Favorite people turned out on the side

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com My hometown is a small place in Guangdong, where although remote, but good scenery.I was in secondary school, and the parents went to Guangzhou, although left the home, and my heart has been thinking about, and I have a wish, and to his beloved girl side by side to see the sunrise at the top of the home.  I was like a female student class neighborhood, waiting for her for three years, because she did not want to talk about before the college’s feelings that they have to concentrate on reading.We both finally admitted to Wuhan University, can begin to love, but love to talk but only for half a year, is the reason for the breakup she thought I was too careless, spitting, throwing things.Two months later, I saw her and a boy coming towards cling to, when passing beside me, her boyfriend will be loud at one point spit into the roadside grass, her head resting on the shoulders of the boys I do not know what to say, it would be fun to do it, or how she laughed so happy?  I lost a long time, was prepared with his girlfriend back home in Guangdong to play in the summer, went to the top of the hill to see the sunrise sell herbal tea garden shed, and now I only have one person back.Although only one person, I went to the herbal tea.Selling herbal tea or old couple, their faces wrinkled’s still the familiar smile, but my heart is not very cool to drink herbal tea.I sat straight from noon old couple sunset closing time, never shed their locks, simply door was closed, and out of casual visitors.  Depressed to sit when the moon rises, the door was pushed open, two or three people came in, I looked back and recognized one of which is my high school classmates boll, I made no self-branded university and after she met.We are very happy, she said she brought two friends come to play, in the mountains delayed late.She also admitted to the university, the school actually are in Wuhan, we agreed to return to school together Guowanchunjie.  Down the mountain, though the moon was bright, the mountain is still good to go, boll two friends have a heart, such as call girls, the people are very weak, the people of Shanghai, are not used to go mountain, I served as escorts, all the way to take care of.  Life is a coincidence, when you feel there is no light, you’ll find a window.The mountains meet by chance, gave me a pleasant surprise I was in love, the object is to spend bell back to play a good friend, is the way I take care of the heart, such as.Department Feng laughed again, his head is not high, but laughed very bold look.  News boll told me on the train back to school.In the middle of the parking time, boll pulled me aside, and the heart as it is in the distance watching us.Boll asked me: Department of maple, you, you have a girlfriend?I said: just broke up, how the?Boll looked back as the heart, said: to introduce you to a girlfriend?Kind of like how you felt his heart?  Clutch spend listening to the bell, my heart jumped, it was kind of elated, Xicongtianxiang feeling, this is my first time ever being in love with a girl take the initiative, and, my favorite type!  Love begins again, the heart of the case of a careful and considerate girl, I decided to cherish.I learned my last experience, environmental hygiene re-image love, but love flowers because I did not elaborate on the long open undefeated, this little love at first sight only lasted less than a year, no reason for breaking up like last time is so specific, heart, such as only one I think we still do not quite fit it sums up our love.I was not willing to end, I went to spend a bell, as I think must be very dependent on her heart, otherwise how could it be entrusted boll pass aspirations?Boll very hesitant, I say look at the part of the year we are good friends, so I look at it as the love cherish this love’s sake, help me!I made it very emotional, a series of parallelism sentence without thinking blurted out, boll listened quietly, she seemed to me to be moved, tears in the eyes of a little thrown.But she did not immediately promised me, just say let her think again.  Two days later she let me go to her school, at the school gate I saw the smile of the heart, such as Yuli.Department Feng sighed: Friends are friends, she was not even a thank word.  Since then, whenever my heart as there is a conflict between, I have to go boll, boll each complex will help us.But panacea when there are failures, and finally, as my heart is still parted.This time, I do not have a strong sense of failure, it started to feel kind of a relief, perhaps because my heart and as much room from the clutch and let our hearts have become numb to it.Because my heart and as of this relationship, boll became an integral part of my mind a good doctor, all I will have to live in her unhappy pour out, but most of all she listened quietly, then give me help, she is like one of my brothers, do not always mention, but always come forward when needed, but I just want to be heartless when she can afford to have difficulty.  Shortly before graduation, I met another girl, before allowing to cool more than two years to re-ignite the fire of love.She brought me and the other girls are not the same feeling, I no longer have to go to appointments where what to eat how to play the headache, I just listen to the call at any time on the line.She is more like a general, all-manipulating my emotions in her hands, but I was willing to subordinate position after this saddle before the horse.  I talked to my friend said something to listen to boll, boll does not seem happy.Previously, my ramble, she was also willing to listen, but this time she kept using words diverge, and finally she said something, go first.I know her, she is all right, just do not want to hear me say.  This time I realized that love Tianhundian.Get married after graduation began efforts to prepare, make money, buy a house, save my wife this child, I like the full capacity of the train, full of power.Of course, love is still twists and turns, and I was sad when the bell desperate to spend there to find comfort.Boll always look indifferent, listen to me a lot, do not even stand.In fact, she does not have to say anything, I just sat with her heart would calm down together.I once asked her, how you never see and boyfriend.Her face some strange, I thought she was angry, hastened to apologize.I said I was just curious, because the girl’s mind is always weird, like some girls, they would summon the world to see her boyfriend, her boyfriend and some girls will be seen as the enduring Treasure, to be a man guard alone, I do not know which one she belongs.Boll long silence, finally said, you want to listen with my boyfriend are not you glad you?I laugh, shake their heads: is not the.  When my wife had enough of this child ready fifty-one with his girlfriend back home, look forward to in the mountains when the sun is skyrocketing, to propose to her happy pictures, my girlfriend has asked me a break.To break up very suddenly, in the past between us uttered, but a few days I always advised her to change her mind.But this time is different, she points very strongly, let me baffled.Later, I know, playing outside when she met a rich man.I prepared a new house became empty nest.I think the world of sorrows and joys like to do a big dream.  I called and bell flowers, always talkative this time I do not want to say anything, very simply tell boll I was falling out of love.Boll did not ask why I broke up, but do not ask me fifty-one also return back home?I said back, she Oh sigh, not words.  If the heart, such as breaking up and I know what is sad, this time let me know what is impermanent.Back home, I was again alone in the mountains.Then tea pergola has not, big changes in the mountain, and I was only many years ago, one person alone.Then, I saw a familiar figure came up to me, look closely boll!I felt my heart suddenly melted somewhere, I want to cry.  Boll and I sit side by side, the moonlight shines on her face.I looked away and said: leave his home for so many years, and it has still a man.Suddenly I heard cries, turned around and looked, one by one boll tears fell on the grass, issued gently, pit voice.My first time so close so seriously boll, boll face glow in the moonlight, the gentle and moving.In my eyes, boll lowered his head, and my heart inexplicably throbbing, and she did not say anything, I was like hearing a thousand words, suddenly comprehend.I reached out and took her hand, remember that year and boll heart like the car back to the Han, the car boll had sent me a box, back to school open, beautiful glass wind chimes hanging, hanging above a Zhang card saying: you are the wind, because of you dance.  I finally paid off with the lovely girl in top of the mountain to see the sunrise side by side wish the middle I wasted seven years, seven years my searching, but I do not know that my personal favorite, she has been in my beside.Department Feng’s face was deeply moved.