February, play food store

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com February, commonly known as “dragon head”.This morning, my wife and hastily rush to the markets, ready to go home holidays.  Car just opposite the vegetable market in the area stopped, I stepped off the car, I found one after the appearance of two retired cadres coming towards the elderly, walking in front of one said: “today through February, fight food store, you know ‘fight food store’ is how it’s going?”The old man immediately behind said wistfully:” I know, not that make a circle on the ground with lime or ash it?”Then I’ll see you later two have walked beside the stairs of a building, previously questioning the old man looked down at the open space, his arms outstretched hand infer a circle on a piece of land that the other an old man nodded, while also gestures with both hands, as if his mouth is still something to add.  Out of respect for the old man of the two, is also based on two old’re right, I have turned to a smile They.Then the two old people seem to realize what had stopped talking, turned to me and smiled knowingly, it seems to have some tacit understanding between each other, in fact, all this store this custom around the threshing of.  I think two very interesting to talk to the old man, “play food store,” the topic opened my mind for decades in dusty memories, evoked memories of the past years, a child with ash sketch in front of every household one by one “food store” came back to me, coming to the vegetable market on the road, I’m still thinking about “playing food store” thing, eager to just two old topic of discussion was transferred to his wife, “you know just what those two old people talking about?Yes “in February, hit food store.”The thing that both men very interesting, after the building is still there gestures.”Upon hearing his wife laughed and said:” That is like those of the older people they only remember playing with ash grain store thing, today’s young people do not know how it is.”His wife reminded me.Yes ah, today’s young people did not even gone through that era, how will they know “fight food store” thing?Even I grew up in the rural people who grew up, he left home due to thirty years, the custom of some rural areas have forgotten, in addition to rural areas for many years did not play in the food store, the annual “February 2”, media things are mostly propaganda “dragon head” barely mentioned “in February, hit food store” of you, I have given to fight food store story slipped my mind I do not know how many years, but fortunately met two old man, They as Salon Like, I pull out my collection in my mind for decades childhood memories.I would say to his wife: “I write about ‘February, play food store’ thing.”Lunar New Year holiday in February two days of great practices followed in rural areas, said the first month of every day is a holiday, so after February, ‘in’ considered officially ended, became the first in February after the Chinese New Year a big festival, a grand countryside is very nice, but also in rural areas to fight food store days, the general spread of “February, Rend; large warehouse full, Ogura flow.”The saying goes.That day, the rural people who are in their own courtyard, street entrance with ash and other circles as “food store” go down “food store” which put some whole grains, symbolizing the coming year bumper harvest, warehouse store full flow, there is hope good harvest, then became a rural road beautiful landscape.  Childhood had at two o’clock on February, the most memorable thing is to play a food store.Then for unknown reasons, in February the day before dawn to fight food store, and sometimes I love to make some noise, I got up early to play along with the big people food store, took out a lot of ash from the stove inside, with big people learn play, first marked with a courtyard in the middle, because of the small courtyard patio, can only play a little, to the street outside the door marked with a large, each put some whole grains in it, it’s done.  After breakfast, sit still at home, little friends cried one went to the street, then you see on the street, in front of every house there was a “a food store,” there are large, with a small there complex, there are simple, there are round, there are not too round, there are white, gray.Large and small, all kinds of food store caught my eye and small partners, but also attracted our interest.  I and small partners on the run along the streets, chasing, to have a “food store” where stopped, as enjoy the beautiful picture, like, enjoy tasting some see someone playing “food store “good looking.Some kids would say: “a certain family played really nice food store.”Some said;” a certain play at home is too small, not like a store like.”Watch more than half of the village ‘food store’, ran home tired but happy, sometimes joyous day into the dream.  ”February, play food store.”This is the customs of our ancestors left behind, they do not know when to begin, has been around for many years.Think carefully, for the national and Historic Significance.This custom also contains a lot of meaning and fun, gave generations of rural people talked about “food store” of a stroke in people entrusted with great hope; “food store” has left the circle around the children’s joy.  Today, “February, hit food store.”The story almost become history, even in rural areas where there was little food store is a hit.This is exactly where the civilization, or the loss of customs?I do not know, I am most concerned about leaving childhood “to fight food store” memories.Qiaoxian De