Fear time

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com Against the locking keys fitted slightly rusty silver, laborious right twist, remove the lock to open the storage box, the sun coming from the window vent to capture every ray of thick smoke, dust lunged, silent interest-free drilling breathing, caused by a fit of coughing.I waved hands, cover your nose and mouth in an attempt to suppress this discomfort live.    Duanliao Yi basin of water, which lay a soft blue sky towel, changing the posture, stretch the way reminds me of sand, fine sand, lying on top, sun kissed every inch of skin, along with the time escape, gradually soft warm sun like a bird just jumping, gone, unconsciously, looked on the waves to sleep.Pick up the piece of the towel, the gently rubbed, then wrung, spread out, wiping out the old material from the storage box ready.    The first, the day of the crystal blue dolphin models, above contaminated with thick dust, picked up the towel, starting with its honk up lovely lips, then a bulging head, and then the body is slippery and pose as if flying dual fin, and finally the naughty cocked tail, I put it in the light of a closer look, blue and white cross, there is a little uneven spread of spherical bubble, like most of the grunt deep sea fish are coming out bubbles with your fingers gently poke, shattered, it makes me think of a thousand years of meteorite amber, shell immortal, but the soul has disappeared in that moment to stop struggling, then watch, what the role of this apart from the presence of.    Li’s funeral last year I did not go, she was buried that night, I just looked at us and she sent me a photo of crystal dolphins, think back to a few of us in her home cooking, playing mahjong.But Li’s home is no longer intact, and her death had doomed our happy place filled with regret.I looked up at the night sky, the body dies, the soul of it still on earth.Slight sigh, gently put it back in place.The second network nightlife, is a brown wooden windmill house, twisting windmill ethereal light music will overflow, very pleasant to hear, but do not know when I was a careless broke, windmills, only squeak screw grinding sound.Old wooden windmill, brown stripe shows its original posturing, had left the house a little window specially made, open, carefully wiping every place can accumulate dust, without a smile, I received this gift when the small window which also “harboring” a crushing covered with agate bracelet, let me jump for joy for a long time.    There are times when to cut trousers, specifically to clean house will open shop, rarely I met her, but she learned from her mother that university in the provinces of Normal, sometimes she was upstairs, that I up, but did not come down and meet me, I did not go up, I always think I can not collapse the length of eight years, perhaps she is and I think the same.Piece agate bracelet I kept, can not stop the rotation of the windmill, but I do not know who past away.I shook my head, put away the wooden windmill.    The third, a vow is made of glass bottles, a large bottle, gourd-shaped, front with two black and white pig Meng sell, transparent bottle, you can clearly see fluorescent filament inside the sun shining distribute colorful, but also big star helpful in black and white, and a white piece of paper curled into a small paper tube, outside a small paper roll hoops, easy to hide a secret, is not so easily seen from the appearance of the people, small hoops already a rusty, white paper also has a thin circle of brown rust marks.Then the secrets and dreams, how many do not realize how many successful, I really do not remember, but I am very happy, I am very clear.    Last month, Qi heard back from Shenzhen, I heard her career very well now, I heard that she found a neighbor’s sister went shopping together, my heart slightly pantothenic acid.After graduating from junior high school, she did not read, because of epilepsy, but also because of the disease, squid fired many times, and now finally settled the.She said that her dream can not be achieved, and I am here she finished, so I wrote a lot of dreams in her vow to send the bottle, many of her dreams, but now, I realized, in her heart with small hoops Like rust, right.I am helpless smile, carefully placed in storage box.    There are many things even storage box, each one is twelve years old when dear little big partner gave me birthday wishes, after graduating from elementary school, life and life cut off all contact, looking at photos, or the child’s appearance Today, I grew up, in my memory, but you will always be sentimental childhood twelve years old.At the time we unscrupulous, not afraid of strangers, afraid of preservatives, more fearless time, today we fear acquaintances, social fear, more fear time.