat.No way, man waves of water tankers such as the dragon, we have a very stringent professional standards, such as customer first, thoughtful and meticulous service, treat the enemy, so that decent etiquette, believe in science, promote ethics, etc..Most importantly, my identity is not in the series of temporary workers, a little slack will be fired.Fortunately, I love learning Zhou Li, holding a Bachelor of Information Technology diploma but also hard working, which won the leadership of appreciation, at least for now, is unlikely to lose their jobs.But at the moment, Miao and Yao Mei beautiful angry relative, III, just like rivals than on the strength of my troubles heaven.It exists, strange to say I speak out of turn.A few minutes ago, Miao beauty into the cemetery, only one I would recognize her: Ms. Miao, how are you?What a coincidence, this world is too small!you are?Lee is two.At the same time recognize me, Miao beauty obviously embarrassed, she said she came to worship the Gongdie.Miao beautiful Gongdie Chao, the first tomb in the cemetery east.That was the block of Feng Shui, the mountain and the river, blessings sons, extra cash.Fill out the information to see her visit, I said with emotion: You’re right Mr. Zhao Lao big daughter?Two are so dutiful daughter, the old man good luck ah.Unexpectedly, then just export, seedlings will be beautiful cold face: What did you say?What are the two daughter?I opened the register, finger landed on a name: Yao Mei.In a column relationship with the deceased, her daughter also wrote the word.Miao beautiful look, as if the evil instantly general, she suddenly pushed me, at the foot of the wind, went straight to the cemetery.Ms. Miao, just under the rain, the ground slippery, you walk slowly.To prevent accidents, while chasing barefoot and shout me, a middle-aged man wearing sunglasses suit has stopped my way: This is a cemetery, please keep quiet.The man named Lin seems, is the worship of his wife.I hasten to say sorry.Intended to take a shortcut, you can these days too many people, this is not an inattentive I almost hit him Balian.Balian grow strong, typical man axles, the left cheek article sideways further than the black centipede Bala ugly scary see shape knifed.About two months ago, he came back, the scar left me a deep impression.Faced with such a plague, I instinctively back half a step, just about to apologize, Balian has opened its mouth: you blind ah?I’m sorry, I am anxious to roll!Balian got a violent temper, like eating a gun medicine.In fact, I had no time to waste any more words with him had rushed in front of Yao Miao beautiful rose willow slender waist, Qi Xiuxiu sent a greeting: bitch, gallant are offered to the cemetery came, Shame!Yao Mei also uncompromising, retorted: bitch, cheeky.Son dumped you, just to please Gongdie.How, you want to let the elderly out to support ah?Do not mediated, Mr. Zhao Lao do not walk out, people will be scared to death.Do not wait for me to bypass Balian, Miao beautiful first to move his hand, pull out live Yao Mei’s hair hit.Instant, unprintable insults sound come and go, quiet and solemn cemetery cemetery has become a mess Yanwu field.2 just as the man Mr. Lin said, the cemetery is the quiet place, not noise.If they let the mischief, if knocked over tombstones tatters offerings, a complaint telephone call to the leadership there, the first casualty is what I and other temporary workers ah.Want to keep their jobs, you have to grasp the nettle!So I run the risk of being scratched, obviously struggling to cling to occupy the upper hand of the beautiful Miao: fast stop, do not see those.Please be kind to the enemy, Keep Cool.You get out, I am not tear her fox can not!Beauty with asthma anger Lianhu seedlings, high jump shouting.Yao Mei nor fool, pumping cold sub heel fly high pitched, the seedlings severely kick stomach beautiful.Miao beauty wanted to hide did not escape, plump soon got into the mud ground.Seeing got a great deal, Yao Mei Batui bugger, and soon disappeared in the midst of the crowd in the grave.She is decamp, then I pour a large mold.Next, Miao beautiful feeling out of control, whining crying and accusing me of Yao Mei is a group of fox, pull side frame, but also tell me.From her cries, I probably listen to understand the rancor of hatred between her and Mei Yao.Mr. Zhao Lao buried in this land of gold had a son named Zhao open, who is a contractor, by contract construction work made a home.Later, Zhao Yao Mei opened with sticky together, but also to the emotional breakdown, separated by two years to the courts to request the dissolution of the marriage with the beautiful wife Miao.Due to invalid pre-trial mediation, it will be on trial.Seedlings are well aware of the beauty and Mei Yao Zhao open a dutiful son, just the time when the Ching Ming, Zhao open and busy business in the field, the two men wanted to achieve their own purposes by way of worship for the elderly: the former with the intention of filial piety to preserve marriage, sent packing small three ; Original defeat latter aim, foothold.Informed of the accident cemetery, leadership came in a hurry, do not ask indiscriminate, I took a pass about face swearword.After all, people Gongdie the graveyard not cheap, it is said single land per square meter as high as 300,000, is the focus of our attention object.I say let the leadership to listen to pack up and leave, Miao beauty close to tears, corrected himself and said the whole dispute blame Yao Mei, nothing to do with me.Leader stared at me, dropped the sentence to be repeated left.Zhou Li, I’m sorry, I was too stuck, block fast enough.You say, how she was so shameless, stole my husband still cocky?Zhao also open that bastard, glutton Touxing, Baoqingguayi, conscience let the dog eat.I Gongdie want to live, they will not be spoiled.Then, Miao beauty made a ruthless, hum!I can not spoil her.She should ever come back, I took her to see me Gongdie see if he recognized the fox does not recognize her daughter when!